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    Farewell MD!

    Hey All- Today is my last day within the MD Realm. Casually, I spent the last few days exploring all lands, to my surprise, I discovered two scenes I never saw before! Then I didn't imagine that it would lead to a perfect farewell, but so it happened, the last walk through MD. *Ambitions: I guess I fulfilled most of my personal ambitions for MD. Although I never became King! Shame! I will proudly call myself the King of Nothing! *Moments: One of my favourite MD moment was one of the times I played Confused Santa. That night two of us played the account, so the shifting personalities confused a lot of people. That was Hilarious! *Contributions: I will brag for once, cause it is my final post! Active LHO for quite some time. Active MP6, one with the most adepts at the time. Got me the MP6 Token of Promise. MD's Advertiser: Promoted MD in over a hundred Top Lists and took over MD's social media for various years. Did much secret stuff I can't talk about! Hehe! Ps. if you care for the game, voting for it is essential. Hosted several events and several quests: MD Summer Festivals, MD Xmas Festivals, many random trivia, etc. Hosted a couple of Christmas and Anniversaries. Now, this often involves sacrificing lots of time and having to play secretly a couple of admin accounts so that you as a member of the community can have some fun. So show some appreciation for the admins that play this in the background! Got code access, played Testy account and was Dude2 in announcements before my name was released to the public. It was interesting realizing how big and complex is MD, codewise. Became MP1, Mur decided to experiment with my account and broke it! Thank God I had code access and reverted my Mind Power level, else I would still be stuck! My message. As a normal player, I built my reputation, earned trust, and gained the maximum access the game, full admin and code/server access. You can accomplish even more! Get involved. Contribute to the development of the game. Give ideas, bring in new players. Don't be afraid to comment and step-up. Today, I say farewell to a community I've known for almost nine years, a community I contributed to. All I can say is thanks for the great moments and the not so great ones. It made me a better human being. To Chew and Mur, I will say keep up the good work. Keep MD alive. Think about the few suggestions I made you both. Ps. I've transferred all admin tools to Chewett. -------- dst: I passed Chew the following for you. Since you weren't online and I don't have db access any longer, I wasn't able to transfer them in person. MP6 Token of Promise, 5 GC, 79 SC -------
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    Bottomless toy chest!

