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General Forum

No Mans land is neutral ground where discussion and debates take place. Fights that take place here use words not weapons.

  • 1,008 topics
  • 17,249 replies
Recruiting from 'unlock... - last post by Chewett

Questions and Answers

  1. Forum FAQ's

If you need to ask a question about magicduel post it here

  • 537 topics
  • 4,212 replies
New items facing abuse? - last post by Chewett

Public Council

  • 23 topics
  • 354 replies
Secret Santa - Rophsmas 2014 - last post by Rophs

Say hello, Goodbye, or something else

Just want to say hello, or perhaps wish someone a happy passing of the years.

  • 671 topics
  • 11,066 replies
Happy BIrthday Syrian - last post by JadenDew

New Player Roles and Legends

A good place to start off your role. Make sure you prefix it with a land if it is land specific

  • 87 topics
  • 483 replies
Avatar of Pain - last post by Aeoshattr

Contests, Quests and Adventures

  1. MD Birthday Contests,
  2. Quest Results

The area of No Mans land also is the place where Quests and Adventures are started, all of which will be in here.

  • 767 topics
  • 13,718 replies
MD 10th birthday planning - last post by Chewett


This contains all of the conversations that have every gone awry. Some interesting people can be found here.

  • 574 topics
  • 10,445 replies
Let's reminisce... - last post by Sasha Lilias

Magicduel Centralised Market

  1. Central Market,
  2. Market debate and related topics,
  3. Commercial events

Everything Related the the Market

  • 1,355 topics
  • 8,917 replies
Selling/trading RP items - last post by Aeoshattr


Guild to centralize people that have particularly high achievements in understanding and documenting exploits.

  • 14 topics
  • 220 replies
Christmas Cards in October... - last post by dst

Groups and Factions

  1. The University,
  2. Sparring Grounds,
  3. WISH,
  4. Guardians of Bob,
  5. MDNP Press Desk,
  6. Community Garden,
  7. Community Law Counsel

A section for smaller groups to talk

  • 167 topics
  • 2,618 replies
Masks of the Mist - Revival - last post by Assira the Black

Toggle MagicDuel Archive Lands MagicDuel Archive Lands

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Archives on Magic and secret stuff

Texts, concepts from the game, official information on magic. The archivists do not experiment with new magic, but they do document all that they can find out about it.

  • 40 topics
  • 701 replies
Principlies vs Forces - last post by Muratus del Mur

Local Legends

Legends from the game, descriptions of places and events from the storyline

  • 11 topics
  • 114 replies
forgotten legends - last post by Curiose


Creature descriptions and artworks, combat powers, tips& triks, lore

  • 14 topics
  • 14 replies
Unholy Priest - last post by TheRichMerchant

Historic Documents

  1. Dimensional Shifters

A place where all old documents should be placed. Don't confuse this with trash.

  • 21 topics
  • 436 replies
Land Leaders Appointed - da... - last post by Eagle Eye

MD Artworks (former Artisans Guild)

If you are a talented artist, this is a place to start your journey into the game team.

  • 78 topics
  • 1,625 replies
Avy giveaway - last post by DARK DEMON

The Archivists

Writers guild, the archivists are a neutral faction in charge with adventure log documenting and a lot of others research tasks.

  • 16 topics
  • 290 replies
MDA Restoration - last post by Curiose

Legend Speakers

  1. The Press Room,
  2. Community Activities,
  3. Literary Works,
  4. People in the News

Forum for the Legend Speakers Alliance and all related articles, as well as recruitment information and information about Speaker promoted quests

  • 63 topics
  • 549 replies
Conspiracy Theories - last post by Myth

Toggle Marind's Bell Marind's Bell

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Marind Bell Citizen Forum

Information and discussion for Marind Bell Citizens

  • 38 topics
  • 298 replies
New King of Marind Bell - last post by Seigheart

Historic Documents

A place where all old documents should be placed. Don't confuse this with trash.

  • 10 topics
  • 44 replies
History of Marind Bell-chap... - last post by Aelis

The Seekers of Enlightenment

  1. Intresting and Offtopic

The seekers obey and worship the Angien's and try to preserve all that represents this land.

  • 21 topics
  • 174 replies
ORE - Open Research Effort - last post by Seigheart

Knights of the Bell

Official defending alliance of Marind Bell

  • 5 topics
  • 14 replies
Leader of Knights of the Bell - last post by No one

Old Town Creature research

A place to talk about creatures specific to this land, their possible uses, and of course a place to share ideas on new creatures.

  • 12 topics
  • 158 replies
Underdog - last post by Miq

Water Dowsers

A Marind Bell-based alliance specialized in locating and the preservation of surface and underground water resources around the realm.

  • 5 topics
  • 30 replies
Clarification of the purpos... - last post by Chewett

Toggle Loreroot Loreroot

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Loreroot in general

For discussion about Loreroot in general. Royal and other announcements. Anything concerning Loreroot citizens as a whole.

