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    a fragment of my broken mind

    I have only read the initial post, so forgive me if I touch on any ideas brought up in other replies. To me, the two paragraphs complement each other massively. In my idea of reality or universe, the way the future connects to the present and past is no linear, nor does it involve time in the usually agreed context of the word. Take, as an example, a painful experience. Before this, there is no relation to pain and after it is a two way interaction from the observer in the future facing choices or occurrences in the unhappened future. To me it looks like this: You can see the entropic nature of the interactions could amplify or be lessened depending on the effectiveness or severity of the future choice or occurrence. Now, I initially said that there is no relation to pain before this.. but this was meant as the pain directly caused by the initial painful experience. How we face that experience and the impact of it, of course depends on other past or present occurrences. A simplified version of how this now becomes like a system of interacting and interdependent occurrences, the effects of which move constantly back and forth through what we regard as past and future: This means that the “homogenous soup of timeless reality”, which you mention Mur, is to me a sphere of not perfectly aligned mathematically accurate patterns and structures, but a living, breathing system of veins as you might find in most living creatures. This arterial system can flow in an infinite number of directions, it includes conscious decisions as might be made by sentient life forms as well as outward occurrences faced by anything that has been “naturally programmed” to react to external influences: I gave an actual “feeling” in my example, but my interpretation of what you might have meant by “feelings” is simply a “fluid state of being”.
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    I am Hungry

    Let me introduce you the new dish from Sushi Bar & Gallery, a special and experimental dish for MaGoHi~~ BACON x SUSHI! The concept is pretty simple but fun to try, a mix of our favorite foods in bite-size, a delicate balance between crispy and chewy with the smoky, salty, fatty and slightly sweet/spicy flavor! um~ there is no way the knight of bacon can resist a temptation like this!! 😈😝 Enjoy!
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    I am Hungry

    So Ma-chan.. I decided to cook Lorerootain Spicy Vegetarian noodles for you to make you appreciate the awesomeness of veggies!! View the powerpoint presentation in slideshow mode for awesomeness! Lorerootian Spicy Noodles.pptx
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    I am Hungry

    1. Nimrodel: 2 GC, tormented soul, bottle bushie wine 2. Sushi: 1 GC, tormented soul, bottle bushie wine 3. Rophs: 10 SC, Glass soup bowl (might need it for future soups) , mirror rit stone notes: - while Nimrodel forgot to add meat to her dish i'd still eat it - really liked the presentation on sushi, you did really good work - rophs soup made me hungry thank you for doing the quest, i hope you like your rewards, they might increase once i hear back from TC
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    Delayed response of interface - Un-playable

    Update: I spent today a bit of time in MD and I am sorry to say that it is unplayable for me. It seems there is a huge delay between the action and response in MD after the last update. I tested it from 2 different laptops and 2 different networks and the result is the same: I click for example the inventory wait for more than 30 seconds, click again on one of the categories of the tools, wait more than 30 s, click the tool I want to use (I've tried with the Bones gatherer and Toy Box) and again wait a lot until the action is ack. The response used to be almost instant but now it's extremely slow.
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    Drachorn Charms

    As some of you might remember, i used to be the drachorn guy. I just realized how long it's been when i looked up the corresponding announcement https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4044 To my knowledge, there hasn't been any serious attempt at picking up the role, so i once more encourage whomever it may concern to prove your skills and claim it for yourself! About the poll, i don't consider the charms 'mine' anymore, but i still have technically unlimited access to the drachorn cave. Seeing as i finished my exams, i can make a little more time for MD again, and if there's a general consensus that charms should be up for grabs, i'd keep an eye out for quests to sponsor (i don't have nearly enough time to make and run a quest of my own anymore). Obviously, if Chewie or Mur disagree with that, it won't happen. If neither of them has concerns and the vote is generally in favor of me using the charms, i'd encourage anyone who wants sponsoring to approach me. If your quest has positive responses, there might be a charm in it for the creator, too
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    Just visiting

    This is my entry. I tried my best though I draw like a small child
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    There is something weird happening tbh, Iv reverted the entire of MD back to olde MD, and I will debug this further tomorrow/wednesday. Thanks for the reports.
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    PM bug

    Hi, I'd like to report a bug in PM system. When browsing through PMs I received, I cannot see my answers anymore. When I click on "your reply" I get this: [object Object] Thank you
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    Resources not regenerated today

    That script was super old and not properly using the old DB layer (let alone trying to use the new one). Its fixed up now and I will review all the crons now. Many thanks No one!
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    Bashaw Steel

    a fragment of my broken mind

    Will read all this shiny stuff when time allows but had to stop and admire this handwriting for a moment.. and to think i`d be jealous for something other than hair:D Anyway, happy new year, folks! May you remember it in a way worthy of living:)
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    Just visiting

