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    Refactoring Progress

    MD Player Dummy + Armour converted to HTML5 This is my example testing page now added to MD. It needs minor tweaks to handle some bad armour but that will be Wednesday and possibly deployment Wednesday or Thursday depending how long that takes. Added the new player model code 9 files changed, 384 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-) Tweaked how we handle the code when there is no css on the page 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-) Big progress!
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    Muratus del Mur

    Refactoring Progress

    Wow, you are on a coding marathon i see nice nice What i meant about "giving up certain scenes" was that i am happy even with that compromise as long as the rest is usable. I was thinking of the puzzle scenes. Of course if you have any sort of solution to that i would be more than happy, i just don't want you to hit a wall when it comes to flash to html conversion. Now that i am thinking, actionscript is pretty similar to javascript, and everything done in those scenes can be ported to js ..maybe i will try to do that or at least extract all the actionscript code from the old fla sources. Just imagine md in html, would fully work on mobile/tablet ..the most important step towards a better layout very few still look for browsergames from a pc , and in the upcomming years we will remain one of those few games that target just a small minority. Having it work on mobile (flashless) browsers could mean enormous boost, not just survival. p.s the recent developments in my life (little baby girl) made me have a lot more time away from the pc and this makes me much more creative, i can't wait to share all my recent ideas for md with you
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