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    WPs flying around

    Wasting WPs is a strictly punishable violation... I don't know why you created a topic like this and publicly made a sarcastic post. A simple PM to Chew or Mur would have been enough.
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    WPs flying around

    >ill gladly give it to chew or mur. Thank you.
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    WPs flying around

    What a bunch of bs just to justify breaking the rules. Save it and save your breath for the noobs.
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    Creatures for empty aramors

    Well, there's nothing like a player with a will and purpose to make combat easier (and so much harderat the same time). I guess bashing puppets who lost that will is not ok...after all, combat is a clash of wills, and a learning experience (opposed to learning from looking at yourself). Maybe that's the whole purpose of them - to see that there's judt this much to learn from a shell. Been bothered by something, though: i heard there' some connection between empty aramors and shades...just like shades in NC maintaon the balance, so do aramors. But, i think tiny men were brought out to balance a reality which the empty aramors created in GG. So, empty aramors _can_ be 'freed'. Or not?
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    WPs flying around

    Nava awarded a WP to blackshade for the below reason: Does this mean that now I can award WPs to whoever I want for whatever reason I find fit? If yes, then I shall start awarding some WPs. If not, please do the needful.
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