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    Sephirah Caelum

    MD B-day "Card"

    Hello all, so as the title says in this quest you have 8 days to do a card with message or a movie or sing/play a song or whatever your imagination allow you to do, to celebrate this world called Magic Duel. Be creative! For now the winners will be divided into:[list] [*]The Best Handmade Card; [*]The Best Message and; [*]The Most Creative Card (for all the others that are not handmade). [/list] If there is a lot of participants and your imagination run wild I may unfold The Most Creative Card into something that better fits the inscriptions. So, you can send the maximum of 3 cards or whatever your imagination allow you to do until the last day of MD festivities. Any questions? [b]Edit 01: Quest extended until next friday (05 days extention)![/b] [color=#ff0000][b]Edit 02: Results, as annouced by the Master of Ceremonies:[/b][/color] [list] [*]The Best Handmade Card: [b][color=#ff0000]dst[/color][/b] [*]The Best Message and: [b][color=#ff0000]dst [/color][/b]and[b][color=#FF0000] dark raptor[/color][/b] [*]The Most Creative Card: [color=#ff0000][b]Eagle Eye[/b][/color] [/list]
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    Loreroot Government.

    We would like to see the monarch's tools given to the Consuls, who are the executive heads of Loreroot (analogous to co-presidents or co-monarchs), but to my knowledge we have not yet broached the subject with the MD Council. Their ruling (or Mur's), of course, will be decisive. To answer the question of the powers and responsibilities of the Consuls and Judges of Loreroot, the Consuls are, as I've said, the executives. The Judges have no official powers other than one of judicial review with respect to matters passed as laws and to trials conducted by the Assembly. The Assembly is the actual ruling body of Loreroot, and is responsible for all legislation; on advice from someone on the forum, we will review the 100-day requirement for membership and decide whether it is fair.
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    Conspiracy Theories

    The reason the real Mur has ceased to exist is because he was absorbed into the borg counsul collective.
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    Loreroot Government.

    [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1365717846' post='134784'] As in will carry them once (if) you get the MD council to give them to you, or effectively are carrying them as from now? 'Cause tools were removed long ago once the monarchs retired. [/quote] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I've seen Azull with the king's tools.[/color][/font]
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    User Variables

    I wonder if it's possible to get [b]uv('player_tag')[/b] also? This might be nice to limit clickies to specific groups or individuals. (I'm thinknig about the '[i]Bringers of Light[/i]' and '[i]Death Guards[/i]' specifically, but many other uses are possible)
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    Conspiracy Theories

    98)Dst is one of Mur's filters used to drive off unworthy players.
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    Muratus del Mur

    Conspiracy Theories

    14. this project belongs actually to the chinese army that is trying to keep americans and europeans busy while they take over the world. EVIDENCE: there is no chinese translation of MD 15. Mur is actually a pseudonym for a group of people taking turns on one character to screw with your mind and avoid profiling 16. Fyrd Argentus is an alt of Mur, ..you have a MD character too? then so are you. 17. There are so few people left in MD because the last level of the game is played outside the web interface, usually players never win that level.... 18. there is a cow creature and a milk resource but its invisible
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