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    ultrasharp or maybe not so

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4WrbUjRSYA&feature=youtu.be   Well, here we go. Tried a good Kiwi kitchen knife (the favorite in my knife drawer), a smaller Korean knife, and a big ol' monster of a knife (some Chinese brand i'm not familiar with from the asian grocer). Nearly got it with the Kiwi, so I'm going to try to finish out the edge a bit more, or improve my technique, one of the two.
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    HBD Plix Plox!

    Happy Birthday, fellow!   High five!
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    Plix Plox

    HBD Plix Plox!

    lol thanks 
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    Summer breeze

    HBD Plix Plox!

    Happy birthday Plix Plox. May you get a lot of presents!
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    battle rituals

    RP- Roleplaying.... typing out actions and such (like in game)
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    When I can, and as I can, I make runs along the new-player path. Granted, it's not the whole of it, but I like to think it helps.
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    Eagle Eye

    HBD Plix Plox!

    happy birth day plix plox
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    Spent credits shop list

      I see no issue with people paying money into MD. We should be thanking them for paying for the servers, something that I cannot do because I lack the funds, Hell I think this is exactly the people who should be getting these special things. Am I sad im not eligible? Yes. But without these players I cannot do my job because there will be no server.
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    A new kind of Quest

      Excellent! I'll begin my master plan to move MD outside of MD and the forum immediately! Mwuahahahahahahahahahahaha!   [If you don't want to read the whole thing, skip down to the section with the brackets around it]   Well, I believe its time for an update as to the Community Quest (please do not refer to it as Jester's Quest, I'm only playing a very small role, its the Community that's going to make it happen, therefore its the Community Quest).   The current plan (its very fluid, and liable to change as certain things become concrete and exclude other things, which opens up the possibilities for new things) is to have a coalition of writers all working together on a main story, as well as each of them working on a side story. Hopefully each side story will be able to tie into the main story for the grand, epic, finale. If not, they will still be entertaining, and that is rather the point of the whole thing.   The writers will know the main story and their own story (though I hope to work out an ending of my own so that the writers can be surprised as well), but none of the others. The puzzle creators and other people helping to add more flavor to the stories will know their section, and no others. There will be a main forum section where everyone can get together and brainstorm, but the creating will be mostly done in private areas.   Some of the stories are going to take a long time to unfold, and some will be short. I estimate this entire Quest to take between a month and two weeks to build up to the finale.   [Main point of this article is here:]   The thing I have realized that I need now for the story that is done are Actors. By Actors I mean dedicated role players who can be given a script of what is going to happen in their section, for them to play out as they wish. They would be Actors and not just Role Players because they would have to pretend to have no knowledge of what is coming and not let it affect their decision.   I imagine this could be a chance for some of the really brilliant role players out there to shine. A warning, however: some of the more hardcore, dedicated role players may be forced to do or make decisions that will be very painful to their character, emotionally. The goal is to encourage character growth within MD, instead of having it all be back stories and outside of the realm. I understand that some role players are too attached to their characters to sacrifice like that, and I'm sure we can find room for you as well.   Message me or reply to the topic if you're interested.   Secondary point: I'm considering creating alts for the purpose of the story. Your actions would determine their fate, and hopefully a well written story would let you come to care about what happens to them, even a little. I know I personally have trouble being mean to characters in games where you have a choice, partly because I'm afraid they'll jump out of the tv and get me, and, well, its just mean. Does anyone else feel the same way? If a character was sufficiently interesting with a unique personality and you got to know them, would you care if they died (the alts would die in the story and never log in again)? This would also present wonderful opportunities for character growth. If a healer were unable to save someone they cared about, how would that affect them? If, at great risk of life and limb, and yes, limp due to loss of limb,a hero were able to save someone they cared about, how would that change them? I anticipate the results with baited breath.     Additional thought: If people can fight and argue and care for Bob the Tree and Abra the Aramor, why not a character created for a story? As long as they are well developed and sympathetic this could work out quite well. Especially if some people dislike the character and wish them harm, and others want to defend them.
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    Marindian or Bellian? Discuss!

    I like to think of them as "Citizens", as contrasted by  "the rest of the ruffians in other MagicDuel lands."   ;)
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    battle rituals

    Umm... also, RP isnt allowed on the forums :ph34r:
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    Spent credits shop list

    And on what account would you like to recive the tickets? Does alt abuse ring a bell? No? Yes?
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