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    About MagicDuel?

    Many times I had myself in a situation where I was supposed to explain what was this thing I am playing. What's MagicDuel all about? I usually got lost in my answers, making combination of terms that didn't sound as a homogenic whole, not being able to sway the person to dig up more about it.   Of course, every person should be approached separately as per his/her interests, but in case you're talking with someone unknown you need some universal description as a starting point.   I was thinking, why don't we work on some kind of a MD trailer? Doesn't have to be an actual video, can be just an amalgam of some pictures and text description (although it shouldn't be too lengthy).   What do you guys think, do you have the same opinion that we need this? Let's throw some thoughts on how to start this then.
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    Ur Lord is Away for 6 months

    I shall return after 6 months   Bai Bai
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    About MagicDuel?

    This.   I cannot find the video, but I think some trailer of MD is on youtube (and it was quite well done, considering the vast amount of things you would have to put into one). However, that trailer was kind of ”generic”. I mean, it doesnt make you see MD as very different from other mmorpgs (my opinion). However (my second), I dont know if a better trailer CAN be made - I think it is very difficult (someone prove me wrong, please). The only way I see a better trailer  is if it is somewhat split into ”sections”, where you would present the things you can do here - a section on combat, one on role-play, one on unlocking secrets and puzzles etc. Because this is what MagicDuel is all about - all those things.
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    Eagle Eye

    happy birthday Eagle Eye

    Thanks to all*bows*
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      @Seigheart SHMSH?   I would like briskness, just like Aelis mentioned. But I'm broke unfortunately.
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