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  2. @Muratus del Mur I had a look into this and couldn't work how the dlg panes works anymore It needs to be converted from flash, but it also needs a ifrmScroll function adding, I added a fake one but reverted it because I didn't know whether that was right. Sorry but I still am not clear how MD fits together atm. I will try again another day.
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  4. Flash is dead, so regardless its a bug
  5. Top MMORPG List I have issues with this one too, endless loading once again.
  6. Works for me when I enable Flash? Mine and Ungod were both fine when I checked.
  7. I can confirm this is a bug.
  8. 1gc on each (1 &2) 14th Anni, for a total of 2GC.
  9. The 2 14th Annis are being rebidded on please read how to bid on them so no more confusion. thank you
  10. Post is being updated.. Some things will be edited here shortly. Ctcs will be sent here shortly AUCTION RULES::: When you place a bid you must have the funds/items to cover your bid. If you make a bid, that bid is set in stone. You may not change your bid or transfer your bid to another item at any point in time unless your bid was out bidded. No exceptions. If you have a winning bid you have 24 hours to pay up, or the item will go back to auction and you will be banned from the auction. BIDDING CURRENCY:::: You may bid with, gold, gold notes, silver, TST's and whatever else I may accept as a bid. Some items will have a set minimum bid. BIDDING TIMES::: An item will be sold once it's not getting anymore attention or I feel to end it. I reserve the right to not sell you an item, or accept a offer. PLAYER/S BANNED FROM THIS AUCTION::::: Chewett[reasoning: did not pay up for items won in last auction] Lazurus [reasoning: changed bid to transfer for another item without being out bidded] Now let start this auction Resources 1 Aromatic herbs (free) 1 basic iron ingot (free) 2 bones (free) 96 crystal 4 cup of cold tea (free) 3 fenths (free) 3 flask of toxic extract 20 flowers 4 fossils (free) 7 garbage 21 golemus dust 2 iron ore (free) 35 lonsdaleite shares 217 rare materials 26 resin 7 rock slat (free) 1 sawdust (free) 62 sticky goop 1 stone tablet (1sc ledah) won from deadline 9 syntropic dust 1 tea leaves (free) 12 toxic plants (free) 1 tree bark (free) 230 unidentified ore (free) 61 unidentified plants (free) 1 water (free) 1 wiiya COMMON ITEMS 1 shade card 1 fertilizer 1 shoe plant 1 4 used rope 1 4 used rope 1 wax gear 1 wooden bowl UNCOMMON ITEMS (Nothing more here) CONSUMABLES 1 imprinted dark (pick a number between 1 and 1 million. Whoever gets closest will win. Winner will be announced when auction is over. Quote this when picking a number. Only 1 guess per player) Lashtal 939393 , Dark Demon 600000 , ledah 499999, nava 69 , fang 777777 , Aia 299966 , Aelis 2481 , ungod 23 , redneck 16464, sushi 800666, shemhazaj 261395 Heat stones (2 free per player) 3 BMMO Attacklock Stone 1 BMMO GuardianArmy Stone 3 BMMO MirrorRitual Stone 3 BMMO MoveLock Stone 3 BMMO Weaken Stone 8 Locate Stone PERSONAL ITEMS/TOOLS (nothing more here) CREATURES 1 aramor fenth (4sc redneck) won from deadline 3 knators 3 water guardians 3 trees 1 elemental 2 popes (2sc for both redneck) won from deadline Updates......these are from me vaults. Most are very old and super heated. Just ask on the stats if important to you. More to come just organizing. 2 Barren Soul 14th Anniversary (please be very specific on which you are bidding on. #1 or #2) 14th anni #1 14th anni #2 1 Hollow Warrior - 12th Anniversary (1gc minimum) (2gc ledah. ) won from deadline 3 Reanimated Roots 1 Elucubratie color less (10gc minimum ) 3 Sharptears 1 snowman (8 gc minimum will also need to wait for it to melt or assistance from a mod)(8gc Aia) won from deadline 1 Tamed Reaindrach xmas one (9gc minimum) 3 colored TS (7sc each on two [14sc for 2, leaves 1 unbidded] redneck) won from deadline 3 Pimps (3sc on two [6sc for two leaves 1 unbidded] redneck) won from deadline 3 Rustgold Madhorn (4gc minimum) 4 Bloodpact Chaos Archer 4 Imperial Aramor Assassin 3 Master of Puppets colored 3 Master of Puppets uncolored 3 Angiens ( 1gc minimum) ( 1gc each for 2 [2gc on two leaves 1 unbidded] redneck) won from deadline 1 Tainted Angien (15gc minimum ) (15gc lashtal) 4 Santas (5gc minimum) (5gc on 1 Santa redneck) 3 Hollow Warriors 1 Horseman (4gc minimum) (6gc ledah) 4 Chaos Archer 2 Sword Shades (5gc minimum) (5gc for 1 from redneck, 5gc 6sc for the other from fang) 3 uncolored TS 6 Unholy Popes (2sc each on 2 [ 4sc on two, leaves 4 unbidded] redneck) won from deadline 3 Toxicodendrites 3 Master Lorerootian Archer (1sc each [3sc] ledah) won from deadline DEFAULT ITEMS 1 Empty box
  11. Scratch that, it may be my laptop, because I can see other people's bestiary creatures. Mine are 'loading' indefinitely.
  12. Not a top priority, but it looks like the artwork of creatures immortalized in bestiaries is not loading in the new interface.
  13. this was my thought too after reading mur's last post, not as considering it to be NML's heat source, but it's a very "confusing" place, in that i t would be hard to decide in which direction to travel, if one option is possible, but the option is null. there are too many routes to be able to decide. maybe the flow is too great to actually move against it in that case, too much turbulance
  14. The second way (flowing towards Deathmarrow) might make things easier when it comes to disambiguation of out paths, since we can figure out a way towards Necrovion (and therefore Deathmarrow) from most locations in the realm. As for the in paths, we'd make them point to heat vein sources at each land (should there be multiple sources for some lands?), is that correct? That way, in the GoE case, it should point out towards the Path of Loneliness (towards Howling Gates) and point inwards to itself (considering it as NML's heat vein source)?
  15. You need to remember i want these in only two directions, in and out, this means that in places where you have multiple roads in and out, some will only take you there, but the location itself will also have just one way out and one way that it considers in. For example if you considers the gazebo, you need to decide what the main flow is, and where the gazebo will consider the vein to be in/out, even if all adiacent locations will consider the gazebo as in or out. I do not want multiple inputs and exists on the same location. This is a restriction that will lead to interesting things, and research possibilities. The underground, in many cases if not all, integrates great with this, as the underground belongs mostly to Necrovion. Lets allow enough time for planning. Its the most important part of this task, regardless how long it takes. Setting the veins is just a matter of writing two coords in each location, but planning is what all this is about.
  16. This has been resolved.
  17. This has been resolved.
  18. This has been resolved.
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