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  2. "Game intro" toplink

    Fixed Looks like there was some issues with some defaults, everyone got set a value except us!
  3. WTB Shop crits

    Updated the list to reflect what i now seek 3 Colored Barrens 1 Colorless Loreroot Archer 3 Colored MB Archers 4 Colored LR Archers 1 Colored Tormented Soul 2 Colorless Jokers 2 Colored Drachorns (Rustgold) 3 Colored Drachorns (Reindrachs) 3 Colorless Drachorns 4 Santas ? Molimas ? Shades ? Sword Shades ? SMSH Please pm me via forum, thank you.

    Seems good to me

    Anyone can set any value so... What do you value it?

    Since there is no set value for TST's I think 1 TST =10gc=50 credits would be a nice set value for the TST's.

    I agree with bsr. useable Items are of variable value. So I will tell you what value your item holds for me when you offer it. The rarer the function of the useable item the higher it'll be valued. Permanent items will be of more value compared to ones with limited number of uses. Needless to say one must be a permanent owner of the item. TST I would like to hold the value of 1 TST at 50 cred = 10gc. Is the community ok with this conversion?
  8. Bottled emotions - personal or not ?

    Thank you for spending a bit of time articulating yourself a little more. So in your opinion these items should be created with the full player name?
  9. "Game intro" toplink

    Clicking the "Game intro" toplink just gives this error message, I believe it used to link to the paper cabin introductory sequence or otherwise our scroll in the left bar but since the ongoing quests are now placed in that section instead it seems to be causing this error, making the link rather useless.
  10. I usually clock 340594334 good honest work of miliseconds of blood and sweat on my latest creations...you know cause it matures with good dose of bs (blood and sweat)

  11. Poetry

    Life is but an Illusion Albeit a very persistent one And my mentality changes with it About as often as the moon with the sun I used to believe in right and wrong Then realized that no such things exist I am free now yet more bound than ever I am but a paradox stuck in perpetual bliss I accepted that all of life is a journey With no truly correct or incorrect path I now simply live to experience it all in stride To find balance with minimal negative aftermath
  12. Happy b-day MaGoHi

    Sorry im late to the party, but happy birthday Baconeer We might not always agree, in fact most days we dont, but i still harbor a great amount of respect for you. Hope you have many more birthdays to come, enjoy your time on this mortal coil ( ^^)
  13. Happy b-day MaGoHi

    A joyous and mirthful birthday to thee, MaGoHi.
  14. Happy b-day MaGoHi

    Happy birthday mag!
  15. Happy b-day MaGoHi

    Happy birthday ~
  16. down with the bacon! i mean..happy birthday...
  17. Poetry

    SORRY for bad English and everything else. not quite just like dust rise i shan't won't go i shouting at the rage same as a dog-wolf sorry i'm very sorry for the light and brightness we are a silly person and you say you are not please don't try a smile especially if it's not real to me it's certainly not funny to watch our flobby descent to immortality, wisdom of time etc etc.. fury of flames does not think about anything particular at all dimming of light echoes like a drum and a river of molten lava
  18. thanks a lot guys
  19. Happy b-day MaGoHi

    Happy Birthday MaGoHi! Have a great day
  20. *in the background* All hail the bacon, all hail the bacon!!... Happy birthday, all the best!
  21. Earlier

    Ok i know what the market value for them is, thank you either way, but i was asking for what she values them at conversion wise and what shr values the varying Usables & TSTs at.

    15sc=1gc= 5 credits that's how that's been for as long as I've been playing and can remember. Usable items, can vary, same with TST's. I don't think there is a set value for TST's. I may be wrong as I've never bought one or seen them sold, only traded.

    Can we get an idea as to what you value the coin vs credit vs usable item vs TST?
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