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    Mentor and Apprenticeship

    I cant find Lone Wolf as he is whom I was an adept to, it looks like he hasn't played since 2015? I was wanting to discuss a a new mentor? (if this should be posted elsewhere please just tell me)
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    Mentor and Apprenticeship

    Lone Wolf hasn't played in a few years it seems Although I saw them online during xmas. If you want a true mentor perhaps find an older player from a land that you like, there's at least a few from each land if you look hard enough. If you just want to be an adept of someone try adepting Fang Archbane he is trying to go mp6 currently. If you want to worship someone try MaGoHi, Chewett, or Syrian
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    Refferal Link To MP5

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    Fang Archbane

    Mentor and Apprenticeship

    Chewett MaGoHi and Syrian are all supposed to be MP6 but Syrian keeps dropping for some reason. Id suggest Syrian even if shes MP5. Im also in the profession of teaching but im more of a Alpha Wolf (go against the grain) type of Teacher. To follow me is to know hate by association. I specialize in Death and one would have to Die and join me in the Graveyard to learn from my D.E.A.D. (Dynamic Education After Death) Classes. Id suggest Syrian for anything to be learned from the Living, but if you do ever decide to Die or the choice is made for you, please do find me.
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