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    The structure of the alliance has not changed, although none have taken up knighthood within our ranks of late. If thou shouldst find interest in the Eclipse and our ways, I would that thou dost approach myself within the realm, or with a message upon the Forum, and we shall make discussion on thy role.
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    On stupidity

    I'm gonna share something with you because I am getting old and some stuff that I held to be true before just doesn't make sense anymore. I can't find stupid people in my world Yesterday I went to do some house viewing and one of the houses was a nice little setup. The story was about two young lovebirds who bought a house and made the necessary arrangements to live in style there, but some years ago things happened and they decided to leave for UK for good. Now the house is empty, but look how beautiful it looks! Everything's new, the location is great, it's a bargain! Everybody would say 'They were stupid to leave all this'. Regardless, my bullshit radar activated and I need no confirmation to be sure that this was a house bought at half the price they're selling, put in maybe 5k to make it look nice and another 5k to dress it up and expect some huge profit. Hey, there's money to be made in this industry, even if it's dying atm. I chuckled at the bubble bathtub for two people. The marketing is great - it's those young gullible couples who'd bleed their money over it. Stupid? I don't think so, this was all well-planned and executed. Years ago, I was making a trip that involved crossing a border. That usually took about an hour or so, but what was particularly memorable about the trip was that the driver decided to bring three little kittens with him (they were in the back). Sure, kittens look nice in pics, but once they start pissing and shitting in their cage (because of fear, hunger, car-sickness, I don't know), hehehe, the joke's on you. And the driver...was exceedingly happy that day. From the beginning to the end, he kept chuckling and making jokes. I think many of us feel something is wrong when something IS wrong. I didn't know what was wrong, but soon after the trip I had this weird thought in my mind - was he smuggling cocaine (after sniffling some)? Some reader from the US may say 'Well, duh', but in Europe things are a little different. When there's smuggling, everyone's usually on it - not a lot of freelancing around. 'Fucking moron, dumbass, cretin, imbecile' are all adjectives we, the passengers, lovingly attributed to the driver. But was he an idiot for transporting the three kittens (given to him by 'an animal loving friend') or was he deterring policemen (and police dogs) from getting at the back? Stupid? I don't think so, he was laughing his ass off. And I...tried to educate some people around me. I thought 'If I'd explain things to them, they'd get it and we'd all do something good together'. How wrong I was! In thinking people don't know better (a.k.a. 'are stupid'), I was the only idiot of there. One person in my life drove me crazy, until I realized she wasn't dumb, just didn't want to accept the kind of reality I was looking at. I mean I can't pretend I don't see what I see. I suppose we all ignore some aspects of life - we're not invincible - but some people run from reality far and wide. Stupid? Nah, just weak and wanting protection, not the harsh reality and the obliteration of dreams (I'm *this* close to joining SI). In any case, the proverbial fool is harder to spot than the Yeti. There have been more sightings of the Loch Ness monster. Sure, stories are using this trope and comedy inevitably has 'a dumb one'. But if you think someone is stupid, and laugh at him/her, you'd better take a look in the mirror. The one who doesn't understand things is you. (P.S. This is how you kill laughter and create a gloomy world - show people the reality. And... be sure to take away their booze and drugs.)
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    Based on the result above: prizes and placements are as follow! 1st: Aia. She earned the second highest (after Aelis and Ledah, at 6.5) points, and barely managed to clutch victory by her submission, putting her ahead of the 2nd place of a mere 0.5 point! Congratulation! 2nd/3rd: Aelis and Ledah, coming in close second at 6.5 points each! Ledah gambit to (almost) copy Aelis paid off! Speaking of luck, eh? The following players (after the top 3) placed within the top half of the game: Nathan, Tyche, and Taurion will receive an additional 2 plushies for placing on the top 50%! Thank you all for participating
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    Apologies for the long delay. Here are the final results of the quest: Submission Aia Sunfire - Jester - 1 Jakubhi - King - 0 Steno - Peasant - 0 lashtal - Knight - 0 Tissy - Bishop - 0 Ailith - Servant - 1 Aelis - Empress - 0 Demon - Queen - 0 Mirus - Merchant - 1 Ledah - Footsoldier - 0 Total- 3 Steno Aia - Princess - 0 Lashtal - Knight - 0 Ledah - footsoldier - 0 DD - Peasant - 1 Tissy - Queen - 0 Ailith - Sservant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Aelis - Merchant - 0 Jakubhi - Empress - 1 Mirus - General - 0 Total- 4 Aelis Aia - Bishop - 0 Lashtal - Queen - 0 Ledah - Captain - 0 Steno - Footsoldier - 0 Dark Demon - King - 0 Yokin/Tissy - Knight - 0 Ailith - Servant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Jakubhi - Empress - 1 Mirus - General - 0 Total- 3 Ailith Aia - Princess - 0 Lashtal - Bishop - 1 Tissy - King - 0 Ledah - Knight - 0 Steno - Footsoldier - 0 DD - Peasant - 1 Jak - Captain - 0 Mirus - Merchant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Aelis - Queen - 0 Total- 4 Lastal Aia - Priestess - 0 Jakubhi - Empress - 1 Yokin/Tissy - Knight - 0 Mirus - General - 0 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Dark Demon - Queen - 0 Steno - Peasant - 0 Ailith - Merchant - 0 Aelis - Princess - 1 Ledah - Captain - 0 Total- 3 Tissy Aia - Knight - 0 lashtal - Bishop - 1 Ledah - Priestess - 0 Steno - Queen - 0 Dark Demon - Peasant - 1 Ailith - Servant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Aelis - Captain - 0 jakubhi - King - 0 Mirus - General - 0 Total- 4 Ledah Aia - Priestess - 0 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Dark Demon - Knight - 0 Jakubhi - Peasant - 0 Lashtal - Knight - 0 Tissy - Bishop - 0 Steno - General - 0 Mirus - Merchant - 1 Aelis - Captain - 0 Ailith - Footsoldier - 0 The total award points are as follow: 1st/2nd/3rd Tied! Steno, Ailith and Tissy all receive18 spending points! 4th/5th/6th Tied! Aia, Aelis and Lastal all receive 4 spending points! 7th: Ledah won the 7th spot :P, he shall receive 3 spending points Since I did not receive submission from Dark Demon, Sunfire, or Jakubhi, they are disqualified for the rewards Please PM/reply here to let me know what reward do you desire
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    Military ways and beliefs Edit Bug

