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    In New England there are 5 season. The normal 4 and mud season. Between winter and spring. :)
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    Equilibrium tourney IV

    Another year, another tournament. Do you think you have what it takes to be a champion fighter? Then join the fight now and show us what you got. The rules: - Statless, tokenless, comboless, magicless, knockout tourney (offensive and defensive win) - Allowed creatures: Recruitables (NML, MB, NC, LR) + Imps, Pimps, Sharpshooters, Soulweavers, jokers, Blood pacts and anniversary creatures. - Max 2 freeze auras per ritual - Only mind power 5 this time. (if people of lower mindpowers want me to hold a tournament you can contact me and if we find enough members ill hold one for you guys too) The rewards: TBA Applying post your name below (application ends on 13/04/2019 23:59:59 ST) Contestants Fang archbane, Ledah, Lintara, Chewett, Sunfire
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    Extreme Magicduel

    Trees set if anyone needs them.
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    I dont think its strange at all considering their geological location to have only 3 seasons, Achet (time of flood), Peret (time of sowing) and Schemu (draught), it makes sense considering that the nile was the one thing that kept them alive. i think if you compare it with our understanding of seasons they could do with only two summer and winter since the difference in the average temperature is like 15°C, also they probably knew of the flood and drought before they invented the calender to predict it, so that could be the reason for that
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