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  2. So things happen while studying. It's just a series of doodles.. thought what the heck... Pardon the ugliness... I am not an artist.
  3. Wowowowowowowo YAY! (pls check the MD avatar colouring contest too~)
  4. Here is an update to the rules please read carefully as some things have been changed Sorry this has token me so long to update been real busy. Working on getting thing normal. How to play <Requirements> {{{{{Any mind power welcome. You MUST have your player name in the picture. (doesn't matter how as long as its there)}}}} {{{{{MUST have at least 3 pictures minimum}}}} <Tasks> {{{{Your are to DRAW / SCULPT / OR CREATE what you think the hell hound looks like. Once you have done this you have to upload 3 pictures to this feed.. Do this how you see them. what they'd look like to you. }}} <RULES> RULE #1 <<You must have your player name in your Drawing or sculpture or creation. (this is for authentication purposes) RULE#2 <<NO ALTS (only one account per player.) RULE#3<< Must have 3 pictures> RULE #4 YOU MUST state what Inspired you. Otherwise inspiration points are worthless <Things you can use to DRAW / SCULPT / CREATE with {{ pencil, color pencil, ink pens, markers , paint, chalk, oil pastels, clay, paper, food, wood , metal, ect.. <Judging> Judging will be based on your effort. I understand that everyone is not a artist, don't let this discourage you. This is almost a 100% guarantee win. PLEASE be original, do not copy something you see on Google. Copying someone else's work can lead to you redoing this quest. So be original let it flow. REWARDS 1 wish point. (Keep a look out for even versions of this quest. Event versions of this quest will be posted separate. However players who have completed the quest here are able to play the event versions. So more prizes, more fun) This is a permanent quest
  5. Last week
  6. It appears that I cannot recreate this anomaly when using stones obtained from the Heat Solidifier. Indeed, when there had been a single stone that did function as intended, the "o" spell did disappear, and the casts of the Heat spell did increase as intended. I presently create of a heat stone upon the Island of the Gateway; when this were ready, I shall test this anew.
  7. A kind offer. I shall find thee either upon the Island, or at the Gazebo of Equilibrium.
  8. I have a good supply of heat stones. I'd be willing to try an re-create this if needed
  9. I believe I did, although I recall that another being did pass two of them to myself in the past. I cannot recall precisely which stones were created upon the Island; I believe I have made at least three. I do not possess of further heat-stones, but I am creating another upon the island presently, that I may replicate of this anomaly again.
  10. Did you make the stones? If so do you have the item id of another heat stone?
  11. I do note that there do exist some heat stones which do not function as intended. This anomaly I did note in the presence of Azull, just prior to server time 10:20 on May 23 (Day 142, Year 14): Upon their use, I did find that I had not gained any casts of spells; merely a new line within the spell-interface: I believe these heat-stones to have been created upon the Island of the Gateway, with stones obtained using the Memory Stone Detector, although I cannot confirm this (another may have granted me these stones). However, I also do confirm that there are other stones created upon this Island which did function as intended.
  12. The final round, this is it guys, the battle for the title... We have the Wookie on the left side, champion of the Lands of the East! And on the right side we have an experienced challenger, i present you Jubaris representing Marind bell! And in our battle for the third place we have an East matchup, SoS against CT. History coming to life again in this fantastic contest. I present you No one and Ledah, may the best Eastener win!
  13. Please note the change in date to the next day and slightly earlier time, apologies for any inconvenience. (I am attending a family gathering in the other realm now on Saturday. )
  14. Since most of us are on mobile most of the time, I think it would be helpful for combat-active players if there is a feature on the slider page where you type in the percentage of personal skills rather than being stuck at 50% all the time when attacking.

    1. fallen god

      fallen god

      Well, that should be a simple fix by changing how the slider is coded, so I think that'd be part of the port eventually. Chew's doing some major refactoring, so that could be an easy fix once he's done with that.

  15. Time passes so quickly...happy birthday!
  16. This here is to acknowledge that Aia has solved this problem. I'd like to congratulate her for coming up with a solution in such short time.
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