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    Do you teach them to eat & poop too ? There is a wiki for them to read about it if they want to learn. There is a free market to buy if you want to use /own some. Or they can ask themselves if they need it. If I don't know Chinese, do you think that it would be fair for me to I ask them all to change their writings to English so that I can understand ? No. I'll have to learn Chinese myself. In other words ... let them work themselves, let them learn at their own pace, tell them only when asked. DON'T DUMP EVERYTHING ON THEM or they'll lose all interest in finding themselves about MD.
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    Aia del Mana

    Aia's Murmas Quest

    In the spirit of Murmas, I wish to run a quest, and seek sponsorship for the quest rewards. Rewards thus far: 1 Voice stone (donated by Burns) 6 Heat stones (donated by Lintara) 630 Iron Ore (donated by Fang Archbane) 6 gold coins (donated by Treasury - 3 to first, 2 to second, 1 to third place) 1 Petrify stone (donated by Jubaris - for the scariest entry) As it were that Murmas approacheth, so must good spirits. Thine quest were so: Write a Murmas poem, or song, or chant. Thine offering must rhyme, and reference the realm in some way, either of the land, or its beings, or otherwise. Magic-speak, or archaic-speak, is encouraged, as were wit, and humour, for which further reward should be bestowed. I seek an offering that may bring mirth and cheer to others this Murmas, which were that which above all must affect the final judgment. As to the length of thine submission, there remaineth no limit; yet, one must remain entertaining throughout. Of judgment thereof, such were that of each of the following, a score of up to ten points should be given: 1. For magic-speak, or archaic tongue, or other mystical construct 2. For rhyme and prosody 3. For mirth, and wit - and for this, a double scoring. 4. For support of those of the realm, that were not scored of the judges. I shall accept submissions, within the realm, or within this forum, and they shall be anonymous until they are scored. I would like to have the entries in by Murmas, yet, I know that the other-realm doth pull one away at that time, and so, I shall accept submission if it were late. These may be given to me within the realm of Mur, or within the forum of Mur, afore the great Murmas celebration. Merry Murmas, and may good fortune befall thee.
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    In other words: my Chaos Archer (661437) is a real Chaos Archer which was in this ritual since lower levels thus "random" for target. After updating the Archer to Chaos this "random" was replaced by "All". So, my Chaos Archer ... is ... remembering some skills ... meaning that the current battle system is not validating current skills & targets of the creatures vs skills & targets of the ritual. The ritual is quite old so ... I don't know when this change occured.
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    I think I have seen this recently with a single max level tree casting protect on itself I'd have better combat logs but it's been pushed out of my logs since then, these were some copy/pastes I took
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    Cross Mind Power Theory

    Cross MP fights: I'm not asking for fairness exactly I am proposing they allow fighting across mind power levels, mainly so new players will have more people they can actually fight, instead of waiting until mp5 to be able to fight the majority of the playerbase or ask someone to log into an alt. Logging into alts is archaic and not something you should have to do as a workaround to help these new players in my opinion. As far as not having fairness in these x-mindpower fights, I wouldn't mind that. But I am much more interested in the "fair fights" mechanics for these fights. It won't be fair, hardly anything is ever fair, but it's better than nothing. Skill damage: I can tell you right now that people will in fact attack you, mostly alliance members but even non alliance members can balance their honor if they have other targets to attack at the same time. My negative stats go to show this: https://magicduel.com/players/Mallos&override=true For my reasoning for being at this low losses? I want negative stats, simply put. Take this to mean not everyone has the same wills/intentions/motivations. Not everyone wants stats. " But then they aren't really interested in the mechanics of fights, just easy gain." Not everyone has the same interests either, and putting interests in other peoples mouths is not a business people should take up. Attack the argument not the arguer. Big stats in mp5 is something that will be (as I understand it) gained over much time and hard work, and whether or not you went to mp5 from mp3 in one day should not stop you from reaching these big stats. People have had their stats reset and still regained them. It won't be fair to be at mp5 with low stats but it's not fair to say you needed a cushion or a reprieve from having to fight against big stats, if you disallow others to fight if they so choose. Yes and so what if a new player has to ask a mp5 to set up a tree to get that consensual win, do we not have scores of players at mp5 all setting trees and popes in defense to win/lose as they and others see fit? I see the combat system as a two player system, attacker and defender, and there is a balance to be had there. There is never free stats. It's earned stats. "There are already methods to reset your VP.If you haven't experienced the negative 2-5million VP then you experienced anything in MD and you haven't tried to find a solution nor you worked for it. A clickie is a begger's choice, don't go there. We already have those lame shoes." To this I have but a few comments, mp3s have much trouble gaining vp and an mp4 that cant upgrade his creatures or recruit creatures so to be able to effectively gain VP cannot, well, easily gain VP. So if this cross mindpower level fights were to be implemented then it is somewhat of a necessity that new players would have a way to regain their VP so they dont have to wait around for weeks wondering why their game is broken.. And a clicky to set it to 1k is about as reasonable as it gets. Tell me how this would be abused, as I am unaware, and then I can reconsider. Also, I know what negative VP is like and have had well within the range you state, -2 to -5 million VP before. In fact due to my negative stats every few steps I lose around 170 VP and it can quickly plummet me into the negatives without much real effort combat wise. While it is easy enough for me to either wait it to regain to positive or fix my VE through combat, I cannot say a new player has these privileges of knowledge and ability to do so.
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    Cross Mind Power Theory

