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    Back in Year 4, the seeds sprouted into the East gate. Roughly four months later, Elthen Airis, one of the first inhabitants of the Tribunal lands, had settled in the Sunny Bedroom to start working on his private detective cases. Back then, one could only walk up to the Temple, with the rest of the locations being revealed later on the occasion of the 6th Birthday. This lack of other similar scenes at that point might help us understand why he picked that exact place instead of some other room. Elthen Airis, Private Detective Shortly thereafter, in the beginning of Year 5, The Sunny Bedroom was made private as a reaction to a sequence of controversial events, and Elthen was assigned to become its first key holder. Interestingly, the Sunny Bedroom key was the first usable inventory item in the realm. Elthen’s role did not last long, though, for the other realm summoned him and his absence called for a new keeper. People suggested potential candidates and those names were put to a vote. After a very close election, Miq was chosen to become the next key holder or Concierge, a title/tag that he would help popularize throughout his almost 5 years of service. As a reward for his hard work, he has earned the send to checkers hall spell. Miq the Concierge After a long period of performing his duties as Concierge while also working on other roles, Miq decided to step down and set up another election for the next keeper. This time, MRF was voted to receive the official items and spell. It is worth noting that, during the election, an update made it so that earfocus and acousticremains would no longer work inside the Sunny Bedroom. MRF At some point, MRF decided to focus on other activities and handed the role to Syrian, the current key holder. As a realm-shaper, she’s been in charge of making interesting upgrades to the Sunny Bedroom. In addition, the Sunny Bedroom has recently been the first scene to have its privacy enhanced by the new Protected Chat setting. Syrian This brings us to the present. The Sunny Bedroom has been the first “unique feature” of the Tribunal and it certainly plays an important role in the history of the East. One cannot help but wonder what kind of secrets have been shared in this mysterious room during all these years.
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    Highly experienced in countless battles, Cyrus Siridius was revered by those who learned from him, students and teachers alike. His mastery of the blade wielding saved countless innocent lives from the hands of his foes. Cyrus also had a remarkable gift of teaching those who needs to learn the ways of a true champion. Fierce, agile and tactical, he applies his skills to defend his homeland, its people and most of all his family. Beneath his now-unused armor stood a compassionate gentleman; a King in his own right, a Warrior of life, and a Lover of his people. May he rest in peace. Cyrus Siridius (August 19, 2008 - May 3, 2020)
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    When people ask how I feel after turning MP5:
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    A New Room has been found in Sage's Keep

    Alright! Winner's are announced! In 3rd place we have... Ailith! She wins an anniversary crit! In 2nd place we have... Tissy! He wins an anniversary crit + 2 random RP items from my inventory. In 1st place we have... Lazarus! He wins a WP+1 unique item+1 anniversary creature! Congratulations to all our contestants (Tissy, Ailith, Ungod, lashtal, Aia, Chewett, MRF, and Lazarus)! You can see their efforts below! P.S. I have learned from this quest that whenever artworks or anything creative be submitted to ask people to refrain from putting their names on their submissions to make judging easier 😜 P.P.S. Chew, I might need more forum storage space again XD
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    I would like to thank all the participants. No doubt you all put some serious effort in this, you are awesome! Based on reputation, the best submission is signed by Lazarus (I love it too, but decided against voting any). He gets my entire collection of plushies, 13 silver coins + my autograph (usable for a 1 week pass in Necrovion). But I don't want to forget the others: Ungod, Steno and Ailith all get a 1 week pass in Necrovion at the special price of a creature sacrifice (it can be any creature, even 0 heat, and it has to be sacrificed at the Eternal Toiler). My only regret is, despite several messages to Cyrus Siridius (in game and here), I got no answer from him... Perhaps Mur / Chew could e-mail him something like 'dude, you got killed but you won a freaking awesome avatar! check it out!" Anyway, well done all of you! 🙃
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    Hello from a Distant Past

    Hi....it is weird to see after so long, i doubted that i could even find this game without remembering the name, found in a list of web games.....I saw the names and it all came back Aia, Ailith, dst, which in my contry means STD, used to joke about it, mur.... I think my username was Treehill? I liked the trees that could heal...
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    Story 6:
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    been a while

