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    Alliances, Guilds, Etc

    As to alliances, their structure and importance in MD is being reworked on the backend. Its no secret I and many others in MD have agreed that the current setup, especially the loyalty requirements of the leader, is not very "MD". The initial idea of loyalty determining the leader was always thought to be good. However since loyalty was gained in a number of ways that are not representing actual "Loyalty" to the land, it became pretty moot. Many of those who read this will have been asked about their thoughts on alliances over the past month, by a number of people. I have asked a couple of people to talk to people and gets ideas for a better "alliance" structure. Its something that has been on the back burner for years because its never really sat well with it. Once I can summarise the opinions I will be posting it publicly and then people can give their final opinions before I finalise an idea and start planning the changes codewise.
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    Herewith find a log of the recent occurrence at Wasp's Totem, which did find occasion to be bathed in nightfall.
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    Upon recent events I did find myself within the Dead, with little company, save for the Death Guards, a very kind wookie, and, in curiosity, a shade. This shade did say naught, but did pass to myself a small stone tablet, that which I do exhibit herewith. With time, I believe I did realise of its meaning, and did reveal it to the shade; who then finally did speak, in gratefulness, that it should finally understand of what its sibling did write. Those who message myself the solution upon the Forum shall be in contention for rewards that I have petitioned of Chewett and Ailith - a Wishpoint and anniversary creature for the first to provide its solution, and a second anniversary creature to the second to do so. Entries are now open, and shall close upon the close of the anniversary celebrations, fourteen days hence. I shall accept only of solutions in private-message upon the forum - entries posted elsewhere shall not be accepted.
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    Aia del Mana

    Birthday Cooking Quest!

    Herewith, mine submission - Cow-Tree Phở - simplified from a family recipe of mine inhabitor. Instructions are included for those who wish to create of it in the other-realm, also. Requirements were as follows: Five units of pure elemental rain-water - enough to fill a large recipient Two units of Bones, obtained of a cow that doth grow within Ailith's mythical Cow-Tree. Bones excavated from Necrovion will not suffice. One unit of thinly sliced cow, also from the Cow-Tree Three seedling-bulbs (preferably of the onion-kind) One unit of rice-noodles; a rarity within this realm A handful of ground aromatic herbs; a handful of whole aromatic herbs One handful of Golemian Rock-Salt A handful of leaves from the basil-plant A sprinkling of ground pepper-corn Twelve full erolin-spheres; alternatively, a full heat-storing jar (twelve thousand points shall suffice). Fill of a large cooking-pot with elemental water. Source of some bones - a kilogram and a half thereof (I would hope, from the Cows in the Cow-tree, rather than that excavated within Necrovion) - that with much marrow were ideal for this recipe. Sprinkle some ground aromatic herbs, and some that were not ground. (Those within the other-realm may use of some Five-Spice, and some whole star anise) - a generous handful shall suffice. Place within two large seedling-bulbs (those of the other-realm may know of these as onions; the brown or the red equally suffice). Do not slice of these into smaller portions; some incomplete cuts shall suffice, such that the water may permeate of them, yet not cause of disintegration. Add of some erolin-heat, and simmer for two to three hours, then, set aside to cool overnight (one of the other-realm may use a refrigerator to aid of this process). Once cooled, one shall note of a coalescence atop the broth. Carefully remove of this and discard it. To complete of the broth, add of some Golemian Mineral Salts to taste; one of the other-realm may, in preference, use of fish-sauce. Prepare of some rice-noodles; these are indeed quite rare within the realm; one must find a place to grow of rice, and reap of it, and cast them into flat sheets; one blessed of the other-realm may find it easier to purchase of these, and mine inhabitor doth quite recommend of that which were fresh, and not dried. If one may obtain of the fresh kind, soak in boiling water for two minutes, and strain of the water. Add of sliced onion-bulb, and of raw, thin slices of cow, from the mythical cow-tree. Finally, ladle of the broth (ideally, it were close to the boil at this time) over the dish, and sprinkle of some ground pepper-corns and basil-leaves. One so inclined may add of bean-shoots, or of further heat-spices, but this were not mine own preference. Serve hot; stir to cook the beef until it were cooked to thine own taste.
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    Scene Redesign Challenge

