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    [color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]Here's the "poem" we created during our silly poetry event. May do another one at a different time if people enjoyed it. I know I was laughing at some of it. *Burns*: Some April rain, and flowers bloom, *Mya Celestia*: there is a leak in my room adiomino: Oh no! I have no bucket! AzureKyte: Ugh I'll find my muffet. aaront222: Suddenly I hear the thud aaront222: *a thud Sunfire: i go and take a look *Burns*: Just to see my girlfriend took *Mya Celestia*: A splat in a large puddle adiomino: Now shivering and cold, she wanted to cuddle. AzureKyte: So I grabbed a blanket and to the couch we went. Scitsy: my hair caught as the fire place went aaront222: when we put it out i was almost dead Sunfire: so shocked I went straight to bed *Burns*: I dozed off, and soon slept deep, *Mya Celestia*: It wasn't long before my girlfriend tickled my feet adiomino: I laughed and kicked and flailed my arms AzureKyte: Until I rolled from my safe spot unto the cold hard ground below. Scitsy: then she covered my face with a pillow aaront222: we kissed and rolled Sunfire: on the stones, so cold *Burns*: Her hands were over me like insect swarms. *Mya Celestia*: Quickly my skin warms adiomino: How lucky I was to let the night unfold. AzureKyte: I look at her with a smile on my face amd a blush coating my cheeks. Scitsy: and tell her i haven't paid rent in weeks aaront222: she bites my lip and goes for the kiss Sunfire: how could i denial her this? *Burns*: I simply turned my head away *Mya Celestia*: I could not kiss today adiomino: Outraged, she slapped my face. AzureKyte: So I went to call my good friend Jace. Scitsy: he said his place was better than the couch aaront222: and he had some illegal stuff in a pouch Sunfire: so we hung back in our seats *Burns*: And tried some dried nightshade weeds. *Mya Celestia*: Then followed where the bunny leads AzureKyte: And I saw my handsome twin. Scitsy: I broke the mirror instead of punch him out aaront222: And then I ate some sour kraut Sunfire: all the time wondering if it is real Phear Wolf: we decided we deserved a hot meal *Burns*: So i called the italian and asked him to bring *Mya Celestia*: a big pile of spaghetti and don't sing. adiomino: Then along came the chef who took a spill. Phear Wolf: and crying wrote his last will Scitsy: he brought good food aaront222: my girfriend came back with a hug and put me in the mood *Burns*: But i shoo'd her away cause of aaront's crude *Mya Celestia*: There'd be no way I'm going nude adiomino: So she walked out the door without a word Phear Wolf: while I left to save the world Scitsy: I realized that I was no hero aaront222: i went home and ate a churro Sunfire: pondering what to do now *Burns*: when through the window, there swept in a crow, *Mya Celestia*: I ducked under the bed adiomino: And hit my head Phear Wolf: the creature laughed at me Scitsy: so i hit his head against my knee aaront222: i was on a killing spree aaront222: ahh i meant to not say that Sunfire: and looked around for my next victim *Burns*: aaront loses. We ended there when we seriously went astray. This has been edited to remove all the extra chatter that happens when doing something like this.[/font][/color]
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    Black and White Competition

    Sparring Ground Championships (SGC) proudly presents the Black and White Competition! In this event, nothing of any color is allowed. This means: [color=#FF0000]No tokens, combat influence/pray power, spells, combo, shop creatures, and other shop features whatsoever[/color]. As added handicap, the defending player MUST tell the attacking player half of the creatures they use, in case of odd numbers rounded up. Which creatures they give away before combat is up to their own choice. Due to this obvious advantage of the attacker, each round of battle consists of 2 fights, one as attacker, one as defender. Should a round end as tie, another round needs to take place, until one person wins both the attacking and defending fight of a round. I'll decide for a tournament mode next Saturday, that's 26th, around midnight. You have until then to sign up if you wish to participate. Please include your MP-level, 6 will have to fight in the same class as 5. SGC wishes all participants good luck and clean fights. [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img] Edit, about rewards... Depends on the size of the tournament. If there's a big crowd, there'll be big prizes. If there's just 2 participants, there'll be no prizes. You can either play, or not. Should i happen to give out 20 wishpoints in the end, and you didn't sign up til saturday, you lost your chance. [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img]
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    Free creds link VIRUS

