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    The Thoughts Of A Mortal

    ( The essay was left folded on an empty desk; the broad windows seeming to cast all points and rays of lights to the small parchment with it's coal handwriting. Drift had left his mark at the bottom. It had arrived by mountain eagle, clutched in the birds beak and left to rest on the desk.. for the man had been absent for days from the mainland of the Realm, considering, contemplating, mayhaps creating while he walked the mountaintops of Golemus) THese few days among the mountains have given me much time to think. I have hunted for food once more, and survived only by my wits and strength of arm. My God has been absent, perhaps understanding that hsi presence can be grueling for one such as I, just a man...This is a strange land indeed...and what my God want's from this place I cannot know. He has preserved my life, for this I will serve..but if I desire understanding, I must seek it out myself. God's are not know for their concern of mere mortals. I have traveled the lands of loreroot in this new life. Indulging of fruits and the sounds of life. Their library does not lend, and their weapon-smith no longer sells to me. I consider myself cast out from that old home. The forest can taste the difference in me as I walk; though I am not forbidden entrance..I am no longer allowed succor there. Still though..one can glean it's secrets. Look simply at the creatures who call that forest home. THe Knator, The Neried, the Ents. Impossibly weak they begin, though not without teeth. Strength In life? Growth...Self-Discovery? Perhaps that is the truth of Lore root. To find yourself in repose, considering the nature of the great cycle. Strength in self-awareness, and how one relates to everything around it. I have, on occasaion, set foot to the desert sands of Necrovian. A bleak and desolate place, steeped with the ancient power of silence and shadow. It is a part of of ourselves we all must explore. The Sacrifice of self, of walking in the darker parts of our mind. THe trees there are twisted and frightening, it's Denizens those whom believe in slavery and knowledge at the cost of everything held dear. Though i find myself disturbed, their peoples have a certain level of respect. Sacrifice is the lesson i've taken from the necrovian lands. Nothing is gained without sacrifice. Even it's ruling body, the many-headed god of necrovian, is a sacrifice. A thousand souls who have given up identity, to find a sum power greater than their whole parts. Now I find myself in the Mountains of Golemus, and as My bare feet tred the sharp stone I find myself wondering what secrets will be had here. Each of the lands Before this has revealed a part of myself, by it's very existence it has showed me truths I could not have previously comprehend. THis land is strange, empty shells of soldiers wander aimlessly..at it's peak an army of tiny men seem to wait for nothing more than to be fought. Perhaps the secret of golemus is measurement..in its exacting technomagic. Loreroot Gives one a place in the world. NEcrovian Asks one to sacrifice that place. Golemus..asks perhaps for one to test and define their own place. To measure oneself against the cold and callous mountain. Against it's armies of homonculi, to see exactly what one is made of...Creation, defintion, Exacting discipline. Perhaps..but still I wander these forlorn peaks. (OOC: In writing this, I had no intention of divulging secrets...for I have been told none, and found even less. This is merely my interpretation of the world. All thoughts here were stumbled upon by observation, and meditation. )
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    Random comments: @firs: I agree that land alliances should never permanently move to another land, it just defeats their purpose. But as the example you mentioned, if they think they are protecting it from a terrible king/queen, the best position to fight would be from out of the land. Otherwise, the members might be banned/excommunicated for treason before they can actually fight.. Nevertheless, I personally think a guerilla land alliance should wear a different name (or even a totally new temporary alliance) instead, and leave the original land alliance in the land it belongs. @yrth: vote system is irrelevant here. What if the problem is between an alliance and the king, not all land alliances with the king. Votes from the other alliances would make the king's position stronger. This means said alliance won't stand a chance at all. You also can't expect everyone to "stand up even under the threat of ban". Many people are not in the alliance (or even in MD) looking for conflict. Some just want a place that fits with their role (in fact, aside from the 4 land alliances, the others are mostly private interest alliances). I agree that this whole thing should be done with the Mur factor. @rhaegar: special interface for messaging Mur on this matter is easily doable, I think. But I guess simply emailing/PM-ing him would do the trick. @mya: do remember that some alliances (and their members) are there far before kingship was established. While people who haven't joined can consider those stuff before joining, there are those who didn't get that privilege. And if an alliance don't get along with the king, wouldn't leaving it be a betterment for both the alliance (free from the king they dislike) and the land (no more internal strife)?
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    Mr. And Mrs. Magic Duel

