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    Equilibrium tourney IV

    The tournament has finished, be prepared to greet your new champion! but let us begin with the beginning, the fight for bronze: Ledah vs No one No one was so impressed with Ledah's path through the tournament he kindly bowed out to maintian his honor. (Or the other world kept him from completing his fight is in a reasonable timeframe). Leaving the MD truest fossil as bronze medalist, proving that age is just a number! And now, the main event, the legendary fight between a (former) king and a god! Jubaris vs Chewett! this much anticipated battle more than delivered, these two oldtimers exchanged jabs without a second thought. when the bell ran and the fight was over only one was left standing... the one and only... well done, well done. and as his armor showed not an easy win. a 3-1 result however giving a clear image that his victory was hardfought. of course our losing finalist deserves praisings too, a tournament regular that always ends up in the top is certainly a sign of skill. from the discussion during and after the brawl we have gathered some interesting information, here are some reactions from our finalists: Jubaris has shown his skill in battle throughout many times over, this is a key example of his wisdom: as for our finalist, only a mastermind strategy could be used to earn this crown, this is what he had to say on the matter: Clear signs these gentlemen are at the top of the foodchain! And for now the most important part the rewards: 1) Chewett: the honor of carrying the title of Equilibrium Champion 1 WP 1 anniv creature Golden wreath 2) Jubaris: 4 gold coins 1 anniv creature 3) Ledah 2 gold coins 1 anniv creature This concludes this Equilibrium tournament. I would like to thank all contestans for making this tourney a truely challenging experience. I'd also like to thank the treasury for their generous donations towards our victors. I hope to see you all again next edition. And who knows you could be the next Champion!
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    Travelling Investigator

    Travelling Investigator. Josephine, or Josie as she prefers, remembers very little about her existence before she woke up on the beach of the Gateway Island. She senses pain, a need for an end and then.. there she was. Tall in stature with a motherly appearance and calm, reassuring aspect, Josie is an unassuming middle-aged woman who seems to be guided by one simple word.. adventure. An avid researcher and writer, she plans on committing herself to the understanding of the geography of the realm and the exploration of all places existing and yet to be found. Explorer, adventurer, researcher.. this is the path she longs to follow. In her backpack she carries: Paper, Pencils, Compass, Sextant, Astrolabe, Nautical divider, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Several Reference Books, Journal and Notebook. ---------------- My current expedition: Golemus Golemicarum I am conducting my own research of the geography and the significance of the land and will post my spoiler free journal of it on the forum when I am finished. I hope that as time goes by, my activities may initiate to some interesting research discussions and quests. One day at a time, though.. I have lots of work to do first!
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    King of Golemus

    Ave, Hereby i become the king of Golemus with the blessing of current active leaders of Golemus. Miq
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    This is for the passionate and skilled people out there... a new level of MD I am just a man, and chew is also no batman either, we are trying to foster the existence of this wonderful community, to keep its values and hopefully to attract more interesting people. As you know, this is a dictatorship, without dictators, a social sandbox, a trial towards self discovery, a place where crazy means good, where skills are your invisible rank, a place where nothing is fair but just makes things spicier and challenging in a strange way. Each one sees what he is searching in MD, a mirror of himself that he eventually has to face, there is no predictable thing you could see in that mirror, because above the beautiful places and semi-boring activities , there are the other living players that build the actual MD. Mirrors are forbidden by law in MD, because this is a clue enough for the other mysteries to fall in place...plus it could really be dangerous to have a real, objective mirror, in a place created through the subjectivity of all the other mirrors..sorry i mean players. Balance is there if you search it, it keeps things alive in here, but evolution feeds on unbalance, not on balance, your minds feed on challenges not on safe monotony. Its time for me to risk some more and to try to resuscitate this machinery..but i cant do it alone. Magicduel is a learning machine if you know how to use it. This machine needs moving parts and fuel to run. You do realise you are the fuel, without its players MD would be an dead piece of messy code. Right now I prepared all the gears and pieces, but its just too much for just a couple of people to do. We need help to put them together, and put them in motion and fuel them to keep them running. This is where you come in ...well some at least hopefully.. The "A25 Tools" are ready, functional, and already in test use for a long while. Azull did a great job on the island, Sushi made some insanely beautiful artworks, others tried their skill and did quite decent too... i have huge hopes for this. I dream to bring a next level of interactivity, through a natural level of evolution of the "veteran" player....that level is to be part of md evolution, not just to be entertained by others, but to build your own gears inside this beautiful machine. The tools i made allow to build nearly every aspect of the md world if needed, with no coding involved, just creativity and logic..and lots and lots of passion. ...but right now they are in risk of rusting if i don't find more special people that have the ability to use them right. It requires a certain type of person to expand md, a type of such rarity that i am happy if i find at least one, but i prepared the tools to be used for all if it would ever be the case. We have many skilled quest creators, and from time to time we find an amazing artist too..these characters are not permanent if i do not offer them a chance to express themselves better. For me, the way i enjoyed md was to build it, and at some point Chew followed me and on the same path. Now with these tools you don;t need coding skills, and with volunteer artists you don;t even need drawing skills, still need A LOT but at least now there is a chance for any passionate and smart person in here to develop md and see how it looks from behind the curtain. We are a disaster in terms of leadership and organizig ...i admit thats mainly my fault, or was at least. Without other ways to manage this, i will count just on the individuality of those that might get acces to these tools, to make md a self balancing oranism, with no central brain that will govern it. I saw that some of you understood the underlyng concepts and symbols of this realm, and managed to respect them. Some of them even had god powers at some point, but they had no real tools to express themselves and infuence others. I will try again to discover such people, this time prepared to keep them and offer them real tools to make their share of the realm as they think fit. If you kept reading till here, you have the patience neede for this, and you migh feel same hope i feel about this unique opportunity to CREATE something amazing, so i ask for your help. I made a long (but far from exhausitve) documentation of what the tools can do. If you are interested, read it, and help me organize it better. Help me build the first step needed for whoever will use it, to access it in a useful way (might be you who knows). If you know a fossil that made legend long ago, invite them to do the same...to read this article like you did and try to put the gears i made in motion. I will continue to develop md, thats what i do, thats my role in here, not to lead, not be a dictator, and not even to create. I create md, thats enough for my role, ..but you, you create the rest. Chew, this is an invitation for you too, you are the code master, true, but you reached there not by being hired to do it, or because you are an amazing coder, but because you understand how md works. I don't want to name all the people i see able to join in this, but i wish i see them actually do it. There is a place there for many of you, you just have to realize it and actually do it, yourselves. Start with the low work, prepare the docs, understand them, then the second step is to help someone that already uses them to use them better, or prove you understand them well, and that you can keep md style while you do. The next natural step, is to try them out, and them ..if and only if you gain my trust and keep the tools long enough in such way that nobody complains on how you use them and you create with them, they will become yours and part of your role. good luck. Thank you for reading all this. Please leave me a note here if you read all of it, i am curious who actually managed it and who the potential candidates might be -- Mur
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    As I am told the Adventure Log doth lie at an indefinite hiatus, I did think to continue of its progress. I hope that mine narration, in the common-tongue, were enjoyable to read; if it were not so, I should like of constructive feedback. It doth continue where the Adventure Log has paused, upon page 572. __________________________________________ Memories in the Wind, Ch.1. _____ Samon wiped the sweat from his brow as he walked inside from the rain. It had been a while since he had been called upon for a burial. Such a violent death, he thought; the image of the priestess's lifeless body flashing before his eyes once more. Such was the job of a Caretaker; at least it was something to break up the repetition of dusting the gravestones, trimming the poppies, and tormenting the Tormented Souls. A tap on the door, then, muffled murmurs. Samon rose hastily, but the messenger was gone; in her place a woven wreath of white flowers, and a small envelope with a waxen seal. Samon examined the seal briefly before breaking it; this was unmistakenly the Lorerootian royal seal. How odd, thought Samon; Lintara certainly preferred to communicate with enchanted butterflies. Ah, of course, thought Samon, as he read the flowing script-hand. He gently lifted the wreath and stepped out to place it upon the freshly filled grave. _______ Lintara set out towards the Drywater Temple; her small entourage in tow, carrying all sorts of heat stones and erolin-spheres. A risk, perhaps; she briefly recalled the butterfly that had whispered advice from a far-away mentor. A risk worth taking. She directed her entourage to place the stones in the receptacle, and ignited them with the heat from the erolin-spheres, careful not to burn her fingers in the process. Before long, a roaring fire lit up the receptacle, and Lintara and her entourage stood and watched in solemn silence; broken only by the crackling flames, and then, by whispers... faint whispers; but present, unmistakable whispers, in the old language. Lintara breathed a sigh of relief. "Aia! I thought we had lost you for good." The priestess's form materialised within the inner chamber of the Drywater Temple, and many curtsies and hugs were exchanged. ______ Aia sat by the water's edge. The faint reflection of the moon on the pond at Raven's Peace always brought her solace; why was it so different now, she thought, as she racked her mind for her favourite memories. Mnemnosis was not kind to one's mind; she thought; some memories may be lost forever; but there was something important, just... gone. Maybe it would return to her, in time. Aia sighed; at least she was alive. ______ Necrovion stirred; an unusual state of matters for the once barren land. Dark beings shuffled within, agitated, for their Voice was gone; their Chaos apparent without its direction. Lashtal recalled watching a shadowy figure disappear, and a barrage of shades follow after. He could sympathise with their plight; after all, the humans of Necrovion had once had their own chaos, brought about by espionage and internal conflict; then had been exiled from their homes. Patrolling the land was much too dangerous now; death would already find those that dared enter. He stashed his assassination rope into his satchel; he would no longer need it, and it would hardly do to appear threatening against a barrage of shades. _____ Ailith awoke from her restless sleep. Again, she thought. Dreaming was hardly a luxury these days; if only they were more pleasant! Ailith paused to reflect before turning to a new page of her journal; the last two were already filled with visions from her dreams of the last few nights; dark figures; one a shadowy, humanoid; a blood-red moon; a tiny angien. She dipped her quill and began another expert sketch; this time the shadow of a little girl; illuminated by the glow of the faint embers of three newly extinguished candles. Such vibrant, familiar dreams, thought Ailith, as the final quill-strokes completed her artistry. Far too real for a dream - it was almost as if someone else had implanted this memory into her own mind. Frowning, she closed the pages of her journal. There were definitely some familiar places; maybe they would reveal the meanings of these vibrant memories. _____ An easterly wind brushed the cheeks of Ailith's stoic facade as she ventured south past the solitary Gazebo. Ah, here it was - the tiny angien stood within the broken frame of the ominous Howling Gates. Ailith sat beside it, and procured three candles from her satchel, placing them in the soft Necrovian sands. Satisfied, she struck a heat stone to light them, and sat in seiza; closing her eyes to the world. Maybe a continuous dream might make more sense. Three days did she keep her vigil, as travellers passed by the Howling Gates. Ailith awoke from her trance to find her candles extinguished, and her satchel full of delicious, smoked bacon, its aroma rudely interrupted by the caustic scent of belladonna. How long have I been here, she wondered. Putting this thought aside, she opened her journal and began sketching her visions once more, rapid, coarse brush-strokes making quick work of several pages. Leaving the pages to dry, she paused to consume the bacon before reigniting her candles. The gentle sway of the flames in the wind distracted her only momentarily before she closed her eyes and continued her motionless vigil. __________________________________________ The second chapter were forthcoming; if there do exist events which I cannot observe and yet were worthy of this journal, I should like to know - do send myself a message in private upon this Forum.
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    Extreme Magicduel

