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    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    *voice from the off* You all probably realized that i turned into a silent reader a rather long while back, but 'taking it to the game' is nigh impossible currently. As of this moment (which used to be a good time to be online), there's 14 people logged in, 7 of them idle. You seriously can't expect people to wait around for the exact right people to play with and do nothing meanwhile, there needs to be some stuff people can do on their own while hanging around. Otherwise they won't hang around long enough to find any catch to push the story off. I admit that i wouldn't even know about the fact that the altar is closed if it weren't for this thread, but that's because i don't have time to even play by myself... *voice goes into the off again*
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    Just to point out a slight discrepancy there. I slightly agree with NoOne here. If I may point out the obvious here and without meaning to be rude or disrespectful to anyone, I think the issue with this instalment of the AL is that it seems to be targetted specifically at a handful of people (I'd say 2-3) and while it affects the entire community it doesn't involve the entire community, or the involvement is superfluous at best. It feels like it's just to keep appearances up. I was there at the Red Service and perhaps I should have voiced my dissatisfaction at the time. I don't know how the others present felt, but to me it felt like it wouldn't have made any difference whether there were 2 or 20 people there, as the entire event was addressed entirely to Aia. It made the community involvement feel like an afterthought rather than a driver for the ritual. To whom it may concern, please consider I am not pointing fingers, I am trying to highlight what I find to be an issue with the AL at the moment.
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    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    Although I'm not the mind behind the latest AL chapter, I'm one of the pawns on its chessboard and perhaps the last person who spoke with the Old Man. I won't comment on the complaint and the requests. I feel the current situation should be addressed in game, therefore this thread might be a good chance to be all on the same page. The log below was taken in Necrovion, during the total eclipse and right after the Red Service. Please note it was at that time the Old Man changed its form (name, mind power and land affiliation). : The Red Service will be held 20:00 at Gazebo of Gravitational Sound Interior, A jumplink is available now : The sky across MD darkens slightly : The sky over MD lightens again, however the deepest of storm clouds are forming over Necrovion. (note: The Old Man, who had left his circle inside Necrovion, is now back and shows the first changes) lashtal: Changes in Mind Power and land affiliation... How interesting... lashtal: Is that because of the eclipse? : .Little Old Man. looks partially transparent .Little Old Man.: THEY KILLED HIM .Little Old Man.: IT IS JUST US NOW .Little Old Man.: SHOUTS: Our human counterpart is dead! lashtal: Isn't it what you were looking for? .Little Old Man.: THEY WILL PAY lashtal: I'm confused... How did you exit your circle and joined them? lashtal: I thought you were safe in Necrovion .Shadowy Old Man.: THEY CALLED US .Shadowy Old Man.: BLOOD WAS LET .Shadowy Old Man.: WE WERE TRICKED .Shadowy Old Man.: TALK TO MRF .Shadowy Old Man.: WE MUST SPEAK TO HIM What happened outside Necrovion is known to most of you: MRF found what he was asked to but then he seems to be vanished. Facts that might or might not be related to all this: MRF is not the only one who disappeared from sight, the Children of the Eclipse alliance (who got restored after the Red Service) got disbanded and its leader murdered. p.s. Mods feel free to move this post if you think it's too far from the thread's original purpose.
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    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    Trouble is, unless given meta knowledge by those who were there, nobody else can join in the AL because the AL still hasn't caught up to the actual reality of the game. The Red Service is months since over yet the AL is still stuck covering the middle of it: It has indeed been dragging on for too long. It would be understandable if the organizers were still waiting for MRF to return, since he was one of us "summoners" and he did have a task of finding some mp3's to spar with in Necrovion in front of the Little Old Man. MRF worked separately and his efforts at the time were overshadowed by all the hype about the Eclipse. However, even if MRF returned now, it would be a separate arc, especially with the Little Old Man changed to what it is now. As such, how many months should it take for the AL to at least finish the Red Service arc when there's already a log of it posted up on the forums? How many remember the green text message right after the ceremony pointing at the dark clouds gathering above Necrovion? Did anything even happen there then or was it just a false foreshadow? As for the altars being blocked... It's a terrible choice either way. If they are meant to be restored by the players, then the clues given for that are too scarce for RP right now. If it is a story element, then it has outstayed its welcome in an arc that should already be finished. If it is just meant to cause an uproar later to get some fire going when the action dies down... well, congrats, it kind of did that but at what cost.
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    Extreme Magicduel

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