    Just here to say hi again, for people who remember me I woke up -- didn't think that would happen, but didn't make preposterous precautions against it by changing the password and locking myself out of the email this time, unlike back when I was Minty and tried to leave... So yup, still a prisoner in this rat maze you people are cool and shaped my formative years...no real escaping that
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    Well shucks. Here I was secretly hoping that my entry would win. XP (though due to an clerical error it was pointed out that I used a clue that wasn't included in the clues given to participants XD) Thank you all for voting! The winner of the community award is... Ledah, who was entry #6, with 11 reputation points! You win a unique graphic T-shirt and 3GC, congratulations! Now.. for the results of the judging from our judge! Ledah ALSO won the judges favor, she really enjoyed his entry with its self-deprecating humour. You win a WP (looks suspiciously at Ledah)! We have a 3-way tie for 2nd place!. Because of this, I have decided, since @Ledah also won the community prize, to give his anniversary crit to the 2nd place pool, so that way each 2nd place entrant gets something for contributing such great entries (for the record, they got 12.5 points out of 16, whereas Ledah got 13-so they were really close) Tied for second place is @Jubaris, @Aia del Mana, @Aelis! You each get a 15th anniversary creature!
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    Thank you for making this quest lashtal, the artwork submissions were all great! Though I felt really overqualified for this, so I wish to part 15 of these plushies and give 5 each to Ungod, Steno and Ailith, I was planning on doing it myself but since the Plushies had become non-transferable I thought it would be helpful if I declare it.
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    Of MindPowers and their Transitions

    Hello all! @Ungod and I have had several discussions of late concerning role-play and how one makes changes to their role/tag/self within MagicDuel itself. (For reference you can look at this topic to see what I mean. I think everyone should read part of this log as it is informative and is the breeding ground for the discussion that follows in this post) All that to say, Ungod had an amazing suggestion. What if there was a hidden clickie in the world of MD that only appeared if a player had 90%(or more) of wins and/or 90% (or more) of the needed to move up a MindPower (for both MP4 and MP5-could even be done if you have 9 or more adepts for MP6 imho). Once you met the criteria, this hidden clickie would then become visible to you, just to you. When you clicked this clickie, it would have a message about how you were close to ascending. You could choose if you wanted the world to know about it or not. If you clicked that you DID NOT,nothing would happen. If you clicked that you DID want something to happen then the clickie would change that scene (haven't thought of a way to turn it off yet) so EVERYONE could see it. Imagine this: *Note: I also think that once players realize that the flowers are blooming because of them, it will foster a desire to utilize RP in that moment, which is something I believe is one of MD's greatest strengths. Please comment away. This would require of some coding to generate the if-then statements for the thresholds as well as some other particulars that I don't know enough to explain. However, this is a truly fantastic idea (in my opinion) I am merely writing it up for Ungod.
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    Certainly not as cool as the MD labyrinth, but entertaining nonetheless.
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    I have left this quest up for all to enjoy should they so desire. I have not changed any clickies or anything (though there may be some clickies that change locations permanently to make room for new quests as I write them) The rules of still only having 2 guesses and 1 clue is still in effect. There will be rewards for completion (in addition to knowledge that should prove useful in chapter 2). They will be updated here once I have access to more rewards. For MP3 & MP4 players, completion of this quest will earn you more than it will for an MP5 player, so the earlier you complete it, the better. Oh winners of above race will be put in this post once I have confirmation from chewett about final details. Check out the personal creature -attached- that is one of the creature reward options. (As I was one of the first people into LR and you can't recruit this creature type anymore). Every other winner will get a 20 anni creature 1st Place: @Ledah (finished 1st overall and 1st MP5-7) Reward=WP, 2GC(since he let Tissy have first creature choice he gets 1GC from my personal stock), and 1 anniversary creature 2nd place MP5-7: @jakubhi (4th place), Reward=1GC and Anniversary crit (4th choice) 1st place MP4: InnervateD(3rd place) Reward=2GC and Anniversary crit (3rd choice) 1st place MP3: @Tissy, (2nd overall) Reward=2 GC and LR Archer below (2nd choice) All other participants get the silver participation prize. Congratulations to our winners and participants! Stay tuned for Chapter II! (because there will be some parts of Chapter II that will be easier to solve if you did Chapter I, I urge participants to not give people hints to solve race, future quest-goers can ask me)
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    A knight errant lays down his sword to honour the weak and the helpless. Though his armour is unremarkable, his shield is emblazoned with the capitals of the four main lands. Next to him is a sapling from the East to show that weakness may become mighty if encouraged.
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    The structure of the alliance has not changed, although none have taken up knighthood within our ranks of late. If thou shouldst find interest in the Eclipse and our ways, I would that thou dost approach myself within the realm, or with a message upon the Forum, and we shall make discussion on thy role.
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    New ideas