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    After more than 10 hours work today we have a new total for the changes between "current md" and the new branch: 642 files changed, 3233 insertions(+), 6653 deletions(-) For those interested, the insertions are lines that have been added to the codebase, deletions are the count of lines removed. Lines edited are counted as an insertion and removal. As you can see I am removing a hell of a lot of code, simplifying what we have and fixing up the old code. Currently this dev branch includes the new javascript/css compressor/optimiser. New sound system provided by HTML5 rather than flash, and the new JS intereface preparing to remove the flash crud. This update will still include flash. The other big change in this dev branch is the PHP7/database rework. Going forward all code will use the unified DB library we use which will make everything a lot easier to manage/handle.
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    A25 Quick Adventure Ideas

    I was thinking some ideas about how to make a series of scene arts more quickly & effortlessly, so players can have a quick/one time adventure or mini quest/festival event in MD for fun, or maybe even for A25 users to train/practice their tool, skill & creativity. This is how it works~ mainly I just need to draw EVERYTHING (included all items/doors/triggers etc) in a single sheet of paper and make them all clickable & glow separately. Then the A25 users can mix & match all the clickies freely in the frame and create their own scenes & puzzles, of coz we can add few more extra drawings for important scenes later so they'll look more special. Still, this method is very good to reduce workload & generate creative scenes for the fun adventure. Below are some of my concept sketches & examples(eg: Escape Room theme) only, I think you can get the basic idea~
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    Travelling Caravan of Entertainment

    Greetings All Fuelled by the success of us all gathering in varied places throughout the realm over the birthday celebrations, I would like to introduce The Travelling Caravan of Entertainment! The idea of this is simple: I would like to keep a calendar of regular events of variety of interests, research talks, fight nights, puzzles, chill out and chat evenings and so on at a variety of appropriate places. Any who wish to host something or simply put forward an idea, please let me know. Let's keep the activity moving!
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    Scene Redesign Challenge

    This is my first time coloring a scene, and I like to focus on small things, even it can be unnoticeable & time consuming. I don't exactly remember the first day of my journey, it was a long time ago...but I still remember the mixed feeling about it. It was like playing an escape room, so many puzzles and hidden messages around me, I can't wait to click everything and search for clues. but there was no one in the Paper Cabin, then I met the Shades and the little girl (in story mode)...well, little bit creepy but I like it very much, the unknown is beautiful. Also the Paper Cabin was like a safe room to me, I was extremely curious about the "outside world", but I always go back there when I feel lost. Although it's not the place for beginners anymore, it is still one of the meaningful place in MD.
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    Alliances, Guilds, Etc