    Thank you Ungod, I appreciate the creature you gave me. I hope that I will be able to draw a bit better by the time you publish your Christmas 2019 quests
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    Berserker's Charge Elixir Bug

    As far as I know no one has used the bottle to come back to live since the text changed from something along the lines of "Do you want to live?" (Might have been "Do you want to die?") to "This is a test question" about 2 years ago. It does, however, still kill.
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    I am Hungry

    My evil saurkraut plans failed so I have created a delicious soup. It was made with goat meat, hot peppers, salt, ginger, garlic, collard greens, onion, and water.
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    HTML Crit inventory page Bug

    Ah yeah, the gift creature had its tokens screwed up in the DB, I assume from the process Mur used to create it (by hand?) Try now, I should have fixed the 10 broken crits.
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    HTML Crit inventory page Bug

    How slow is your internet? Its probably an issue with that. I will do some tweaks
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    Heart shards Pain indescribable, that loss, that loss. My heart shattered to pieces, and splintered inside the cavity of My chest - sprinkles of irritation Causing agony in disparate turns as whimsically as pins and needles. Torment unimaginable, that loss, that loss. Mind retracing, what ifs and why did I's, Unending anguish of an unforgiving, unkind and irrational conscience. All thoughts racing wildly, too many Until an end is begged for, please stop. Time immeasurable, that rebirth, that rebirth. Soul completing, the fragments coalescing, piece by piece, fragment by fragment. Self worth and confidence appear, tenacious and renewed with all the doubt dispersed. Now unafraid, the future faced anew.
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    Hello all. Since i moved to this house 3 years ago i started to grow all sorts of plants, vegetables, fruits, flowers (roses mostly) ... It started like a hoby but over the years i implemented system for watering etc. Since i have so many pictures i made a colage pictures and i hope you will enjoy it. As you will see i had a problem with the MD pest but managed to grow very very rare loreroot forest strawberry among other common stuff. 😉
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    So how do we measure time in MD?

    I read through this quickly, so I may have missed if anyone suggested this, but as a core value of MD is in the other players, I measure time as interactions between players and other players or players and the environment. If no one is present, time might as well be standing still. There are, of course, things that happen if no one is present, but nothing too important.
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    Principle Documents

    i do like the idea of having some hidden away in the library, or perhaps you have too visit the library firs,t and find the book, then read it, to get a clue as to where the principle is, and reading the book gives them the ability to collect it at the location it's placed. it would act as a sort of mini quest
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    MagicDuel Offical Discord

    After talking with Fang we have created an Offical Discord Channel for Magicduel. You can access it by the following permanent link https://discord.gg/W6uChv9 We will be adding more content, channels, and bots to this in the coming days and weeks. Send me a message if you want to be a mod/admin. Game announcement will follow when its more "MD'ly"
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    Yami no Sakura