    Today I had to transfer all my plushies to the winner of a quest. Since they are only transferrable by ITC it can be quite a pain... I'd suggest a function like the one we have to transfer heads, in order to transfer an entire stack or items / valuables. Like: *gives all [item_name] to [player_name]* Thanks for reading!
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    This is my contribution to this challenge. I based it on the comments on self section only and went from there. I wanted to make the scales look SUPER heavy to show the burden they cause, but I guess I was still thinking meme because I tried to draw that salt chef meme guy. The extended hand is supposed to show the support and guidance he purports it is crucial to provide. For the record I have NO EARTHLY IDEA what happened with the eyes. I claim full responsibility for the butchering of what was otherwise a time-consuming and effortful drawing.
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    On stupidity

    I'm gonna share something with you because I am getting old and some stuff that I held to be true before just doesn't make sense anymore. I can't find stupid people in my world Yesterday I went to do some house viewing and one of the houses was a nice little setup. The story was about two young lovebirds who bought a house and made the necessary arrangements to live in style there, but some years ago things happened and they decided to leave for UK for good. Now the house is empty, but look how beautiful it looks! Everything's new, the location is great, it's a bargain! Everybody would say 'They were stupid to leave all this'. Regardless, my bullshit radar activated and I need no confirmation to be sure that this was a house bought at half the price they're selling, put in maybe 5k to make it look nice and another 5k to dress it up and expect some huge profit. Hey, there's money to be made in this industry, even if it's dying atm. I chuckled at the bubble bathtub for two people. The marketing is great - it's those young gullible couples who'd bleed their money over it. Stupid? I don't think so, this was all well-planned and executed. Years ago, I was making a trip that involved crossing a border. That usually took about an hour or so, but what was particularly memorable about the trip was that the driver decided to bring three little kittens with him (they were in the back). Sure, kittens look nice in pics, but once they start pissing and shitting in their cage (because of fear, hunger, car-sickness, I don't know), hehehe, the joke's on you. And the driver...was exceedingly happy that day. From the beginning to the end, he kept chuckling and making jokes. I think many of us feel something is wrong when something IS wrong. I didn't know what was wrong, but soon after the trip I had this weird thought in my mind - was he smuggling cocaine (after sniffling some)? Some reader from the US may say 'Well, duh', but in Europe things are a little different. When there's smuggling, everyone's usually on it - not a lot of freelancing around. 'Fucking moron, dumbass, cretin, imbecile' are all adjectives we, the passengers, lovingly attributed to the driver. But was he an idiot for transporting the three kittens (given to him by 'an animal loving friend') or was he deterring policemen (and police dogs) from getting at the back? Stupid? I don't think so, he was laughing his ass off. And I...tried to educate some people around me. I thought 'If I'd explain things to them, they'd get it and we'd all do something good together'. How wrong I was! In thinking people don't know better (a.k.a. 