    Today marks another personal achievement: after almost 2 years since it was first implemented, I was able to create a Bottomless Toy Chest using the tool in Willow's Shop. I think it's the first chest created this way (the other 2 were awarded by Mur). So, another challenge down, bring on the next one! The last achievement for which I needed this much time was the Morph Collection. Can't wait for a new one! Goooo me!
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    [27/07/18 09:26] :Sushi begins her meditation practice again [27/07/18 14:33] :Aia del Mana sits within the Gazebo in preparation [27/07/18 14:46] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 6 [27/07/18 14:52] :Mallos fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 14:55] Mallos:cant undo time you know, can only change it [27/07/18 15:15] Nava:Soon, Aia, all will change. [27/07/18 15:54] Bash Chelik:hello there, folks!:) [27/07/18 15:54] Bash Chelik:some fancy meeting here:D [27/07/18 15:55] Rophs:oo [27/07/18 15:58] Aeoshattr:Nava? [27/07/18 16:50] :Sushi waves [27/07/18 16:50] :Sushi sits in seiza [27/07/18 16:51] :Nava looks at Aeoshattr , her white eyes observing him as she tilts her head. [27/07/18 16:51] Nava:Aeoshattr. [27/07/18 16:56] Nava:I've completed my preparations. I may not be able to consciously attend the ritual, but I [27/07/18 16:57] Nava:I have done what was needed. The rest is up to all of you. [27/07/18 17:16] jakubhi:hey [27/07/18 17:52] Nava:Hi jakubhi. [27/07/18 17:52] :Nava 's eyes glow like they did before. [27/07/18 17:53] Nava:If not him, then may another serve the purpose. [27/07/18 17:54] :Mallos yawns [27/07/18 17:54] Mallos:Her? [27/07/18 17:58] Nava:There are many hims and many hers. I need not disclose the specifics. [27/07/18 17:58] Mallos:YOU? [27/07/18 17:58] Mallos:Inkalle [27/07/18 17:59] Mallos:ooh, getting me ahead of myself now [27/07/18 17:59] :[Spell] Innkalle [27/07/18 17:59] Mallos:dont think there aren't other ways to hurt you [27/07/18 18:05] Nava:Foolishly attempt all you wish. Your desire to hurt me comes from your own pain. And it will feed it. In the end, you'll become a frail beast that can never nourish itself. [27/07/18 18:05] Mallos:arrogant naive human [27/07/18 18:07] Mallos:How many times can I tell you I'm trying to help, before you WILL listen [27/07/18 18:08] Nava:I will not continue this discussion as the Eclipse grows near. Use this time to reflect and prepare for the changes to come. [27/07/18 18:08] Mallos:it's only you who doesn't hear [27/07/18 19:12] Ungod:i noticed the jumplink three minutes too late. hi! [27/07/18 19:13] Ungod:this was a training ground long time ago, right? [27/07/18 19:13] *Syrian*:that was a different gazebo. [27/07/18 19:43] *Lintara*:Evening all! (did anyone else have a mysql error just now?) [27/07/18 19:44] Nava: (Yup.) [27/07/18 19:44] Nava:I shall be in and out. [27/07/18 19:45] Nava:But I will remain here. [27/07/18 19:46] *Lintara*:Alright then (heh, may as well get my evening tea :D) [27/07/18 19:46] Nava: (mmm, tea.) [27/07/18 20:00] laylah:What if I pull all these... things? [27/07/18 20:01] *Lintara*:Then the sound won't be transmitted... Probably [27/07/18 20:02] :Ledah dabs [27/07/18 20:02] Aia del Mana:Greetings, and welcome. [27/07/18 20:02] *Miq*:nom nom [27/07/18 20:02] :*Miq* overwhelmed Ledah [27/07/18 20:02] laylah:Greetings [27/07/18 20:02] :Aia del Mana curtsies to all present [27/07/18 20:03] *Lintara*: *nods and smiles* Hello Aia! [27/07/18 20:03] *Miq*:who is getting painted red? [27/07/18 20:03] :Esmaralda nods in greeting respectfully [27/07/18 20:03] Sushi:hi all [27/07/18 20:04] *Lintara*:Hello hello [27/07/18 20:04] Aia del Mana:I thank all for thy presence this day, upon this auspicious time. [27/07/18 20:04] :Aia del Mana notes the presence of the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:06] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:06] Aia del Mana:In time past, the Red Service had been a time to offer of ritual sacrifice of blood - that which were shed through combat. [27/07/18 20:07] Aia del Mana:As it had been, so shall it be this day also. [27/07/18 20:07] Aia del Mana:Let us commence, if all are ready. [27/07/18 20:08] :Esmaralda nods [27/07/18 20:08] :Sushi nods [27/07/18 20:08] *Lintara*: (oh, let's also write Red Service as cause ^^) [27/07/18 20:09] :Aia del Mana looks skyward to the slowly, but surely, darkening face of the Moon [27/07/18 20:09] Aia del Mana:The axis has shifted. [27/07/18 20:10] Aia del Mana:The world is returned unto balance. [27/07/18 20:10] Aia del Mana:Look to the skies, and give thanks for her return. [27/07/18 20:10] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:11] Aia del Mana:Blessed Goddess, the Children of the Eclipse welcome thee. [27/07/18 20:11] :laylah wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:12] Aia del Mana:The auspicion of the Blood Moon is upon us. She who watches over all now casts her solemn gaze o'er all, [27/07/18 20:12] Aia del Mana:In reminder that all who take must also give. [27/07/18 20:13] :Esmaralda crippled Ledah [27/07/18 20:13] :laylah wins against Sushi [27/07/18 20:13] Aia del Mana:We shall offer to her sacrifices of blood, that our bonds be strengthened and our resolve fortified. [27/07/18 20:13] :*Lintara* wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:14] :laylah fails to defeat *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:14] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Miq* [27/07/18 20:14] :Esmaralda vanquished *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:14] :laylah fails to defeat *Miq* [27/07/18 20:14] Aia del Mana:We who seek the return of the Eclipse find solace