    Final Farewell and Thanks

    I want to start off with a big "Thank you!" to everyone I've met here, and most of all, my deepest and sincerest thanks to Manu for creating Magic Duel. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am eternally grateful for the wonderful experience I had in the year I spent here. Whether you know it or not, I stumbled upon this place in the midst of a series of game-hopping to take the edge off my depression. And MD did more than I ever expected. All of you whom I've met and spoken with, have in a way made me a better person. I simply don't have the words to describe how grateful I am for my time here. But alas, all great things must come to an end. For personal and practical reasons, I have to leave this Realm behind. Practical reason...simply put, I don't have time anymore. I have a paid internship at a research laboratory during this upcoming summer, and there just aren't enough hours in the day to fit in everything. Between my future and MD, I must choose my life, as painful as it is to leave this wonderful community behind. Some of you have noticed, though, that I've been gone or rarely seen these past few months. The reason for this is a personal one. Not to sound rude or anything, but if I haven't spoken to you about this, then you probably do not need to know. Sorry. If memory serves, the number of times I've asked for a personal favor can be counted on one hand. With that said, I'm going to do something extremely selfish here. And this will begin the "will" portion of the note. [indent]1. I will leave leadership of the Legend Speakers to Keith Moon. He will not only be the leader if loyalty but also the leader in name. I know the poor man is stretched very very thin, but I have faith he can handle this. I'm sorry for being selfish, Keith. 2. Absolutely NOBODY will have my creatures. They are mine. [i] I [/i]spent the time to acquire and raise them, and they are bound to me alone. Those of you greedily eying Khellendros can give it a rest. My Drachorn is not going anywhere. 3. My account, Yami no Sakura, will also remain my own. I am NOT giving the password to anybody. Also, passwords to any other accounts I have access to will go with me to the grave. So don't even bother asking.[/indent] And...I think that's about everything that I wanted. Now, I guess is the time for some miscellaneous stuff. Over the course of my time here, I've collected and stored a ton of information. There is a miniature of the MD Archives in my hard drive. I have no means of publishing it, but I will, however, make the information available to anyone who cares to ask for it. However, there are some things that I will not easily hand over. Anything regarding the Loreroot military are classified. If you want those files, you'll have to get one of the Council members to speak to me first. Also, anything that is a spoiler, I will most likely not give you. Besides that, if you need something, ask. The worst I could say is "Sorry, I don't have it." or "Nope, can't give it to you." I guess all that's left now is giving everyone my contact information. While I may be leaving MD, I don't intend to completely cut off myself from the community that I've grown to love so much. Email: yaminosakura (at) gmail (dot) com YIM: xxsakisamaxx Feel free to contact me for anything, whether it is because you need something or you just want to say "hi." All I ask is that you please identify yourself first. I guess this is it, then. Thank you everyone, for everything you've done and all the memories you've given me. Even if I could relive my life, I would change absolutely nothing because all the events that happened ultimately led me here. My time here, as a part of Magic Duel, is something I will never forget. Farewell all, and may your future be filled with wonderful experiences. Just like the ones you've given me. ~Yami no Sakura, ex-Legend Teller. P.S. I am aware of the irony that I was voted as the most addicted person in 2008. Hehe... P.P.S. I'll upload my (in)Famous Quote Lists here since I think they'll be in popular demand. [attachment=922:FQL_08.rtf] [attachment=923:FQL_09.rtf]
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    Legends Questions

    Just a few ramblings, may or may not be connected to anything. Would appreciate some answers or theories. In the beginning man mastered the Four Elements of Nature: fire, earth, water n air then came the Ancestral Arts: magic, faith n science. Orignally the Sage Plains were grassy lands, but now is known as Necrovian. What happened to cause this land to be soiled as it were. The symbol on the wall in No Mans land the spiral with criss cross mark, the lines where cutting the spiral. If a moving spiral is cut by the lines, the movement and the spiral itself will be nulled. If used, this technique can "cut" wind. A weapon used to cut wind is indeed something unusual and powerful. Was someone or something tampering with the Four Elements of Nature and somehow spawned the Deathmarrow? Was it this practice that subverted the Sages which in turn became the tainted Sages of Necrovion? Why r all the trees dead looking, yet the Chaos Woods had so many trees more than they could cut down (the sages). Did they upset the balance? Who or what is the Land Guardian? It states that the Land Guardian will fight only noble ones, the rest will be immune. Why are shades expensive and weak, a bad choice to recruit for those who don't know their secret. Do we know their secret? Who exactly is recruiting them? Knator Commander was part of a mission to Golemus with a cube which they think held the Book of Principles. When the Shades appeared swarming around the cube it changed to yellow which in turn distorted the guarding party into strange glowing masses of colour - glowing shades. Some disappeared - where did they go, what did they become. Knator Commander survived the mission n returned home and hence got his title. Where did he place the cube, where can it be found? Why did the Wizard not help when word was sent to Loreroot? When Wodin was under the influence of the nightshade, he said the 'controls needed to be in certain order', he was remembering the Wizards memories. Order to do what, was he talking about the Wasps Totem, as it is like a control station. Do we have any more information on this? Can we tap into the Wizards memories again, can Morpheus have access to those memories if and when Wodin sleeps? Marinds people avoid going deeper than ground level as they believe for every man living in MB thre is a dead one waiting to take them back to Deathmarrow. How did this story materialise to instil such fear. Why then did the Angiens build the underground caves in Marble Dale Park? Who was expected to use these caverns? It can't have always been this way, as isn't the armoury on Storms Coast Winds old ancestral home? Or did they access it another way. What is the meaning behind: Marind Bells strength is the gates, but some say the gates are its weakness. Who are the naysayers? Why would it be the weakness, is it because of the underground caverns and there is also a door under there, that to my knowledge has not been opened. Where does this lead? Sorry for the long spiel lol But i would love some answers
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    Seeking Crits

    Heads up everyone: this is (at least for me) a scam or at least a very very poor customer. I’ve talked to fang some time ago about selling him shmsh crits. We agreed to the price but said he’ll get back when he’ll have the coins. The result? The above.
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    Berserker's Charge Elixir Bug

    I do.