'are stupid'), I was the only idiot of there. One person in my life drove me crazy, until I realized she wasn't dumb, just didn't want to accept the kind of reality I was looking at. I mean I can't pretend I don't see what I see. I suppose we all ignore some aspects of life - we're not invincible - but some people run from reality far and wide. Stupid? Nah, just weak and wanting protection, not the harsh reality and the obliteration of dreams (I'm *this* close to joining SI). In any case, the proverbial fool is harder to spot than the Yeti. There have been more sightings of the Loch Ness monster. Sure, stories are using this trope and comedy inevitably has 'a dumb one'. But if you think someone is stupid, and laugh at him/her, you'd better take a look in the mirror. The one who doesn't understand things is you. (P.S. This is how you kill laughter and create a gloomy world - show people the reality. And... be sure to take away their booze and drugs.)
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    Based on the result above: prizes and placements are as follow! 1st: Aia. She earned the second highest (after Aelis and Ledah, at 6.5) points, and barely managed to clutch victory by her submission, putting her ahead of the 2nd place of a mere 0.5 point! Congratulation! 2nd/3rd: Aelis and Ledah, coming in close second at 6.5 points each! Ledah gambit to (almost) copy Aelis paid off! Speaking of luck, eh? The following players (after the top 3) placed within the top half of the game: Nathan, Tyche, and Taurion will receive an additional 2 plushies for placing on the top 50%! Thank you all for participating
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    Apologies for the long delay. Here are the final results of the quest: Submission Aia Sunfire - Jester - 1 Jakubhi - King - 0 Steno - Peasant - 0 lashtal - Knight - 0 Tissy - Bishop - 0 Ailith - Servant - 1 Aelis - Empress - 0 Demon - Queen - 0 Mirus - Merchant - 1 Ledah - Footsoldier - 0 Total- 3 Steno Aia - Princess - 0 Lashtal - Knight - 0 Ledah - footsoldier - 0 DD - Peasant - 1 Tissy - Queen - 0 Ailith - Sservant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Aelis - Merchant - 0 Jakubhi - Empress - 1 Mirus - General - 0 Total- 4 Aelis Aia - Bishop - 0 Lashtal - Queen - 0 Ledah - Captain - 0 Steno - Footsoldier - 0 Dark Demon - King - 0 Yokin/Tissy - Knight - 0 Ailith - Servant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Jakubhi - Empress - 1 Mirus - General - 0 Total- 3 Ailith Aia - Princess - 0 Lashtal - Bishop - 1 Tissy - King - 0 Ledah - Knight - 0 Steno - Footsoldier - 0 DD - Peasant - 1 Jak - Captain - 0 Mirus - Merchant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Aelis - Queen - 0 Total- 4 Lastal Aia - Priestess - 0 Jakubhi - Empress - 1 Yokin/Tissy - Knight - 0 Mirus - General - 0 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Dark Demon - Queen - 0 Steno - Peasant - 0 Ailith - Merchant - 0 Aelis - Princess - 1 Ledah - Captain - 0 Total- 3 Tissy Aia - Knight - 0 lashtal - Bishop - 1 Ledah - Priestess - 0 Steno - Queen - 0 Dark Demon - Peasant - 1 Ailith - Servant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Aelis - Captain - 0 jakubhi - King - 0 Mirus - General - 0 Total- 4 Ledah Aia - Priestess - 0 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Dark Demon - Knight - 0 Jakubhi - Peasant - 0 Lashtal - Knight - 0 Tissy - Bishop - 0 Steno - General - 0 Mirus - Merchant - 1 Aelis - Captain - 0 Ailith - Footsoldier - 0 The total award points are as follow: 1st/2nd/3rd Tied! Steno, Ailith and Tissy all receive18 spending points! 4th/5th/6th Tied! Aia, Aelis and Lastal all receive 4 spending points! 7th: Ledah won the 7th spot :P, he shall receive 3 spending points Since I did not receive submission from Dark Demon, Sunfire, or Jakubhi, they are disqualified for the rewards Please PM/reply here to let me know what reward do you desire
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    Military ways and beliefs Edit Bug