  • 37 topics
  • 528 replies
A New Consul - last post by Krioni

Historic Documents

  1. The Savelites

A place where all old documents should be placed. Don't confuse this with trash. Lorerootians treasure their history a lot.

  • 34 topics
  • 443 replies
Savelites Disbanded - last post by Chewett

Guardians of the Root

Under the command of the High Loreroot Command, the guardians represent a very organized and powerfull millitary force. Neutral towards the other lands, they seek only to defend Loreroot intersts and treasures.

  • 27 topics
  • 585 replies
What does the fall of GoTR... - last post by Maebius

Children of the Eclipse

  1. Priesthood

Information for prospective applicants.

  • 35 topics
  • 384 replies
CoE Manifesto - public - last post by Assira the Black

The Crafters

This simple guild holds the secrets to enhancing your roleplay through item you hold. If you wish to discuss item creation ideas this is the place. If you have items you need feel free to pm any member of the Crafters Guild and we will point you to the member who can help best for your needs. Also we are a fully neutral Guild as we work with all peoples of all lands.

  • 14 topics
  • 58 replies
Crafters Guild Disbanded - last post by Chewett

Woodcutters Guild

A neutral guild dedicated to the health of the forest while providing materials for the craftspeople of MD through responsible forestry practises

  • 4 topics
  • 25 replies
Resource Orders (2) - last post by Quas

Wild Creatures Taming

Discussions about new creatures specific to this land, abilities of existing creatures and possible setup and uses. Lorerootians have a habit of taming new beasts.

  • 11 topics
  • 118 replies
Giant Butterfly - last post by DARK DEMON

Toggle Golemus Golemicarum Golemus Golemicarum

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  1. Historic Documents,
  2. Fusioneers

For discussion about Golemus in general. Royal and other announcements. Anything concerning Golemus citizens as a whole.

  • 41 topics
  • 522 replies
Current Status of the Fusio... - last post by dst

Kelle'tha Order

  1. Land weapons,
  2. Shades,
  3. Angiens,
  4. Liquid dust,
  5. Kelle'tha Hermitage

Magic and Principles advanced research
A high-tech approach on magic and its uses. A good place to talk about new technologies and use of magic.

  • 42 topics
  • 130 replies
GG land weapon thoughts - last post by Ackshan Bemunah

Guerrilla Golemicarum

Millitary force of Golemus Golemicarum, the Guerillas defend their land at all cost, without mercy to their enemies. Golemus has a more offensive politic towards the other lands, especialy to the imminent threat of Necrovion

  • 24 topics
  • 339 replies
New leadership - last post by blackrider

Creatures of the Island

Discussions about new creatures specific to this land, abilities of existing creatures and possible setup and uses. Golemus Golemicarum creatures are powerfull beasts, offen engineered by Golemus scientists to improve their natural skills.

  • 11 topics
  • 118 replies
Puzzle - last post by DARK DEMON

MR's Fraternity

We are based in Golemus, and are the Protectors of Golemus. We are a tight family, and are not accepting Recruits into the alliance, but you can become a follower if you meet our strict qualifacations. Post here before contacting us in MD

  • 7 topics
  • 123 replies
MR's Training Grounds - last post by Pipstickz

Lair Keepers

An independant neutral order , responsable of taking care of the Drachorns.
The Lair Keepers are bound to protect the well-being of the ancient creatures
since they are no longer recruitable. They are under the protection of the military force of Golemus and obey the Golemus laws and King as long as they don't interfere with their activity.

  • 3 topics
  • 12 replies
Lair Keepers Relaunch - last post by Ary Endleg

Toggle Necrovion Necrovion

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Necrovion Lair

Anything pertaining to the land of Necrovon. Here plans are set in motion.

  • 25 topics
  • 281 replies
Deception - last post by Assira the Black

Historic Documents

A place where all old documents should be placed. Don't confuse this with trash. Necrovion has a history of destroying archives but it still has its own documents to preserve.

  • 17 topics
  • 351 replies
The Fate of Khalazdad - last post by Arkken

Abominable Creature Mutations

Research and experiments on new and existing creatures or undefined monstrosities. Necrovion has its own breeds but also enjoys mutating others species.

  • 14 topics
  • 143 replies
Spread the taint: mutate a... - last post by Eara Meraia

Necrovion Sentinels

Millitary alliance. Strange alliance between humans and Shades, the army of necrovion seeks to conquer all that it exits. The resons of their actions are far more complex than it seems at first.

