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    i've decided to change it more, i will upload a new verion soon, This one i will use for the creature slots probably Thank you
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    Do find it herewith.
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    Blackshade Rider

    Auction part 2

    Bids accepted. Please note that these bids were made after the deadline I stated earlier. So after the 24hr mark your bid on these will still be active. Any other bid you have will however win. I hope this makes sense. I am very tired at the moment
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    Using a basic slider with a little CSS would probably do wonders Again, see email, Im assuming you want me to wait until you have finished and written up a design document so I can follow the "old mur style PHP"
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    After setting a mood panel status using the rightbar, it seems to open the mood panel in the middle panel. This was a sideeffect of having anything that opens in the sidebar popup depending on resolution. Its a lot of complicated js work there, and i just got it to work, i wont mess with it anymore. In a way i kind of like how it behaves, i dont consider it a bug, just a bit strange, but easy to get accustomed to. If you can fix it better without breaking the way this behaves on mobile, have fun
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