    I do not have time to conduct a quest or design a new scene. But I still want to participate in at least one quest, for old times sake. This picture is years old, designed by me for a Christmas scene decoration quest, one of the five or six scenes I designed for that quest. I liked another picture and therefore chose that one for submission. However, nothing in the world can match the strong feeling of nostalgia I get when I see this pic, the hours of labour it took me to create this one tiny frame, paint, erase and repeat, paint, erase and repeat, I even used to get headaches due to spending hours in front of my laptop... The sole purpose of it being wanting to win the best questor award at the end of the year. Beating dst at what she was incredible at, seemed like a badge of pride to wear during those days. Still is. All of it began in this paper cabin as Esmerelda. The funny part is, after I finally understood what I wanted to do in this game, I created a new character named Nimrodel, as you know me now, and I didn't start the game in Paper cabin at all! Mp2 testing was going on, and I started the game in golemus, at wraith's wreck if I remember correctly, ate Grido's brains asking too many questions, stumbled upon some super secret golemus meeting which I remember nothing about (all I remember is they kicked me out respectfully asap). And after that began my journey as Nim to the person you know me as on today. I may not have been there for all the 14 years of MD, but every single day that I get to experience this... Phenomenon, is a new lesson, a new experience in its own. Here's hoping to be able to spare more time in the near future, Happy Birthday MagicDuel. Wish you many many more to come...
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    I believe this shall be the most daring quest that I ever do create upon these Forums; it may end in utter failure, but it were my hope that it were not so. Among the most mysterious and poorly understood parts of the realm is Inner-Magic - that deemed such by Mur. In time past, there had been many who did possess a fragment of Inner-Magic to share with others of the realm, in reward for quests. I do believe Mur hath further fragments to grant, but this is not a quest that doth arise out of necessity; merely that I have been overly impressed of recent of the realm's brilliance. Thus do I offer this quest this anniversary: Create an Inner-Magic spell document, including all of its levels. The first were a description, and each level shall increase in depth; each level should be brief. An example of one in near-entirety may be found of the Timeless Shot spell - https://magicduel.com/index.php?pag=samplespell - do note of the complexity of thought required to conceive of such magic. Aelis hath offered to judge of this quest, as one of the coveted Soldiers of the Inner Sun. I shall provide them as anonymous entries, so that he may judge them based on their quality. The quest entries shall be judged upon the close of the Anniversary such that the prizes may be awarded, but it may be that this quest shall persist, if there were sufficient interest and exceptional submissions. Rewards for this quest were as petitioned from Ailith and Chewett - A wishpoint to the submission best judged, and anniversary creatures to those placed second, and third. Do note that I shall ask further for anniversary creatures in reward if there were an excess of submissions that Aelis should deem deserving thereof. Submissions, as with mine other quests of the Anniversary, shall remain upon the Forum only. If all the submissions are deemed insufficient in quality, I do reserve the right to change the rewards accordingly, but this too I shall defer to Aelis. There is no guarantee that these will be deemed even remotely sufficient to even attract a passing glance from Mur for consideration of implementation; yet, the realm's brilliance has not failed me thus far. Murspeed.
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    Funtime Festival of the Fourteenth

    Funtime Festival of the Fourteenth So the birthday festival is coming to an end, and the last full night of the celebrations need... celebrating! I invite you to the Great Hall of the Sun on April 27th, Server Time 7pm until close for an evening of fun, frolics and fabulousness. It is an evening of contributions, and I humbly request offerings of entertainment and positive thoughts! Please bring with you something to entertain your fellow MDers, this could be: A story A comedy performance A poem Drawings that you have done of aspects of the realm A speech on something that interests you in the realm A song you created, as a link or as a roleplayed lyric A joke A puzzle for others to perform on the night An anecdote of a funny or entertaining moment you had in MD ANYTHING that you can do to perform that is relatively brief and entertains the rest of us! Prizes will be awarded to under the following titles: Most entertaining, Most thought provoking, Most prolific, Champion of the Celebration. There may be other rewards at my discretion depending on number and involvement. Don't be shy about contributing anything, all I want to see is a part of you in the celebration.. Even if it's a short joke or two line anecdote. So let's get ready for Saturday and HAVE SOME FUN!
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    Aia del Mana