in her manifest. [27/07/18 20:15] :laylah fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:15] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:15] Aia del Mana:As her shadow and her radiance converge, so shall light and darkness of the realm. [27/07/18 20:15] :laylah wins against Ledah [27/07/18 20:15] :Esmaralda overcame Sushi [27/07/18 20:15] Aia del Mana:Restore to equilibrium the delicate balance, [27/07/18 20:16] :Esmaralda fails to defeat laylah [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there be darkness, so bring light, [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there is death, life, [27/07/18 20:16] Aia del Mana:Where there is mystery, revelation. [27/07/18 20:17] :laylah fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:17] :Esmaralda fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:17] :Aia del Mana produces a faintly glowing Moon Chalice [27/07/18 20:18] :Esmaralda overwhelmed Ledah [27/07/18 20:18] :Aia del Mana places the Chalice upon the ground and fills it with pure rainwater [27/07/18 20:19] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:20] Aia del Mana:All who are present, that do partake of blood-letting, [27/07/18 20:20] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:20] Aia del Mana:Let thy heat fill her chalice, that she above should accept of our sacrifices, [27/07/18 20:21] Aia del Mana:That her blessings should fall upon us all. [27/07/18 20:21] :*Lintara* hammered laylah [27/07/18 20:22] :Aia del Mana turns to the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* finished Ledah [27/07/18 20:22] :Esmaralda fails to defeat Aia del Mana [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:22] .Little Old Man.:Sacrafices *eyes glow a little* [27/07/18 20:22] :*Lintara* overwhelmed *Miq* [27/07/18 20:22] Aia del Mana:Dost thou wish to be free of thy burden? [27/07/18 20:24] :Esmaralda hammered Ledah [27/07/18 20:24] .Little Old Man.:Freedom... [27/07/18 20:24] Aia del Mana:I invite thee to step forth, Little Old One. [27/07/18 20:24] :laylah fails to defeat Sushi [27/07/18 20:24] :*Lintara* eradicated Ungod [27/07/18 20:25] :*Lintara* slashed Aeoshattr [27/07/18 20:25] :laylah wins against Ledah [27/07/18 20:26] :laylah fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:26] :Aia del Mana turns to Aeoshattr [27/07/18 20:26] :Esmaralda wins against Ungod [27/07/18 20:26] :.Little Old Man. suddenly Aia and the little man disappear [27/07/18 20:26] :Aeoshattr gives Aia a brief nod [27/07/18 20:26] Sushi:!! [27/07/18 20:27] *Lintara*: *pauses* Huh? [27/07/18 20:27] Aeoshattr:Hm. [27/07/18 20:27] :Esmaralda fails to defeat *Miq* [27/07/18 20:28] :Ledah coughs awkwardly [27/07/18 20:28] Ledah:See youall next year I guess [27/07/18 20:28] :Esmaralda fails to defeat laylah [27/07/18 20:29] :*Lintara* fails to defeat Esmaralda [27/07/18 20:29] :*Lintara* mutilated *Miq* [27/07/18 20:29] *Syrian*:looks like they both took a little nap. and the old man is now mp7 [27/07/18 20:29] Aeoshattr:I think they are dreaming. [27/07/18 20:30] *Syrian*:they are [27/07/18 20:30] :*Lintara* overpowered Ungod [27/07/18 20:30] :*Lintara* conquered Aeoshattr [27/07/18 20:30] Esmaralda:Could we be dreaming too? [27/07/18 20:31] Aeoshattr:No, you would know if you were. [27/07/18 20:31] *Syrian*:it's fairly obvious [27/07/18 20:31] :*Lintara* crushed laylah [27/07/18 20:31] :*Lintara* crushed Ledah [27/07/18 20:31] Esmaralda:What i meant was, can we also join a dream? [27/07/18 20:31] Nava:Did I miss the Little Old Man? (still semi afk) [27/07/18 20:32] *Syrian*:everyone can join one, but only if a person that can create a dream takes you [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*: *shakes her head* Unless the dreamweaver takes you there [27/07/18 20:32] *Syrian*:the old man is gone, he took aia with him [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*:Hi Nava. Yes, he just vanished with Aia [27/07/18 20:32] Nava:Do you remember when Phantom Orchid put us all in one large dream that led to her exile? [27/07/18 20:32] Ledah:I find it easiest to upset Jonn [27/07/18 20:32] *Lintara*:I... wasn't there [27/07/18 20:32] Nava:Ah, I see. Fascinating. [27/07/18 20:33] Aeoshattr:The Little Old Man must be sharing something with Aia that he desires to only be known to Aia. [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr wins against Ledah [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr finished *Lintara* [27/07/18 20:34] :Aeoshattr wins against Sushi [27/07/18 20:34] Esmaralda:Is the red service at an end then? [27/07/18 20:35] Aeoshattr:I suppose we wait and see. [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Perhaps a small prayer then.. [27/07/18 20:36] :Esmaralda looks up at the moon [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Moon of silver, moon that shines, [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Whom the weak you doest enshrine, [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Moon that sees our thoughts inside, [27/07/18 20:36] Esmaralda:Goddess of the rising tide, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Thee, my goddess I profess, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:As my hands raise in distress. [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Bring the night back, let it glean, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Bathe these lands in silver sheen, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Let the shadows fall once more, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:In these lands like once before. [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Hear this priestess, hear her pray, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Crackles