    As to alliances, their structure and importance in MD is being reworked on the backend. Its no secret I and many others in MD have agreed that the current setup, especially the loyalty requirements of the leader, is not very "MD". The initial idea of loyalty determining the leader was always thought to be good. However since loyalty was gained in a number of ways that are not representing actual "Loyalty" to the land, it became pretty moot. Many of those who read this will have been asked about their thoughts on alliances over the past month, by a number of people. I have asked a couple of people to talk to people and gets ideas for a better "alliance" structure. Its something that has been on the back burner for years because its never really sat well with it. Once I can summarise the opinions I will be posting it publicly and then people can give their final opinions before I finalise an idea and start planning the changes codewise.
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    Veteran or Skilled Questmakers, ...this is for you..... Help is needed Summary: i am looking for legendary, trustworthy, wise, super smart and creative people :))) to bring to life a new generation of quests and interactivity in MD, with the a25 tools that are already in use for a while. Similar to how Azull helps with this, an other legend. This document is long, it is inteded as a sort of documentation / tutorial / GUIDEBOOK. Its is a sample, and more than enough to give you a good hint or start to continue it yourself! Dream scenario: Quests will be made by players working in teams , with help of permanent or mercenary artists, or story writers, etc. One or two could have access to A25 Tools, an other makes the drawings for scenes and items, an other plans the logic, they all agree on the theme and idea of the quest. I tested this on the island with A handful of people and i think it could work. If a SINGLE person will find this article useful and contributes to it, and gets to use any of the info here, i am happy, it means my efforts to bring a next level of interactivity in md where worth it. I am sorry its so long, but i put everything i could in here, because except me nobody else knows all the details, and i wish others know too, and bring A25 to life not keep it as mysterious admin interface for two people. i need help to write this better ..or at least structure it better, right now is a salad... maybe better more clear english, or better, NEW examples, more accurate ..i don't know..read and you will understand I wrote it as an initial tutorial or usage example to explain just one of the ways that the A25 tools could be used to expand md with one type of quest. The plan is to inform anyone interested of the current capabilities, and see what comes out, maybe expand the number of those with A25 tools access, or just make a brainstorming and tutorials on how to add better and interesting quests in md. Either way, i will decide on the way, but dont expect rewards. This is not a contest. Its true that if you have a sound logic and i see you also have a good reputation, are trustworthy, smart and most of all WISE (yes wise, or smart enough to seem wise)....then i might promote you so to speak. I intend to let anyone that i trust with these powertools, and with the needed mentality, to build quests for md, his own, or for others..but with these super tools. I believe that if someone could grab the ideas from this document and make a clearer version, eventually shaped on an actual scenario or quest of his own, It could serve as a good example for anyone that would want to add a quest using these tools. Currently the access to the tools is limited, because as you see they are very powerful, but if others would know what they do, even without using them, they would have a better understanding of what is possible and what not within a clickable a25 based quest. Maybe this would lead to me or others that i trust to use these tools, to implement those quests at some point. Its do-able to have a handful of people that can actually use the tools, like coders equivalent, and all the other quest designers that understand how they could be used, and guide these "A25 developers" to continue to expand MD. A25 quests are not designed to be one time quests, they should be automated, perpetual adventures, for all new players to come. Thats why this type of quests represent the future for our community, because people come and go, but these are intended to stay and expand MD. Feel free to add your changes, suggestions, anything... Feel free to copy this doc to your own post and make your own version of it! Depending on how much interest is shown for this, i will oganize the related posts better Anyone that shows an obvious interest and capability in understanding the A25 tools at least in general, and adapt the text here on other better examples, can request A25 forum access, to see the details about the exact commands syntax, and much more. Its complex stuff, and i am not arround to babysit anyone..if you want to do this you have to be confident you are able to. For now i think just Azull has full access to all these tools, his temperament, reputation over the years and impressive ability to decide what much and what less means in terms of rewards and effects, made me to trust him in this experiment. He does exceptionally well, that for me means that others could become part of this select group too, but its hard to pick you. So it beginns....... Implementing a Quest ATTENTION : I assume you have a quest plan, artworks, logic and a general idea of where and how you want it to work. You are the creator and designer of the quest, not this document. Use this document to get some idea and suggestions of how i believe it should be done but feel free to be more creative than this. A25 Tools: All the commands here should be checked again in the docs Action on clickable Items where they are kept updated, here just example uses. Tip: When commands allow messages/alerts, personalize the command messages, but only after you check their default value and order of variables if any. Tip: Do not work alone, try to find yourself someone to help. Its always better to have two opinions or more...plus you need someone to test what you do. Tip: Give temporary or consumable rewards for the checkpoints, but permanent ones for the final step. Tip: Make your quest worth playing even if not won Define the map zone where it will take place, or start. Define its final outcome options/reward/result All examples i give are actual things that can actually be made with these tools. If you are not certain of a capability of a tool, i will detail it more as needed. There is a huge documentation for all these commands and triggers, and more examples, explaining each paramter effect..so there is a lot more that could be done, but i am writing just the first few things that cross my mind right now, the rest you can think of yourself (and complete this doc by writing your ideas!). The name (word before the # sign) is usually explanatory for what the tool does, and the parameters should spark your imagination on how it could be adapted to a certian scenario. Add checkpoints try to divide the entire journey from start to end , in steps, so you can reward or give some feedback to the participants periodcally. Paying attention to the participants only just at the start and at the end , can lead to a frustrating experience. Try to have clues or smaller activites on the way, so they have a sense of progress as they advance thorugh the quest. Define the entry point and start point This entry point can easily be a place on the map that contains a clickable with startquest command, and a relocate parameter, so that they players are all set for the quest when they click it , and also get transported to the starting point via the relocate parameter. Entry point could be the same with the start point, in such a case you don't need to add the relocate param to teleport users away. However, some areas of the map are impossible to reach for most, so be careful how you plan your audience. Planning a synchronized start? all you need to do is adjust the paramters of this command that starts the quest and set parameter ''who=onlinehere" so that everyone online at that moment in that location starts the quest or competion at the same time. You can also relocate all or scatter them across the map for an even more fair start. startquest#key=quest-autumn2050;nomsg;nosound;msg=You took the boat to the tournament, You have a new quest key [[%s]];relocate=1_0x0_2;who=self;announce=[isle coords %s] ::: %s Took the boat Tournament." You can limit participation to a quest in many many ways, but one that is certain to bring a certain type of people in , is by checking their active days. Active days are not lowered or increased by ANYTHING in the realm, they will always represent a rank of activity and loyalty towards the realm in general, but not a rank for skill and personal abilities or charisma. activedays#minimum=7;maximum=-1 Patience is a virtue, you can verify how long someone waited in a place with this simple command: waitinplace#delay=1200 Pickable items, Public use items, Progressive combiners, where recipes and only certain planned combinations of ingredients return a well planed result, and a lot more advanced features are possible to be created with the A25 tools, its really a lot. I will leave this sort of features out of this document because each one needs a lot of explaining, and the documentation provides it, its redundant to write it here. However, keep in mind that they are an option too, but consider it is an option that requires sometimes my help, at least till you master these tools better. You should read the docs of all the commands and also check out their default messages , in general by not specifying your own msg or announce parameter. In case you need to swap the order of variable in the message, ai ma afraid thats not possible, but you can do as then above example by placing the first paramters thats the key, first, as a sort of label, then the only remaining param, in this case, is the playername.........announce=[isle coords %s] ::: %s Took the....... Like this you swapped apprently the order of variables, but technically it is same order. Instead of ... key ... playername ...., it reads isle coords:, followed by a visual sepparator ..::::: , then the playername as if it would be the first in the sentence. You can use the order of params as they are in the default message also, much better actualy. Players should begin at the entry point and be taken to the start point. The startpoint itself is best if locked in such way that others would't be able to participate if they do not have the quest key received from the entry point. Use the activated rules and triggers to configure what is available when and how Checkpoints (you can name them differently if you consider, steps, levels, stages, trials, etc) Plan the checkpoints, their locations, and their role. Prepare art that is suitable for those locations. Accessing the next checkpoint could be a matter of finding or obtaining something through trading or otherwise, and using that item to receive the key needed to open/access the next checkppoint: takeitem#item=Large Rock;key=labyrinth_hidraulics;t=85000;msg1=ACTIVATED! You used a Large Rock to hold this device in position.;msg2=You need something heavy to hold this device in position;msg3=The rock still holds this device in place, go further. (A sample use is in the labyrinth, check it out) Group effort or teamwork tasks are great ways to separate access to the next checkpoint. Using storeitems command you can create fillable clickables that will activate and do something only after they get filled/completed. Check out 'scope' parameter to configure if you want it as a group effort checkpoint, or a personal effort task. If you make it personal, think from the players perspective and try to determine if what you ask is possible and how could it be achieved. Leave hints of your solution. storeitems#needs=Piece of Cake;howmany=12;processtime=3600;info=Assamble a big cake;whenused=removeitems;scope=player; optional: scope=player will count items per player, ignoring progress of other players loading this item optional: reset=true will clean up the storage giving back all loaded items. Heat is useful as a measurment of activity too. 'Problem' with heat is that is gets lower every second..but there are jars and heatstones and spells, and fighting and sacrificing and so on, basically nearly everything in MD influences heat a bit , lowering or increasing it. Heat is something that can be controlled on your own, or with help (in a team). Let them decide how, and face them with a challenge related to heat, using this command heatload#size=10000 helper commands to consider: apboost, scatter, moveto, alert Situation based triggers can also be used to unlock a checkpoint, or a side feature of the quest. You could plan group challenges where a team needs to work together to complete the task and move on, or be cruel and just one of the team members moves on...depends entirely on your design. the tools allow you to activate something remotely by a group of people, each holding an item at a certain location. There are advance parameters and usage scenarios for this. It could be used to stage wars and clan fights if needed, or even setup a burgler team with some watching over and other stealing the others team treasure. ...its really just your imagination that should go wild , the command is powerful enough to face anything . Its also a great trigger to check online players in a certain place...or to build a land weapon of your own design, all in one powerful but simple command. itemsatlocation#items=Test Key 1|8_dockpathtree_1,Test Key 2|8_dockpath_1;mode=all Remember HEADS COMPETITION? Well there is a tool to use that part of md in a more creative way. A dangerous way if you ask me because i don't remember what happens if the actual ancient heads competitons starts again while people are under the "influence" of this head ripping tool...but i guess it will just be more interesting With this tool you can check the number of heads on a player to do whatever other action you want based on that. Heads are obtained through fighting so this is ideal for a more intense fighting based quest/challenge hasheads#minimum=100;maximum=-1 Heads system has been enhanced to be usable in a specific area and group, without the realm-wide heads competition to be on. This is currently used as a way to exit the island , as an example of its use. Note: Expanding the realm through branched stories and new scenes Oh yes, that is also possible now quite easy. I will not go much into this here, but i just want to mention it. You could create your own locations, just like the rest of the realm scenes. All you need is a perfectly fit drawing, an good reason to convince me or whoever will play with A25 tools to help you upload it. Do you remember when an entire Labyrinth section was uploaded overnight, well, thats part of these same tools , 3 clicks to add new scene. Only if artists like Sushi where more easy to find Passing the checkpoints To access a checkpoint you need to complete the challenge from the previous one, get the checkpoint to give you a key, or item, or trigger, or anything else possible through the commands, that will be required at the second checkpoint. In addition, the second checkpoint needs to ask for its own challenges to be completed in order to pass. In this way, each checkpoint has a requirement to be accessed, and a requirement to be passed. Use trigger activation to configure when something becomes activated or not. The activated state of an item allows you to show a different image of it, make it do different actions and so on. Any of the possible commands can be set to be available only in the items activated state. By simple not setting an image in its normal state, you can hide the item entirely and have it appear only when the requirements for its activation are met. Trigger (activate when..) isfilled checkheat#item=item15;loc=1_0x0_1;heat=10000 checkheat#heat=10000 checkheat isonline#who=Playername;where=1_0x0_1 isonline#who=Playername istrigger#key=summon_plainsguard;count=4;mode=countplayers istrigger#key=forge;count=4;mode=countclickies istrigger#key=justthekey itemsatlocation#items=Test Key 1|8_dockpathtree_1,Test Key 2|8_dockpath_1;mode=all hasitems#items=Hot Air Balloon|1,Balloon|1,Wings|1;mode=any hasheads#minimum=100;maximum=-1 activedays#minimum=7;maximum=300 waitinplace#delay=120 istriggergroup#key=forge;group=1/4,3/4,1/4 istriggergroup#key=forge;group=a,d,e,c;mode=inorder haskeys#keys=quest-key1,quest-key2,quest-key3;mode=existing; haskeys#keys=quest-key1,quest-key2,quest-key3;mode=missing; itemsatlocation#items=Test Key 1|8_dockpathtree_1,Test Key 2|8_dockpath_1;mode=all Linking the checkpoints Link the checkpoints!!! One should point to the other, and provide needed items, keys or triggers to access it. there are many ways you could give the participant something to take with him in order to open the next door/checkpoint. Be careful not to make these things more interesting than the rewards themselves. Their usage should be limited to activating the next step in the adventure, and only that. IMPORTANT: Consider to begin with easy to pass checkpoints, for all the participants, and slowly make it harder, or even have "boss levels". Double check the access and activation of each checkpoint, keeping track of how their access is interconnected through keys, items, or triggers obtained from the previous checkpoint, You need a map of your quest, and a logic plan... and someone to help you test and double test everything. You could use these commands to link checkpoints Method 1: Give and take. Checkpoint A gives you something, Checkpoint B requires you that something, plus something else in order to activate. Just the item from the previous checkpoint is obviously not enough unless its time delayed, otherwise your participants would storm from one checkpoint to an other without restriction. Use these, combine on one and the other checkpoints, and use "activatedaction" and "activated when" and "show if key" , "show if item" and so on. You should read about them or check the interface for all these goodies. giveitem#item=bushiewine;qty=1;uses=60 trigger#key=opensecretgate;param=4;t=3600;msg=This message is visible when trigger is activated. Param can be anything unique not just 1/x but also 1, 2 etc Intermediate rewards for progress If you cascade the checkpoints, allowing access to one only after passing through the previous, you should assign them a small reward, proportional to how difficult it is to reach that place. Design rewads in a flexible way, or a creative one. Think that it is stupid to give stuff to people that already have stuff...so don't give powerful crits on checkpoints that require crit fighting, or actionpoints on checkpoints that require access through high ap gates... In such a way you could allow for unexpected turn of events, powering your participants where they don't expect. You could use the following commands to configure these clickables (just example settings, use your own, and check out the exact and updated syntax in the doc: Action on clickable Items: apboost#points=1000 giveskill#skill=cartography;points=1;msg= %s increased by %s point. (special use) givehiddenskill#skill=tester;points=1;msg= %s increased by %s point. giveitem#item=bushiewine;qty=1;uses=60 Traps and side challenges This type of checkpoints could be very well be used anywhere in the quest, at the beginning in order to begin, or at the end as the main final event of your quest. Commands that affect all the online players in that location are good for this. Also, you could manually oversee the event and handle things more organized if you have time and wish. The scatter command pushes away towards predefined locations (random from a list), and can keep some in place (you or an organizer for example). Its only a matter of interpretation how you can use this feature. You could make a scarecrow ..or Playercraw ..or a bomb, or a wind related event where a tornado takes all the participants far far away....use your creativite mind. scatter#locations=1_0x0_1,1_2x2_1,1_-2x1_1,1_-1x3_1,1_-3x-3_1,6_-4x4_2,7_borderviewstairs_1,7_mansiondoor_1,7_melodystairs_1,7_tribunalview_1,7_walkway_1,6_1x2_1,4_1x2_18,3_1x3_19,3_1x3_17,2_0x2_1,1_4x4_1,1_2x-4_1,1_0x-2_1;anntype=individetailed;exceptions=1028;announce=%s was thrown to %s Riddles are also a great way to challenge participants. Riddles are fully functional but they are limited to the available pool of riddles. You can use them like this, or add to the pool by submitting a request for this. It takes longer time and your riddles must be well themed (md style, no sci-fi, outerworld, etc) , not only quest specific howoever, because once added to the pool they will be available randomly to anyone using this command in his quests. Depending on the reply you can move them to an other checkpoint, or take them on an other path, or anything really, ad this is one type of command that supports nested commands for correct and wrong answers. question#delay=500;valid=6000;seed=1;repeatpool=no correct: moveto#loc=3_librarytunnel_1;forced=yes wrong: alert#msg=This is a message Negative events are also welcome, to punish those that fail, or plan surprise events and challanges. Imagine he eats a poisonous mushroom and speaks nonsense a long while after, instead of being able to CAST THAT SPELL he needs so much. trigger#key=pubdrink;toadspeak=I am very dumb;t=60 (say "i am very dumb" a couple of times and then silence) You can use triggers in many creative ways as they are responsible for very many things you could do in MD. Triggers cast some spells, power weapons, unlock things, ..most importantly they are temporary effects that can work together regardless who or where "triggers" them. trigger#key=summon_demon;param=2/5;t=100000 You can mix triggers with pickable items, or use just pickable items to implement a quest if you wish. Pickable items can be in turn activated to do something, or mixed in combiners, etc. Remember that all items, pickable or not, access keys and so on, all these can and SHOULD be set to become visible only when the quest starts for that person, and they will all vanish when the quest ends. It is possible to leave all these in the participants possession, if your scenario is of this sort, but you need to consider the consequences of this happening in a quest that is always available to new players and participants. I prefer to use pickable items only in the context of that quest, but its possible to create a quest that represents a source of certain items or resources in the realm (!!!), For example: "in search of running rocks", could ask players to find rocks with personality, scattered across the realm, and such a quest could be the only source of such items forever. Final Step Rewards The end of the quest is important , but not as important as the quest iteslf. The reward here however, will be the attractor that motivates players to compete. The flavor and style of the quest, is what determines the quest success, not its reward. The rewards are in general sponsored, or in this case generated, so you won't lose anything from your own account. If you overpower the rewards, you do MD a great harm. If you let them too low, you will dissapoint the participants. Untill i will find a way to set reward values automatically based on quest designer reputation or somehow, you should check with me or with some other veteran to see if the rewards are acceptable or not. It is essential to keep your quest rewards themed to the quest and not to clone existing items or ideas. Please put an effort in this. It is a sort of an art to determine what a good reward is, don't disconsider this step. Automated Rewards You can set a clickable in a restricted place that one could only access with the key received from the last checkpoint, or by activating it somehow, or with a collection of keys, etc. On this clickable you should place the reward script, and a congratulations message. Keep in mind that you should close the quest for that player once he gets the final reward...it will be harder to get them to click a preconfigured clicky to remove keys and such AFTER he gets his reward The reward giving commands are many, because most of the things described till now have one way or an other to be used as reward systems. To reward something you could give a shop item, access to a locked place, skill points, secret skills, credits, creatures, resources. Interactive rewards Hand picked rewards are the best, the most fun, but they are not instant. You could of course give him a series of points or items throughout his entire journey Ending the quest If you wish to reset the quest and remove all its influences in the realm (except rewards that are permanent by their nature), you can use this command. It is also the command to use mandatory at the final clicky of the quest, where the big reward is. resetquest#key=quest-autumn2050;who=all/self/onlinehere;nosound;nomsg;msg=Quest based on key xx was reset for yy;relocate=here (or coord, or 'no'); announce=Resetting quest keys[[%s]] for %s;resetmode=reset-everything/reset-pickup/keep-pickup Cleaning up after a participant is important, because that player will want to play in other quests and the map should be free of interference with other quest items and triggers! This last command is also very powerful and has lots of interpretations. You could use it for example to organize a competition where the winner stops the entire quest and takes the win. By changing its parameters, you can configure it to do much more. Do you want to throw someone in jail if he fails the quest, or send him in a dark dungeon as punishment, also with this command, using the 'relocate' paramter. Pfew...done...i hope i put in here enough ...there is more in the command docs for those that i will grant access to that, depending on your level of interest. I am just a man, and chew all the same, this amount of work is nearly impossible without a huge team, so..thats what i am dreaming of... Till next --Mur Ps, i said at the beginning that there are no rewards in here..well if you reached this far, i think you can imagine that whover will be involved enough in such a megalithic project, and will actively implement quests, and decide permanent rewards, or plan and shape md, will have his obvious benefits and eternal legendary status We are basically talking of an other level of playing md, by creating it ..its something some of us are doing for a long time already, and its very interesting next natural step im the evolution of this ...online experience.
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    Character Design Challenge

