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    No one

    Blackshades chawan

    you might try with "http://" but even that it is not working. Try instead this : http://imgur.com/gallery/MtgsTNt  
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    Blackshades chawan

      Either download another art program -- GIMP is good (and free) and so is photoshop (if you don't mind paying a bit) -- or you can: Take print screen >> go to Imgur >> Upload Images >> Ctrl+V
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    Information Center

    I think this is a splendid idea, I've had a look and can't wait for quests to be published in there, maybe also a list of monsters we can go to find and fight?
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    Precision Tournament - Heat Dumping

    Wideberth 254385 I'll give it a go, but I don't really know about transferring heat
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    Golden Chains 2015

    Split a lot of comments: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16724-demands-of-a-slave/   Stick to the topic, please, doesn't get easier for Aethon with additional chit-chat.
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    The Sixth - Roleplaying Quest

    Details sent to all roles other than The Man (which is currently being settled). Once I send the details to The Man as well, I will post date&time (however, it will take place  somewhere between the 25th of August and the 5th of September).   Please note: those who have received the details of their role are not to discuss them or reveal them to anyone else. I reserve the right to disqualify any player if I find evidence that they have revealed the details of their role to anyone else.
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    Fang Archbane

    Demands of a Slave

    Sounds like Personal Opinion to me. And im sure many a person would Argue that Opinion with you. (I also ask this be split, no sense dyrting the nice application thread :3)
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    Demands of a Slave

    I am still insisting that fang should not be allowed to participate. Or again, if he will be allowed then his leash should expire when the slavery period is over.
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    Loreoot Guards

    The one to the right is the 2nd Guard, from what I remember.   I can't be sure about this, but it's possible the second Guard will give that message as long as the first isn't defeated. You'd have to test to make sure.
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    I was thinking of a nice way how to integrate spells further. How about being able to merge an enchanted stone with one of your usable items? In that case, your usable item can cast the 3 casts of the spell of the enchanted stone, instead of giving it to your profile. Also, that the items have some kind of trigger on how much was one type of enchanted stone used on that item, so that eventually, the item becomes able to cast it without enchanted stone, on low basis (1 or 2 casts per spell recharge). This post has been approved by the principle of transposition.
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    Muratus del Mur

    Clickable Objects Features

    exirable keys are not an option. You can achieve same by changing the key you are checking for. Addin a limit to number of keys could be useful to prevent abuses but will also limit things a lot. I can add a limit for giving someone a key to many times within same script. For example an abuse script would give an other player 1000000 keys just to overload his keyholder and crash his account. Anythign is possible, mdscript does not restrict at all all possible abuses ..for some of them other types of restrictions are required (like hunt and kill/ip ban for main an alts type of thing). sending data to flash is possible by using current tools. Just do a template for the output string, replace it with the values you want, and you have your data to load in flash. Sit down, please, here goes SF-MD-PHP-Sript Updated planed features list: - creature transfers by mdscript - item transfers - user input (forms) - fights triggered by script, trackable by script (not sure if i can) (good for checkpoints, trials, competitions) - check for player creature, vitality, xp, type, tokens, level, etc (assamble army missions, creature collector, etc) - check for fight counts against a player (search and destroy missions, bounty, etc) - add name of editor to the entry title for the item, indicating if it has script on it or not, and how many lines it has. - pseudo SQL to handle data in arrays like they are a database, useful for user created filters and more, not sure how much memmory that will eat - wp awarding by script - magic spells triggered by script (turns items into healing shrines, and such, unlimited possibilities) - illusions triggered by script (like you kiss the prince and it turns into a frog, or ..the opposite) - ability to give things to the objects, like send creature or item to an object and that item becomes available to use by script (automated markets, take and give quests, package delivery, etc) - ability to give heat to the objects and objects to count that cross user. (unlimited possibilies of use in combination with the other features) - more? maybe needed: - treasure chests , sort of "things" to hold items, creatures or even ritual configurations for use by script so that they don't get deleted by owner. For example if you want to give an item by script, you have to place it in a treasure chest, and you cant take it back from there (you can by script if you realy want to) - mixing fighting NPCs with clickable objects, not sure if possible. Right now the Loreroot guards do this, but in a very customized way. - rating stars for item entries The current changes are major, so i move it from v0.1 to v1.0 ... but if i manage to do those things listed above or some of the most important of them, it will get 2.0 directly. Heat thing, figthing, and item storage on clickables are the most difficult and i am not sure if they will get done. It might be that the most complicated things to motivate me the most and get done before the simple ones, we shall see. Main issue with these features is preventing abuse. Anyway, i plan to launch it soon, as it is, because i will take about a week of vacation and i dont think i can finish anything of those before that. I need testers for a preliminary test before i make whats allready done public. I need people willing to try to abuse it and find issues with it, experienced with coding is best. I also need creative people that can write example codes of interesting you coudl do with the current features.
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    Information Center

      I rather like the sound of quest related NPCs
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