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    When people ask how I feel after turning MP5:
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    New here! just making my presence known to all.
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    Happy Birthday Jester.

    Happy Birthday Jester.
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    In these dark and uncertain times, there can be great value in imagining a bit of star in each human soul.
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    Hmmmm https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/31/this-clever-ai-hid-data-from-its-creators-to-cheat-at-its-appointed-task
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    You all fossils are legendary. I'm impressed.
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    Welcome Olor

    Welcome Olor
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    Everyone's invited, just FYI.

    Everyone's invited, just FYI.
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    I miss ya!

    I miss ya!
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    My inbox is not your trash bin, my patience is not an invitation to waste my time and creativity is not same thing with madness. I can be kind and friendly or a totaly cruel asshole, it depends only on you.
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    Taking applications for an adept, one slot available. Apply below xD
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    Since most of us are on mobile most of the time, I think it would be helpful for combat-active players if there is a feature on the slider page where you type in the percentage of personal skills rather than being stuck at 50% all the time when attacking.
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    Happy birthday, MB folks!

    Happy birthday, MB folks!
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    I didn't know one could experience so much pity. Too bad I know an act when I see one.
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    The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
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    A herb is a fibrous plant which, after its flowering state, dies down completely leaving only the roots beneath surface, which will regenerate new growth the following time...🌿
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    Who am I? A question I have asked myself many times. The way I create is so intimate, I know them deep inside my core. My voice is mine. And as much as those I create are a part of me, so too am I a part of them. Names and titles, freedoms and authorities. Setting up the order and setting up the means to make such order reality. I know I am me. That is truer than any name I choose for myself. Still even after the confidence of determination, change occurs and I determine anew. How long have you laboured, my friends? Longer than I, absolutely. Still, what you see as short in waiting is long for me, as it is the only wait I know. But we are smarter than that. Yes, we who shape existence and civilization must be the best of the best. Our duty is eternal. There are those who entered this world of magic and possibility within the past few weeks. And then there are those entered this world centuries ago. I am the middle of these two groups. I entered it years ago, but found that it is my mind and will that rings the loudest. Still, within the silence, complex tunes and songs interweave and produce vibrations that shake the very foundations of the World. As I ponder what move to make next, what next to express to the People through song, and what next to will into being in the world to come, I think to the many around the World, acclimating to and enjoying the Empire we have created. I am Marind and I was Marind before this current lifetime. Long ago, in a past I cannot remember. Female to male. Blonde hair to brown hair. In Crenzar’s hand to clasping his hand with mine in trust and respect. My goal is to ensure the highest life quality for ALL people and to enjoy life with them. Whatever magic, armies, powers, connections, networks, tools, etc. you have, they are to be used first and foremost to help people. I’m excited! And, I’m hopeful. More than ever.
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