    Time's up~ First of all, thank you for your participation & inputs! It's more than I expected and I really enjoyed reading all the submissions. It's hard to choose coz I like all of them, especially Vicious, Aia & Ailith’s stories! I think their stories are very dramatic and more engaged with the MD theme. Also it’s interesting that Ungod’s story reminds me of a Japanese horror manga “Tomie”, and Fang actually created a love story/backstory of himself, Nava was very close to the deadline but he made it. So congratulations! I changed my mind, everyone will receive a reward~ (I should find a judge next time :P) Aia - the avatar & a colored item artwork Vicious - colored item artwork Ailith - colored item artwork Ungod - b&w item artwork Fang - b&w item artwork Nava - b&w item artwork *you can sell/trade/give away the rewards whatever u like. I will contact the participants individually via forum pm. 🧙‍♀️
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    A gift for Draconas

    Those of you who know me fairly well know that I sleep in the Drachorn Lair next to Bernard's left foot. Thanks to the kindness and hospitality of the Lair's inhabitants Draconas and Burns, I feel like I am welcome to stay there despite the fact that I do not seek to become a Lair Keeper. In my evenings keeping Bernard company, I have spoken to Draconas many times and I know how much he longs to go home, his love for his beloved rider and the respect he has for many who have resided in the realm. The one thing that still eludes him is a source of food that is big enough for one as great as he is. He has told me many times since I met him of his wish for a certain type of tree which bears fruit of his favourite food from his own realm. Though I have no magic or power to grant him such a tree within the realm in thanks for his friendship, I have drawn how I think such a tree would look and how I hope it would appear in MD. Draconas, I hope you enjoy this gift and accept my thanks.
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    Bye bye MD

    Please note that, when Nava says MD will not exist, they mean for them. Mur, myself and everyone that work with us are very committed to MD! Best wishes Nava
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    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    Trouble is, unless given meta knowledge by those who were there, nobody else can join in the AL because the AL still hasn't caught up to the actual reality of the game. The Red Service is months since over yet the AL is still stuck covering the middle of it: It has indeed been dragging on for too long. It would be understandable if the organizers were still waiting for MRF to return, since he was one of us "summoners" and he did have a task of finding some mp3's to spar with in Necrovion in front of the Little Old Man. MRF worked separately and his efforts at the time were overshadowed by all the hype about the Eclipse. However, even if MRF returned now, it would be a separate arc, especially with the Little Old Man changed to what it is now. As such, how many months should it take for the AL to at least finish the Red Service arc when there's already a log of it posted up on the forums? How many remember the green text message right after the ceremony pointing at the dark clouds gathering above Necrovion? Did anything even happen there then or was it just a false foreshadow? As for the altars being blocked... It's a terrible choice either way. If they are meant to be restored by the players, then the clues given for that are too scarce for RP right now. If it is a story element, then it has outstayed its welcome in an arc that should already be finished. If it is just meant to cause an uproar later to get some fire going when the action dies down... well, congrats, it kind of did that but at what cost.
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    The Book of dried herbs was a gift from the Queen of Loreroot to help in my researches in Herbology. Then, as a token of appreciation, for the lorerootians and enthusiasts, I will present here about herbs and weeds that are subject of my research: Adder's Tongue (Erythronium americanum) is a perennial herb also called dog-tooth violet, serpent's tongue and yellow snowdrop. Adder's tongue is used internally to treat a variety of conditions ranging from vomiting to hiccups and externally in poultice for skin inflammations, and hives. However, adder's tongue may contain the alkaloid colchine. Colchine is extremely toxic, also anyone taking adder's tongue internally should be advised to use only minute amounts. Bitterroot (Apocynum androsaemifolium and A. cannabinum) is also called dogbane, milk weed, and westernwall. Bitteroot is widely used to treat numerous conditions including sore throats, colds and coughs, constipation and convulsions. It contains cymarin, a poisonous substance. It's also used in a decoction of the dried root to threat heart palpitations. Because it is poisonous, and because of it's heart-stimuling properties, bitterroot is considered too toxic to ingest. Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is also called red puccoon, indian plant, and tetterworth. The root of this plant is used to treat respiratory problems and digestive problems. It contains the poisonous alkaloid sanguinare, as well other alkaloids. Bloodroot acts as a narcotic and an emetic, but higher doses can lead to total collapse. Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) is also called devil's eyes and stinking nightshade. Used to treat insomnia and to induce hypnosis (as a hallucinogen). To be continued...
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    [07/06/19 07:36] :Aia steps into Deathmarrow, taking a moment to gaze at the full-moon peering through the spires [07/06/19 07:36] :Aia turns to Lazarus and curtsies in greeting [07/06/19 07:37] Aia:Ah, Lazarus; this were quite the change in scenery from our usual sacred grounds; and yet, I sense of auspicious omens. [07/06/19 07:38] :Aia glances at the Shade in the corner [07/06/19 07:39] Aia:Wer't safe to commence of sacrament in its presence? [07/06/19 07:40] Lazarus:We are [07/06/19 07:40] :Lazarus appears from the dark cave behind him [07/06/19 07:42] Lazarus:With the blessings of the Shades, we can commence the ritual [07/06/19 07:42] :Lazarus thrusts his walking stick on the ground and chants, motions Aia to bow down [07/06/19 07:43] :Aia bows deep and low [07/06/19 07:44] :Aia joins Lazarus in chant [07/06/19 07:44] :Lazarus looks up to the sky and chants to the Moon [07/06/19 07:45] Aia: *chants* Through death and darkness life arise [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:Thy glimmers do ignite the skies [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:Cast shadows upon Necrovion's palace [07/06/19 07:45] Aia:And from within, restore the balance. [07/06/19 07:46] Lazarus:Luna, I ask you to bless your Daughter, Aia, with strength and perseverance so that she may traverse these lands safely [07/06/19 07:47] :Lazarus turns to Aia [07/06/19 07:48] :Aia nods to Lazarus and produces an intricately carved silver chalice [07/06/19 07:48] :Aia places the chalice in the moonbeam on the ground and fills it with elemental rainwater [07/06/19 07:48] Lazarus:In the name of Necrovion and of the will of the Shades, I bless you, Lady Aia of the Eclipse [07/06/19 07:49] Lazarus:A rebirth of Tainting. May you be exalted and held high by your peers and enemies alike [07/06/19 07:49] :Aia solemnly nods [07/06/19 07:50] :[Spell] Arise Aia [07/06/19 07:50] Aia: *lifts the glowing chalice* Solemnly do I receive; [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Fervently do I believe [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Mine vessel ever thine to shape [07/06/19 07:51] Aia:Thy blessing ever mine to take. [07/06/19 07:52] Lazarus:Rise and show the realm who you truly are. Rise, Aia, Daughter of the Moon: Priestess of the Moon's light [07/06/19 07:52] :Lazarus bows to Aia [07/06/19 07:52] Lazarus:My lady [07/06/19 07:53] :Aia drinks the tainted waters from the chalice and rises, her new form unfolding before Lazarus [07/06/19 07:54] :Aia spreads her new wings [07/06/19 07:54] :Lazarus stands up [07/06/19 07:55] Aia:Blessed Lazarus; what a wondrous gift. [07/06/19 07:55] Lazarus:You look divine, my lady [07/06/19 07:56] Lazarus:Such a being is worthy of a corpse Knight, I feel honored to be yours [07/06/19 07:56] Aia: *blushes* I am ever changed, of thy blessing. [07/06/19 07:57] :Lazarus nods [07/06/19 07:57] Aia: *beams* And ever blessed to have thee in mine service. [07/06/19 07:57] Lazarus:I hope that you adore the taint [07/06/19 07:58] Lazarus:For it is the most beautiful thing [07/06/19 07:58] Aia:I accept the taint as mine own. [07/06/19 07:59] :Lazarus takes his walking stick and distances himself from Aia\'s magnificence [07/06/19 07:59] Lazarus:I'm afraid I have to part ways, my lady, if you will [07/06/19 08:00] :Aia nods [07/06/19 08:00] Lazarus:I shall see you soon [07/06/19 08:00] Aia:I shall remain; I believe Necrovion may need of our service. [07/06/19 08:01] Lazarus:I see, I am glad [07/06/19 08:01] :Aia draws up the many folds of her dress and curtsies low to Lazarus [07/06/19 08:01] Aia:May the taint ever remain as witness to Necrovian blessing. [07/06/19 08:02] :Lazarus bows to Aia and walks backwards until he disappears into the darkness [07/06/19 08:04] :Aia spreads her wings again and flutters them a little [07/06/19 08:05] :Aia used the Acousticremains stone to temporarily learn the Acousticremains spell [07/06/19 08:07] :Aia audite [07/06/19 08:08] :Aia audite [07/06/19 08:08] :Aia frowns [07/06/19 08:09] :Aia audite [07/06/19 08:09] Lazarus: (Lol change casting words maybe?) [07/06/19 08:10] :Aia audite reliquiis [07/06/19 08:11] Aia: (maybe it seems to hate that word) [07/06/19 08:11] :Aia reliquiis [07/06/19 08:11] Aia: (nope... okay) [07/06/19 08:11] Lazarus: (Does it have asterisks?) [07/06/19 08:12] Aia: (yes... two on either side like the other spells) [07/06/19 08:12] Aia: (what...) [07/06/19 08:12] Lazarus: (Try getting rid of it perhaps) [07/06/19 08:13] :Aia murmure [07/06/19 08:13] Aia: (argh) [07/06/19 08:14] :Lazarus failed to cast a spell [07/06/19 08:15] :[Spell] **audite murmure** Aia
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    Mirrors and Reflections [Caravan Event]

    Greetings One and All. Welcome to the first event of the Travelling Caravan of Entertainment. I cordially invite you to Angien's Ferry on Day 152 of Year 14, server time 17:00. The theme of the evening will be: Mirrors and Reflections. Bring any prepared entertainment on this theme: Examples could be a poem, story, art, music, research speech etc. I will prepare some things also in case they are needed. We will feast and fight until the early hours, perhaps even blessing the combat of the evening with mirror magic if those that have it will cast. Please ensure that all the entertainment prepared is MD related and in good taste. There may be rewards if there are any outstanding contributions. (The date is Saturday 1st June, from 5pm GMT)
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    fallen god

    Birthday Cooking Quest!

