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    Phantom Orchid

    Pray (give heat)

    Given that a lot of time is spent clicking, then waiting for refresh, then clicking again, over and over, etc. to "pray (give heat)" to protector - and also given the release of heat jars - I suggest that either a slider bar or an option to allow the giving of fixed quantities, or certain percentages, of heat be implemented to improve the "pray (give heat)" to protector button.
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    Dream Quest - Act II

    Edit: We are all winners.
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    Research level-2

    There are level 2 achievements.
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    Protectors and wanna be Protectors

    [quote name='Prince Marvolo' timestamp='1322591242' post='96816'] There is a reason that some creatures are only avaiable at the highest level at MP6, and thus they are not for everyone. Deal with it, that's the whole point. [/quote] It seems totally unreasonable to say that you are only allowed to fully level your creatures if you are a protector and from what i have seem, many protectors do not care about combat. Wheras there are a much larger group who do care. Mur himself said that MP6 is a stage EVERYONE will go to, even if its just for a couple days. Currently we are in limbo between his changes, and i dont see there is any point getting worked up about X or Y. MP6 at the moment is hard for protectors. If their adepts are so easily turned by some silver, then i question if they are really good enough protectors to their adepts. [quote name='Prince Marvolo' timestamp='1322591242' post='96816'] As for the MP6 changes to attain more stability: I do think there are changes needed. Maybe focus less on adepts but more on worshippers? Like some relationship between "adepts x worshies should be over a number" As in, to become MP6 you'd need 50 adepts (example), but for every worshipper you get, you'd need less adepts. but then poured into a fitting formula. Since worshippers are more stable, the more you get, the more stable you'd be. And if you have less worshippers, ans thus beeing a bad protector, you'd be a lot less stable. [/quote] Actually i think thats adverse to what it should be. Personally i see Worshippers as peolpe who help you, and you can help, but the adept count as a "view" of you as a protector. One person can leave your adeptship but if the majority still likes you, they are still stuck with you as protector. Wheras if you lose a large amount, you drop. Its a kind of public opinion. (this is assuming you have around 40 adepts, because personally i dont feel you can be a true or stable adept at the 30 level.
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    Want to be Mp6

    Hey all now I am requesting to the players that has at least 100 active days to be my adepts just for a day (or some hours) I need 25 adepts, so the first 25 that Pm me and be my adepts will recive a Silver Coin Untill i upgrade my creatures I will post in the mood panel when i finish to upgrade my creatures so u can return to your mentor Thanks those who help Ahem if u dont want SC u can ask for a pimped gassan but just 3 gassys at the moment!!! O YES IF I UP TO MP6 AND I DONT POST IN MOOD THAT I UPGRADE MY CREATS I WILL PAY 1 SC PER DAY AS I STAY AS MP6 now need 20 [b]A blood pact will be given to those who help, but just one, so it will be random must complete the upgrade of my creats before December 3 if no no Bp[/b] [b]Now Need 17 come on !!!!!!!!!![/b] [b]now need 15 Yay!!!!!!!!!![/b] [b]hahahah 14 [/b] [b]need 13 im so close help please!!![/b] [b]12 im close so closee thk to all :DDDDDDDD[/b] [b]OMG now just 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b] [b]WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Only 2 More !!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b] [b]Yay 1 more [/b] [b]now just need some heat and + Vp [/b]
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    Dream Quest - Act II

    Esmaralda Loreroot: 351 The whisper of the forest. [attachment=3376:whisper2.jpg]
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    Pray (give heat)

    I REALLY like this idea... It would actually save heat too because of the time spent clicking.
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    MD Awards 2011 - "24h" Discussion

    If we remove the option for land citizens to vote for other citizens of their homeland, let's make Friendlists too. Grido cannot vote for his best buddies: player A, B and C. Grido Hates Player D, so if he votes for Player D, he doubles his vote actually... It's kinda wrong to enter in the "corruption" possibility seas and to stop on the first checkpoint. There will never, or rarely, be true "winners" of these categories, and if you try to limit it to force out some kind of "proper result" it will only turn bad. Make it fair, and let the mass pick whom ever it wants to pick.
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    Dream Quest - Act II

    Jolla Golemus Golemicarum Land Loyalty: 112 [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/p90yc.png[/IMG]
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    A Sanctuary Spell

    I would suggest that events of any sort should be help in DoT days to avoid the mess of creating more unwanted sanctuaries. I believe there are more than enough out there for everyone, no need to add more. Now, if there was indeed a spell that could grant you a one-day-sanctuary-location(or few-hours-sanctuary-location), simply because the dates of the events do not match with ToD, that could indeed happen. Just don't make it have too many casts otherwise, enchanted stones will turn the entire md into a sanctuary.
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    Dream Quest - Act II

    Rumi No Man's Land 394 Loyalty This was designed for black pencil on white paper. With no scanner available right now, a paintbrush program had to suffice. I intended a simple sigil, yet many elements came to me as the drawing took shape. [attachment=3365:dreamsigil.png] Sigil Details: An [i][b]Arrow[/b][/i] travels the [i][b]East --> West Blue Spirit Road[/b][/i] of the [i][b]Medicine Wheel[/b][/i] [i][b]Life[/b][/i] & [i][b]Death[/b][/i], [i][b]Chaos[/b][/i] & [i][b]Order[/b][/i] fill the dreamworld The [b][i]Cloak[/i][/b] of the [b][i]Moon's Gaze[/i][/b] surrounds the dreamworld
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    Nope, nevermind.
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