    Add it into the MD Awards? Happens at the end of each year, might be a nice addition to it Think of a fitting name, suggest it when I make the thread (i set myself a reminder last year for this year )
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    Protector Is Changing

    so none of you have anything??? Well, anyway, there is just one more thing, is this good or bad I mean i can leave my protector without paying anything like you guys a, and all it takes is me to log off and on a couple of time
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    Mp5 Only Features

    You're picking the wrong things, it wouldn't make sense to only have mp5+ as citizens or allies, that's something pretty common. What i think should be limited is spell-casting abilities, e.g. mirror, guardian, invisibility, other army are some advanced magics that could be allowed on mp5 only, other stuff like movelock, attacklock, give vital, no armor, weaken are by far less advanced spells and could as well be allowed on mp4 imo. Some armors, mostly Medusa and Sun God, could be restricted for MP3/4, since they are advanced gears, too. I would even consider restricting creatures, but only in useage, not in owning, e.g. mp4 being unable to use angiens or drachorns, mp3 unable to use trees and birds. There's tons of things that can be restricted, but taking away features like land affliation would be pretty annoying for the few newbies who are already interested in a land, and not much of an incentive for the lowlevlers to move up at all.
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    Apostrophes Ugh

    So I've been having some issues with the displaying qualities. I'm fairly certain the issue is the html and css of MD rather than php, but here is a watered down version of what I'm having issues with: html side [code] <form method="post" action=""> <textarea rows="20" cols="30" name="ApoProbs"> Add apostrophes or quotes in this box!! </textarea> <input type="submit" value="Submit!"> </form> <--! content separator --> <style type="text/css"> //This CSS is used to ensure that the pre will have wordwrap, rather than extending all the way off the page. pre { white-space: pre-wrap; /* css-3 */ white-space: -moz-pre-wrap !important; /* Mozilla, since 1999 */ white-space: -pre-wrap; /* Opera 4-6 */ white-space: -o-pre-wrap; /* Opera 7 */ word-wrap: break-word; /* Internet Explorer 5.5+ */ } </style> <pre> [[APOTESTS]] </pre> [/code] This in the MDS side [code] if (isset(@input['ApoProbs'])) echo str_replace("[[APOTESTS]]", @input['AproProbs'], @content[1]); else echo @content[0]; [/code] If you enter any apostrophes or double quotes in the textarea, they appear with backslashes when outputted. In the debug, however, there don't appear to be backslashes stored in the array. Strange! [b]SOLUTION[/b] It seems that even though the debug wasn't showing it, there were in fact backslashes being stored, which means that php automatically escapes ' and " when they are entered into the input. The solution is very simple: [code] if (isset(@input['ApoProbs'])){ @vt = stripslashes(@input['ApoProbs']); echo str_replace("[[APOTESTS]]", @vt, @content[1]); } else echo @content[0]; [/code] Thank you. Awi
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    Name: – Lazarus Player ID: – 160779 Title/Tag: – The Unholy Role: – A warrior struggled to find wisdom, but got devoured and blinded by darkness within his heart and his own true nature (story still being worked out). Interests: – The General Necrovion, Power. Petition: – He found his home in the dark lands, serving it with all his life and loyalty.
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    Passive Absence

    As some of you already realized, i am not that much online ingame nor I walk around a lot anymore. The reason is simple and some may laugh but i am tired of being penalized due tu skill damage. And I fail to see walking around and seeking 3 sword fights on mp5 level on noobs where I know I can win, and only one lost fights makes me lose those gained stats in an instant. It´s sad my role is suffering under this and i don´t know if I want to go into negative stats, at least i raised this character and I have a right to be a fighter somehow for sure. Right now I don't want to spend that much time to run and hide so I will stay mostly in sanctuaries if idle or so, but not where i should be (you all know where i should be staying), makes me lack of enjoying rp. Maybe i catch myself those weeks. I thought it would be a good section to post this. If anyone has a good objective suggestion, please go ahead. I know some of you will laugh, some will roll eyes but i felt like posting this (at least my mood is so). Thank you all for your understanding.
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    Extreme Magicduel

    woa i never had - VE maybe - VP but mmm stararnge
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