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    Aia finished converting flash scenes to individual images for artwork and clickables, over 200 of them. Now we need to assamble a team for uploading these and configuring their clickables to mimic original functionality. Please post here if you are willing to help. Because past experience with people that offered to help but did nothing, i am asking you not to offer your help if you are not sure you have time for this. This announcement is mainly for people that have past experience with A25 tools but also for people that are convinced they could learn using them. Lets get rid of this flash Updated list Azull (x) [ok] - has access Ungod (x) [ok] - has access, delay possible Aia (b) [ok] - has access Shemhazaj (ne) [test pending] - docs acc sent redneck (ne) [denied - not active in general or recently] Fang Archbane (ne) [denied - complain received against this application, plus we have enough participants as it is] (ne) = no a25 tools experience previously (b) = beginner level or very limited a25 use prev (×) = experienced with a25 tools [review pending] = i will consider if you will be participating or not [test pending] = you will receive a test with these tools so you see how they work and we both decide if you will help with the scenes or not. ANYONE WITH THE A25 MEDAL WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTED.
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    @redneck i denied your application, the reason is that except this Christmas, i never saw you around . I am glad you came back, but i don't think its ok to show up after a long break and assume such an important task. You are welcome to try with an other occasion.
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    I'll help.
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