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Golemus Golemicarum


  1. Golemus

    For discussion about Golemus in general. Royal and other announcements. Anything concerning Golemus citizens as a whole.

  2. Kelle'tha Order

    Magic and Principles advanced research
    A high-tech approach on magic and its uses. A good place to talk about new technologies and use of magic.

  3. Guerrilla Golemicarum

    Millitary force of Golemus Golemicarum, the Guerillas defend their land at all cost, without mercy to their enemies. Golemus has a more offensive politic towards the other lands, especialy to the imminent threat of Necrovion

  4. Creatures of the Island

    Discussions about new creatures specific to this land, abilities of existing creatures and possible setup and uses. Golemus Golemicarum creatures are powerfull beasts, offen engineered by Golemus scientists to improve their natural skills.

  5. MR's Fraternity

    We are based in Golemus, and are the Protectors of Golemus. We are a tight family, and are not accepting Recruits into the alliance, but you can become a follower if you meet our strict qualifacations. Post here before contacting us in MD

  6. Lair Keepers

    An independant neutral order , responsable of taking care of the Drachorns.
    The Lair Keepers are bound to protect the well-being of the ancient creatures
    since they are no longer recruitable. They are under the protection of the military force of Golemus and obey the Golemus laws and King as long as they don't interfere with their activity.

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    • Ledah

      Wondered where this mood panel thingy went.
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    • Pipstickz

      "Top down, let 'em see a king
      East side, East side, I'm just bein' me
      I'm just seein' Gs, I'm just makin' culture
      I just say the realest [stuff] and hope it don't insult you"
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    • Nimrodel

      Some people can't understand humour or sarcasm even if either were dancing in front of them wearing nothing but Dobby's tea cosy. Yes Pip. You included
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    • Ungod

      It's not true having merchants in power is better than having soldiers ruling. Wars still happen. It's deceit that starts them and deceit that doesn't start them. How is this a 'better society'? It's not, it's simply different.
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    • Pipstickz

      Sometimes I get world sick: We put our children in prisons, put our prisoners to work and tell our workers they're enslaved.
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    • Mallos


      fun stuff
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    • Pipstickz

      MD is a game built by its playerbase. If you hurt the playerbase, you hurt the game.
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    • Pipstickz

      A dumb leader knows what he could have with power
      A smart leader knows what he must sacrifice to achieve power
      A wise leader knows he'll be sacrificing every day from the moment he decides he wants power to the moment he loses it
      (Not all leaders are "he" just a generalization!)
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    • Pipstickz

      Calling Nim's +rep brigade!
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    • Pipstickz

      Good job beating Kurt, Amoran! You go girl
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    • Phantom Orchid

      anna's hummingbirds, cherry blossoms, and mimosas for breakfast... what springtime things are you grateful for?
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    • Curiose

      I see a BFH, I see a Pompy, I see a Pippy, and a Chew Chew...
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    • BFH

      · 1 reply
    • Pipstickz

      I can help if any small organizational tasks are needed for Anniversary, ie. keeping track of lists, reminders, etc
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    • Jubaris

      Old question but... Why doesn't forum "activity" show activity inside hidden forums?
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