    I do believe there is some merit in cross MP fighting, many MP3 and MP4 complain about how hard it is to find training partners. It should however come with some restrictions. A very simple way to prevent abuse of new players is to prevent attacking lower MP players unless they attacked you first, after which they can be attacked for a while. A different option to somewhat equalise things is to apply the creature restrictions of the lowest MP during a fight, adding some extra challengefor higher MP players as they should have creatures to counter all MPs. I can tell you out of experience that this is not the case, it might deter some people, but moist don't seem to care much.
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    Snow is falling

    Snowmen's convention ( I was planning a Piss Piss feature but due to the amount of snowmen, I had to reconsider....and now I am coughing fairy dust...):
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    More fillable clickable ideas

    I'm shamelessly using this topic (sorry, Ivorak): Paper+coloured ink+autograph+wax seal = forged land papers (that have a random chance of succeding, sometimes nothing happens, worst cases you get in jail)
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    Mur took the uncolored lr archers away from loreroot. He said they may be available again through building (like other buildable crits) The lr archer still hasn't been put back to my knowledge
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    Requesting someone else gets a wiiya tool

    If a newbie (a scrub! sorry Ledah) walks into MagicDuel and hears us all speaking Chinese about shades and victories and tokens and the pickaxe that breaks rock then... Yes, it is up to that scrub to learn our Chinese. How are you to learn Chinese? Why, have a teacher of course, to translate our Chinese MagicDuel talk into scrub language that any laymen that walks into MagicDuel can understand. And where do we find these teachers? In the free market of course! Those who get to the scrubs to teach them first are likely who the scrubs will begin to learn from. And if these teachers do a bad job it's up to the free market to provide them a better teacher (the scrub to find a better one). Some people act as though you teach someone one thing about.. anything really, that it's going too far. Oh no! Some knowledge has been redirected, the woes, the misery, I have less power over that person who just learned that information now, since they are no longer in the dark! Get over it. @Very offtopic sorry To add to the Wiiya bit I would be very happy to distrubute Wiiya in a manner I see in line with the creation of the resource, I was there when it was created and took interest, have spoken with Awiiya many a time. My idea would be that I could offer people either riddles or fetch (information, perhaps about a scene, all information I would have beforehand) quests in reward for Wiiya bubbles. I may also give them out for good deeds or general likeliness, asking me or such. If one would doubt my intentions, check my inventory and see that I hold no coin and hardly a resource, I wouldn't demand trades for the Wiiya.
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    No one

    Cross Mind Power Theory

    There are already methods to reset your VP. If you haven't experienced the negative 2-5million VP then you experienced anything in MD and you haven't tried to find a solution nor you worked for it. A clickie is a begger's choice, don't go there. We already have those lame shoes. Cross MP fights ... yea, like that will be fair. How would you consider a fair fight between a new born baby (aka noob, aka MP3) and and a bull (aka less then average MP5) ? like : "please don't" or "may I touch you?" or ... ...wth ? are you crazy ? there is a reason why there are MP levels in place : to filter players to their own level (of skill and /or stats). It is for their own protection or the players around them. More fair then a cross MP fight would be a clickie that you can push once every 5 minutes and you get random skills. That would be more fair. Skill damage for 1000+ loses ... well, I think you all avoid a spoiler when you omit the real reason for wanting to stay at that many loses: the skills you get by winning ANY fight even a non-damage one. nobody is crazy enough to attach you once you are that far below, they'd get negative honor in no time So ... skill damage there is mandatory, otherwise ppl would just wander way too far down. Unfortunately there is nothing to force a player to move out of the "red" zone like : having 900+ extra loses would give you a daily bonus of ever increasing negative stat. That way you either die at 0 stats or you fight to get out.
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    No one

    Cross Mind Power Theory

    For the lack of partners ... sure, I know how that is, I've grown some characters to MP5 in recent few years, I know how lack of players prevents you from getting from MP3 to MP4 in under one day. But then ... you are not supposed to rush through MP levels or you'll complain about unfairness of the big stats in MP5. And there is always that solution of helping with alts if you really want to. Check the rules about using them though. As for fight and run from an MP3 ... get serious. Your worst random ritual has high chances on winning such fight. Meaning that in order for an MP3 to win against an MP4 or MP5 would be a consensual lose from the higher MP ... and that is translated into free stats. Let them grow naturally. Ofcourse. One that is close to your near 1000 extra losses would lose ... lets say 50-100 honor to attack you but would gain 200-400 from attacking a balanced player, so ... easy gain for them from everybody. But then they aren't really interested in the mechanics of fights, just easy gain.
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    Fang Archbane


    Redacted Till Further Notice Testing Underway.
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    No one

    Cross Mind Power Theory

    And I write this separately as it needs special attention: there is/was one other precedence for this cross MP fight(er) and if you don't know it ... you should research for it (pointing at Fang). Being as he is, Fang, in his way is asking for just this : free stats. If you (Fang) want to teach players in other MPs to fight (like anyone would believe you know how), you should create new characters (YES ALTS) and teach them. If you want spar with some friends of yours in low MPs (meaning MP4), push them to an alliance. But then ... good luck finding an alliance to trust you in. TLDR: there are other ways for an MP3/4 to learn to fight or to grow other then you begging for them.
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