    [color="#696969"]link: [b]Directory of Games[/b] Kaspersky flashes it up every time: "DANGER: HEUR:Trojan.script.Iframer"[/color]
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    Just to set the record straight, I actually am very keenly aware that I'm NOT always right. And that sometimes there is no black and white, just a lot of shades of gray. I'm glad that folks expressed their opinions, even if most of them differed from my own. And I'm glad that we have a game that allows us to differ and still be friends. I think, in the end, the point I was trying to make (and perhaps failed at it) was that we ALL (myself included) need to be a little more careful how we say things in messages and such because the written word is different from talking face-to-face. When one reads something, it is really easy to take it a completely different way than was intended because you cannot hear the person's intonation or see their face. That is how things are mistakenly taken as insults. I think it is time now to close the topic. Thanks, everyone, on your input.
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    Princes Katt plz give the names of the MP4 players(pm ingame or forums) Who do break SG rules. I will take care of them hehe first thru peaceful means if not then by inflecting pains hehe. sorry I have no powers over mp3/mp5 players. Recently i stop one powerfull mp4 player from breaking SG rules and now he follows it. Iam a citizen of MB and i respect the rules posted at MDP. I congrats u Katt as a citizen of MB u did the right thing MDP terriory is within MB terriorty and it the duty of every MB citizens to make sure others follow it. Iam trying to a make powerfull mp4 MDP Guards. Will be trying to include Nad and Rabert in ur ranks. But first let me know the Dojorule breakers names. I will not disclose it. Respect and Honor.
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    OK, I think the point is that it doesn't help to insult people no matter what "side" of the discussion you're on. I'm pretty sure that in the last two situations, a PM would not have helped. But, I confess to having tried to converse in chat before PM-ing, and I'll try to do the latter in the future.
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    Well, there are things I can't do, and I have to abide by that. Sometimes I don't like it. OK, Chewett, clearly you disagree and that's your right. I know that there are those who do disagree with this, I'm only hoping that the ones who do agree with me-- at least in some fashion-- will speak up. I wouldn't have posted if it hadn't been at other's suggestion.
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    MP3 using GGG?

    [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1298946978' post='79752'] I have a slightly growing concern about the new coming MP3. For the past few weeks, I have been sitting in the park and I have watched MP3-- Nearly all of them-- request to use non damage rit. No one has really objected to Mp3 using non damage. I had no care about it until it was mistaken that Non Damage was part of the rules for the park. I don't know where you guys stand, but, looking at it, I kind of dislike it because it's like making a new precedent for the "February" case. I don't care if MP5 do it, because they know the fighting mechanics. As to loosely quote Nadrolski: The MP3 will turn into mindless graasans. Big, but without brains. [/quote] I find it interesting how you refer to it as the ""February" case." when it initially began with the MRs, there is still one out there that surpasses February by at least 100 times and he/she is still in MP3. (Unsurprisingly enough, he only appears at the end the month to ravage a certain contest in certain people's favour, Anyhow!) Back on topic; My overall opinion on this is to let them be, I am against this too as I have seen the aftermath of such rituals but if MP5s are allowed to do this then why shouldn't the lower MPs be able to too? The new changes to creatures have really hindered my ability to deal with this but due to fairness I'd say let it stay.
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    @Chewett - Agreed(i will never act against HC members of MB), I will take back my sentence. Its not a duty of MB citizens. @Knozz, Xrieg : Yep i have formulated a plan for having MDP Guards but its Unofficial. I believe we have enough power to urself to stop the dojorule breakers. Mostly its weak noob players that do hit&run only very few powerful players do actually break the SG rules. I cannot ask for separate forum so i have started a personnel conversation with Katt, 18 others can join too so we can use that as a forum to plan ur strategy and tricks to do with the offenders. Ur plan will include 1) Peaceful means a)Friendly PM by tell ur problems and making him/her understand(by lowering ur EGO we can achieve a lot). 2) Propaganda a) Pl entry, b) use press/forums c) Entry in Chat log. d)Post lost and won battle log in forums and many such. 3) Non co-operate 4) Use ur Mentor / protectors protection 5) And final the last option WAR muhahaha a) inducing unwanted EXP-capping, b) Giving him more wins then need c)assassinate(my favorite part) and many others On the other hand we also find way to protect urself from such attack and work as a team I want to protect SG rules and MDP cos this is the place i grew up without dojorules and SG i won't be here making this Post. And i want the others noobs to enjoy the same which i had once. Even thou frankly i would like to be on the Offender's side and increase my stats but i will forget that before i became strong i was once a noob myself. And so here it goes" [b]Want to be a part of MDP Elite guards just PM[/b] ". Trust me It will be fun hehe Respect and honor
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    The only reason why I use such language, is because what you are doing, is pretty stupid [in my opinion.]. You have been told things, and yet blatantly ignored them, and are still opposed.
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    Most of my responses were towards Kat, anyway, because she has to push the issue continuously because she obviously is right.
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