in her voice betray, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Yearning for the goddess reign, [27/07/18 20:37] Esmaralda:Day the sun will start to wane. [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:See the longing in her heart, [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:For the comfort you impart, [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:Turn your eyes to servants plight, [27/07/18 20:38] Esmaralda:Wrap this land in black and white. [27/07/18 20:38] :Esmaralda turns her eyes back down from the sky [27/07/18 20:41] Aeoshattr:Ah... it rains... [27/07/18 20:41] :Aia del Mana reappears with the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:41] *Lintara*:And with rain, they return. [27/07/18 20:42] :Aia del Mana nods solemnly at the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:43] Aia del Mana:I do not believe there shall be need of a vessel. [27/07/18 20:43] :Aia del Mana turns to everyone else [27/07/18 20:44] :*Lintara* perks her ears up attentively. [27/07/18 20:44] :.Little Old Man. his eyes no longer glowing, looks smaller than before [27/07/18 20:44] Aia del Mana:This day, we must take of life, that life may return. [27/07/18 20:45] Aia del Mana:I fear this may be the only way to lift his burden. [27/07/18 20:46] Aeoshattr:What... life? [27/07/18 20:46] Aia del Mana: *looks at the Little Old Man* He, who doth carry great burden. [27/07/18 20:47] Aia del Mana:Blood of his must be shed, and then, the ritual must continue. [27/07/18 20:48] Aia del Mana:I order this of all present, in great mercy for he who suffers among us. [27/07/18 20:49] :Esmaralda beat .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] :Aia del Mana cut in pieces .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] :*Lintara* wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] :.Little Old Man. smiles feintly [27/07/18 20:49] :laylah fails to defeat .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:49] Aeoshattr:Forgive me, old man. [27/07/18 20:49] :Aeoshattr wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:50] Rophs:I'll have acousticremains [27/07/18 20:50] :.Little Old Man. each time the man is hit, the circle around him grows smaller [27/07/18 20:50] Rophs: (thought it starts in 10 minutes sorry for interrupting) [27/07/18 20:50] :*Syrian* wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:51] :Rophs wins against .Little Old Man. [27/07/18 20:51] :Aia del Mana lifts the Moon Chalice [27/07/18 20:51] :*Lintara* looks up, her ears lowered with no smile [27/07/18 20:51] Aia del Mana:Luna, Guardian of the Night. [27/07/18 20:52] Nava: (Back) [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:Blessed be thy holy light. [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:Glow upon thy sacred chalice, [27/07/18 20:52] Aia del Mana:With thy heat, restore the balance. [27/07/18 20:53] :Aia del Mana slowly pours the water into another circle around the Little Old Man [27/07/18 20:54] :.Little Old Man. the circle, growing ever smaller, reaches the confines of the old man [27/07/18 20:54] Aia del Mana:Luna beloved of the sky, Hear thy humble servant's cry, [27/07/18 20:55] Aia del Mana:Bestow thy magic principles, upon the Shades invisible. [27/07/18 20:55] :.Little Old Man. he mouths thank you, and slowly disappears into the closing circle [27/07/18 20:56] :Aia del Mana watches the chalice glow a strong red [27/07/18 20:56] :Nava 's eyes glow. [27/07/18 20:56] :Aia del Mana watches the chalice irradiate the Little Old Man with intense heat [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Luna, light of heaven's grace. [27/07/18 20:57] :*Lintara* raises her ears and looks at the spot where the man was [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Radiant, we see thy face. [27/07/18 20:57] Aia del Mana:Watch over thy chosen one, [27/07/18 20:58] Aia del Mana:Now life is spent, and deed is done. [27/07/18 20:58] laylah:Congratulations, well deserved. [27/07/18 20:58] :Aia del Mana turns to everyone present [27/07/18 20:59] Aia del Mana:I am grateful to all this auspicious night. Luna hath heard our prayer. [27/07/18 21:00] Aia del Mana:May she bless us all this fateful night. [27/07/18 21:00] :Sushi smiles [27/07/18 21:00] : Fang Archbane collects Rainwater [27/07/18 21:00] *Lintara*: *smiles* Well done, Aia. [27/07/18 21:01] Aia del Mana: *smiles* I could not have done it without thee, Your Majesty. [27/07/18 21:01] Ledah:Spooky [27/07/18 21:01] Rophs:Congratulations. [27/07/18 21:01] :Nava smiles. [27/07/18 21:01] :Fang Archbane floats into position [27/07/18 21:01] Nava:It is done. [27/07/18 21:01] Sushi:Congratulations! [27/07/18 21:01] Aia del Mana:Or indeed, of all present, hither, or in other lands. [27/07/18 21:02] *Lintara*: *curtsies to Aia then turns her head* Hrm, looks like it's not over yet. [27/07/18 21:02] :Aeoshattr looks over into the distance [27/07/18 21:02] Rophs: (on phone, I'll grab the log and pass it to aia when I can get enough heat to cast) [27/07/18 21:02] Nava:It's never over, just done many a time. [27/07/18 21:02] :Aia del Mana looks southward at the storm clouds [27/07/18 21:02] :Aeoshattr vanishes with a cracking noise [27/07/18 21:03] Nava:And now the next phase begins. [27/07/18 21:03] :*Syrian* passed Acousticremains stone to Aia del Mana [27/07/18 21:03] :Sushi nods [27/07/18 21:03] Rophs: (ty!) [27/07/18 21:03] *Lintara*:Wait with those stones, I've got a few casts left [27/07/18 21:03] Aia del Mana: (I'm on a non flash device - anyone able to acoustic-remains?) [27/07/18 21:04] :[Spell] Whispers of the past, please speak to the present
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    Hello hello!