    GWI Aramor Assembler - base

    A base for the Aramor Assembler, as Azull did suggest it were required in addition to the previous rendition - this were its second portion, as I did require of further paper. The base had once been a device to process of stone; but a Fenth did arrive upon it. Instead of becoming as the processor, it did take of the stone and increase in volume as a Fenth. It doth rise toward the Crystal catalyst of the Aramor Fenth; thus may one turn of Stone into an Aramor.
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    Refactoring Progress

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    Sculpting Tools - Allows you to create figurines out of wood or other materials for players (Alternatively, Tiny Men or Aramors). (Could be used with Pure Gold, Iron Ingots, Crystals, Gems, Cut Diamond etc.) (Could allow for long-range spellcasting on a target, but have it be used up? Different materials could have multiple uses?) Requires materials and perhaps some heat. I second Ailith, an item that creates a jumplink would be great for when the celebration is over and the meeting casts run out. I was under the assumption that some scenes were already protected from jumping? Feathery Quill - Allows you to write on paper to create notes that you can pass around, or potentially even write on books with multiple pages as a physical item. Sun Orb - Turns the scene from Night into Day for a short time. Training Dummy - Creates an unkillable monster (Empty Aramor type thing) with a low attack reset time (or none) to train rituals on. No losses or wins can come from it. Sketching Pencil - Used with paper, allows the user to capture a player's avatar or a scene in their inventory. This can be viewed at any time. Requires heat. Incense Holder - Allows the user to burn herbs using heat, providing various effects, more random for unidentified herbs. Fungal Transposer - Converts 10 flowers into an edible mushroom which gives a small boost or restores missing vitality/AP/EP. Fungal Transposer - Converts 10 flowers into an edible mushroom which makes the user hallucinate. (Could be used for fun stuff like the Nightshade or to see things like the carnival or defeated monsters again?) Cold Mold - Coverts water into Ice, which reduces personal heat or the heat of a creature. Dueling Sword - Allows you to duel with another, rock paper scissors style. Players pick the consequences of losing out of 3 options, and the number of rounds up to ten. Both must agree to duel. Erolin Shard - Sacrifices VP and fills with heat, which can be transferred to items, but not yourself. Cleansing Brew - New tea recipe or something, cures debilitating effects. Uses minerals or crystals, water and heat. Flower Identifier - Converts the Flowers resource into a type of flower, or turns multiple into a bouquet of flowers. Treasure Hunt Shovel - Allows you to bury items and dig for them. Warm Cloak - Prevents Erolin loss. Viscosity Torch - Channelling Erolin heat reduces the room's viscosity over time. Each regeneration has an impact. Viscous Oil - Increases Viscosity in an area. Made from a mixture of herbs. Heat Pebble - Reheats cold tea for more heat. I have many more, though don't wish to take up the whole thread. Edit: A particularly evil idea came to me once I'd finished and posted this... Frying Pan - Converts baby creatures into yummy meals. Eggs become omelettes. Elemental eggs become elemental omelettes. Young Knators become Fried Knator Steak, and you can get some Grasan Rump too if you want. Requires heat, maybe some oil too. Just an idea
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    New Titles - Job titles and RP titles