    damn...i really hope all these notes arnt lost beacuse i kept a history of things in there ...
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    Gift of the lake

    The rewards have been distributed (no WP), unfortunately Demonic God decided to go M.I.A. and so I don't know if he'll (ever) get the prizes. Thank you for participating, I want you to know a veil of mist covered Marind Bell and Ailith, Steno and Demonic God managed to work out a solution under Slotsh's guidance. For now, crisis averted.
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    If you are in the mainland, you could type “tutorial “ on the signpost of Marble Dale Park.
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    I AM HUNGRY (again)

    with this the quest is closed!
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    Demonic God

    I AM HUNGRY (again)

    I am, frankly, still not satisfied, for reasons you'll all see: despite my numerous efforts, success and perfection still slips away, ever so close, yet so far. This is a dish I wish to eventually master, but until then, I'll have to contemplate with sharing my progress and experiences. So here be my dish, a simple, humble winderwild egg "omelette", a "mutated", homunculus version of the winderwild Here be my two... least grotesque creations: And, its "hatched" form: The "hatching" progress, is as such: https://imgur.com/a/NBCH9oA https://imgur.com/a/4bwCiNI The concept is simple, as a bird, the Winderwild often lays infertile eggs. These eggs are nutritious to feast upon, for a multitude of dishes. But what if one, were to explore, and attempt to create an unliving mimicry of the bird itself? This dish, as I had hoped to learn, was to mimic as such - an attempt to re-capture the beauty of the winderwild, in a somewhat more macabre manner. The ingredients, are simple. One may only require 3-4 winderwild eggs, and a pinch of salt. The first step, as easy as to hatch a normal winderwild egg itself, is to beat the eggs with salt to taste, in a bowl, until the yolk and the white a fully mixed. The second step, requires a moderately heated pan, about just over one hand in length, and must, through one mean or another, have an appropriate non-stick principle, through a combination of cooking oil, and the coating of the pan itself. This is of vital importance, as one wish not to have the egg glued to the pan during the cooking process. Once the pan achieves a moderate temperature, enough to cook an egg drop on contact, pour the egg into the pan, and whisk away the paper thin layers of cooked eggs. One then shift the content of the eggs to one side of the pan, and slowly roll the egg over into a pouch, Sadly, even such simple steps, I cannot do. But here, I share the numerous point of failure, and where I had suffered the most, to aid those who wish to recreate the dish First, a good amount of egg, proportionate to the pan size, is of quintessential importance. The cooking process is swift, failures or success determined within seconds. The key idea, is the pan temperature and heat capacity, both of which affect how fast the egg will cook. Too little, and it shall cook too fast, too much, and it shall cook too slow and thick. Neither of which is desirable Second, accuracy and speed. Once the egg is poured, you have up to 20-30 seconds to finish the dish. It cannot be any slower or faster, else it impact directly how the egg is cooked. Whisking a second too much, and you may find your eggs too overcooked to be folded Third, the tools. You shall need not only a good, non-stick, correctly sized pan, that pan must have a gentle slope as well. A harsh slope plays directly into the shape of the fold, and making it extremely difficult to both fold and shape the egg pouch. The pan must also be able to heat evenly - not just the bottom, but especially the sides. The final phrase of the cooking process focuses entirely on cooking at the side of the pan, and a pan that cannot heat specifically the side will make temperature management much, much more difficult. I, sadly, only have access to a moderately fine pan, one that is non-stick, but has a rather harshly angled, non-heated side.
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    First annual April Fool's Joke contest

    Sorry I thought I posted this during the anniversary... Aelis won with 4 points, Ungod came in 2nd with 1 point! Congratulations Aelis, you get the random thing from me Ungod, you get more questions to tease your brain when you next ask. Everyone else will get your silver when I next see you!
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    The Power of Emails

    God....you made me remember Big C and his exploits....this is trully a time capsule. Treehill here, i think, not sure if this epoch i was using this username
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    Story 5:
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    Story 4:
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    Story 2:
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    My budding role

    Aia has now solved the SECOND puzzle for 18 plushies with a record of around 27.5 hours! Way to go! I will leave the puzzles up as well as the clickies. I have not decided what the reward for solving them will be yet going forward (ask me after plushie shop opens ) Also a grand total of ~49 plushies were given away at the ascension, so this plushie shop/auction should be feisty indeed
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    Server Downtime

    I heard that the server was so surprised Steno went to MP5 that it crashed and is unrecoverable 😮
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    I'll just write why I think this is great to have in MD - it's because it goes along the idea of achievements. While those are some shiny things to unlock and have on your page, an ascension ceremony/party would be a lively thing. People would come and send a congrats or state the obvious 'aha, a new target'. Basically, the coding part shouldn't be too hard - it's just about a hidden clickable that depicts some decorations, becoming visible when activated by an mp3/mp4/mp5 close to cap.
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    I'll post a couple of these, since I'm in the mood and it takes 10 mins for one; they're all in ink (and that is a phone camera h3h3, so the quality is not that great).
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    Land of the Dead day / Jail day

    Chewys prison story.docx
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    Could I have an Anni creature and 3 plushies please? Thank you for the fun quest by the way!
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    Could I please spend my consolation points on a Toadspeak stone and 2 plushies Surprised I got any right XD
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    I’ll ask for the same.
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    Looking for idioms

    One of my newest most favorite things to do is to turn idioms in other languages and transliterate them into BAD English memes. Please help me with this endeavor. Thank you. The goal of this is to: A) Provide me with immense amusement while not exhausting my MD meme-fodder for next year's quest B) Provide you with at least a modicum of entertainment C) Teach me and others who view this topic about the idiosyncratic interactions between language and culture through idioms. For your consideration:
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    SERVER/BACKEND - for infrastructure based announcements CREATURES - for any changes or new releases regarging such ALLIANCES - death and restoration and changes of alliances HELP - anythyng pertaining to seeking help from the playerbase REWARDS - for misc rewards that don't fit other catagories INTERFACE FEATURES - for any new feature announcement
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    Looking for idioms