    Hello all, new and old! I've finally (and I say that with great enthusiasm and relief) settled down in life and (although still very busy) finally have time to spend on myself! Which of course means when I'm not drinking, I can be MD'ing! So what have I missed? Tell me something fun and interesting! Or say hi! Or even tell me to go away again if you like! ;)
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    The moon looks so peaceful tonight. Funny, how things are rarely what they seem.
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    Bashaw Steel


    I cant believe this old shiny still stands:) Well, guys, you made my day. Guess its time to appreciate and enjoy some verses:)
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    Creature Totem Bugs

    When creating a creature totem the naming convention appears to be '[creature family] creature totem' , i.e. 'plant creature totem' , however there is a few creatures that don't have a specified family when it comes to totem creature, and the dont inherit the [creature family] in the name, and just become "creature totem" , a few examples of this would be a santa, or anniversary creatures. previously i thought this was just a naming bug and had no other problems, but today i tried to open one to take out the santa and 8th anniversary aramor that i had stored in them, and instead of bringing up the usual UI to continue with the totem opening, and how many fenths it will cost, nothing happened, the UI that should have been there instead was a blank page, and the totem that i tried to open just disappeared. unfortunatly i have no way to tell if this was the aramor or the santa that went poof. i dont know if this is related to the previous mentioned bug or not.
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    Necrovion demands blood!

