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    The Economy - Resources

    @Chewett , as long as the current system with item creation is used (using entire stack instead of the required amount), the system will not be used to its max. It was understandable at beginning as @Muratus del Mur wanted to withdraw from market the huge amounts of resources available and that worked ... sort of. Now we need the rate of item creation (thus consumption) to increase and for this we need to allow smaller amounts to be transferred / converted. Also, to have an increase flow of resources, MD would benefit from some sort of Alliance stashes where and / alliance specific lands. There is no competition anymore, there is no purpose as what is new is either too expensive for some or too common for others. We need to bring ppl to work together and to give them some sort of benefit thus we should shift focus to benefits for groups (aka alliances).
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    Guilds - A Discussion

    I agree that ideally, even though it may be painful, make a break with the past and give special advantages through hard work/dedication/grinding however you want to name it. Let people who are dedicated enough to gather flowers and make wreaths CT's if they wish, let Dowser's dowse, let people who have shown themselves honest enough to distribute things be TK's, despite the current alliance structures. I would support it for CT, may incentivise some people to help others revive.
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    The Economy - Resources

    After reading this topic and Job titles I once again reach the conclusion that the current stack system needs to be altered, especially with the planned Job/title system, now i fully understand that thats unwanted by many, but i think to improve the apparently intended/wanted trading of ressources between people with jobs and their guilds, the stack system needs some sort of rework, here again (think i saw these ideas somewhere on the forum) some ideas below. 1. Some sort of Tradepost/Shop that would allow you to go there and trade x amount of X and y amount of Y with each other to avoid abuse, offers could only be active for 5-10 min so nobody could place their stack there and missuse it as some sort of bank to collect smaller amounts meanwhile make offers non retractable, so people would think twice before placing one 2. Adjust the Stack system to a "stack of stacks" system, similar to how bushies work atm ( i think they still work that way), where the top of the stacks has 1 to 3 bushies, before reaching the next stack instance, this could be for example a random amount between 1 and 25, that would even add some weird unlogical system MD likes to have so much, so you never know how much you will actually trade xD 3. (yeah you guessed it) get rid of the stack system completely In any case i think that to "save" or maybe rather start the economy we need to make trade more attractive and no matter how i look at the stack system, it IS outdated or at least not suitable in the way it exists to support an economy in the way it is planned/wanted
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    Extreme Magicduel

    A few days ago I hit 666 land loyalty in one of the less common lands:
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    Extreme Magicduel

    unlocked the creature icon before the map icon while in tutorial, has anyone done this before?
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    Extreme Magicduel

    was this extreme or no? :P
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