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    Some thoughts, although I fear mine understanding of the inner-workings of the realm were not quite as those who otherwise shape it: In regard to "worldly inertia" - I wonder if a simpler (or at least, singular) term for it were corporeality - that which makes one substantial; tethered to reality, rather than ethereal, that which were tethered to the aether. When one should recruit or upgrade of a creature, in example, or obtain of some armour, one may trade of her corporeality to bring that which she wishes into its own corporeality. Of Action-Points - mayhap, the concept may be described by Willpower (or even just Will) - one expends of this to perform of any movement or activity.
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    Yea, a bit unpopular, I'd agree. I think that seeing the larger picture is something only some have the ability, luxury and desire to do, so I doubt pushing this burden onto the common folk is going to achieve anything. China, for example, did something great when implementing the one-child policy; of course there were major downsides to that, but I think it was the right choice for China (and the world as well). The irony of a 'us vs them' culture is that sometimes it manages to create healthier communities than the 'no barrier' culture; the downside is that sometimes it ends up all life. You're the first to take a 'pro' gate stance. Your arguments sound like those of a Roman governor. Too bad they left those Germanic tribes bribe them over the decades. Edit:
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    VE/VP isnt visible in new interface

    I can do that once the Mur Madness has abated. Once we decide on a name.
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    VE/VP isnt visible in new interface

    Do it
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