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    Muratus del Mur

    Refactoring Progress

    Wow, you are on a coding marathon i see nice nice What i meant about "giving up certain scenes" was that i am happy even with that compromise as long as the rest is usable. I was thinking of the puzzle scenes. Of course if you have any sort of solution to that i would be more than happy, i just don't want you to hit a wall when it comes to flash to html conversion. Now that i am thinking, actionscript is pretty similar to javascript, and everything done in those scenes can be ported to js ..maybe i will try to do that or at least extract all the actionscript code from the old fla sources. Just imagine md in html, would fully work on mobile/tablet ..the most important step towards a better layout very few still look for browsergames from a pc , and in the upcomming years we will remain one of those few games that target just a small minority. Having it work on mobile (flashless) browsers could mean enormous boost, not just survival. p.s the recent developments in my life (little baby girl) made me have a lot more time away from the pc and this makes me much more creative, i can't wait to share all my recent ideas for md with you
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