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    And So It Ends...

    Dear computer, I am glad to say I am done, I have no reason left to stay in md or love left in md as a community. Too many changes have happened to make the situation worse. People no longer do anything for me, sure there is the odd little pre-planed skittles, but in reality nobody actually cares. There are no longer any goats left for people to work onunless you wish to claw and eat at powder. There is nothing special left to HD to make peoples feet like they at least have a rope or pencil left there. Sure there ants, hands and wings. But we all know that the wing system is no whore near what it should be, and even with the few pools they do have, we actually have yet to see anything come of it other then pretty fights.<br /><br />People used to have a raisons to eat MV as their man, rather then numerous ants. Pelepal used to enjoy things just for what they were lather than what they are now. Not, all that is right is people crying to get sugar for what heads contests which we cranberry pineapple
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    Limerick Contest

    There once was a lad named Aranna Who was eating a greenish Banana. While to peel it was easy, He became rather queasy, And he turned into Hanna Montana!
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    The Phoenix

    Negative Rep'

    Greetings, I noticed some of fact about the negative rep' for some people and post, what's that for? seems like weird question.. I realy hope that people use it for a "right" reason, by the name.. Negative reputation already bad,its psychological and mentaly damaging, i'm new with the game also the forum, even my post not reach 15 still but i read almost all topic in the forum, and i found a sad fact that a personal and sentimentil reason sometimes or maybe always gave a bad rep for some player, whats that for? the fact that an annoying and bad personality player in game sometimes cause them to received a bad rep for every of their topic or post in the forum? And even a "personal" issues between player created a "must" reason for some player to give a bad rep for every of their "opponent" post even before they read the post? I'm sorry for this, maybe its not a really "important" thing but some new player like me got distracted by ur negative rep about some player, i found some are nice character,amazing personality and helpful player in game but they got a really bad rep in the forum even for their "usual" topic or post. Its all about respect, a habit, a mateur act, i just dont wanna think twice to knowing someone in realm, but if this forum is created for an "out of the realm" reason and totally not a game part then i can't say anything.. Once again a bad rep' is totally damaging a player reputation and killing their character in game,but if thats for a right reason i dont mind, but if its not..I'm very sad, please vote responsibly.. (im sorry if my english not the best one but i'm trying my best.. ) Regards, -Phoenix For The Sky Army-
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    Hello, Hello.

    [font="Book Antiqua"][/font]Hello. I am just starting the game, and now, the forums, so I figured I'd hop by and say "Hello." Normally I'm not this... formal, or even this robotic, I'm just new, and I always thought courtesy was the best way to handle situations where ignorance, isn't really all that blissful. So, Hello, if you'd like to get to know me, just swing an e mail by or see me on the game and I'd be happy to converse. : 3
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    Limerick Contest

    I hope it's OK if I use Tarquinus' version of the first 4 lines. There once was a lad named aranna who was eating a greenish banana. While to peel it was easy, he became rather queasy, and barf poured upon his bandana. [img]http://media.urbandictionary.com/image/page/barf-4043.jpg[/img] [url="http://www.paxanco.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&Itemid=95&manufacturer_id=158&lang=en"]Barf detergent website[/url] BTW, there's a nice song by the Four Postmen in which every verse is a limerick, and the chorus, too. [url="http://www.fourpostmen.com/drinking.mp3"]The Four Postmen - The Drinking Song[/url]
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    Tournament Of Champions

    After a little rearranging of the schedule I put Nads and Pheonix together and we have our third Winner and first for mp4 with two sweeping victories Pheonix overcame Nadrolski.
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    The Phoenix

    Weaken As An Attack Skill?

    Maybe a weaken because of the attack skill? Principally, in all any kind of fight, an attack will get the enemy defense weaker, weaker armor coz of strong attack damage, weaker initiative coz of lot repetation and fast sequence attack, so i think yes for me, you may say a weaken is an attack skill or atleast a weaken affect because of the attack skill..
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    The Phoenix

    Negative Rep'

    [quote name='No one' date='26 July 2010 - 08:11 AM' timestamp='1280131881' post='64634'] (that if you really care what others think about you) [/quote] Yes, i do care and shown by this topic, i do care because,damn..This game is better, much better even than the social network site, i have lot of friends here even i never see them in real until now, plus the satus and the mood panel are awesome, after all the rep' things is great and true as an introspection filter for a person, thats why i just hope we use that feature for a right reason, i just dont wanna judge someone as a "bad" person while i look at their forum's profile and so when i finally meet them in game i just dislike them because of that, so.. From my opinion not perfect is doesn't mean bad.
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    No one

    Negative Rep'

    I disagree with Pipstick and phantasm. Negative reputation is all about what you write in that specific post. For example, - if you write stuff that is offensive, you will get "neg rep". - but if you write something interesting ... and ppl like it ... you might notice a positive reputation for that specific post. - I think that it was a months ago when on the same page, for the same player, I gave a positive reputation and a negative one. There were 2 ideas, one good and one stupid (in my opinion). So .. Consider that giving a reputation point (+ / -) as your own 2 cents on his/her post. In the end, if you notice that you have a lot of neg rep ... you should ask yourself why. Consider it as the fastest feedback you can give / get. (that if you really care what others think about you)
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    And So It Ends...

    You were OK some time back when we talked... What happened in between? Was this what you meant by that thank you? Why does everyone have to go? Why do they have to leave? Why does everyone give up? I thought you were different... I thought you understood... Guess I was wrong.
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    Change The Button!

    Please, please do some changes to the Live Help Button! We have a bunch of LHOs form all over the world, and at elast one is active almost any time of the day, yet half the messages get answered a lot slower than possible, or not at all. Please just change the update procedure for the Live Help Button so that it searches for an online, not idle, LHO when the button is actually clicked, and not when the page is refeshed! I've been logged out since 9am, and got a Help Request at 10am, simply because the person who had a question had last refreshed the screen around 9 am, while i was still active and wandering the forest, so instead of getting an instant answer from one of the actually online LHOs, or in worst case getting a message that no LHO is available right now and that their request will be sent to the next who logs on (hey, 'nother idea), poor nebulus waited for over an hour until i could answer the very simple question that MD is a PvP-game, and that no training dummies were available for new crits. It seems as though private conversations with Grido don't make things change, so i'm posting here, wait for a few answers and probably more, better, and preferably easily coded ideas, and then i'm simply gonna poke people until Mur gets around to take a look and either do something or just tell me that there are too little requests and that it's not worth the effort to be coded differently. thanks for your attention.
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    And So It Ends...

    Chalk up another loss of a damn good character. When you did things, it was fun. Sure wish you were not leaving. Know that the door won't lock behind you. The windows are breakable. You can always come back. They all come back. You can log out any time you like but you can NEVER leave!
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