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    When people ask how I feel after turning MP5:
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    New here! just making my presence known to all.
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    Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.
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    Is it just me or the game was way more interesting when there was only magic, dueling and adventures? Sometimes less is more
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    Shopkeeper in Willow's shop can now show avatars, password is 'avatars'!
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    Would anyone be interested in a Quest-Maker's Etiquette Guide (or something along those lines)? I could try and compile one to give tips and how-to's to new questmakers, particularly regarding how to organise, how to get sponsorships, how to judge, do's and don'ts, etc (rather than technical how-to-script X) things.
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    We’re all going to change. Otherwise, it’s boring.
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    Sushi has the most amazing pieces of artworks I've seen on here in a long time
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    Our best alliances are like young trees growing upon the roots of the old trunks that have crumbled away...
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    Everything is not what it seems. Life is far simpler than we give it credit for. Information leads to our existance. Consciousness leads to what we perceive as reality. Morals and ethics exist only within us. And as the limitations of ignorance fall around me I find myself both rebound and free. I regret nothing I've ever done, but take full responsibility for all actions that we as humanity catalog as both good and bad. I will continue to exist solely because I enjoy the adventure. I am grateful for the time I chose to spend here because it has aided me in ways words cant convey. Magicduel and its great people, every single one of you, placed enormous pressure on my back, on my wings, on my heart, and on my mind. That pressure could have crushed me into rubble, and on many a time almost did... and yet instead it made me into an unbreakable diamond. The journey will never cease. There is no true beginning or end. There is only the here and now. And for helping me refine myself, I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart.
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    The moon looks so peaceful tonight. Funny, how things are rarely what they seem.
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    Finished all my assignments for this semester. Time to enjoy the holidays! That means more time for MD
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    Merry Christmas to my fellow MD lover;) blessed xmas.
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    Holiday time for a week, see you on the other side!
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    How close are people to MP6? Really sad wasting heat ;(
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    Happy Birthday Jester.

    Happy Birthday Jester.
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    In these dark and uncertain times, there can be great value in imagining a bit of star in each human soul.
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    Happy birthday, Khal

    Happy birthday, Khal
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    Our worldview determines our philosophy of life.
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    If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
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    Happy birthday Peace! May you(r character) rest in yourself (and have a great day besides)
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    A scar across the land, a spill 'cross the lake Make bare snarling noses, reveal sneers beneath Contemptuous many, give me your take I'll give it right back when you show me your teeth Nothing comes for free
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    I see a BFH, I see a Pompy, I see a Pippy, and a Chew Chew... <3
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    Only one essay and one project to go for this semester.
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    Giving away 1 gold avatar. For newer players only. Send me a forum pm if any newer player would like one. Please make sure you have the ability to use an avatar.
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    Hi guys and girls! I am back from my unexpected slumber. Sorry everyone who was looking for me for whatever reason and could not find. From now on I should be available as usual. Happy belated Christmas and New Year to everyone! Wish all the best for you and your beloved ones!
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    I think we should inject some reality into the game by creating 'the Sleepers'
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    Back from the Netherlands and all settled in again. Should be more active now!
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    Major Lag monster attacks.
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    Welcome Olor

    Welcome Olor
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    Everyone's invited, just FYI.

    Everyone's invited, just FYI.
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    I miss ya!

    I miss ya!
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    My inbox is not your trash bin, my patience is not an invitation to waste my time and creativity is not same thing with madness. I can be kind and friendly or a totaly cruel asshole, it depends only on you.
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    Since most of us are on mobile most of the time, I think it would be helpful for combat-active players if there is a feature on the slider page where you type in the percentage of personal skills rather than being stuck at 50% all the time when attacking.
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    I didn't know one could experience so much pity. Too bad I know an act when I see one.
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    Happy birthday Hedge! (if today is the day)
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    A herb is a fibrous plant which, after its flowering state, dies down completely leaving only the roots beneath surface, which will regenerate new growth the following time...🌿
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    It's not true having merchants in power is better than having soldiers ruling. Wars still happen. It's deceit that starts them and deceit that doesn't start them. How is this a 'better society'? It's not, it's simply different.
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    MD is a game built by its playerbase. If you hurt the playerbase, you hurt the game.
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    Just murdered two spiders. Darn, I could've entered Arachnid Artisans and had the tiniest spiders that still scared me award.
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    Will be around for a short while because curiosity
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    MD is lagging... Hmm...
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    Maybe replies to the status updates can be shown like they used to (without opening a new window)?
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    Oh noes!!! My signature is gone!! My Decalogue!!! Noooo!!! The horror!
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    edit the theme colours Mur.

    edit the theme colours Mur.
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