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  2. The final round, this is it guys, the battle for the title... We have the Wookie on the left side, champion of the Lands of the East! And on the right side we have an experienced challenger, i present you Jubaris representing Marind bell! And in our battle for the third place we have an East matchup, SoS against CT. History coming to life again in this fantastic contest. I present you No one and Ledah, may the best Eastener win!
  3. Please note the change in date to the next day and slightly earlier time, apologies for any inconvenience. (I am attending a family gathering in the other realm now on Saturday. )
  4. Since most of us are on mobile most of the time, I think it would be helpful for combat-active players if there is a feature on the slider page where you type in the percentage of personal skills rather than being stuck at 50% all the time when attacking.

    1. fallen god

      fallen god

      Well, that should be a simple fix by changing how the slider is coded, so I think that'd be part of the port eventually. Chew's doing some major refactoring, so that could be an easy fix once he's done with that.

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  6. This here is to acknowledge that Aia has solved this problem. I'd like to congratulate her for coming up with a solution in such short time.
  7. This is a mathematical problem, one that I devised some years ago, that I remembered recently. It might be of interest to those fond of mathematical challenges. The question is as follows: Find the sum of all numbers, such that, after 13 steps, which can be any of the following: Add 13 to the current number Subtract 13 to the current number Multiply the current number by 13 Divide the current number by 13 Raise the current number to the power of 13 Raise the current number to the power of -13 That the final number be of the same value of the original number Rewards: The most elegant solution submitted within one week's time will be rewarded with 1 GC All other correct answer will be rewarded with 3 SC Reward may increase if there's anyone willing to sponsor this quest
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  9. Happy Birthday Aia! May you have a great year
  10. Many thanks to all for thy well-wishes this day.
  11. Chapter 10 - The King and the Queen A mix up i guess.. What will happen next?
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