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    Design your own animated Golem

    My golems love to spin & dance! 💃 Spinning Golem #1 [Water energy] I reused the plastic bottles & straws at my first attempt. Water is life. Spinning Golem #2 [Electromagnetic energy] After that I got another idea, I made a simple motor with neodymium magnets, battery & copper wire, and sculpted the form with tin foil paper. Now the golem can dance so much better. Thank you for watching ! 😊
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    Sounds of MD

    (not sure this is the right place, but it can be moved to the appropriate section, without my approval) What is the extension music is hosted on MD? mp3? Was it some kind of plan to have music (tracks) in all scenes? Would it sound good for a couple of scenes to have nature sounds, like a river trickling or birds chirping?
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    Facebook quest

    I don't think the list of winners was made public. I don't remember seeing it here or in any of MD's Facebook posts. I might have missed it though...
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    Sushi and nimrodel both get a wp. Please message me on forum pm's to set a day and time to recive your wp. Good job guys. Lovely work.
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    Equilibrium tourney IV

    The tournament has finished, be prepared to greet your new champion! but let us begin with the beginning, the fight for bronze: Ledah vs No one No one was so impressed with Ledah's path through the tournament he kindly bowed out to maintian his honor. (Or the other world kept him from completing his fight is in a reasonable timeframe). Leaving the MD truest fossil as bronze medalist, proving that age is just a number! And now, the main event, the legendary fight between a (former) king and a god! Jubaris vs Chewett! this much anticipated battle more than delivered, these two oldtimers exchanged jabs without a second thought. when the bell ran and the fight was over only one was left standing... the one and only... well done, well done. and as his armor showed not an easy win. a 3-1 result however giving a clear image that his victory was hardfought. of course our losing finalist deserves praisings too, a tournament regular that always ends up in the top is certainly a sign of skill. from the discussion during and after the brawl we have gathered some interesting information, here are some reactions from our finalists: Jubaris has shown his skill in battle throughout many times over, this is a key example of his wisdom: as for our finalist, only a mastermind strategy could be used to earn this crown, this is what he had to say on the matter: Clear signs these gentlemen are at the top of the foodchain! And for now the most important part the rewards: 1) Chewett: the honor of carrying the title of Equilibrium Champion 1 WP 1 anniv creature Golden wreath 2) Jubaris: 4 gold coins 1 anniv creature 3) Ledah 2 gold coins 1 anniv creature This concludes this Equilibrium tournament. I would like to thank all contestans for making this tourney a truely challenging experience. I'd also like to thank the treasury for their generous donations towards our victors. I hope to see you all again next edition. And who knows you could be the next Champion!
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    Facebook quest

    We all need a break from MD sometimes. The other participants might be going through some busy/rough days too, so it's understandable if they don't reply immediately. That's what I was trying to say in my previous post. As for the sponsorship thing, I wouldn't mind waiting more so you can work the whole thing out. This way you wouldn't need to sell your stuff. That would also give more time for people to post their entries here.
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    What is Wiiya to you?

    Wiiya is something that is important in MD and in time will become more important. The question is, why is it important? This quest, which will run for a month or until an undetermined number of submissions have been received, In this post you should reply with a submission of up to 1000 words which explain what you think Wiiya is both to you and MD. Expanding on its importance and how it fits within MD's lore. The answers can reference other knowledge, other answers or be exceptionally personal to you. Please post all answers on this thread. Others are welcome to ask questions of your reply, which you are also allowed to answer. Any answers to questions put to you will not count in the 1000 words but will be judged as an appendix to your post. Rewards The winner of this quest, Judged by myself and Mur (if time allows), will be given 1 Wishpoint and 5 gold coins. In addition to spend the time working with me on the new Wiiya related plans. Other good points, replies and others will receive various rewards at my discretion. In addition those asking good questions of each other will also little somethings. (maybe even Wiiya itself!)
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    What is Wiiya to you?

    Wiiya is identity in its pure form, like the others already said. I see it as some kind of "mind" aspect (with fenths being "body" and heat something like "blood"). It's as hard to describe as the concept of identity itself. Awiiya demonstrated this idea masterfully when, even after being stripped of his creatures, items, stats -- almost everything that defines us game mechanic-wise -- he remained this insanely strong identity of a character. He ended up becoming "a wiiya". The great thing about him, though, is that he managed to strengthen our own identities as we talked to him. That's some amazing power to me, like he was able to adapt to the person (identity) that was addressing him at the time. That's kind of how I see Wiiya... I think what Wiiya as a concept represents in MD is bigger than the identity of an individual. It's like it contains every single possible representation of identity in MD's lifespan (even the ones that still weren't conceived). "A wiiya" might take form of any specific identity when needed.
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    Blackshade Rider

    Facebook quest

    The deadline for this is Sunday. If I still receive no messages or posts concerning this, I will shut it down completely and assume the players who participated do not want a reward. If you participated in this want your reward then please let it be known.
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