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    About six years ago was when I originally joined the game and haven't been really dedicated in the past to achieve anything more than Mind Power 3, obviously. But I have finally buckled down and achieved Mind Power 4 and it only took those six years to do it! Here's to another six years and hopefully by then, I would have achieved Mind Power 5. 
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    Destruction of Alts

    And I was accused of being to work my way back to Loreloot. You offered me, and I can proof it. I just wanted to play another story. I wanted my alt to go to GG, not to Loreroot.
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    Name Change

    I could and prolly should get into discussion how Loreroot humiliated DD or how the land should support that particular idea of a role/name change. But I won't. It's offtopic and it's potentially creating an aggravated discussion. All and any comments/grudges/apologies were and can still be discussed privately.   edit: as always. spelling and/or grammar -.-
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    No one

    Creature Tabular View

    To complete the post from dst, it should also have 2 more features: - "need ap" - means that the creature "is ready" for upgrade but needs something like AP or Mind Power level - while hovering over the "..." to show what is needed for next upgrade (how many wins / age / exp) Some more warnings like : Then, in order to complete the feature, you'd need something more on the creature page like : On top of all that there would be needed : 1. allow configuration for on/off of this feature (as it should be for any feature) at any time from creature page & option page 2. a checkbox for "hiding" creature from "create ritual" & "sacrifice creature" lists. Warning: With this list activated you would not be able to heal creatures. "Creature healing" and "Heal all creatures" require the flash version of the list. ___________________________________________________ Let me know if you want some hints on the "trigger box" also.
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    Extreme Magicduel

    Not really extreme or hard to achieve, but I want to see if there is anyone older that still has an incomplete sidebar. :D Edit: Adding image later.
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    Eagle Eye

    Community Garden

    ~ Day: 149 Year: 8 ~    1_-2x1_1 Visit and water [spoiler]: Mercurial Spectre grabs Phantom Orchid : Menhir collects memorystone : Sycophant grabs Phantom Orchid : No one was dragged by Soldier of Loreroot L413 : No one grabs Phantom Orchid : No one grabs Phantom Orchid : No one grabs Phantom Orchid : No one grabs Phantom Orchid : No one grabs Phantom Orchid : No one grabs Phantom Orchid : No one grabs Phantom Orchid : No one collects herbs : No one collects herbs : darkraptor collects herbs : Eagle Eye wokes up : Eagle Eye nice air : Eagle Eye looks at the window : Eagle Eye Hello Phantom Orchid : Eagle Eye good to see you here : Eagle Eye looks at the gardens : Eagle Eye calling arms : Eagle Eye get some tank of water truck : Eagle Eye gives water to the gardens : Eagle Eye bows : Eagle Eye your look beautiful now : Eagle Eye smiles[/spoiler]
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    When you have existed before and after the game exists.
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    Eagle Eye

    Community Garden

    ~ Day: 140 Year: 8 ~ Visit and watering [spoiler]: No one collects memorystone and sand as a byproduct : Menhir collects herbs : darkraptor collects herbs : darkraptor collects herbs : Menhir collects herbs : Menhir collects herbs : darkraptor collects herbs : Jolla collects herbs : Eagle Eye good morning : Eagle Eye fresh air and good to smell : Eagle Eye what a wonderful realm : Eagle Eye with a colorful garden : Eagle Eye smiles : Eagle Eye looking around : Eagle Eye in every layer : Eagle Eye smiles again : Eagle Eye beautiful garden : Eagle Eye get some water and give to the garden : Eagle Eye water tank:) : Eagle Eye we hope and wishes someone willing to help care for this garden : Eagle Eye thank you Rumi : Eagle Eye bows [/spoiler]
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    [quote name='Chewett' date='17 November 2009 - 05:04 PM' timestamp='1258477488' post='47705'] They are disabled, When mp2 stage was up noobs were getting of the island! [/quote] I already know this. This topic is not for what is working what is not it is about dicovery and looking at new options and creating new ideas the mechanic are NOT important. People are too quick to point out what is not working instead of working to make something work.
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