  • 8 topics
  • 258 replies
The End Of Jester's Reign - last post by Lifeline

Tainted Warriors

A mysterious alliance. Their ways and activities are largely unknown to outsiders

  • 1 topics
  • 0 replies
Recruitment - last post by Azull

Toggle The Tribunal The Tribunal

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General Discussion

Any General Discussion about the new land The Tribunal

  • 24 topics
  • 456 replies
A seed - last post by Ackshan Bemunah

Diplomatic Relations

Tribunal is not part of the Main Lands. It has a Governing Demon not a King so politics will be a problem with us. Any official diplomatic issues should be addressed on this section.

  • 3 topics
  • 146 replies
worst thing about Mur - last post by Glaistig

Historic Documents

  • 4 topics
  • 66 replies
Tribunal Crown - last post by Shadowseeker

The Caretakers

An alliance dedicated to the Preservation of the Lands of the East by any means possible. A small organization developed to preserve the dead, the lands around them, and the people within.

  • 16 topics
  • 147 replies
The Drunken Corpse - last post by I am Bored

Seal Of Six

  1. Research,
  2. Events

Dedicated to populating the Lands of the East, the Seal of Six wish to create a unique civilization there and explore the undiscovered parts of the land.

  • 21 topics
  • 214 replies
"Kill and Revive items... - last post by Miq

Soldiers Of The Inner Sun

A group of warriors hosted on Tribunal lands. Their ways are not very well known but its known they have no weapons and they master no magic.

  • 13 topics
  • 340 replies
Why the sun? - last post by Sunfire

The Advertisers

  1. Free Credit Problems,
  2. Facebook,
  3. Twitter

This Guild takes care of MagicDuel's image outside the game. It's responsible of Toplist, Ads, FreeCredits, and other tasks, which contribute with its main purpose: "Bring New Players to MagicDuel."

  • 69 topics
  • 645 replies
Link not working - last post by (Zl-eye-f)-nea

Treasure Keepers

A small group of people working under Mur to send Prizes from various contests and quests run by Mur. They also help to organize various things regarding MD such as the forum and announcements.

  • 47 topics
  • 465 replies
Anyone seeing this? - last post by Chewett

Toggle Labyrinth Labyrinth

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Labyrinth General Forum

  • 5 topics
  • 134 replies
The Labyrinth and the Mind - last post by Ailith

Toggle Game development Game development

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Work in progress

  1. Council Updates

Other work in progress that is done for this game

  • 125 topics
  • 2,218 replies
Volition - How much have yo... - last post by blackrider


  • 2 topics
  • 28 replies
Ann 2931 - Public Council D... - last post by Muratus del Mur


Discussions about the game storyline. Help us decide

  • 23 topics
  • 425 replies
After AL 514 till.... - last post by Liberty4life

New Ideas

  1. Planned Features,
  2. Implemented or Dismissed

Things that you have in mind and might be usefull for this game.

  • 611 topics
  • 6,374 replies
Add a way to view the notes... - last post by I am Bored

Get involved

Here you can show us your work and we will decide if you can help us with this project or not

  • 67 topics
  • 950 replies
More englishing! - last post by Chewett


Talk Generally About Aliances

  • 45 topics
  • 738 replies
Alliance Census - last post by Rophs

Bug Report

  1. Confirmed Bugs,
  2. Wish Shop Bugs,
  3. Resolved Bugs

Here you can post bug reports

  • 1,110 topics
  • 7,029 replies
List of backslash (\)... - last post by Sasha Lilias


Contribute to the game by translating it in your language. Join one of the existing translation teams or start your own! A good way to help the community and get deeper into the game team.

  • 34 topics
  • 253 replies
English - last post by Rophs

Live Help Operators (LHO)

Talks about live support team. The welcome committee for new players and the advisors of old players. A good place to get deeper into the game team.

  • 19 topics
  • 188 replies
For those wanting to become... - last post by Grido

Shop complains

Write here if you think shop is unfair and affecting the gameplay. I will try to keep shop fair but consider its the only reason why everything else is free.

  • 16 topics
  • 211 replies
Low Quality Avatars - last post by Change

MD Title Discussion

A place to discuss the most recent title related changes.

  • 14 topics
  • 235 replies
Proposed Title doc text: WH... - last post by Intrigue

Toggle MD Scripting MD Scripting

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General MD Script Discussion

Any Announcements or general MDScript discussion can go here

  • 25 topics
  • 242 replies
Index of basic MDScript fun... - last post by Maebius

MD Script Manual

Offical threads that document MD script

  • 28 topics
  • 61 replies
Php Functions Availble In M... - last post by I am Bored

Sample Code Section

Any Code you have produced for MDScript

  • 18 topics
  • 62 replies
Sane MDScript and a basic q... - last post by I am Bored


Got a Question relating Directly to MDScript? ask it here

  • 26 topics
  • 179 replies
@content - last post by Chewett

Personal Page Templates

Dedicated to the creation of your Personal Page

  • 11 topics
  • 28 replies
How to add a background image? - last post by Sasha Lilias

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