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    Imagination Quest! (WP)

    Ok so I'm planning to draw 5 people who were in one particular place at the same time. This is simple sketch how I've imagined it.    "Find five individuals and recognize them!"     This is just a sketch so the actual entries of people will differ a little in posture/clothing/etc.   And first two entries are :    Witty and MaGoHi!   "Witty is in need of lumber and MaGoHi has dirty thoughts."       When he told them I've imagined his thoughts like big black, curly hair (like that one of Afro Samurai ) with evil grins inside. Dirty thoughts are portrayed by the Cheshire Cat. Ah, and he holds shovel b'cause he is from the Underground :P And Witty's Witty basically ^^ The haircut and umbrella is nod to Kaylee Frye from Firefly who's so cheerful too.   Cat is only thing digitally enhanced - I wanted it to be distinguished, cause he's my precious ( it is my tattoo, which I have on my left forearm )     So 3 entries left - I have to go back to drawing ^^ !
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    Aeo's stuff

    Ermagerd I tried drawing a different pose! No hands because I can't draw hands. Or faces.    Figured since I drew The Sixth, I could just as well draw The Fifth. Here you go folks. [attachment=4647:^717C78F322196DDD500946B7BD3204A436968BB3B0D5CA161C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg]
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    Ary Endleg

    MP3 Erolin heat checker and MUCH more

    This script is still in same spot but now it's password protected. Reason for this is because in near future I'll be away for prolonged time and won't have net access and hence won't be able to "maintain" it. Password protected scripts don't require to be "maintained" (I think) so it will be in place till then.   Password is "Ary is awesome!".
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    Blackshade Rider

    Imagination Quest! (WP)

      Me and witty have already been talking about extending the deadline so more people have the time. so im sure you will have the time Aeo
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    Imagination Quest! (WP)

    Awesome artwork I'm seeing! I would participate myself, but I have no chance of doing anything until after the 2nd of June.    EDIT: I can try drawing on the 31st. I'll see. Don't extend the deadline just for me :)
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    Because a number of people have pointed them to fight X, or do Y and found they havent been able to. Its happened a couple times at GoE :) Thank you for your feedback.
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    Well, I let you had your fun, now let me tell you why I find this topic funny :   Well ... how the hell should somebody know that he's not seing something if he doesn't know it exists ?
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    Imagination Quest! (WP)

    Not sure how many of you know or remember her, but this is Eleyne. A woman trapped in the body of a horse and the main thing I remember about her is that she loves to eat paper planes. :)   I have no idea how the person behind the Eleyne character imagined her (I don't think she ever had an avatar), but this is how I see her. A young and lively girl chasing paper planes...with different contents. Also, back there you have a sneaky and hungry Draco, lazily stalking and trying to eat the unaware prey like always. :P
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    Too many WPs breaks the page

    Solution is simple. Give me the wishpoints, I'll take good care of them and won't mind if they break my WP page! :P
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    Quest: Create the DoB Icon

    Sooo here's my entry:       The light is metaphor of happiness achieved through friendship with Bob. The girl silhouette symbolises innocence and , in this particular pose, cheerfulness.   This is version based in 100% on hand-drawn picture of which I've taken photo and mastered it digitally:    The picture:     Big version:     And the 140x140 version:     And to make it look more like actual logo :   
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    <<<Gold Avatar Auction>>> #25

    I dont understand this. Please clarify. Is it not that, every single bid extends the auction by 24 hours? This was what I suggested to you to run the auction and how I read the rules. In this case he was perfectly within the time. Please clarify Firestarter.
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    Imagination Quest! (WP)

    Sooooo, after some time of struggles and indecisions, I've decided to draw Witty :P Premise : That's not an evil look, I've just figured you as a brave woman ready to guide newbies and oldies to the right path. It's almost summer but I couldn't get nothing out of my mind than a winter look.  I hope it's not too sketchy Cheeers folk!
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    Extreme Magicduel

    Loyalty: 222222     :excl:
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    Extreme Magicduel

    Rophs the Second walked through GG and the maze and ended up at the GoE before obtaining a single creature =]
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