    Ah, one of my original recipe, discovered by accident as I terribly messed up another recipe. I present, tender roasted Grasan ribs, coated in BBQ sauce. The recipe is as follow: Ingredients: A rack of Grasan ribs, butchered into pairs A bottle of soy sauce, sold inside the Wind Sanctuary Thin foils, made out of a certain food-safe metals mined inside Golemus, manufactured into thin sheets by the little mans A fine bottle of malted goodness (I remembered of a player whose role was a pub keeper, can't recall exactly, sorry) Various herbs that you may find suitable for a rack of ribs, procured from the depths of Loreroot A big Loreroot onion Wild garlic and pepper, found outside the gate of Marind Bell A fine bottle of sauce, suitable for your taste Honey, in the forest surrounding Wasp's altar Recipe: Optional: Marinade Coat the ribs in soy sauce and add a few crushed garlic cloves. You may add any other seasonings and spices that you deem fitting Leave, covered with a thin piece of paper, so that the meat is completely sealed from outside air Steaming First, finely chop the onion and crush a few garlic cloves. Dice any additional herbs you may wish to add. Lay your ribs down the thin metal sheet, one pair of ribs per sheet. Rub them with pepper and any other herbs as you deem fitting Add onion and garlic, three cloves and half-a-handful of onion per pair Shape your foil into a small curve, then pour the fine, golden malted liquid, not so much that it spills, but not so little that it couldn't coat the meat Wrap up the meat, so that the liquid can surround the meat inside the metal sheet. Using a large pot, pour in enough water to be ankle-deep, then place a small steamer base down, so that it create a nice, dry surface, away from the water Place your ribs inside the pot, and shimmer for 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on how tender you wish your ribs to be Close the lid and wait, take caution as the water may fully vaporize, in such case, simply add more (hot) water. Coating and roasting First, remove the ribs from the foil, gently tap with a piece of water absorbent paper, or left to dry on a rack. This is to ensure the coating can stick to the meat properly, and the meat can caramelize properly. This is important. Place it in an oven tray, and roast over high heat for 10-15 minutes, to achieve caramelization. Alternatively, wrap again, in a new, clean piece of metal sheet, then grill over open flame to taste. Cover the ribs with your preferred sauce and honey, with herbs that you deem fitting. The final rib should have a nice, caramelized surface, while retaining its inner moisture and tenderness. A well-cooked rib should be tender enough that you can directly pull the bone off. Serve with roasted/mashed potatoes, salad and a good mug of golden malted liquid. A few notes on debugging your ribs: If it's not bone-pulling tender, you did not steam it long enough. If it's mushy, vice versa If it's too dry, you grilled/roasted it for too long. For the caramelization process to take place, you need to have high heat in a relatively short period of time. Or that your rib is of garbage quality.
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    Herewith find a log of the recent occurrence at Wasp's Totem, which did find occasion to be bathed in nightfall.
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    This quest had originally been written some years hence, but Aelis hath recently solved it, and did advise me that he enjoyed it immensely. I presently reward all who successfully complete this quest from mine own inventory, although I should like for sponsorship, or a Spell-Document, to reward those worthy; in time past, Tarquinus did grant his Spell-Document to those that solved this quest. Currently, for those that solve it, I offer a 13th Anniversary Hollow Warrior (only a single one doth remain), or a choice of a Root Warrior, Imperial Aramor, or Sharptear. If these do not suit, I am willing to grant a prize of credits commensurate on the quality, and elegance, of the solution. It seems that the demon of the realm, Mur, hath declared the Realm of MagicDuel to be, as it were, a cube. I imagine, then, that had such a realm originated in different orientation, that Night may be a more common occurrence. Likewise, the cube in which all may come to this realm may resemble, or echo thus, this formation. I wonder then, if I were to model such an orientation, would a different orientation, and thus, outcome, be possible? If I were to mark one surface of a cube with an arrow, pointing to the north, with the marked surface facing skyward, such that it were opposite to the surface that doth contact the flat surface, and place such cube on the flat surface, such that it does not, and cannot slide, but roll, and flip over its edges when gently pushed in any of four directions, would it be possible to return the cube, in any number of the aforementioned moves, to the original space that it had occupied, with the difference that this cube must be oriented with the marked surface facing upwards, and the arrow pointing to the East; toward the Tribunal Lands, and Dominion of Mur? While the answer may be yea or nay, such a solution must come with impeccable logic, and reason, rather than endless tirade. If the answer were yea, a solution, or sequence of moves, shall satisfy, while if the answer were nay, provide impeccable reasoning, or proof, wherefore it were so. I accept proofs or solutions only via private message, either upon the Forum, or within the realm. A transcription of the Common-Tongue, for the purposes of readability: "Imagine a cube, marked with an north-pointing arrow on the upper surface, on an infinitely large flat surface. You can roll the cube over any of its edges as many times as you like, but you can't slide it and you can't turn it in place. Is it possible to return the cube to its starting location, except that the arrow is on the upper surface and pointing to the east instead? Either provide a sequence of moves which allows this, or prove why it is not possible."
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    Where have the years gone?

    Gosh, it's been quite a while since I've spoken to anyone here. Even the odd person I kept in touch with, I have the last messages sent... A year ago. I'm reading over stuff, thinking about the past and the people in it. It's weird to think that other people have been getting on with their own lives. I kind of imagine the people that "lived" here as not ever really ageing or changing in the least. Obviously, I watched people change in front of my eyes and just didn't really ever notice it. I wish I could hear everyone's stories since the last time I spoke to them, to see if everyone else has changed as much as I imagine they have. I'd be surprised if they hadn't to be honest. I'm don't know how things are going at the minute. I haven't asked, I don't really want to. In my mind, this is the place it always used to be back when I used to frequent it. There's honestly a special place in my heart for the people and places here, and it makes me tear up a little to type that, feeling silly as all heck as I do. I don't know whether this is a Hello, or a Goodbye, or what else it really could be. Something I can't put into words. That's a bit unlike me, these days. I like to think that I'm just a tad more articulate, flowery, expressive, whatever. I've had a lot of issues with expression in the past. Perhaps I wanted people to notice when I radically changed? I don't think they did, or they were kind enough to not point it out in a rude way. Maybe that's why I chose this sort of shapeshifter persona, despite how outright irritating that must have been back in the day. I loved to play characters and switch things up, and I think a lot of that was finding myself, as sappy as it reads to my own eyes. I guess my real point here is just in a way that I probably gave off a lot of wrong impressions. I don't mean that in a fake way. I'm not really planning on re/kindling up a bunch of friendships. I didn't know how to get across what I wanted sometimes. Fake hostility probably came out a lot as real hostility. This applies to EVERYONE I ever spoke to at any point. I can't say I've ever... Really, truly, actually despised anyone here, or even remotely disliked anyone for longer than a minute. No, not even you. It's bittersweet to read over things. Surprisingly, more sweet than bitter. I can't put my finger on it. I feel detached from who I used to be, though as a few people have alluded to in the past, I'm a different person entirely publicly and privately, normally. Maybe some of you haven't had a break (and I type that assuming this is going to be read by anyone, I'm fairly sure it isn't.) Maybe you're thinking about what a random little thing this is. I sure am! I've been gone for years though, I think, and think I needed to say something, though I know I've said things along these lines before, but perhaps not as heartfelt as it is now, with all the experience and knowledge I've gotten under my belt since those times. Anti-climax. Apologies. Sorry for being an annoying little s- sugarcube. I appreciate beyond what I can express in words all the things that you did for me though, intentionally or not, well-intentioned or not. I love you all, best of luck in whatever you've moved onto since we last spoke, and I hope you're all as young-at-heart as you were back then too. Here's to... I guess... Seven years ago? ~VC
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    Aia del Mana

    A New Aramor Assembler

    A vision of the Aramor Assembler upon the Island of the Gateway; at suggestion of Azull. This doth consist of a Crystal, which doth catalyse of the Fenth to assemble of an Aramor, both from existing parts and missing ones, which the Fenth readily doth form. Again - this were merely a sketch, and I am no Sushi.
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    On holiday so its taking a back seat a bit, but so far the changes made for The Flash Javascript rework are: 280 files changed, 1547 insertions(+), 3718 deletions(-) Its quite substantial so I will be thanking all those who have contacted me to help me test them. Further updates following.
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    New here! just making my presence known to all.
  27. 7 points

    Design your own animated Golem

    Behold my creation: I call it the Sleepy Wind Golem! xD Core components: Hope you enjoy it! haha
  28. 7 points

    Logs of kills and revivals

    I would like to request a log of both kills and revivals be made available for all to see so that the entire population has access to data on who gets killed, how often and by whom. and examples for headers might be: Player Killed, Killer, Date, Time, Kill Method / item used and Player revived, Reviver, Date, Time, Kill Method / item used I believe that this information belongs to the entire population, and I can see no viable or arguable reason why such logs may not exist. They could be placed in MDA with the logs of item transfers etc.
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    Muratus del Mur

    Bye bye MD

    I am always sorry when a player of such presence leaves, but i am also not sorry for not changing my decisions just to make someone stay. I think now i understand your request better. It is a behaviour pattern i kept seeing in md, when someone is about to leave anyway, they make the most absurd requests knowing they have nothing to lose. Anyway, you are always welcome back! And even if you think that me or MD, won't exist, i think MD still hold secrests to fuel your thoughts, and you are welcome to check back from time to time to see what i mean. As long as i physically exist and can still type, md will be my main creation..and even if one day it will be empty, i will still continue to develop it and bribg valuable things into it. And when i won't be around, you still have chew to 'worry' about...so don't count on md's end too soon 😛
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    Josie's journal [Golemus Golemicarum]