    I think if you do it like this: Idiom: Kad na vrbi rodi grožđe meaning: When the impossible happens, when pigs fly Then... when I have obviously and hilariously googled the meaning, since google does transliterations first, not translations (for the most part) I'll make a meme out of it like this: And this way, when you're like what the heck is that? I'll kindly explain that it is when grapes grow on willows @Jubaris is this right?
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    well, this is a bit late, since I did have a lot to do. Sorry! I'll tally up the point sometimes within the next few days, but here are the official role list! Aia - Captain Lashtal - Bishop Ledah - Queen Dark Demon - Peasant Tissy - Footsoldier Ailith - Servant Sunfire - Jester Aelis - Princess Jakubhi - Empress Mirus - Merchant Steno - King Knight Priestess General Special note to Aia, as she managed to deceive all submission thus far, despite listing her role as the truth statement! Also special note to Aelis, whose guesses were quite... close to the mark, but ever so far!
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    I don't like colored crits

    Santa 1 sold to the Meme Lord. *throws away Ledah's head as it is worthless*
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    Man...it's like, I think I can guess who wrote each story (most of them, anyway). What is it power I have??
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    Story 3:
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    I guess i'm the evil bratty queen now*

    Weird right? No one can attack you because you arent in an alliance and we havent had another MP6 in decades!
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    Hey, I'm bored

    *huff huff* Doc, doc, help me, I'm dying! Whoa! What happened to you? Your head looks like a swollen tomato! I have a panic attack, help me, please! Alright, alright, lie down, I'll give you a shot. ...better? Yeah, somehow. I gave you some morphine. It should last for a while. What happened, anyway? I kept thinking about the flu virus and the casualties and suddenly I couldn't breathe anymore. Can you give me one more of those shots? No can do, got my regulars to think about. Your regulars? Yeah, the chief of police's son. What, is he suffering from panic attacks too? And more. If I don't give it to him, he starts harassing people and other bad things. Well, does he come often? Often enough. Him and his gang. Oh, I see...Wait a minute... ___________________________________________________ Doc, I have a sore throat. It could be a cold. But what if it isn't? Last week I went out and invited a girl to dance at a bar And? The guy next to her - a huge gorilla - suddenly stood up and I backed down. And? Well, she coughed when she saw that. What if I got infected? Look, she choked with her drink when she saw your bravery. Not every cough is a death threat. Yeah, but...did you see how many people died last week? Hundreds, thousands! I bet they never suspected anything. What if I got infected? Doc, give me more of that stuff, please. I told you, that's enough! Relax, all the people that died were 90% elderly. You're young, so don't worry. But so what? Well, they had multiple problems, from high blood pressure to cancer and diabetes. So...you mean...it's not the flu that killed them? It is the flu! Without it, they could've lived for many many years. That flu is definitely murderous. Oh, I see...Wait a minute!... __________________________________________________________ Doc, what if it's the flu? The normal one? Yeah. Well, you have to make sure to get plenty of rest. Eat well, drink many liquids, forget your worries. That all? Exercise now and then - it's your body that is fighting the illnesses, so you have to train it. And if you get s a fever, I can prescribe a few meds. But it's essential to take it easy and let your body work it off. Alright...but what if it's the new one? Look, if you suspect anything, just do the test. I can do it right now for you, but...knowing you, it's fine. You don't even talk to your family anymore, I'm surprised you went to a bar. I was stressed. And I do talk to my family...via whatsup. Aha. But, doc...if it's the new thing, will I die? I told you, take it easy. We don't have a cure yet - that would be a vaccine - but there are other things you can do. Like what? Well, you have to make sure to get plenty of rest. Eat well, drink many liquids, forget your worries. That all? Exercise now and then - it's your body that is fighting the illnesses, so you have to train it. And if you get s a fever, I can prescribe a few meds. But it's essential to take it easy and let your body work it off. Oh, I see...Wait a minute!...
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    art not loading/bestiary

    Not a top priority, but it looks like the artwork of creatures immortalized in bestiaries is not loading in the new interface.
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    I'd like to see the town crier crying a variety of news and updates. I think System announcements (e.g., "All shared items have been returned to their original place.") should be moved to the town crier since they're just reminders. (I would prefer that a red announcements link signified something more than a regular reminder.) See the town crier mostly being used for automated announcements, but might also be useful as a spell (with certain rules for use) for land leaders to announce special events. P.S. I may be a bit odd, but the town crier is one of my favorite features, even though he's so quiet now. I think the feature has lots of potential for setting a vibe, and I'll try to think more on how it can be used.
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