    Here I outline a plan which has existed since the titles were changed to having two at once. The reason this hasnt been fully implemented is that I have no desire to half implement something in MD, leaving it in a limbo state. I see this title change very important, leading onto both changes in the resource economy and alliance/guild system. The premise is this, instead of randomly picking two titles which you wear upon your character you have two titles. Roleplay Titles and job titles. Currently the majority of titles fall into category 1, Roleplay titles. These relate to you as a character and who you are. An example is the tag "Bringers of Light". This would be the main tag that is shown first on your character page. These are designed to be customized to you and slowly gained from your king, or similar. The second, and new title would is called the job title. If you have no roleplay title it will be shown as your main title however those that have a roleplay title it would be shown below that. The job title is something that would have an active and passive effect in what you do day to day. Examples of job progression Amateur thing doer -> Apprentice thing doer -> experienced thing doer -> Master thing doer -> chief thing doer Here while working on "thing doing" you will slowly progress in the ranks. Each "level up" in rank will require certain tasks to be performed, and in addition they will confer certain bonuses. You may need to learn from a master, you may just need to practice hard, or you may need consensus from a secret community of thing doers. The basic idea is that with job titles you can slowly progress them to a level wherin you become the best at doing the thing. At higher levels, you will gain access to better tooling, and potentially even access to the guilds themselves attributed to those skills. This may be one of the ways we start allowing other guilds into the game. Obviously consideration would be given to those currently in the guilds, as we wouldnt want to just say "You no longer have an alliance" What jobs could I do? Any! The idea with jobs is that like tags, you would be able to change them as you wish however there would be a cost. At the higher level of tags there would require a continual effort to maintain the skill. If you didnt continue to maintain it the tag itself would degrade to a specific level (e.g. to experienced). This base level wouldn't be able to be lost, but would show that while you may have reached a higher level, you havent practised the skills recently. Depending on the decay rate, you might be able to keep two or so skills at the highest level however the others would degrade. This then means you cant have one person who is the best at everything and encourages working with others who are able to get the higher level tools/ingredients that you need. Another facet to this, is that I wouldnt want to necessarily limit a players pick of jobs. While mechanically there will only be a certain set of jobs in the game initially I would welcome any player to put forward their idea of a job if they want to play it. Within reason if it makes sense we would look at implementing that job with its own progression tree. For example a water dowser may focus on a subtree where he works with woodcrafting to repair his buckets. Skilling both woodcutting and water dowsing at the same time. However since it is a duel skill, neither would be able to reach the higher levels. -- Opinions are welcome, but first we need to fix the economy.
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    So things happen while studying. It's just a series of doodles.. thought what the heck... Pardon the ugliness... I am not an artist.
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    Aia del Mana

    Scene Redesign Challenge

    I call this rendition "Mischief Managed". Although most renditions above have used of colour, I have attempted to maintain this scene as similar to the realm as I am able; that one should instead observe of its differences. I recall the Paper Cabin many years ago as a place of mystery, quite remniscent of the realm, surely one of its most iconic scenes. The Paper Cabin, to me, were an allegory for the realm - a place where many secrets and puzzles hide in plain sight; where one discovers and befriends of its beings, and becomes part of its history. One worthy may become its tinkerer; to build and shape it for others to enjoy; developing new meanings and discovering new connections; the tragedy being that most of these shall lie undiscovered to most who do seek them. Of mine own welcome - this were many years hence; and sadly, most recollections are gone, other than scattered happy memories of friends that I did leave behind; especially Tarquinus of the Eclipse, whose memory continues to shape Aia as she is today. As the shade's mischievous acts within the above rendition of the Paper Cabin; so too are these memories; altered, scattered, lost; but the collective experience recalled as one of happiness, nonetheless.
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    Fang Archbane

