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    Path Of the Dragonrider

    Time past....and he evolved....hail before the Invincible Dragonrider   -rider
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    Reputation - Like Buttons

    I think I prefer the +/- system but I do think that people should be accountable for the reputation they are giving others so making it public is a good thing.   If it were changed back but not made public then I would suggest putting in a counter to state that the rep score is made up of # votes. I personally don't really care about the post's score but would rather see how many people thought that a post was worth repping up or down.  If it is -2 but only 2 people voted on it then it's not really a worry.  If it's -2 and 20 people voted then I know that the post is worth looking at because a lot of people felt it was worth repping. Maybe it's just me but I'd rather see that one of my posts was repped 9 times rather than seeing a post was +1.
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    Path Of the Dragonrider

    Wow. This one was probably your best. Awesomeness.
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    Eagle Eye

    Path Of the Dragonrider

    What a beautiful, I really like it. I hope to have it in the future
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    No one

    Reputation - Like Buttons

    +/- system, with/without transparency.   With only positive voting you only count how much your friends visit the forum no matter how stupid your post was. If you want to see how good a person is, you have to have the -rep too and thus the average will show. Otherwise one can get one good idea, read and voted by 1k ppl and will be the best poster on the forum.     Also, as Dst pointed out, there are hidden topics that i guess have huge +rep. The hidden topics should not get counted toward general reputation.     Also: was there no post liked in this topic ? I want to see the +/- rep before voting myself.
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    Reputation - Like Buttons

    There's a pro and con to both options, but somehow I find myself liking the old system better.   While transparency is in general good, I do wonder how that would work to people trying to "neutralize" a post's reputation? I know I've found myself often in a situation where I don't find anything good about a post, but I don't find it to warrant a neg rep either. If I see that post being neg-repped, I would sometimes positive rep it to make it neutral. With transparency, would this show up as if I pos-repped it? If so, that would bring a totally different impression to what I intended.    And in response to some of DD's statements: 2. They do. I've done it myself, and I've seen negative post regulars get positive rep for (good) posts. 3. Again, same as above.   
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    Eara Meraia

    Quest: Black Box

    [url="https://vimeo.com/64822404"]https://vimeo.com/64822404[/url] Crew: main role: Eara Meraia star guest: Whispers executive producer and screenwriter: Eara Meraia Camera (what a surprise): Eara Meraia special thanks to the Chief Production Sound Mixer - lashtal
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    Creature abilities and Weapon reasearches

    Don't be so excited. If you ask me they are the worst thing that happened to MD...
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