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    The girls with mom

    From the album: My babies

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    HBD Ivorak

    Thanks folks!  I just noticed that this birthday o' mine coincides with another mini milestone in MD: I've reached 1900 AD.  Hopefully I'll be here for many more.
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    The girls side by side

    From the album: My babies

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    I was digging around the server, doing some work on the very back end of MD and found this, but first a story:   Many moons ago, MD was just a forum, with very little on it.   Then one day i came back and saw [image below]. I thought it was hilarous and knew i had to talk to the guy who wrote it.   Note, image includes swearing and such. Dont read if you dont like swearing/are a minor/etc   http://magicduel.com/temp/13_11/forum_down_LOL.png
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    Extreme Magicduel

    [url=http://www.dodaj.rs/?1e/SP/3MYCtXMU/clockie.png][/url]   666 luck.
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    keyboard navigation of combat log

    could use   [ ] or + - , these are in the same places for most, though the + - is different for keyboards like mine(dvorak), but they are still close enough to work   Sy
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    Land logo

    Wow !!! I just realized my Avatar is a counter symbol of Tribunal land logos. [IMG]http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv291/kvsubash/Ravanakill.jpg[/IMG] Well If u Decode my forum avatar this is what u will get : Tipu Kidnaps a Girl And there Comes the hero the Wing man: "Iam the God cos' i got wings and i will stop Ur Rudeness" Tipu : "Ho yeah eat This". Tipu cuts the wings of the wing man. And runs away with the girl [IMG]http://i693.photobucket.com/albums/vv291/kvsubash/TipuKidnap.jpg[/IMG] Tipu and the girl happily lived ever after. Well If u notice carefully i got 9 heads symbolizing the cardinal and inter-cardinals points of a Transmutation Circle (Only a alchemy can understand what iam talking about). N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW,Z. (Z not the goat man hehe but represent the Zenith of the the body). But the Tribunal Logo got 8 points, they missed the important 9th Point Ho yes the zenith. Simply to say they got no defense if attacked from Air. Tipu can Avoid a bird Pooping but a tribunal members can't. Perhaps it is done on purpose for a greater cause. As far as the M&T goes : Its simple, Mur's M tries to brainwash innocent people but Tipu's T appears in front of M and saves the World.
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