    Golemus Golemicarum It was day 15 Year 14 when I turned 60 days, I fulfilled an achievement and got a wishpoint.. it seemed a bit hollow to me. I had a plan for what I wanted to do, to travel and to research. The mysteries of the realm lie before me and so far I had done nothing. So, I checked my backpack and took the boots at the Necrovion Gates, quickly speeding the road to the Golemus Gate. Stepping through, I was excited about what adventures await me there, but more importantly, what secrets lay hidden within each place I would visit. As it was already late for me, I made my camp at the Bridge of Ages when I landed in GG. I awoke feeling eager to get exploring. Ungod, who had seen my announcement in the realm status list, came to ask if I would like him to accompany me on my walk. I of course said yes, he is very nice company and a very engaging to talk to. We began at the mill, where Menhir was awaiting to gather some water. I had seen Menhir once or twice but had never spoken to him. After talking to Menhir for only quite a short time, I found him to be somewhat of a kindred spirit in terms of how we view the realm. I am very much looking forward to talking to him again. Ungod and I discussed the mill and the interesting points in what we saw before us, and the next days became a blur of discussion and ideas as Ungod accompanied me through each place. There are some things which I found immensely intriguing and am looking forward to publishing research notes on our realm forum to prompt discussion and ideas. Then.. the day that changed all, I stepped into the Drachorn lair and was speechless. Before me I saw a mighty drachorn, bound and controlled in place by tiny men. I immediately knew that this place was calling to me, my empathy for the poor beast was apparent. I took to sleeping there every night, and have been ever since. I call him Bernard for this is a name which is special to my guide in the other realm, and also because I cannot pronounce his true name as he would say it in his mother tongue. Over subsequent day, Ungod and I travelled through the rest of Golemus Golemicarum, to all places accessible to us. We spoke at length about the meanings and connotations of the various aspects visible in each scene. I found Ungod to be terribly good company and a good friend, and I hope that he will remain so for the rest of my time in this realm. There were days when my time awake here was limited, and others where I would simply walk around and think on the wonders of the island. I was disappointed that the tiny men and empty aramors that wander around almost as we do were not present. The island seemed eerily silent without them. Gradually I became more settled, more at home, and the sensation I had had in MDA paled in comparison. The island I had thought to simply explore had become my home. I was present at the Gate of Ages when Chewett came to attach the crown to the new King of Golemus Golemicarum, Miq. At that same moment, Sunfire became of mind power seven also. A momentous day indeed. Fang Archbane had begun holding training spots in and around the island, which meant that more people came to the island. I idled quite a few days away, not attending my research but becoming more aware of the simple fact that something on this island was calling to me. Then it happened, the day I knew that though I would go to explore all the other lands, that this was my home. I spoke to Miq about how I could petition for citizenship, and he told me he would make me a citizen there and then. On day 33 year 14 I became a citizen of Golemus Golemicarum. I swore an oath before Miq, which was witnessed by Fang, that I would earn this honour.. and I will. I am planning now to explore other lands, though the difference in that case is that I will be leaving behind my home to do so and will miss it. The next exploration will be in a few weeks as I have much to do with the potential research I have garnered from this island. The first subject of which I am planning to publish soon after this journal on the realm’s forum.
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    Unfulfilled Golden Avatar Request

