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    [size=4][i]We, Passant the Weak (The glass expert) and Soothing Sands, official Sand melters have hereby decided to work together to supply the realm in a smooth way with a resource that only we can produce: Raw Glass.[/i][/size] [i]We wish you all happyness with our top quality Glass in the near future and forever.[/i] ================================================================= Current prices- (extra if you can't fill the jar) If you provide sand + heat .... donation/fee (see details below) If you provide sand ............... donation/fee + fill up the 20k heat jar (if we have one) If you provide heat ................ flexible price If you provide neither ............ flexible price + fill up the 20k heat jar ================================================================= [u][u]General Policy - Sand Melter's statement[/u][/u] The alliance of the Glass Master (Passant) and Soothing Sands should be clear to calm any fear you may have about the cost of such a beautiful ressource. We have decided to [b]keep the price as low as possible[/b] (even supplying at no cost) and will do so as long we consider that our work is recognised and valued by the community. Of course, if we notice that our beloved artwork(Raw Glass manufactured by us is a piece of art) is used by greedy people to make money, we reserve the right to change our pricing policy or even ban those who use raw Glass to selfishly benefit from any trade with us. It should be noted however that we are dependant of other guilds or ressource providers to perform our work. Depending on their attitude and price policy towards us, we shall adjust our price accordingly. [u][u]How to get Raw Glass for no money?[/u][/u] We will gladly supply [s]4[/s] [b]8 [/b]pieces of Raw Glass to whomever is able to provide us with 1-8 units of sand and one or several heat containers loaded with a total of 20k Heat. Please note that current heat containers compatible with our Sand Melter are Heat Jars and Heat stones. The only fee we are asking for is a donation in the form the customer wishes of whatever he/she considers fair. It is intended to compensate the time we are giving to the community in order to provide a reliable source of Glass. While exceptions can be made for the first order from particularly poor or young customers that have nothing to donate, the donation is mandatory from any customer that is part of a guild or owns the rights and tools to produce goods or collect resources in any form (water, heat, wood, stones, etc...). [u][u]What to do if you need glass but don't have a heat container?[/u][/u] If we can get our hand on a heat Jar, we will lend it to you so that you fill it up with 20K heat. In that case, service will be free (as stated above) as long as the Jar was leased to us at no cost. If you can't load the jar with heat, we will arange that for you but will ask for a fee in coins to cover our extra work and time. If we have no jar (or heat stone), you will get no glass! [u][u]What to do if you need glass but don't have sand?[/u][/u] If you have no sand we will ask a fee in silver coins to cover the extra cost to get some for you. Rate will depend on the general situation of the sand market. Please note that it may take time. [u][u]Technical notes.[/u][/u] Our tool is very efficient but quite basic: we will give you [s]4[/s] [b]8[/b] units of Glass for whatever quantity of sand you are providing us with (1 to 8). Yes, that means that you should try providing us with only 1 unit of sand if possible. We ask you to [b]never provide us with sand prior to when we allow you to do so[/b]. Please note that your sand may be lost and won't be compensated if you fail to do so, as it may mix with other sand we could have in our inventory. [u][u]Disclaimer[/u][/u] Price Policy is set for a trial period. If things go smoothly, we will keep it that way. If adjustments are needed we will let our customers know through forum and Mood panel annoucement. Price policy will be updated as necessary, should any event in the realm require to do so (change in our tool for example). ******************************************************************************************************************************************** EDIT: 9/oct/2011 Replaced 'donation' by 'donation/fee (see details below)' in the price summary at the request of some semantic experts. I hope it's enough because i don't have the lust to edit the post in its entirety.
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    An Event Idea

    This topic is just to get community input and see if anyone would actually like to see this event run ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING CAN BE CHANGED! I would love some better weapon suggestions Disclaimer: The suspects are just people that everyone recognizes for right now, they can be easily changed. Second Disclaimer: It's late for me, and I'm probably not going to explain this well. Also, this is my first attempt at doing anything, so we'll see how this turns out. I've been thinking up a way for everyone to play a game of mutated Clue up in the MDA lands. Here's what I've got so far. Set up: Oh noes! Brulant was happily wandering through the MDA lands when he was snuck up upon and brutally murdered inside the Archive building! Now, it's your job to figure out "who done it"! Rules: 1) At the beginning of the game a suspect, weapon, and location will be chosen and removed from the pool of available suspects, weapons, and locations. 2) The remaining suspects, weapons, and locations would then be distributed to the players of the game. 3) After the game begins, players will travel from location to location in an effort to find out which suspect, weapon, and location are missing from the pool. 4) Once at a location, players will PM other players in that location with an "accusation" 5) An "accusation" consists of a suspect, weapon, and location. THE LOCATION THAT THE PLAYER IS IN MUST BE INCLUDED AS THE LOCATION IN THE ACCUSATION. 6) Upon receiving an "accusation" the player looks through the suspects, weapons, and/or locations he/she knows 7) If they have a suspect/weapon/location that was included in the "accusation" they send a reply with the suspect/weapon/location included. YOU ONLY SEND ONE. If the player does not have any of what was guessed, they send a reply saying "Nothing" 8) After they receive the reply PM the original player marks it on their Detective Notes (which are included in this post) 9) In this way, the last things in each group that are not checked off are the correct suspect/weapon/location (This may be getting confusing, bear with me) 10) You can only message one player once in a row. For example: I could not send Curiose three "accusations" in a row. But I CAN send one to Curiose, then to AmberRune, then to Curiose. 11) The game continues until someone figures out "who done it" and PMs me the correct answer. Please include in your subject that it's your final guess. If you are wrong, you are out of the game. I think that the Detective Notes should help explain this, I'm attaching them to this post. The locations on the Detective Notes are the only locations in which you can send PMs Someone already suggested coding some clickies to give hints (and red herrings! ) to people. Alas, I cannot code clickies, but it anyone could offer their skills it would be highly appreciated. Also, there is really no prize since I have nothing to give. But, I think that it would be fun even without a prize, yeah? Well… I'm probably forgetting something, but I'm too tired to remember it. Anyways. Feedback would be much appreciated, even if it's a, "Yeah, that could be fun." EDIT: Thinking about changing it so you can only accuse once per room before you have to move to another. [attachment=2557:Detective Notes for MD.doc]
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    Magic Duel Festival

