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    Demonic God

    Friday the Thirteen

    This here is to acknowledge that Aia has solved this problem. I'd like to congratulate her for coming up with a solution in such short time.
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    Demonic God

    Guilds - A Discussion

    Just a few two cents but, as of now, resources is a mess most without any practical application, and guilds do not have any significant impact whatsoever. It'd be great for the guilds to have some impact, such as the ability to maintain and provide better tools, and a way to protect the resources. The fact that resources are scattered throughout the lands, naught of caretakers, and there's almost nothing someone could do to fix resource regeneration nor punish those who crippled the environment. At the same time, the types of resources are too vastly different, yet governed under the same engine, essentially making them re-skin and re-name from one another (minerals regeneration? a lake having... 20 buckets of water in it?) A quick fix won't last forever, and a full fix requires re-thinking on how resources should be implemented from the ground up, in my honest opinion. It seems that it's all tossed up together with no sense of direction of how they'd impact gameplay. Hard to play make-believe with things that have no intrinsic values, which can't even be split and used for proper trading.
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    Happy Birthday Aia

    Happy birthday Aia 🙂
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