    Mallos bought the Gold Avatar Token in 2013, he keeps asking and waiting patiently but no one can help...(manager left, too busy etc) so I made it, as a MD artist with the gold avatars medal, I would like to request approval for his golden avatar. the screenshot of the chat logs he sent me I tried to upload but I got denied.
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    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    after a brief skim through this thread, i think the main issue with this Al segment comes from just how limiting it is for the whole realm, if it was just a small change in how the game plays for others then the impact might not have been so severe, however, its affecting gameplay for those not involved, and have no way to get involved. i'm all for elements that affect the realm as they do bring life to the game in some aspects, but this current Al is doing the opposite, its locking down one of the main things that are keeping some of the players active here. a story should enhance the game, not limit it, provide discussion, not opposition. that being said, why cant a compromise be made? even if it's just opening up one altar somewhere, even if it's just for a brief moment every so often, just to allow both things to exist. does it fit the "lore" of the quest? i dont know, but it would make the the state of the game easier to swallow for the people who want to participate in the aspect of the game that is now locked. new players who come to the game may want to change out their creatures or play around with these features, and cannot do so beacuse of a situation they cant participate in, i feel like a temporary solution should be reached. i'm sure there exists some solution that allows both parties to participate in the areas of the game they want to, without treading on the feet of the other.
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    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    *voice from the off* You all probably realized that i turned into a silent reader a rather long while back, but 'taking it to the game' is nigh impossible currently. As of this moment (which used to be a good time to be online), there's 14 people logged in, 7 of them idle. You seriously can't expect people to wait around for the exact right people to play with and do nothing meanwhile, there needs to be some stuff people can do on their own while hanging around. Otherwise they won't hang around long enough to find any catch to push the story off. I admit that i wouldn't even know about the fact that the altar is closed if it weren't for this thread, but that's because i don't have time to even play by myself... *voice goes into the off again*
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    Current progress: 297 files changed, 1822 insertions(+), 4155 deletions(-) The system is ready for moving all the old database crud into the new form (new being years old instead fo decades) however that means I have just broken everything using the old system More testing needed before this goes live, but I hope to have the majority of it ready for OMEGA player testing maybe end of next week?
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    I am not knowledgeable enough to build up the concept but I like Aia's idea, so I drew the sketch of her sacrificial cloud~
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    [27/07/18 09:26] :Sushi begins her meditation practice again [27/07/18 14:33] :Aia del Mana sits within the Gazebo in preparation [27/07/18 14:46] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 6 [27/07/18 14:52] :Mallos fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 14:55] Mallos:cant undo time you know, can only change it [27/07/18 15:15] Nava:Soon, Aia, all will change. [27/07/18 15:54] Bash Chelik:hello there, folks!:) [27/07/18 15:54] Bash Chelik:some fancy meeting here:D [27/07/18 15:55] Rophs:oo [27/07/18 15:58] Aeoshattr:Nava? [27/07/18 16:50] :Sushi waves [27/07/18 16:50] :Sushi sits in seiza [27/07/18 16:51] :Nava looks at Aeoshattr , her white eyes observing him as she tilts her head. [27/07/18 16:51] Nava:Aeoshattr. [27/07/18 16:56] Nava:I've completed my preparations. I may not be able to consciously attend the ritual, but I [27/07/18 16:57] Nava:I have done what was needed. The rest is up to all of you. [27/07/18 17:16] jakubhi:hey [27/07/18 17:52] Nava:Hi jakubhi. [27/07/18 17:52] :Nava 's eyes glow like they did before. [27/07/18 17:53] Nava:If not him, then may another serve the purpose. [27/07/18 17:54] :Mallos yawns [27/07/18 17:54] Mallos:Her? [27/07/18 17:58] Nava:There are many hims and many hers. I need not disclose the specifics. [27/07/18 17:58] Mallos:YOU? [27/07/18 17:58] Mallos:Inkalle [27/07/18 17:59] Mallos:ooh, getting me ahead of myself now [27/07/18 17:59] :[Spell] Innkalle [27/07/18 17:59] Mallos:dont think there aren't other ways to hurt you [27/07/18 18:05] Nava:Foolishly attempt all you wish. Your desire to hurt me comes from your own pain. And it will feed it. In the end, you'll become a frail beast that can never nourish itself. [27/07/18 18:05] Mallos:arrogant naive human [27/07/18 18:07] Mallos:How many times can I tell you I'm trying to help, before you WILL listen [27/07/18 18:08] Nava:I will not continue this discussion as the Eclipse grows near. Use this time to reflect and prepare for the changes to come. [27/07/18 18:08] Mallos:it's only you who doesn't hear [27/07/18 19:12] Ungod:i noticed the jumplink three minutes too late. hi! [27/07/18 19:13] Ungod:this was a training ground long time ago, right? [27/07/18 19:13] *Syrian*:that was a different gazebo. [27/07/18 19:43] *Lintara*:Evening all! (did anyone else have a mysql error just now?) [27/07/18 19:44] Nava: (Yup.) [27/07/18 19:44] Nava:I shall be in and out. [27/07/18 19:45] Nava:But I will remain here. [27/07/18 19:46] *Lintara*:Alright then (heh, may as well get my evening tea :D) [27/07/18 19:46] Nava: (mmm, tea.) [27/07/18 20:00] laylah:What if I pull all these... things? [27/07/18 20:01] *Lintara*:Then the sound won't be transmitted... Probably [27/07/18 20:02] :Ledah dabs [27/07/18 20:02] Aia del Mana:Greetings, and welcome. [27/07/18 20:02] *Miq*:nom nom [27/07/18 20:02] :*Miq* overwhelmed Ledah [27/07/18 20:02] laylah:Greetings [27/07/18 20:02] :Aia del Mana curtsies to all present [27/07/18 20:03] *Lintara*: *nods and smiles* Hello Aia! [27/07/18 20:03] *Miq*:who is getting painted red? [27/07/18 20:03] :Esmaralda nods in greeting respectfully [27/07/18 20:03] Sushi:hi all [27/07/18 20:04] *Lintara*:Hello hello [27/07/18 20:04] Aia del Mana:I thank all for thy presence this day, upon this auspicious time. [27/07/18 20:04] :Aia del Mana notes the presence of the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:06] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:06] Aia del Mana:In time past, the Red Service had been a time to offer of ritual sacrifice of blood - that which were shed through combat. [27/07/18 20:07] Aia del Mana:As it had been, so shall it be this day also. [27/07/18 20:07] Aia del Mana:Let us commence, if all are ready. [27/07/18 20:08] :Esmaralda nods [27/07/18 20:08] :Sushi nods [27/07/18 20:08] *Lintara*: (oh, let's also write Red Service as cause ^^) [27/07/18 20:09] :Aia del Mana looks skyward to the slowly, but surely, darkening face of the Moon [27/07/18 20:09] Aia del Mana:The axis has shifted. [27/07/18 20:10] Aia del Mana:The world is returned unto balance. [27/07/18 20:10] Aia del Mana:Look to the skies, and give thanks for her return. [27/07/18 20:10] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:11] Aia del Mana:Blessed Goddess, the Children of the Eclipse welcome thee. [27/07/18 20:11] :laylah wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:12] Aia del Mana:The auspicion of the Blood Moon is upon us. She who watches over all now casts her solemn gaze o'er all, [27/07/18 20:12] Aia del Mana:In reminder that all who take must also give. [27/07/18 20:13] :Esmaralda crippled Ledah [27/07/18 20:13] :laylah wins against Sushi [27/07/18 20:13] Aia del Mana:We shall offer to her sacrifices of blood, that our bonds be strengthened and our resolve fortified. [27/07/18 20:13] :*Lintara* wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:14] :laylah fails to defeat *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:14] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Miq* [27/07/18 20:14] :Esmaralda vanquished *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:14] :laylah fails to defeat *Miq* [27/07/18 20:14] Aia del Mana:We who seek the return of the Eclipse find solace in her manifest. [27/07/18 20:15] :laylah fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:15] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:15] Aia del Mana:As her shadow and her radiance converge, so shall light and darkness of the realm. [27/07/18 20:15] :laylah wins against Ledah [27/07/18 20:15] :Esmaralda overcame Sushi [27/07/18 20:15] Aia del Mana:Restore to equilibrium the delicate balance, [27/07/18 20:16] :Esmaralda fails to defeat laylah [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there be darkness, so bring light, [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there is death, life, [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there is mystery, revelation. [27/07/18 20:17] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:17] :Esmaralda fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:17] :Aia del Mana produces a faintly glowing Moon Chalice [27/07/18 20:18] :Esmaralda overwhelmed Ledah [27/07/18 20:18] :Aia del Mana places the Chalice upon the ground and fills it with pure rainwater [27/07/18 20:19] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:20] Aia del Mana:All who are present, that do partake of blood-letting, [27/07/18 20:20] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:20] Aia del Mana:Let thy heat fill her chalice, that she above should accept of our sacrifices, [27/07/18 20:21] Aia del Mana:That her blessings should fall upon us all. [27/07/18 20:21] :*Lintara* hammered laylah [27/07/18 20:22] :Aia del Mana turns to the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* finished Ledah [27/07/18 20:22] :Esmaralda fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:22] .Little Old Man.:Sacrafices *eyes glow a little* [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* overwhelmed *Miq* [27/07/18 20:22] Aia del Mana:Dost thou wish to be free of thy burden? [27/07/18 20:24] :Esmaralda hammered Ledah [27/07/18 20:24] .Little Old Man.:Freedom... [27/07/18 20:24] Aia del Mana:I invite thee to step forth, Little Old One. [27/07/18 20:24] :laylah fails to defeat Sushi [27/07/18 20:24] :*Lintara* eradicated Ungod [27/07/18 20:25] :*Lintara* slashed Aeoshattr [27/07/18 20:25] :laylah wins against Ledah [27/07/18 20:26] :laylah fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:26] :Aia del Mana turns to Aeoshattr [27/07/18 20:26] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:26] :.Little Old Man. suddenly Aia and the little man disappear [27/07/18 20:26] :Aeoshattr gives Aia a brief nod [27/07/18 20:26] Sushi:!! [27/07/18 20:27] *Lintara*: *pauses* Huh? [27/07/18 20:27] Aeoshattr:Hm. [27/07/18 20:27] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Miq* [27/07/18 20:28] :Ledah coughs awkwardly [27/07/18 20:28] Ledah:See youall next year I guess [27/07/18 20:28] :Esmaralda fails to defeat laylah [27/07/18 20:29] :*Lintara* fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:29] :*Lintara* mutilated *Miq* [27/07/18 20:29] *Syrian*:looks like they both took a little nap. and the old man is now mp7 [27/07/18 20:29] Aeoshattr:I think they are dreaming. [27/07/18 20:30] *Syrian*:they are [27/07/18 20:30] :*Lintara* overpowered Ungod [27/07/18 20:30] :*Lintara* conquered Aeoshattr [27/07/18 20:30] Esmaralda:Could we be dreaming too? [27/07/18 20:31] Aeoshattr:No, you would know if you were. [27/07/18 20:31] *Syrian*:it's fairly obvious [27/07/18 20:31] :*Lintara* crushed laylah [27/07/18 20:31] :*Lintara* crushed Ledah [27/07/18 20:31] Esmaralda:What i meant was, can we also join a dream? [27/07/18 20:31] Nava:Did I miss the Little Old Man? (still semi afk) [27/07/18 20:32] *Syrian*:everyone can join one, but only if a person that can create a dream takes you [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*: *shakes her head* Unless the dreamweaver takes you there [27/07/18 20:32] *Syrian*:the old man is gone, he took aia with him [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*:Hi Nava. Yes, he just vanished with Aia [27/07/18 20:32] Nava:Do you remember when Phantom Orchid put us all in one large dream that led to her exile? [27/07/18 20:32] Ledah:I find it easiest to upset Jonn [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*:I... wasn't there [27/07/18 20:32] Nava:Ah, I see. Fascinating. [27/07/18 20:33] Aeoshattr:The Little Old Man must be sharing something with Aia that he desires to only be known to Aia. [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr wins against Ledah [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr finished *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr wins against Sushi [27/07/18 20:34] Esmaralda:Is the red service at an end then? [27/07/18 20:35] Aeoshattr:I suppose we wait and see. [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Perhaps a small prayer then.. [27/07/18 20:36] :Esmaralda looks up at the moon [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Moon of silver, moon that shines, [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Whom the weak you doest enshrine, [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Moon that sees our thoughts inside, [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Goddess of the rising tide, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Thee, my goddess I profess, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:As my hands raise in distress. [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Bring the night back, let it glean, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Bathe these lands in silver sheen, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Let the shadows fall once more, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:In these lands like once before. [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Hear this priestess, hear her pray, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Crackles in her voice betray, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Yearning for the goddess reign, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Day the sun will start to wane. [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:See the longing in her heart, [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:For the comfort you impart, [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:Turn your eyes to servants plight, [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:Wrap this land in black and white. [27/07/18 20:38] :Esmaralda turns her eyes back down from the sky [27/07/18 20:41] Aeoshattr:Ah... it rains... [27/07/18 20:41] :Aia del Mana reappears with the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:41] *Lintara*:And with rain, they return. [27/07/18 20:42] :Aia del Mana nods solemnly at the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:43] Aia del Mana:I do not believe there shall be need of a vessel. [27/07/18 20:43] :Aia del Mana turns to everyone else [27/07/18 20:44] :*Lintara* perks her ears up attentively. [27/07/18 20:44] :.Little Old Man. his eyes no longer glowing, looks smaller than before [27/07/18 20:44] Aia del Mana:This day, we must take of life, that life may return. [27/07/18 20:45] Aia del Mana:I fear this may be the only way to lift his burden. [27/07/18 20:46] Aeoshattr:What... life? [27/07/18 20:46] Aia del Mana: *looks at the Little Old Man* He, who doth carry great burden. [27/07/18 20:47] Aia del Mana:Blood of his must be shed, and then, the ritual must continue. [27/07/18 20:48] Aia del Mana:I order this of all present, in great mercy for he who suffers among us. [27/07/18 20:49] :Esmaralda beat .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] :Aia del Mana cut in pieces .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] :*Lintara* wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] :.Little Old Man. smiles feintly [27/07/18 20:49] :laylah fails to defeat .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] Aeoshattr:Forgive me, old man. [27/07/18 20:49] :Aeoshattr wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:50] Rophs:I'll have acousticremains [27/07/18 20:50] :.Little Old Man. each time the man is hit, the circle around him grows smaller [27/07/18 20:50] Rophs: (thought it starts in 10 minutes sorry for interrupting) [27/07/18 20:50] :*Syrian* wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:51] :Rophs wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:51] :Aia del Mana lifts the Moon Chalice [27/07/18 20:51] :*Lintara* looks up, her ears lowered with no smile [27/07/18 20:51] Aia del Mana:Luna, Guardian of the Night. [27/07/18 20:52] Nava: (Back) [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:Blessed be thy holy light. [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:Glow upon thy sacred chalice, [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:With thy heat, restore the balance. [27/07/18 20:53] :Aia del Mana slowly pours the water into another circle around the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:54] :.Little Old Man. the circle, growing ever smaller, reaches the confines of the old man [27/07/18 20:54] Aia del Mana:Luna beloved of the sky, Hear thy humble servant's cry, [27/07/18 20:55] Aia del Mana:Bestow thy magic principles, upon the Shades invisible. [27/07/18 20:55] :.Little Old Man. he mouths thank you, and slowly disappears into the closing circle [27/07/18 20:56] :Aia del Mana watches the chalice glow a strong red [27/07/18 20:56] :Nava 's eyes glow. [27/07/18 20:56] :Aia del Mana watches the chalice irradiate the Little Old Man with intense heat [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Luna, light of heaven's grace. [27/07/18 20:57] :*Lintara* raises her ears and looks at the spot where the man was [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Radiant, we see thy face. [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Watch over thy chosen one, [27/07/18 20:58] Aia del Mana:Now life is spent, and deed is done. [27/07/18 20:58] laylah:Congratulations, well deserved. [27/07/18 20:58] :Aia del Mana turns to everyone present [27/07/18 20:59] Aia del Mana:I am grateful to all this auspicious night. Luna hath heard our prayer. [27/07/18 21:00] Aia del Mana:May she bless us all this fateful night. [27/07/18 21:00] :Sushi smiles [27/07/18 21:00] : Fang Archbane collects Rainwater [27/07/18 21:00] *Lintara*: *smiles* Well done, Aia. [27/07/18 21:01] Aia del Mana: *smiles* I could not have done it without thee, Your Majesty. [27/07/18 21:01] Ledah:Spooky [27/07/18 21:01] Rophs:Congratulations. [27/07/18 21:01] :Nava smiles. [27/07/18 21:01] :Fang Archbane floats into position [27/07/18 21:01] Nava:It is done. [27/07/18 21:01] Sushi:Congratulations! [27/07/18 21:01] Aia del Mana:Or indeed, of all present, hither, or in other lands. [27/07/18 21:02] *Lintara*: *curtsies to Aia then turns her head* Hrm, looks like it's not over yet. [27/07/18 21:02] :Aeoshattr looks over into the distance [27/07/18 21:02] Rophs: (on phone, I'll grab the log and pass it to aia when I can get enough heat to cast) [27/07/18 21:02] Nava:It's never over, just done many a time. [27/07/18 21:02] :Aia del Mana looks southward at the storm clouds [27/07/18 21:02] :Aeoshattr vanishes with a cracking noise [27/07/18 21:03] Nava:And now the next phase begins. [27/07/18 21:03] :*Syrian* passed Acousticremains stone to Aia del Mana [27/07/18 21:03] :Sushi nods [27/07/18 21:03] Rophs: (ty!) [27/07/18 21:03] *Lintara*:Wait with those stones, I've got a few casts left [27/07/18 21:03] Aia del Mana: (I'm on a non flash device - anyone able to acoustic-remains?) [27/07/18 21:04] :[Spell] Whispers of the past, please speak to the present
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    Bottomless toy chest!

