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  3. I think that must've been khalazdad, i got stuck at the howling gates and didn't realize that the right arrow had popped up... we talked a few minutes, and i was a little freaked out back then because i had literally no clue about any lore, and he was the most in-character-player ever to exist
  4. Game won't work

    I have fixed it.
  5. Game won't work

    Working on it
  6. Game won't work

    Bugger me its a surprise the register functions have ever worked
  7. Game won't work

    Hey All, My work was offically sold recently so things have been busy. Looking into this issue now, thanks!
  8. either kets or pamplemousse pamplemousse pample pample pample pample moooooooose but possibly someone else. It's been like ten years. then when I came back it was undoubtedly peace, though it's possible someone led me to her
  9. Game won't work

    Have patience. It'll be worth it
  10. first LHO was shemmy, he was my LHO contact for all things help and really helped get me used to the smaller things in the game. for non LHO, i think i would have to go with fang or DD, as it was those people that were around me the most in my first few days/weeks.
  11. Game won't work

    I hope that you can wait until there is a fix, i am sure they will fix it as soon as they can. You could read some forum topics meanwhile to pass your time
  12. Game won't work

    Alright, so now when I log in I get to a page, but it won't let me do anything. Attached is a screenshot of what I see. I also never received a confirmation email. MagicDuel Screenshot.bmp
  13. Only in your case, dear. Oh...this will be fun.
  14. I thought research is like that...besides, to get magnificence you need a magnifying glass, right?
  15. Probably Mya Celestia as she was one of the main LHOs when I was still new here, and the one I preferred to talk to. Otherwise Rumi and Brulant were the first people I became friends with as they taught me how GGG worked and we trained together.
  16. The difference is there. If you believe godhood is about possession, then join the tiny men. Beings cannot be possessed as we are all one. You reduce magnificence to understand it instead of transcending your understanding to magnificence.
  17. When I joined in 2010 (I was 15), I kept silent, didn't look at live LHO button and tried to figure things out myself. However, one of my first people contacts was with Nithy Juzz and My Brute. They helped me crack the shell a little. I was trying to figure out the Broken Pattern Gazebo when those two started chattering, eventually got me to chat as well and it was such fun randomness that I came back for more the next day and so forth. It was just so very different from the usual MMORPG banter yet a little bit more familiar than the ongoing roleplay of veterans in MD at that time. Combat-wise, the first person to help was MasterB. Although Dark Demon and Sunfire helped me learn more of it some years later, MasterB helped get a grip on the basic basics. And Indyra, Zleiphneir and Draconas were the ones who helped me get into roleplay.
  18. I don't think I have the concept of 'creatures in MD' clear. Story mode would tell you those creatures are alive, need to be bound to your spirit and then you can use them in combat. Thus, they are not summoned, but persuaded through economical means.Then, I guess something changed, as recruiting places were described places where it would be easier for the summoner to get his creatures (that implies creatures are summoned). Those creatures are called out/back and used, either as they are or refined/cultivated; they can also be sacrificed. Now, we are at the point where you actually build/produce/create/shape creatures. Now, I forgot everything about Molima, but as for the shmsh, it's a cool build-up. I have seen only the first level (in a guide), but there are such lifeforms irl that go into hibernation and awake when the environment allows life to thrive. That larva makes me think of tardigraves, really, and the rainwater being used to open the fenth makes sense (as rainwater can only exist in a viable environment). Aramor fenths use resources and a reality shard, which is the substitute for something resources cannot ever replace. The resources used can give you an idea about the character of the creature, but in themselves do not grant that spark of life/reality. What does this transition mean for the concept of creatures? I don't see we shape life as some kind of god, instead we get a spark of life into our possession that we use, so it's not such a big difference in the end? What do you think?
  19. Indyra was the first person who helped me figuring out what MD was about.
  20. If I were to trace a path through these webs of love, I would say every one of you always--as eyes give rise to infinite times. However, if I were to pick one being, I would say MagicDuel. However, the first in this story would most definitely be Azull. Before that, I was in too raw a form to materialize in this timeline.
  21. Two people simultaneously helped me during my early days. Probably wouldn't have stayed without them: Liberty (he was using his 49th or 50th fake account during that time I think) and Sunfire. Later on Chew (general), Shem (LR) and darkraptor (combat stuff).
  22. I joined in the summer of 2008 for a brief time, had a 6 month break, then I remembered about this place. In that first period there was this interesting LHO, I think he had 'dragon' in his name, I tried to find out about him later but no success, I have no idea who he was. When I got back, I got a lot of help from Anubarak.
  23. I have no idea, really, i do remember there was more people at GoE that helped, but no specific names
  24. Who helps you and how really depends on who you ask :). I never ever used the live help button. I also really did not speak at all. What i can remember from the start are peace, dst and a thomas something giant.
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