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    Hope this this is still going on🤩 This was ma second attempt - first one failed miserably🤫 Everything prepared. Few moments later everything is ready About week later first sprout spotted! Exactly month after planting here's the progress After another month and a half month later we do have some flower buds Here is firs bloomer 😂 (unfortunately card with name haven't make it, but you can still see L) Shortly after rest joined
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    MD 15th Anniversary Plushie Auction

    I have had various people contact me pointing out that if you lose your bid, you may want to swap it to another item which might have already been sold under the current rules. Therefore the auction will finish 7 days after the last bid on _anything_. Original post updated.
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    The Guillotine Merchant

    I won’t go that far in the beginning. All I want is a convenient place to trade, like the auction house in WoW. the lack of fluidity in our ecosystem is partly caused by the inconvenience that one has to pm or post topics, which happens only when one feels necessary. put everything you don’t need in a house. Set a starting bid price or a buyout price and leave. The purchase happens not only when people need but mostly when they see. if you want to introduce risk. There could be blink bidding. the guillotine concept sounds more like a gamble to me. I like gamble, people like gamble. But I prefer implementing it after the market is more active and complete.
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    Hello all. Since i moved to this house 3 years ago i started to grow all sorts of plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers (roses mostly) ... It started like a hoby but over the years i implemented system for watering etc. Since i have so many pictures i made a colage pictures and i hope you will enjoy it. As you will see i had a problem with the MD pest but managed to grow very very rare loreroot forest strawberry among other common stuff. 😉
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