    damn...i really hope all these notes arnt lost beacuse i kept a history of things in there ...
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    You all fossils are legendary. I'm impressed.
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    Demonic God

    MD Word puzzle

    O hey, I solved it in exactly 332 seconds too @@ someone buys a lotto ticket or something with 332
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    This is the official thread for the co-operation and deception anniversary game. Pre-registration was here, and is now closed. To summarize: Each player is given a character/role card Each player goal is to deduct/guess other's role via any mean necessary Communication, alliance, betrayal, lies, etc. are encouraged Straight-up role sharing is not encouraged, each player is expected to try their hardest to win the game. I will not enforce this, but please keep it interesting and don't ruin the game for others Please keep the game self-contained (e.g no MD item/etc trading for info). Trading the final rewards you may obtain is encouraged however. But so does betraying that promise Each player, at the start of the game, is required to make three statements relevant to the game, rules detailed below Rule for statements: All statements must be relevant to the game One statement must be true, one statement must be false, and the final, can be either Each player statement must reflect their character knowledge at the start of the game. Any information you may have gained from others cannot be used Statements cannot be obviously true or false. Saying "I'm one of the characters listed" is illegal You must be able to identify the true and false statements that you gave, precisely. Stating a contradiction is fine, but you must be able to tell which is true or false (so no making statements which one must be true and one must be false, but you don't know which is which). The "either" statement does not have to follow this rule, so you can make one that you don't know if it's true or false. General role-related statements are allowed and encouraged (e.g My role commands great power). But they must be made in good faith, and cannot be contestable Making your statement cryptic is encouraged, but again, must be in good faith, and cannot be contestable Statements should be given ASAP. Failure to give your statement within the first 7 days will result in disqualification If you are unsure, feel free to send me a DM of your statements for opinions and approval Players (11 total): Aia Lashtal Ledah Steno Dark Demon Yokin/Tissy Ailith Sunfire Aelis Jakubhi Mirus Possible roles (14 total): Priestess Jester King Princess Peasant Knight Bishop General Servant Empress Queen Merchant Captain Footsoldier Note: The list of character was pre-determined, and roles were assigned via a random number generator. The roles were subjective, but the assignment was not. This is to avoid any possibility that you may try to reverse engineer my mind Reward: Due to the high probability of ties, the game shall operate on a "point" system. These points can be used to purchase your rewards at the end of the game. Points can be traded to other players freely, as part of agreements during games . Point trading also work on an honor system, and must be acknowledged by both parties at the end. Points: All participants will receive 3 points regardless of their placement All participants who deducted more than half will be rewarded an extra 2 points The rewards for the top players shall be as follow: 18 / 15 / 12 / 4 If multiple people draw for the top spot, the points that those positions gave out will be summed up and divided equally (e.g if 3-6th draw (12 + 4) / 4 = 4 each) Reward shop: Anni creature: 15 points - Traded points cannot be used (must won at least 15 points via the game). Special exceptions may be given in case of draws. Plushies: 1 point - Limit of 8 2 Silver coins: 1 point Ghost spellstone: 1 point - Limit of 2 Toadspeech spellstone: 1 point - Limit of 2 Acoustic remains spellstone: 1 point - Limit of 2 TBD
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    Can I have 2 acousticremains and 2 toadspeak stones, please?
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    If you are in the middle of this quest, I made MAJOR changes to this quest today and will likely do so again going forward. I request that until you see an update here that you pause in this quest. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am trying to turn this quest into a permanent quest, and that means I must change quite a lot so it doesn't need my involvement. Thank you.
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    Could I have an Anni creature and 3 plushies please? Thank you for the fun quest by the way!
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    Me the same. I already had some annis and am short of the slots.
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    I've gotten 2 already and I have to redeem like 3 more CRCs with no empty slots Normally I would be all about it. If you run out of your other prizes I will change mine to be anni+2 acoustic+1toadspeak to help facilitate that.
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    Stupid question, did you miss a login, resetting your cumulative days? You can drop a lot of AP that way.
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    Could I please spend my consolation points on a Toadspeak stone and 2 plushies Surprised I got any right XD
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    Demonic God