    Today marks another personal achievement: after almost 2 years since it was first implemented, I was able to create a Bottomless Toy Chest using the tool in Willow's Shop. I think it's the first chest created this way (the other 2 were awarded by Mur). So, another challenge down, bring on the next one! The last achievement for which I needed this much time was the Morph Collection. Can't wait for a new one! Goooo me!
  38. 6 points

    Design your own animated Golem

    My golems love to spin & dance! 💃 Spinning Golem #1 [Water energy] I reused the plastic bottles & straws at my first attempt. Water is life. Spinning Golem #2 [Electromagnetic energy] After that I got another idea, I made a simple motor with neodymium magnets, battery & copper wire, and sculpted the form with tin foil paper. Now the golem can dance so much better. Thank you for watching ! 😊
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    Design your own animated Golem

    Design your own animated Golem Following on from my recent research topic, I offer the following challenge: I would like you to design and create a Golem of your own. Use your imagination and skills to show the realm your wizardry by animating that which would not normally naturally move. Rules: 1) The golem must have a recognizable human shape 2) The size, materials used and method of energy is entirely at your discretion 3) The golem must have some manner of animation of its own volition for at least 10 seconds 4) The evidence for the animation must be in the form of a video clip 5) Please provide a picture of the core components as evidence 6) Somewhere in both pieces of evidence must be your MD name and the date Participants will be rewarded appropriately to reflect the time and effort it takes to complete their entry. As this quest has no end date, I would like to request this quest be pinned in some way to give participants plenty of time to think of, and create their entries.
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    Aia del Mana

    Character Design Challenge

    Many thanks to Sushi for creation of this contest, and also for such generous provision of reward, each of which I note requires of significant time and effort from thine own tireless being. I certainly did not expect to win this avatar, but I promise it shall go to a character worthy of its beauty; I vow that it should not stay locked within a vault, but be displayed by one who shall provide of further depth to her being.
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    Upon recent events I did find myself within the Dead, with little company, save for the Death Guards, a very kind wookie, and, in curiosity, a shade. This shade did say naught, but did pass to myself a small stone tablet, that which I do exhibit herewith. With time, I believe I did realise of its meaning, and did reveal it to the shade; who then finally did speak, in gratefulness, that it should finally understand of what its sibling did write. Those who message myself the solution upon the Forum shall be in contention for rewards that I have petitioned of Chewett and Ailith - a Wishpoint and anniversary creature for the first to provide its solution, and a second anniversary creature to the second to do so. Entries are now open, and shall close upon the close of the anniversary celebrations, fourteen days hence. I shall accept only of solutions in private-message upon the forum - entries posted elsewhere shall not be accepted.
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    Golem's Reflection

    Golem’s Reflection Ailith kneels before the fires at Mount Kelle’tha and speaks the following words: “Truth. Balance. Reason” Before her an image of a broken antique hand mirror frame appears, with only shards and dust of the mirror remaining. Ailith nods and utters: “Truth. Transposition. Light” The shards and dust leave the frame and approach her, whirling around her for a few moments as though she had millions of stars surrounding her. “Truth. Entropy. Time.” They then coalesce to create three larger shards and move to hover in front of her eyeline, reflective surfaces facing her. Each holds a different image. To begin the quest, please find Ailith awake in game and during a conversation with her, ask “What did you see in the first shard?” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the first part of a longer quest that I intend to run in game from my papers. I am launching the first part only for the duration of MD's 14th birthday. This quest involves some writing, so success and rewards will come from the following criteria: Effort: Outstanding / Average / Minimal Content: Outstanding / Average / Minimal Relevance: Outstanding / Average / Minimal Effort means the amount of time and thought you spend on your response, Content means the consideration you have given to actually writing the response and relevance means how closely your response is connected to what I am asking of you. Please note: I will NOT be judging your grammar, spelling or level of written English if it is not your native language. What matters to me is your own personal style and expression. For the time period of the MD birthday, I will give the First and Second place entries an anni creature. (All contestants who pass the bar on the first section of this quest will be allowed to continue with the second part which will be published in one or two months)
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    Aia del Mana

    Birthday Cooking Quest!

    Herewith, mine submission - Cow-Tree Phở - simplified from a family recipe of mine inhabitor. Instructions are included for those who wish to create of it in the other-realm, also. Requirements were as follows: Five units of pure elemental rain-water - enough to fill a large recipient Two units of Bones, obtained of a cow that doth grow within Ailith's mythical Cow-Tree. Bones excavated from Necrovion will not suffice. One unit of thinly sliced cow, also from the Cow-Tree Three seedling-bulbs (preferably of the onion-kind) One unit of rice-noodles; a rarity within this realm A handful of ground aromatic herbs; a handful of whole aromatic herbs One handful of Golemian Rock-Salt A handful of leaves from the basil-plant A sprinkling of ground pepper-corn Twelve full erolin-spheres; alternatively, a full heat-storing jar (twelve thousand points shall suffice). Fill of a large cooking-pot with elemental water. Source of some bones - a kilogram and a half thereof (I would hope, from the Cows in the Cow-tree, rather than that excavated within Necrovion) - that with much marrow were ideal for this recipe. Sprinkle some ground aromatic herbs, and some that were not ground. (Those within the other-realm may use of some Five-Spice, and some whole star anise) - a generous handful shall suffice. Place within two large seedling-bulbs (those of the other-realm may know of these as onions; the brown or the red equally suffice). Do not slice of these into smaller portions; some incomplete cuts shall suffice, such that the water may permeate of them, yet not cause of disintegration. Add of some erolin-heat, and simmer for two to three hours, then, set aside to cool overnight (one of the other-realm may use a refrigerator to aid of this process). Once cooled, one shall note of a coalescence atop the broth. Carefully remove of this and discard it. To complete of the broth, add of some Golemian Mineral Salts to taste; one of the other-realm may, in preference, use of fish-sauce. Prepare of some rice-noodles; these are indeed quite rare within the realm; one must find a place to grow of rice, and reap of it, and cast them into flat sheets; one blessed of the other-realm may find it easier to purchase of these, and mine inhabitor doth quite recommend of that which were fresh, and not dried. If one may obtain of the fresh kind, soak in boiling water for two minutes, and strain of the water. Add of sliced onion-bulb, and of raw, thin slices of cow, from the mythical cow-tree. Finally, ladle of the broth (ideally, it were close to the boil at this time) over the dish, and sprinkle of some ground pepper-corns and basil-leaves. One so inclined may add of bean-shoots, or of further heat-spices, but this were not mine own preference. Serve hot; stir to cook the beef until it were cooked to thine own taste.
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    Scene Redesign Challenge

    I do not have time to conduct a quest or design a new scene. But I still want to participate in at least one quest, for old times sake. This picture is years old, designed by me for a Christmas scene decoration quest, one of the five or six scenes I designed for that quest. I liked another picture and therefore chose that one for submission. However, nothing in the world can match the strong feeling of nostalgia I get when I see this pic, the hours of labour it took me to create this one tiny frame, paint, erase and repeat, paint, erase and repeat, I even used to get headaches due to spending hours in front of my laptop... The sole purpose of it being wanting to win the best questor award at the end of the year. Beating dst at what she was incredible at, seemed like a badge of pride to wear during those days. Still is. All of it began in this paper cabin as Esmerelda. The funny part is, after I finally understood what I wanted to do in this game, I created a new character named Nimrodel, as you know me now, and I didn't start the game in Paper cabin at all! Mp2 testing was going on, and I started the game in golemus, at wraith's wreck if I remember correctly, ate Grido's brains asking too many questions, stumbled upon some super secret golemus meeting which I remember nothing about (all I remember is they kicked me out respectfully asap). And after that began my journey as Nim to the person you know me as on today. I may not have been there for all the 14 years of MD, but every single day that I get to experience this... Phenomenon, is a new lesson, a new experience in its own. Here's hoping to be able to spare more time in the near future, Happy Birthday MagicDuel. Wish you many many more to come...
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    I am Hungry

    I, MAG THE (self proclaimed) KNIGHT OF BACON, AM HUNGRY. I NEED YOU TO COOK THE MOST DELICIOUS, FLAVOURFUL AND LUXURIOUS DISH MAGICDUEL HAS TO OFFER. YOU WILL HAVE TO DESCRIBE YOUR DISH AND PROVIDE ME WITH AN IMAGE, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT I AM SERVED AFTER ALL I AM HUNGRY BUT I KNOW THAT PERFECTION NEEDS TIME SO I WILL WAIT UNTIL END OF DECEMBER. tldr: cook a dish and make it MD themed describe what you made provide a picture (with name and date please) deadline end of december looking for judges and sponsors rewards to be announced
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    I think that there could be a couple of things added to make it a little more interactive and engaging. Perhaps a couple of target practice dummies to appear in the first scene once you have made your aramor so you can get used to the fight system a little. I don't think too much fighting should be on the island though because that would take away from what you have to discover on the mainlands. Perhaps all guards could be MP7 to allow one or two fights also. Some of the writing on the interface and so on could be streamlined or could even be sorted so it's topic sentenced and people can have the option of accessing reasons or further instructions. Also, in terms of first impressions, some links from the top of the page or on free credits voting either don't work or have outdated content. This looks really bad (sorry ) By the way, I can't upvote yet, so I'd like to share my upvote for all the above posts. I did have a couple of other ideas for the first stages but wanted to think more on them before suggesting.
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    fallen god

    Guilds - A Discussion

    Just a few two cents but, as of now, resources is a mess most without any practical application, and guilds do not have any significant impact whatsoever. It'd be great for the guilds to have some impact, such as the ability to maintain and provide better tools, and a way to protect the resources. The fact that resources are scattered throughout the lands, naught of caretakers, and there's almost nothing someone could do to fix resource regeneration nor punish those who crippled the environment. At the same time, the types of resources are too vastly different, yet governed under the same engine, essentially making them re-skin and re-name from one another (minerals regeneration? a lake having... 20 buckets of water in it?) A quick fix won't last forever, and a full fix requires re-thinking on how resources should be implemented from the ground up, in my honest opinion. It seems that it's all tossed up together with no sense of direction of how they'd impact gameplay. Hard to play make-believe with things that have no intrinsic values, which can't even be split and used for proper trading.
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    Guardian of Tools

    Hi Fang, quick question, what gives you any knowledge on the current Necrovion situation? What knowledge did you gain there? Anything interesting? On the Necrovion chaos, I will make this official statement. Given the past activity of the shades, and the more recent Necrovion Rebels, it isn't entirely surprising that something has occurred to cause the chaos. Read through the most recent AL (whether you love it or hate it) and see the desperation. Something had to happen, and it did. What happens soon? well As for "Its not open", have you been in Necro recently? Looks pretty open to me. ----------------------------- For everyone: Its always nice to see pride in your knowledge in the game. Mur and I love the theories and debates we have with players. But please remember to never tell people they don't know anything, or that you know the best. Its very likely you don't know "the best" about something, Mur and I don't. There are some legitimately gifted players in MD who have managed to work out a wide range of secrets/lore that we have codified into the games and we are always happy to see more. Sometimes we get ideas that while we hadn't considered, make perfect sense in MD. Then these become "canon" and we seek to integrate more hints about this new lore into the game. This is why I said Mur and I don't know everything, like everyone else. Idling in a scene for a month, year, decade doesn't magically give you knowledge. Many land leaders in the past had no real understanding of the lore behind their land, and thats fine. Not all players care about the lore, even if they are fiercely defensive of their land. Arguments, demanding people are wrong, and this kind of general vitriol is what upsets everyone. To quote a line of my favourite poem "Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit.". We can be better than this, and we should be. ----------------------------- To make a comment on the tools, I wont be giving out any tools for the current time. Unless someone can show me that a certain locations tools are being abused and the item is required. You are welcome to make any and all comments here to persuade me. However, as I said above, this is my current criteria.
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    Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.
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    A brief explanation of this concept, as it were, and a sketch below. I am no @Sashimi - so one may have to use of imagination. Above, it were cloud-form of aether, anchored not to the land, yet, its form doth culminate in blades that may pierce of the sacrifice. Below, it were as a floating orb - that similar to that which one may recruit of creatures. From it doth arise a single point. Betwixt this, and the blades of aether, one may place of the creature to be returned to thyself. Do note that neither the orb, nor the cloud, were tied to the land, although it should be anchored in place by the pull of the swirling water-form, drawn into a thin vapour. This were important that one may dissipate of the heat obtained of the sacrifice - as this were not of land, it cannot return that which were of heat, and this were indeed its purpose.
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