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    That makes more sense. Speaking of uniqueness and feminism (as per this topic's tag), I know of a book where you can get moral values from to add to your repertoire of feminismy allure for your novel. This book is the epitome of moral integrity when it comes to this subject, even the author made hid her real name so as not to be bombarded by people of how good of a human being she is:
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    WTB Basic Crits

    Alright sure, thanks Beak!
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    WTB Basic Crits

    Looking for: 2 Elementals 4 Birds 4 Trees All should be aged and heated enough to advance to their final levels. Will pay in Silvers. Please PM if interested.
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    I think you have a character there. Needs slightly more work. Do you plan on writing a bunch of such characters and then make interact? if so, it might be interesting.
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    i am confused on the situation, it would probably help to introduce the MC beforehand and maybe the situation, unless it was your intention to throw the reader into that without it. also it seems contradicting itself a little? or is it just me?
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    It would help giving her some background story as to why she thinks this way, perhaps a degree in gender studies or men with snouts surrounding her would suffice.
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    I hope you don't mind me being blunt, but it reads like you've been dumped by an overweight woman and are very bitter over it. Perhaps take a step back and be a little more objective towards the protagonist? (Just a suggestion)
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    Farewell MD!

    Hey All- Today is my last day within the MD Realm. Casually, I spent the last few days exploring all lands, to my surprise, I discovered two scenes I never saw before! Then I didn't imagine that it would lead to a perfect farewell, but so it happened, the last walk through MD. *Ambitions: I guess I fulfilled most of my personal ambitions for MD. Although I never became King! Shame! I will proudly call myself the King of Nothing! *Moments: One of my favourite MD moment was one of the times I played Confused Santa. That night two of us played the account, so the shifting personalities confused a lot of people. That was Hilarious! *Contributions: I will brag for once, cause it is my final post! Active LHO for quite some time. Active MP6, one with the most adepts at the time. Got me the MP6 Token of Promise. MD's Advertiser: Promoted MD in over a hundred Top Lists and took over MD's social media for various years. Did much secret stuff I can't talk about! Hehe! Ps. if you care for the game, voting for it is essential. Hosted several events and several quests: MD Summer Festivals, MD Xmas Festivals, many random trivia, etc. Hosted a couple of Christmas and Anniversaries. Now, this often involves sacrificing lots of time and having to play secretly a couple of admin accounts so that you as a member of the community can have some fun. So show some appreciation for the admins that play this in the background! Got code access, played Testy account and was Dude2 in announcements before my name was released to the public. It was interesting realizing how big and complex is MD, codewise. Became MP1, Mur decided to experiment with my account and broke it! Thank God I had code access and reverted my Mind Power level, else I would still be stuck! My message. As a normal player, I built my reputation, earned trust, and gained the maximum access the game, full admin and code/server access. You can accomplish even more! Get involved. Contribute to the development of the game. Give ideas, bring in new players. Don't be afraid to comment and step-up. Today, I say farewell to a community I've known for almost nine years, a community I contributed to. All I can say is thanks for the great moments and the not so great ones. It made me a better human being. To Chew and Mur, I will say keep up the good work. Keep MD alive. Think about the few suggestions I made you both. Ps. I've transferred all admin tools to Chewett. -------- dst: I passed Chew the following for you. Since you weren't online and I don't have db access any longer, I wasn't able to transfer them in person. MP6 Token of Promise, 5 GC, 79 SC -------
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