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Golemus Golemicarum


  1. Golemus

    For discussion about Golemus in general. Royal and other announcements. Anything concerning Golemus citizens as a whole.

  2. Kelle'tha Order

    Magic and Principles advanced research
    A high-tech approach on magic and its uses. A good place to talk about new technologies and use of magic.

  3. Guerrilla Golemicarum

    Millitary force of Golemus Golemicarum, the Guerillas defend their land at all cost, without mercy to their enemies. Golemus has a more offensive politic towards the other lands, especialy to the imminent threat of Necrovion

  4. Creatures of the Island

    Discussions about new creatures specific to this land, abilities of existing creatures and possible setup and uses. Golemus Golemicarum creatures are powerfull beasts, offen engineered by Golemus scientists to improve their natural skills.

  5. MR's Fraternity

    We are based in Golemus, and are the Protectors of Golemus. We are a tight family, and are not accepting Recruits into the alliance, but you can become a follower if you meet our strict qualifacations. Post here before contacting us in MD

  6. Lair Keepers

    An independant neutral order , responsable of taking care of the Drachorns.
    The Lair Keepers are bound to protect the well-being of the ancient creatures
    since they are no longer recruitable. They are under the protection of the military force of Golemus and obey the Golemus laws and King as long as they don't interfere with their activity.

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    • Jubaris

      Old question but... Why doesn't forum "activity" show activity inside hidden forums?
      · 2 replies
    • Fang Archbane

      The older I get, the clearer my vision becomes.
      My one and only wish is to be able to rewind time to start fresh once more, but to keep all my experience and knowledge thus far.
      Would I change something massive and thus change my own past/future, making the rest of my knowledge that much less useful?
      Or would I play it safe and change only small factors, so that the majority of my memories/knowledge could forever be relevant?
      I guess it would all come down to timing *snickers* so even i have to wonder what I would do when and why... and yet a part of me already knows the answer.
      Something inside me tells me I've already achieved my one true dream. My gut instincts led me all my life, and although not perfect, the results were always good enough for me.
      An interesting revelation for an interesting day... ill help raise to Moon to its highest point yet, and my People will breed a new Culture, one worthy of everyone's everything.
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    • ignnus

      I usually clock 340594334 good honest work of miliseconds of blood and sweat on my latest creations...you know cause it matures with good dose of bs (blood and sweat)
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    • FloopFloops

      haha forgot how much this game intertwines puzzles and role play. time to buckle down.
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    • Fang Archbane

      Shade Spellcaster seems a timely and appropriate Title change.
      Its made heavy with the knowledge that Luck doesnt exist, yet the Illusion is quite "Real".
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    • Mallos

      I miss the water can Awiiya and Handy had, there was a lot of good stuff written in there.
      · 0 replies
    • klatdees

      So grateful that Piss Piss has survived this long.
      Sparkles forever!
      · 0 replies
    • Ungod

      Does anyone know where I can find Seiyo Kibun in english? That would make such an interesting read!
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    • Fang Archbane

      Golemus Golemicarum & The MR Fraternity shall rise once More.
      Like a Phoenix rising from the Embers of Kelle'Tha we will Soar.
      Like the very Mountains of our Land, as unbreakable as our Ore.
      I pray we can Meld this world into One, with the bare minimal Gore.

      ~Twilight Equilibrium Fang
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    • Tipu

      Long Time no c forum mods hehe
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    • Change

      Finished all my assignments for this semester. Time to enjoy the holidays! That means more time for MD 
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    • Nava

      We must understand why we do what we do.
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    • Change

      Only one essay and one project to go for this semester.
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    • Blackshade Rider

      Giving away 1 gold avatar. For newer players only. Send me a forum pm if any newer player would like one. Please make sure you have the ability to use an avatar.
      · 1 reply
    • Blackshade Rider

      Oh man. I forgot the pass. Now I need to find where I wrote it down at 😑
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