    Alliances, Guilds, Etc

    As far as alliances and guilds go, I'm about 90% sure the only "important" change "recently" (using that word loosely) would be when Eon traded in all his Mad Emperor points towards getting a Mansion renamed for his own use in the East, and then gave all his backing (at that point, just his word was left) to Sunfire for Eastern Emperor. DST also seems to think shes doing some harm to the CotE by killing Aia to disband it, but in reality shes just wasting her time. Aside from that, nothing overly important has happened when it comes to Guilds/Alliances. On other notes, Syrian became PermaMP6 during "testing", Sunfire earned (and I mean earned) MP7, as did Azull and Miq, oh and Miq became GGs new King. Azull earned the right to work with A25 as did a few others if memory serves and has been doing a damn good job on that front. Am I forgetting anything? Anyone? ( O.o)
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    Sushi and nimrodel both get a wp. Please message me on forum pm's to set a day and time to recive your wp. Good job guys. Lovely work.
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    For the Anniversary celebrations, Aelis the Sky Scouter did create of two thousand and nineteen Hot-Air Balloons, through those resources which he did scrounge from those new upon the Island of the Gateway. As a seasoned Sky-Scouter, he did plot of their course in a perfect, straight path toward Mur in the East, as a surprise to Mur, with much fanfare; and did launch of all of them from the peak of the mountain upon the Gateway, each following of the previous in perfect synchrony of speed. In coincidence, and mayhap also in response to the many newlings that did complain of the broken balloon upon the Island of the Gateway, Mur did also create of two thousand and nineteen Hot-Air Balloons, and did plot their course toward the Island, that each should also travel in a perfect, straight path, at constant speed, from Mur toward the Island, such that they may be of service for those who did wish to leave the Island. In further coincidence, this path were exactly that of Aelis, in reverse; Mur, and Aelis, did release these balloons in perfect synchrony - such were the workings of the Soldiers of the Inner Sun. A curious incident, then, did occur within the skies - when any balloon did meet another balloon which were travelling in a direction opposite, they did collide, sending each directly away from each other, still traversing along this perfect path, at the same speed, yet in the opposite direction. A surprise, then, for Aelis, and Mur, who did each find each created balloon returned to themselves. The balloonists did indeed experience of many collisions, in many bumpy rides, and did curse of their ill luck. The first to message to myself upon the Forum a solution for the total number of collisions, and an explanation thereof, shall be awarded an anniversary creature. As this were a race - only the first correct answer shall win. Do assume that Chewett hath movelocked of Mur while any balloon were airborne.
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    Character Design Challenge

    This took longer than I thought, but it's still first try/improv.
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    corn syrup - increase briskness by 70 for 10 minutes drain tool - decrease viscosity in a scene by a value equal to that of three players' decrease
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    And Jubaris were the first to solve this quest - notably, without any requirement for the use of any hints. Jubaris, when I am able (when the ability to grant wishpoints were returned; I believe it presently doth not function) a wishpoint were owed to thee.
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    Aia del Mana

    A New Aramor Assembler

    A vision of the Aramor Assembler upon the Island of the Gateway; at suggestion of Azull. This doth consist of a Crystal, which doth catalyse of the Fenth to assemble of an Aramor, both from existing parts and missing ones, which the Fenth readily doth form. Again - this were merely a sketch, and I am no Sushi.
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    Alliances - What should they be?

    My straightforward opinions here are that only the leader or players designated by the leader should be able to invite players to an alliance, and that alliances should not be able to be disbanded by any action other than an administrator of the game deciding an alliance is no longer needed. Allowing just any player to invite other players is a recipe for disaster in that you need to strongly trust any new invitee if you are worried about your loyalty values being overwritten by some rogue invitee kicking you and all your members out. This creates, in my opinion, a distasteful attitude in the community as a whole that we are unwelcoming to any new players and that they need to do much to gain your trust, sometimes being impossible. Trust is a valuable thing but it shouldn't be in the way of being accepting to others. I personally don't understand the need to join an alliance just to be able to kick everyone out and then leave, disbanding an alliance, even if you don't like said alliance. Again, it hurts the community as a whole when some members of a land/alliance lose what they have held in high regards, such as I feel with the Caretakers and the East, and I think this is one of the biggest issues in the game for many years now. Just think of all the Children of the Eclipse members and Tainted Warrior members who had something nice going, a niche group or specialized part of a land as a whole, fractured by outsider actions. I feel this causes many players to leave, moreso than players who have left due to being killed. I can agree alliances can change leadership even by hostile takeover but if those players gaining the alliances for themselves do not want the alliance then what right do they have to let nobody have it?
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    No one

    The Economy - Resources

    @Chewett , as long as the current system with item creation is used (using entire stack instead of the required amount), the system will not be used to its max. It was understandable at beginning as @Muratus del Mur wanted to withdraw from market the huge amounts of resources available and that worked ... sort of. Now we need the rate of item creation (thus consumption) to increase and for this we need to allow smaller amounts to be transferred / converted. Also, to have an increase flow of resources, MD would benefit from some sort of Alliance stashes where and / alliance specific lands. There is no competition anymore, there is no purpose as what is new is either too expensive for some or too common for others. We need to bring ppl to work together and to give them some sort of benefit thus we should shift focus to benefits for groups (aka alliances).
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    Logs of kills and revivals

    I could create a quick logging clicky if wanted. although the statue at the floating book is not normally editable. I could also help to keep it updated as I tend to hang out around the graveyard either way.
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    Refactoring Progress

