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    Lady Emery

    Happy birthday Emery!

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    Demands of a Slave

      Rilly?   If he'll be allowed to do this I will choose a bunch of players that will NOT be allowed to bid on my leash.
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    Demands of a Slave

      Roll a dice probably. In all seriousness it would be an entirely objective decision based on what the slave owner presented and arbitrary judgement. You cant quantify it nicely hence why in the past made arrangements and discussed with their master.
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    HBD JadenDew

    TY all for birthday wishes :3
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    I walked into the city of light now adorned with the dreams of the night as I walked, the streets decayed and paved roads glittered with guilt.   The old tower was falling as I climbed the steps of a church or maybe a tainted temple of old. And the birds spoke of roasted hearts or from roasting hearts or from trees.   Then a storm rose and a great tidal wave made us all little fish in an ocean. And I found an old armor and I found an old lance and I rose to the surface, encumbered.   Lest I was in Asgard, I dreamt dreamt of birds flying the skies among spears of light who cried human. There I saw two suns warming the sea below and I was blinded as I understood the light...   I was awaken by a knight, patrolling the streets "Sir, you alright?"       And the edited version:   I walked into the city of light Adorned with the dreams of the night And I stepped on the marble, decayed, And under my guilt it would break. But I moved on, not stopping until I reached, at the base of a hill, the cellar of a temple of old or of a shop, filled with cursed gold. One-eyed ravens, from trees, sang of death and of heroes burnt by wyrms' breath And I took an old armor and shield And a sword with runes on the hilt. But when I tried to handle the gold It was turned into greenish mold Then a wind rose and I heard some cries Ripping the earth, tearing the skies. Water poured through the cracks of the world, From eggshell I made a stronghold And I stood hidden, my knees to chest Until all was immersed, I rest. Then I broke free from my agèd egg And put reins on a seahorse stag And swam to the light that I would see, Through water blue, all above me. No sooner I had reached the upper veil I heard a shriek that gave me chills And a bird grabbed me, its talons sharp, I struggled like freshly-caught carp. But in vain, for the bird took me high To the twin suns shining in sky. Will the bird kill me? Or will the heat?... I woke up to the sounds of the street.
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    Don't mind me, I'll just post my drawings here ._.   Main drawing with most detail. [attachment=4707:image1.JPG]   Ermagerd Pretty Flowers! [attachment=4708:image2.JPG]   Meat? Oh wait, my lips are sewn QQ [attachment=4709:image3.JPG]   Inspiration? Well, silly as it sounds, I was thinking "Hm, I wonder what the Hellhounds would look like if Aeo got bored and decided to have fun with them." So... Here you have Blackshade's hounds after Aeo had his "fun" with them.     EDIT: It's a bit sloppier than my usual style, but I'm terrible at drawing doggies, so the details were starting to drive me mental :(
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    HBD JadenDew

    Came back to listen to the youtube linked again... Darn you Rophs DX This got stuck in my head faster than "Let it Go"
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      As I said to you in game a few weeks back, you should have, and still should, simply add another post stating the updated rules.   This isn't Witty's quest, it's yours, so it's unfair that the blame is being passed onto her for not editing a post when you're more than capable of adding an update yourself.
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    Lady Emery


    THANK YOU!!! Sorry it took so long to reply and get back to MD, things irl started going crazy just before the citizenship was confirmed. But I just wanna say that I am back for good and I am so happy that you guys have accepted me into the land, especially at MP3! Thank you all so much! 
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    Demands of a Slave

      Oh It would matter, It would be dealt with in one way or another, likely removing the leash, the coins and further. However you cant preemtively punish people (see minority report) if you think they might do something bad. From the looks of it Aethon feels that Fang wont abuse his position but if he does, we can deal with it, hopefully nicely :)
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    Demands of a Slave

      In this case I am officially asking that fang SHOULD NOT be allowed to participate at all in the auction. He should NOT be allowed to get a leash. Or if he gets one, it should expire after the slavery period.
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    Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound

    I admit I haven't worked on this as much time as I should have. But my visions are always a little messy and here goes my enterpretation of Blackshade's hell hounds. (forgive me for the messy paper I draw on) 1) first of all, what is a hell hound without something demoniac in it? Bones' n' horns are the first thing that came to my mind and inspired me. Indeed I wanted to put into their bodies more metal: chains, gears and prosthetics so I happened to research the anatomical body of a real hound. But at the end I kept it simple, since everytime Blackshade came with his hounds, I figured out that they were actually simple in their shape and....interiors. 2) So here I came out with a final outcome of how I picture the hell hounds in my mind. This is actually an Elite Hound, probably the most majestic and sneaky. (I haven't figured them as powerful beasts but I preferred to keep them more silent and slim) I also pictured them in animal traps because I like the idea of them sleeping inside....completely fearless. (I already fear people saying that it's a mixture between a goat and a horse *laughs*) 3) And here comes my favorite part : I pictured them relaxed during their free time playing hell-chess, looking at the time and waiting for their master to come. And the pups! Once in a while Blackshade comes with his hell hounds and pups and I always feared them and stayed alert. But I was encouraged to pictured them in the most harmless way possible. So here came the inspiration for them to be so.....cute :rolleyes: I attached to this message a bonus : a page with all my preliminary sketches. Have fun :) [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2195]
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    Yasrin Luvien

    Here, someone take these!

    I drew some symbols for the Principles a while back and they have been gathering dust ever since. If anyone likes them, have at them! Imagination Balance Cyclicity Transposition Time Syntropy Elements Entropy Light Darkness Changed photos to a, hopefully, better quality.
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    *coughs* Hi Mur :P
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    Here is an update to the rules please read carefully as some things have been changed Sorry this has token me so long to update :(     How to play   <Requirements> {{{{{Any mind power welcome. You MUST have your player name in the picture. (doesn't matter how as long as its there)}}}} {{{{{MUST have at least 3 pictures minimum}}}}     <Tasks> {{{{Your are to DRAW / SCULPT / OR CREATE what you think the hell hound looks like. Once you have done this you have to upload 3 pictures to this feed.. Do this how you see them. what they'd look like to you}}}}}     <RULES>   RULE #1 <<You must have your player name in your Drawing or sculpture or creation. (this is for authentication purposes) RULE#2 <<NO ALTS (only one account per player.) RULE#3<< Must have 3 pictures> RULE #4 YOU MUST state what Inspired you. Otherwise inspiration points are worthless     <Things you can use to DRAW / SCULPT / CREATE with   {{ pencil, color pencil, ink pens, markers , paint, chalk, oil pastels, clay, paper, food, wood , metal, ect..         <Judging>   {{ Judging will be done by 4 people . Judging will be scored like so below   Creativity 1-5 Uniqueness 1-5 inspiration 1-5 talent 1-5 Comfirmity 1-5   for an over all score of 100. Each judge can give 25 points max. 4 Judges. 4x25=100     REWARDS   Rewards will be given based on your score.   ( 100 - 67 gets a WP) (66 and below we ask that you please try again . Sorry :( Forum rep can help out as well   This will be a permanent quest. I thank every body that trys and please if your score didn't meet the requirements don't let it discourage you to try again
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    Fang Archbane

    Demands of a Slave

    True Eara, I guess if They buy my leash theres Other Options Aethon, its not an inconvenience, there's always an answer to everything. So Ill change my previous statement. They CAN bid on my leash, those 4, but they better know I will go inactive for my slavery period if they do, and itll be money wasted. Eon, I want you to come back, no fun being the Hero without a Villain [ ;_;]
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