    Advice: It's your event. Don't go and ask for a time and date. Announce them, some will come, some won't. There's way less trouble when you just make a schedule, i've had experience with that.
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    Magic Duel Festival

    [quote name='ColdSteel566' timestamp='1312955977' post='89924'] When was the last time we celebrated any thing? Say, the most recent advances in technology? Or just this great land we live in? I say we have some sort of festival, where all the players gather in the areas around the GoE(not just in GoE, but in the roads around it). And I would like it if Mur could change the background for the length of the celebration. I think this is a good idea... But if I'm wrong, please give me your thoughts! [/quote] Well the last time i celebrated the killing spree. Iam sure all Rebel citizens of lands plus bob haters were having their own secret parties hehe.
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    Why do you protect Bob

    When Kiley doesnt smooch me Bob does... He also changes his voice and whispers kinky stuff. Therefore I protect Bob. (I am two years late but whatever xD)
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    Don't Send A Card...send A Goat...

    er...two...why? Z
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    Sasha Lilias

    Gazebo of Chaos

    I'm trying to remember the Co-Ords for this place, can anyone remember it? ~Sasha
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    Gazebo of Chaos

    You can walk there and check them. No need to open a thread and spam the forum.
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    Sasha Lilias

    Wts Drach Upgrade

    I find this RIDICULOUS. This is the sort of behaviour that will decrease the value of the WP and also Wind Drachorns. I hope you realise this. If you already have the drachorn and have wished it into a Windy, then that's fine. If you are expecting someone to pay you so that they can give you their drachorn and have it turned into a one, then all you are doing is selling the Wishpoint. This is no different to someone giving me a wishpoint to upgrade my own drachorn. Ridiculous.
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    Sasha Lilias

    Wts Drach Upgrade

    Actually I quite like Seig. Also, you shouldn't make assumptions. I am replying to this one because I saw it, I do not remember seeing other people doing the same thing. If you point me towards them I will happily comment. Either way, it doesn't matter, I have replied to this topic and you are sending it offtopic. Let's keep it ON topic. Why now? Because I am going through the posts made in the last 24 hours, that's why. I saw this and I commented. So please. Stop trying to point out other peoples flaws before you have looked at your own. I'm not talking about this any more, because I don't want to be blamed of taking it off topic again. Message me if you have a problem.
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    The shape or make-up of a brain changes as we develop, it's a nature/nurture debate waiting to happen so-to-speak. The basic make-up shape of our head is defined by our skull shape, the brain (generally, not always) filling the shape of it's container, the skull in turn is defined initially by genetics and also by the upbringing, to use a rather harsh metaphor, if you keep a child's head in a jar whilst they grow up, the the head will become jar-shaped. Our memories are connections between neural synapses, the way our brain is connected, even brains which are the same shape, twins with the same upbringing for instance, will have a different pattern to their brains, they will send different connected signals, have different memories - more complicated than I can explain/know. You can have different levels of activity in different areas of the brain, it's been shown that people in murderers have an increased frontal lobe (whether that was increased before, or developed after the murdering is unable to be defined), so does the increased frontal lobe make you more predisposed to violence/murder? It can be stated that any increased area of the brain would make you predisposed to one thing or the other (hyper-emotionality for example, photographic or better memory as another). It's a common misconception that some people use more of their brain than others, each section of the brain is used for different things, some people's brains work faster than others - like a lot of things, more you use it the easier it becomes, but we all use the same proportion (provided you don't have any brain deformities (if someone has a better word, please tell me)).
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    Just in case you didn't know (I am sure you did though) you [b]won't [/b]be able to cast spells on stones with just 5 remaining spells. It has to be 5+ [b]but at least[/b] 80% ,or more, of the maximum spell casts. [u][b]Example:[/b][/u] Casts ------> Min Amount to add spell to stone ------> Amount for personal use before adding spell to stone 8/8 ------>6.4 casts ------> 1.6 Though of course decimals of a spell are not possible, so 7/8 casts would be needed [b]at least[/b].
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