    AnNi2020 - The hunt for Darvin

    I guess I need to summarize this too. Aelis is the only successful solver of the 3x3 during the anni. Congratz I'll be trying to make this quest official, and earn some better rewards for it permanently. For now, I will try to reward all solver of tier 1, 2 and 3 with 8 SC, 1 GC and 2 GC respectively.
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    I’ll ask for the same.
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    Aia del Mana

    The mapling

    I have edited the Maple to appear as if light doth shine from the right side. If it were unchanged in appearance to thee, I would suggest to clear thy browser cache. This were the present appearance:
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    The mapling

    This topic belongs to many sections, so I chose this one. Do what you must do if I did wrong, mods. The maple sapling at Sanctuary's View, where I'm gonna spend some time, is not getting enough light. You can see the sunlight hits all trees from the right, while the maple is just as dark on both sides. It's great artwork, but it looks out of place because of this. It's precisely because it looks good that I'd like it to get the right light, because a point can be made that the added artwork like chairs or barrels aren't shaded right either.
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    You mentioned already those I enjoyed the most: Fyrd's quest; Burns' "Are you afraid of vampires?"; Princ Rhaegar's quest (but this was resumed already, correct?). Maebius coded a nice tutorial quest as well, can't remember its name but it was centered on Marind Bell if I remember well.
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    art not loading/bestiary

    Not a top priority, but it looks like the artwork of creatures immortalized in bestiaries is not loading in the new interface.
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    Mirrors and Reflections [Caravan Event]