    I was taking a closer look at the sidebar and I noticed a couple of minor things (see red "circles"). I compared with old screenshots and it seems most of them were always like this, but the ropes used to be aligned (don't really know if it's this update's fault) -- check the other screenie. I know it's not a big deal, but I figured it wouldn't hurt reporting it here
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    Submission received.
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    Since most of us are on mobile most of the time, I think it would be helpful for combat-active players if there is a feature on the slider page where you type in the percentage of personal skills rather than being stuck at 50% all the time when attacking.
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    Happy Bornday Azull!

    Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Aia

    Happy birthday, Aia! 😄
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    Happy Birthday Aia

    Happy birthday ^^
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    fallen god

    Happy Birthday Aia

    HPBD Aia
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    Character Design Challenge

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    Here do I close this quest, as I believe there were naught that wish a further last-minute entry. So Jubaris did, in fact, decipher the stone tablet within a matter of hours of release of this quest, and did then take of many days to answer the final riddle; I commend especially of his ability to decipher. The hints are as follows: 1. There exist hints. 2. The shade's sibling is a blind. (The shade's other sibling were an awning.) Naturally, the blind shall send a message in Braille; the tablet above is indeed comprised of a cipher in Braille, with connected dots, save for one symbol. This shall yield of this: every rose has its þorn þnf etfe þhd þnimfe eh fltdþ ni fetylþ þt wltfftu uh sniu hs egdþ yiu btylþ þt þnir þhd fttmfe uhþ kngghg þtt yiu edgif þa þhdroef bnþni eh ftt 3. I am the third hint. Those who have spoken to myself within the realm do know that I do speak somewhat in the archaic, although not truly so. This doth explain the symbol þ - "thorn" - used in older inscriptions of English. Upon the commencement of the printing-press, this did fall into disuse; yet, it remains still in Icelandic tongues in this form; its pronounciation, and transliteration, were as the dipthong "th". A simple substitution, then, with this character in place, yields the following riddle (save for the first line, a key to its decipherment.) This test thou thinkst to sleuth in stealth The blessed do find of truth and wealth The thing thou seekst doth mirror thee And turns thy thoughts within to see. 4. The final key were suggestive of the solution. If one finds which letters in Braille do correspond to those within this cipher: a = y b = w d = u e = t f = s g = r h = o i = n k = m l = l One further notes that these are reflected - in example, f shall become s, and vice versa. The answer to the riddle, then, is reflection - that which mirrors thee, and turns thy thoughts within to see. To all those that participated, I thank thee for honouring myself with thine efforts - thus far, I have received of partial attempts from Rophs and Aelis, as well as a complete solution from Jubaris.
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    Typo and Grammar Fixes

    I personally don't think these should be corrected, but then I have an odd view of MD I suppose (so weird considering I used to be an English Teacher!)
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    If there were extra tokens, I would use of these quite frequently; either within the store, or an item that should grant of a random token upon a random creature in possession; if, in course, this should consume of a credit, or other resource or price as deemed appropriate. If there were an item which should grant one the ability to temporarily exceed the heat possible upon one's erolin device (and which should allow for downstream effects thereof), I should use of this item quite frequently also.
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    I love this quest, sponsorship will come your way shortly.
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    Feature me.
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    This bug doesn't seem to be occurring anymore as I've applied 6 tokens since then that all worked, not sure if random luck, but I still have 6 creatures that have broken tokens. Is there some way to fix the problem with these tokens? 854381 854853 861468 861469 863544 867661
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    The Economy - Resources

    I was just thinking about it conceptually, I agree with you, existing stacks shouldn't be invaded just so. They can stay (and then apply only for new ones) or the owners can be offered compensation, etc. And about the 100 flowers, the number was a wild guess, but your answer makes me think it's good If it takes you, an expert herbalist, one day to farm it, it would take 'normal' people several, which is an appropriate amount of effort for revival in my opinion. And the fact that you can do it faster is deserved because of your dedication for grinding herbs.
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    Guilds - A Discussion

    I agree that ideally, even though it may be painful, make a break with the past and give special advantages through hard work/dedication/grinding however you want to name it. Let people who are dedicated enough to gather flowers and make wreaths CT's if they wish, let Dowser's dowse, let people who have shown themselves honest enough to distribute things be TK's, despite the current alliance structures. I would support it for CT, may incentivise some people to help others revive.
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    Happy Birthday Nimrodel!

