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    Build your own Drachorn

    Boredom at work..? ! ID:247993 zooliii
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    Apologies for the delay in posting this. Out of nine players who participated in the Treasure Hunt, there was one player who completed the quest: Nimrodel. Therefore, she wins a Wish Point from me, an aged Angien from the TKs and 4 Wookie Points. All other participants are rewarded with a Wookie Point. Thank you to all participants for giving this quest a chance and for the effort you put in it, despite its increased difficulty.
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    Neno Veliki

    Guardian of Tools

    Neno Veliki ID:133549 for 1_3x0_2 Deathmarrow, Necrovion. I'm active, fair and rigteous and able to give a sensible approach to a delicate matter as Necrovion and its tools are.
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    Muratus del Mur

    Guardian of Tools

    I am hoping maybe for a better name, but this is what it will do: The Guardian will have powers to ban players from grabing shared items if they are found to have more than one of a type or if they are hoarding them on alts, or abusing them in any way (abuse ways will be clearly specified) I need one for each shared items location. This is a MAIN role, its a full time role so to say, but will require your time just in the first few days after the items are regrouped. no requirement, ..except...one request..write 1-2 rows , not 0-1 not 2-8 etc, but 1,2 rows about why you want the role or what makes you deserve it, or ANYTHING that might convince me to give it to you, even active days but no role yet is a good reason, i will read all, but if you fail to write as much as requested your application will be ignored. (This was 1-2 rows) The role will be one that involves you to be citizen of that land! for necrovion and east lands i accept exceptions. Mention the coords of the shared item dispatcher you intend to guard! mandatory. If you have no citizenship i can give you citizenship for that land if i select you to guard its dispatcher. TOOLS ARE FUNCTIONAL AND READY TO USE This role will cause a lot of fuss, i need you to write the rows requested so i know you are able to talk and convince someone, and how will you try to do it. its diplomacy/eficiency check NEW/IMPORTANT I will assign this as a tag dispatcher role eventually, so later on you will get the chance to get this role without being selected by anyone, or to lose it because you won't fulfill the requirements needed then. However i will try to support those selected now as much as possible to keep their role when such an update will be made. Tag dispatchers are not really used.
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    Muratus del Mur

    Combiner Bugs

    I sense a bit of a tension here, unwanted tension, as all of us are trying to make things work, not trying to get ahead of the others. but in order to clarify some things: Aethon, i assigned you to map the use of resources, how they can be obtained and with info that can help me estimate their value=effort to obtain. Lets stick to that for now, no need to deal with bugs please. -->> Bugs and issues with combiners should be sent both to me and chew BY EMAIL, providing location coord of the combiner, your id, along with any information that might help tracking the bug or even reproducing it. <<----
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    MB-style! Color relationships

    Title: Sun and the Sea Colours used: Orange and Blue Angien shrine is like a sun in MB. Its the centre. Around it lies Marind bell. Hence used bright orange with streaks to present it as the sun giving out light. Light representing two alliances Knights of the Bell and Seekers of enlightment. As for the water... The rich blue represents the dowsers. The existence of two totally unrelated bold colours in the same scene represents the harmony between the Alliances. So Golemus is not the only land with the seas and Loreroot is not the only land with the sun eh?
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    Guardian of Tools

    I like the concept behind this new role and I think it will prove helpful for the community. I have only one concern regarding Necrovion tools. The land is closed to mortals, there is no social structure: for the sake of coherence, the use of tools shouldn't be regulated, it should be pure anarchy. If you're smart/brave enough to get in and grab the tools you should be able to use/hoard them for that week. Just my 2%.
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    Blackshade Rider

    Guardian of Tools

    I would like to Guard the tools in necro as i am already part of the dead. Also i am very active and i can prove it as my Activity days are at 93%
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