    I prepared & recorded a little performance for this event a while ago, but I’m not sure if this event will continue in the near future so just want to share with you guys here before I completely forget/delete it~ I hope you enjoy~
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    [07/06/19 07:36] :Aia steps into Deathmarrow, taking a moment to gaze at the full-moon peering through the spires [07/06/19 07:36] :Aia turns to Lazarus and curtsies in greeting [07/06/19 07:37] Aia:Ah, Lazarus; this were quite the change in scenery from our usual sacred grounds; and yet, I sense of auspicious omens. [07/06/19 07:38] :Aia glances at the Shade in the corner [07/06/19 07:39] Aia:Wer't safe to commence of sacrament in its presence? [07/06/19 07:40] Lazarus:We are [07/06/19 07:40] :Lazarus appears from the dark cave behind him [07/06/19 07:42] Lazarus:With the blessings of the Shades, we can commence the ritual [07/06/19 07:42] :Lazarus thrusts his walking stick on the ground and chants, motions Aia to bow down [07/06/19 07:43] :Aia bows deep and low [07/06/19 07:44] :Aia joins Lazarus in chant [07/06/19 07:44] :Lazarus looks up to the sky and chants to the Moon [07/06/19 07:45] Aia: *chants* Through death and darkness life arise [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:Thy glimmers do ignite the skies [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:Cast shadows upon Necrovion's palace [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:And from within, restore the balance. [07/06/19 07:46] Lazarus:Luna, I ask you to bless your Daughter, Aia, with strength and perseverance so that she may traverse these lands safely [07/06/19 07:47] :Lazarus turns to Aia [07/06/19 07:48] :Aia nods to Lazarus and produces an intricately carved silver chalice [07/06/19 07:48] :Aia places the chalice in the moonbeam on the ground and fills it with elemental rainwater [07/06/19 07:48] Lazarus:In the name of Necrovion and of the will of the Shades, I bless you, Lady Aia of the Eclipse [07/06/19 07:49] Lazarus:A rebirth of Tainting. May you be exalted and held high by your peers and enemies alike [07/06/19 07:49] :Aia solemnly nods [07/06/19 07:50] :[Spell] Arise Aia [07/06/19 07:50] Aia: *lifts the glowing chalice* Solemnly do I receive; [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Fervently do I believe [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Mine vessel ever thine to shape [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Thy blessing ever mine to take. [07/06/19 07:52] Lazarus:Rise and show the realm who you truly are. Rise, Aia, Daughter of the Moon: Priestess of the Moon's light [07/06/19 07:52] :Lazarus bows to Aia [07/06/19 07:52] Lazarus:My lady [07/06/19 07:53] :Aia drinks the tainted waters from the chalice and rises, her new form unfolding before Lazarus [07/06/19 07:54] :Aia spreads her new wings [07/06/19 07:54] :Lazarus stands up [07/06/19 07:55] Aia:Blessed Lazarus; what a wondrous gift. [07/06/19 07:55] Lazarus:You look divine, my lady [07/06/19 07:56] Lazarus:Such a being is worthy of a corpse Knight, I feel honored to be yours [07/06/19 07:56] Aia: *blushes* I am ever changed, of thy blessing. [07/06/19 07:57] :Lazarus nods [07/06/19 07:57] Aia: *beams* And ever blessed to have thee in mine service. [07/06/19 07:57] Lazarus:I hope that you adore the taint [07/06/19 07:58] Lazarus:For it is the most beautiful thing [07/06/19 07:58] Aia:I accept the taint as mine own. [07/06/19 07:59] :Lazarus takes his walking stick and distances himself from Aia\'s magnificence [07/06/19 07:59] Lazarus:I'm afraid I have to part ways, my lady, if you will [07/06/19 08:00] :Aia nods [07/06/19 08:00] Lazarus:I shall see you soon [07/06/19 08:00] Aia:I shall remain; I believe Necrovion may need of our service. [07/06/19 08:01] Lazarus:I see, I am glad [07/06/19 08:01] :Aia draws up the many folds of her dress and curtsies low to Lazarus [07/06/19 08:01] Aia:May the taint ever remain as witness to Necrovian blessing. [07/06/19 08:02] :Lazarus bows to Aia and walks backwards until he disappears into the darkness [07/06/19 08:04] :Aia spreads her wings again and flutters them a little [07/06/19 08:05] :Aia used the Acousticremains stone to temporarily learn the Acousticremains spell [07/06/19 08:07] :Aia audite [07/06/19 08:08] :Aia audite [07/06/19 08:08] :Aia frowns [07/06/19 08:09] :Aia audite [07/06/19 08:09] Lazarus: (Lol change casting words maybe?) [07/06/19 08:10] :Aia audite reliquiis [07/06/19 08:11] Aia: (maybe it seems to hate that word) [07/06/19 08:11] :Aia reliquiis [07/06/19 08:11] Aia: (nope... okay) [07/06/19 08:11] Lazarus: (Does it have asterisks?) [07/06/19 08:12] Aia: (yes... two on either side like the other spells) [07/06/19 08:12] Aia: (what...) [07/06/19 08:12] Lazarus: (Try getting rid of it perhaps) [07/06/19 08:13] :Aia murmure [07/06/19 08:13] Aia: (argh) [07/06/19 08:14] :Lazarus failed to cast a spell [07/06/19 08:15] :[Spell] **audite murmure** Aia
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    Higher res resource items

