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Guardians of Bob

For members of the Guardians of Bob and any who aide them


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  2. Guardianship

    An area for discussion about how to Guard Bob, any ideas, suggestions, implications etc

  3. Enemies

    A place to list and comment on any who try to damage Bob and/or his Guardians

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      Only one essay and one project to go for this semester.
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    • Fang Archbane

      If you agree with me, downvote what i say. If you dont agree with me, downvote what i say. And when you finally realize that nothing you do against me will ever hurt me, get sour dear Evil, and downvote what i say. Or ignore all this and upvote everything i say, and then realize when i get back to 0 that that was my intent, or was it, nay? You do not know my heart and never will, so don't try to read my brain. Ill make this as simple to understand as possible. Life is full of goals and I'll never consider myself or my time as a failure again. I no longer know such woes whether i go up or down, the sun does or does not rise, or you try to hurt me and shun me. These words might sound harsh, or even cruel, but only i hold that which can mold me. You can choose to follow me, or stand in my path, and honestly its all the same to me. I'm never letting anyone or anything impede me ever again and its your choice where you stand in relation to me. You read that right, in relation to ME. If you aid me i will always protect you. If you stand in my way i will destroy you. Don't think i count on any power to do so. I harbor all i need within my mind, and my heart, the two things that can be taken from me by not one other. Never again forget for even a second that i think of anything or anyone in my path as no more than a fly my dear Evil. I will feel just as much when i crush them by chance as i will when i crush any that try and stand before me.
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    • Fang Archbane

      Who needs Acceptance when they have Ones Self.

      Who needs the Outer, when theyve found the Inner.

      To take In but not take On the outside Worlds all around Us.

      That is what it Means to find Balance. To befriend your Inner Shade.
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    • Blackshade Rider

      Giving away 1 gold avatar. For newer players only. Send me a forum pm if any newer player would like one. Please make sure you have the ability to use an avatar.
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    • Fang Archbane

      I kindly invite everyone to negative rep all my posts from this day forth.

      Im shooting for the #1 highest negative rep on the forums, and all help is appreciated.
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    • Blackshade Rider

      Oh man. I forgot the pass. Now I need to find where I wrote it down at 😑
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    • Fang Archbane

      As a Guardian for my People
      I would work with Demons Themselves
      If only to guarantee a Future for my Children.
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    • Nava

      I have been indisposed. To all those who remember, our time will come soon. 
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    • Ungod

      I thought the order of sacrifice in the bestiary is the order of pages...I wanted a specific order of creatures, now I don't have it...can we get the option of changing the order of pages?
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    • Kyphis the Bard

      Any of you have Borderlands 2 and not the vault hunter upgrade 1 on steam? Here is a code, first come first served: 4N85X-7IKH3-84DVK
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    • Blackshade Rider  »  gonzalocsdf95

      Happy B-day Gonza. 
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    • Yrthilian  »  Chewett

      I am in a restricted location cant even send in game PM's 
      If i can be moved out of necrovian that would be nice
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    • klatdees

      remember that time chewett let the forum go to waste just for some moron's quest?
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    • klatdees

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    • ignnus

      it's not funny anymore, stop with the codename pleaz  >_<
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