    Ooh, happy birthday, Nimmy!
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    Logs of kills and revivals

    floatingbook_2 it is, then
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    Happy Birthday Nimrodel!

    Have a great day and a good year, Nimmy!
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    Research and Connections clues

    I'm with Josephine here. I think the initial research level requirements are just fine (like a little push in form of "here's a 'free' taste of MD research, let's see what you do with it"), but in order to progress further you'd have to somehow grow as a researcher (and maybe get a tag too, why not?). Ideally (to me, at least), one of the paths that could unlock the higher levels would be submitting your own research clue(s) and having the powers that be approve it (though I guess no one's taking care of the R&C interface right now). As for the "alt trick" to unlock clues, perhaps add another requirement to the research wishes so as to prevent it? Fight count, friend count, etc.
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    Fang Archbane

    GWI Aramor Assembler - base

    I absolutely approve of this. Though my knowledge on how things should work on Gateway is negeligible at best, i personally enjoy the artists rendition and style in whole.
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    It would help giving her some background story as to why she thinks this way, perhaps a degree in gender studies or men with snouts surrounding her would suffice.
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    Bye bye MD

    It always is a shame to see someone leave, but perhaps a break from MD will do you well. Either way, I wish you all the best and hope you will return one day.
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    Bye bye MD

    I always wanted MD to have hundreds of players, sad to see people leave as always.
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    Of Flags of the Inhabitors

    I agree. This holds far greater utility, and I identify far more with Necrovion than I do with Canada. I'm sure some others here feel the same about their homeland. A few days ago I would have agreed with you, but I now see the beauty in allowing one person to express different parts of themselves with different characters. Making them less identifiable would only enrich the game experience. While the potential for abuse is there, I believe those who administrate the game have the necessary tools to see who is whose alt. Plus, alt-abuse is punishable, and no player who wants to be a part of the game would risk it unless they are completely unaware of those who watch.
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    [Necrovion] Fiju-Tales From The Prison

    Day 19 I woke up hearing strange voices.. someone was screaming: "Shut up, you inmates!!!" I got up as quickly as I could and hurled to the doorcell. First a stange shadow appeared in the hall with tentaculus on the head and it seemed like to be going to my cell. I jumped and grabed the plafon and prepare to attack with all swiftness and strength I had in me. Suddenly my head hits the floor hitting notthing but air. I must have been a fool actually thinking that someone would appear here in a physical form. And there he was... an apparition of a Damn Clown looking at me with shining red eyes. He said: "Name?" I said nothing. "Ok, you wanna play rough? Fine by me. From now on your name shall be No. 1980. I've heard that you posses some medical experties and since everyone here needs medical treatment from time to time, the task of taking care of medical conditions of all inmates in here will suit you just fine." and he wannished.... Now i need to find a damn ambulance.. and defenetly start maping a jail
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    I'm starting a novel/reputation needed

    I think you are mistaken about something?? My topic is an reaction to yours, but not something 'against' it, but 'along' it. It occurred to me, when I started this, that a novel consisting of episodes, much like mangas, could actually work (and it was your post that made me think about it). Idk what you assumed, but it was a bad assumption About names: nasty bugger. I believe it's not ok to use people's names without permission, but my little stories are written such as to not be offensive or injurious to the main character. And some are not active anymore, I could very well send a PM that would never be read... Anyways, as I take care to not offend anyone, I will not ask for permission for names to appear in this thread, unless being asked explicitly, as you did, also because I can't edit posts later and change the name. Btw, your name was up there first because you inspired this thread, so... you seem to be upset for no reason. Do continue writing your novel, and compete with me Edit: forgot to mention that this isn't a serious attempt at literature, as I seem to have no definite style of my own and I often cringe when reading some stuff I wrote. It's me fooling around, although in a careful and 'vectorized' manner. It's experimenting, and you always get something out of it.
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