    I can try~
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    In this realm doth exist of ten principles of magic. Although these have existed almost since its inception, it seemeth that these, to the untrained wielder, exist only in description, and to add to the strength of tokens upon creatures that were bound to one in servitude. In addition, one notes that presently there doth exist limit to these; one may not possess more than four thousand points in any principle, and, if it may be called thus, one may not master of more than five individual principles. These are governed by unwritten laws of the realm, and enforced by the code that doth underly it, and shape it. The aforementioned, I believe, were an illusion. Indeed, to claim mastery, or to be limited of one's principles by Mind-Power were as meaningless as to claim mastery over any force, or being - to purport to be so were to claim the status of a god, or other deity. For principles, like thoughts, feelings, and sensations, are impossible to quantify; they exist in the sense a memory exists, or a experience exists; these are qualitative by nature; yet do have elements that may be quantified. To illustrate, if one were to observe of the Moon in passage, one doth notice of the length of its period, for which cyclicity may be quantified and of its luminance, for which light may be quantified. Yet these are not in true essence, principles, but the observation of their effect, in the same way that beings of the other-realm do quantify of suffering, or euphoria. While one may note, oft with absolute certainty, of the presence of these, one cannot compare one's pain directly with another; one may only offer meaningful comparison when one should consider the magnitude of the source. Furthermore were the affirmation that one cannot merely limit herself to five; engagement and interaction of the realm necessitates of all ten. One cannot, in example, sip of the flask within the Graveyard and return to life without invoking of syntropic magic; yet one may do so without mastery thereof. Thus I do propose of a revision in the Principles of the realm; for those who do value of strength in combat, a purpose in their being beyond that of tokens; for those who do not, a purpose in creation and discovery. But foremost, a revision that I believe is necessary for both - principles must be mutable; one needst of possibility to obtain, store, gain, and lose these with actions. What, then, should mutability offer? One may obtain and store of these in exchange for heat; upon return to the land, magic returneth to the unbound master, in form of its beings. This, I believe, should remain; the identity of the land were in part tied to those principles that it doth return. Yet, if one may then purpose of the stored principle, then one should be free to choose another in its stead. Thus may one consume of one's stored principles, to return them unto the land that did grant of it. Once one has consumed of a principle, one may then acquaint oneself of a new, or the same, principle; by reading of principle documents, that were scattered of the realm - I have discussed of this elsewhere. In essence, one may obtain, increase, and then expend, of these; similar to the way that one presently may do so of heat, in combat. I would think one should require to obtain the maximum within one principle (currently, at four thousand points) to suffice for a single use. Of their function: For those that do value of strength in combat, I propose a new set of equipment; the Domina Principii, each may be traded for four thousand points of a named principle. In this manner, those that do require completeness in this set must also obtain four thousand points of each principle. These should materialise upon revision of the named principle - that is, to read again of the Principle Document which doth pertain to the relevant piece. The relative strength of these may be altered; this were merely a concept, and one should ignore of the figures insofar as they remain arbitrary. Helm: 4000 points of Imagination (+100% maximum action points) Chest: 4000 points of Balance (+1000 regeneration) Pants: 4000 points of Cyclicity (+1000 briskness) Gloves: 4000 points of Elements (+1000 power) Boots: 4000 points of Transposition (+1000 initiative) Primary weapon: 4000 points of Entropy (+1000 attack) Shield: 4000 points of Syntropy (+1000 defence) Ring: 4000 points of Light (+100% VE) Ring: 4000 points of Darkness (+100% VP) Amulet: 4000 points of Time (+1000 luck) For those that do not value of their strength in combat, I propose: For any single principle, at a maximum of 4000 points: ten credits, for the first time this were achieved. For two principles, at a maximum of 4000 points: an additional Erolin sphere, for the first time this were achieved. For three principles, at a maximum of 4000 points: a permanent increase in one's action points by 100 For five principles, at a maximum of 4000 points: Four regenerable casts of a spell at level 1 For obtaining all ten principles at a maximum of 4000 points (with note that one may only wield of five concomitantly): a wish point shall be granted, for the first time this were achieved. For specific principles, I believe one should be able to distil these, that they may be used as reagents; with four thousand points of a principle sufficient as a single, arbitrary unit of principle (as an item, such as "Distilled Cyclicity"). I would think these important for inner-magic - noting, indeed, that any realm shaping magic should require of many vials of various principles required, and that the magic-weaver should also exercise of expertise in this. But this shall be a topic for subsequent dissertation.
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    The time has come..
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    apparently i had some hidden growing powers i had to turn the pots around, because the herbs started to bend towards the window for more sunlight basil and parsley (hand for scale) lovage and chives ( the chives finally start to get thicker)
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