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    404 on story mode page (quests page)

    Iv fixed that up now
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    Combat Mystery Tournament

    congratulations to the victor! and this concludes this tournament, I hope you all had as much fun fighting as i had coming up with tormenting rules to flip the tables in every round. I want to thank everyone that participated and i hope to see you all again on the next mystery tournament coming "soon"! 1) Jubaris: SHMSH fenth+ att lock+ movelock + anniv 12 2) Lintara: 2 gc + attlock + def lock + anniv 12 3) Mralyon: 1gc +attlock + movelock + anniv 12 the victors can contact me for their rewards (except for the annivs, those are rewarded by the wookie)
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    Sacrifices at fenth's press

    The traveller (you) was on his/her way to the Gazebo when he approached the fenth's press. There, an unknown player was sacrificing creatures. Unlike other times, you managed to see clearly how the creatures were devoided of their shapes and turned into fenths...but it all happened very fast. In a few seconds, nine creatures were sacrificed and the player dissapeared, with no trace whatsoever. You strain to recall what creatures were sacrificed... Rules: you have until thursday (00:00) to send me by forum pm the name of the nine creatures (level and name doesn't matter, type suffices), fastest answers occupy the three places. Rewards: 1g3sc for first place, 1 tele to PC stone for second and 6sc+1 mirrorit stone for third (hope i won't have to edit the post, happy guessing)
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    MD 12th birthday - A quest for change

    Tomorrow is tomorrow right? i haven't forgotten there just have been other more important things to do recently sorry all
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    Combat Mystery Tournament

    I have mailed out winners CTC's
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    Looking for avatar

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    Blackshade Rider

    MD 12th birthday - A quest for change

    Tomorrow is a myth