    Due to recent events (check Adventure Log, page 551 and following), the 3 methods mentioned in this thread are on hold. In particular, it seems Shades had enough fenths and the Eternal Toiler doesn't work anymore (see picture). Until further notice, entering Necrovion will require real blood. A single drop of yours will work, but you can always bring a friend who accepts to die for you.
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    Happy birthday Peace! May you(r character) rest in yourself (and have a great day besides)
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    Bashaw Steel


    Some say that our flesh is more of a prison to a soul than it is a home. Sometimes, however, spirit refuses to bend and burns ever stronger through the iron bars of our lives. Sometimes, its not about flesh, its about host... This one was/is for you, kid:) May you rejoin MD better than i ever did.. Who has the soul full of tiny cracks Through which golden sheen flows Who has within those unborn stars …In space of guilty and remorse I see the sky, full of footprints A shining traces of once daring child Leading into mountain carved in Steel A home? Or a prison, for its golden sheen… Where beats heart that is one with the Sun Somewhere deep, hidden and enclosed Where is the child that stands for her dreams And golden sheen flows…
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    Weird, they have been "running" but not working. I have added much more debug information and manually ran it so its melted. Next year I will see if I can see whats up with it Thanks!
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    The Voice in the Dark

    OK.. This again an apology post of sorts. Something bad happened. And i am not in a place to even judge this quest. The concerned life event sort of drained all the positive energy from me.. BUT Since i need to end this quest and there needs to be a reward, even though it might taint my reputation as a quest maker, Ima go ahead and award you both Sushi and MRF with 3g coins each, which was the promised reward for the first place. Apologies again. I'll try to be a better questmaker next time. This time... I am just too down to deal with anything. Idle at the temple of nothingness in the east, My usual place. I will give away your gold when i log on. Sorry for all the inconvenience. I truely am.
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    Sky scouters

    Sky Scouter’s outfit design I have talked with Aelis about the mission of Sky Scouters and the items they used, also some descriptions for the sky visibility. Here are my concept sketches for the outfit & tools/gadgets design~ A) Perpetual Action Gear It had unlimited uses and it gave sky scouters action points so they could generate enough AP in order to go through places with high ap requirements. It is so powerful and it reminds me of the ultimate power source & flying device in “Steamboy”. It’s like a metal jet-pack, so sky scouters can fly around and check every single place in the realm, also it can provide lighting in dark place. B) Skyscout Decider A rare powerful item that allows the owner to decide how much of the sky is visible in any location. Another must have item for sky scouters, I was thinking something like a supermarket barcode scanner + controller...and no~ its not a portal gun in “rick and morty”… C) Goggles An eye protector in steampunk style, for prevents your eyes from the heavy wind & rain. D) Altimeter Watch Just like a watch w/ compass and shows the current altitude, a useful piece of kit. E) All weather + Inflatable Protective Suit This suit made with waterproof breathable fabric, it is important to stay dry and comfortable in the sky, the magic on it allows fabrics to adjust insulation based on ambient temperature, keeping wearers warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Also it can turns the wearer into a large airbag ball that can mitigate almost any injury! F) Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++ Last but not least, sun protection is essential to skin cancer prevention – about 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers and about 86 percent of melanomas are associated with exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Learn how to protect yourself to stay safe. : P And this is another try with similar ideas except her wingsuit & levitating shoes.. Thank you for watching!
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    The devil came by the other day, said he was my friend and I told him "Away!" The devil walked past as I waited in line, his wave left a chill in my spine The devil whispered in my ear as I dreamt, a night of terrors left me spent The devil came to my door again, I let him in, we are good friends
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    What if Pinocchio said that "my nose will grow?"
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    Top 200 big piles of resources - NUMBERS

    Some of these resources should "spoil" after a period of time. If Water is not properly stored for a long time has a risk of it becoming contaminated. Flowers, Unidentified plants, Aromatic herbs, Tea leaves, Toxic plants should dry after a while, becoming "Dry Plants" losing their previous characteristics and gaining new ones.
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    Untended/Overgrown Resources

    I think resources should keep generating after they hit their cap, we'll use an example of 10/10: Resource is left at 10/10, replenishment takes it into Untended Status: 11, 12...15/10 being Overgrown Status Then when replenishment hits the Overgrown resource, it drops to 3/10 In other words, +1 every day (or maybe +10% would work better, because with a flat +1 scenes like DQ would probably never reach Overgrown status) it's left Untended until it hits 1.5xCap, then it drops to 1/3xCap This way ignored resources will suffer. Messy room messy mind, afterall. I'm hoping a feature like this would urge citizens to work together to properly tend their respective lands and prompt them to educate eachother on the nature of resources I would imagine Fenths being exempt for obvious reasons, I did think of water being an issue, but I don't really think it is afterall.
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    Happy birthday Curi

    Happy birthday Curi
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    You have waited. And now, you will find the completion that has always been. Soon, you can let go of that identity, its purpose served. And finally become one, just as you deserve. Scattered you were, and gathered you have been. Let the webbing mend the separation that limits.you. Know the flow and do not fear. All's been planned, the time is near.
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    The Voice in the Dark

    Yes yes. I'm sorry for the delay. I got up in my exams and then got carried way. I'll get on to work on it asap. Once again sorry.
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    Fang Archbane


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    What is creativity?

    I came across this study today: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/jun/08/new-study-claims-to-find-genetic-link-between-creativity-and-mental-illness Now, I'm teaching myself art, but I don't think being an artist means that I'm more creative than the average person. Perhaps there are more creative artists/writers/etc. than creative people in other professions, but that still begs the following questions: What is creativity? How can you tell if you're more creative than average? Personally I have some idea about the first question--but absolutely no idea about the second. For me, creativity means thinking in a way that's not the average way of thinking. What about you?
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    brain dump

    pieces of the inner sun: different pieces of us fit together to form our inner sun, we are conceived it is solid, but starts cracking into bits. we need to break it apart and put the pieces back together. Mur's different characters: Mur (real world), Muratus del Mur, Knator Commander, etc were him breaking apart the pieces so he could fit them together. inner sun in this sense is self identity and when you reassemble your inner sun and keep it intact you reach enlightenment? so when buddah left the palace for the first time the false inner sun he had been raised with shattered, he meditated for a long time and managed to pick up the pieces and put them back together, perhaps he was still missing pieces.... broken pattern puzzle.? broken pattern puzzle is like click randomly get chaos, but make the right move, study the pieces, it all aligns properly, each person has inner sun... universe is sentient and have inner sun? planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies,ect....?
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    sad conclusion

    The only reason why Archivists haven't gotten anything done is.. well, oh gee, [b]there were only 2 of them. [/b]Je suis abandoned MD, Ivorak and Pample left for Necrovion, Renavoid was just... Renavoid. And he left, too. Rendril codes for MD and Inno has a life outside of MD. Would it really seem fair to point the dirty finger at people for living a life of their own, or even maybe helping MD in itself? And really... how often is it that there is actually stuff to record that people aren't stuffing up in their yim convos or their 'secret' meetings, eh? What exactly is out there to be palpable and researchable instead of it being a bunch of stupid fluff that people will discredit and claim never happened? Nothing. Nothing is out there and you know why? Because people are stuck up their egos and their information hoarding that they fail to realize the impact of what happens. I have heard it said over and over again that there is nothing to record. Nothing to convey into writing. That NOTHING was going on. Especially by some of the 'veterans.' They say that the archivists that the legend speakers are obsolete. And now,at the first major thing that happens, you go and say that we're not doing our job!? For christ's sake. How can you even make the assumption? Fyrd has TRIED making the community get more actively involved. If there's anything you have to blame, blame the people who don't care enough to be involved except in their little bubble of spice and flowers. Now. On topic: It is sad that Necrovion has to fall due to the blundering of its 'king.' But as Peace has said, perhaps a fresh beginning would be best for all.