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  2. Flash issues on Opera

    THis https://forums.adobe.com/message/9985636#9985636
  3. Flash issues on Opera

    Do you remember or have a link? I can have a look
  4. Flash issues on Opera

    I was googling through flash issues... and experimenting stuff when I came to understand that both chrome and opera have these flash issues occasionally... A lot of solutions were given but only one worked. THere was something about going to the site engagements page and setting the Base to 100. I dont know what that means because it isnt as simple as cutting up people (:P) but it worked. MD works on opera now. For some reason... *raises hands*
  5. Christmas marathon

    Ok, I'm extending it until the 2nd of Jan, first thing in the morning. It's not hard, Fang, I think all you have to do is go through the explorable scenes 3 times a day. With the boots and various land loyalty reductions, it should be completable. It's not as easy as getting 10 volition in a day, but I had to make it a bit challenging. (if you find it too hard, do tell me how much you get for going through lr, gg, ug, mb, nml, lab, MDA and east in one go...and maybe I can lower the standards) Also, to participate, send me a screenshot when you start.
  6. Flash issues on Opera

    Mine still doesnt work... I would hate to switch to any other browser.. Opera is my favourite Browser.. Its really fast. And provides a lot of goodies. :|
  7. Today
  8. Christmas marathon

    Honestly, im trying, but its a lot more complex than it first serems
  9. Christmas marathon

    Can you extend the deadline till around newyear, ill have some free days after christmass to give this a try
  10. Scheduling will be discussed once a full team is chosen. Thank you for joining us.
  11. Christmas play

    Unfortunately, I cannot create something like Nimrodel's. Not right now, at least. All I could comep up with is a dinner with the following characters: I can come up with more characters if needed. However, I'll make a poll and let you decide which one you'd like to be part of. Edit: can I make a poll in the topic, now that it has been created? Cannot see a button around here...
  12. To Clarify To All Of MD

    >To clarify some things, it seems we have had a miscommunication somewhere Chewett. I didn't think he was saying you had permission to be king. Nor have I said it anywhere. Its quite clear what you said. What has given you the impression I had it confused?
  13. Christmas marathon

    Tomorrow is the last day if anyone wants to do this... (dunno if there will be any participants, Chewett )
  14. WTB Bag of Nails

    Im willing to pay good hard coin in exchange for that Bag of Nails on Neps behalf. So contact me to figure out how much youll need. Once an agreement is made send Nep the Bag and ill send the coin.
  15. Only one essay and one project to go for this semester. ^_^

  16. Social media manager

    Hello all, Me and chewett could use a new social media manager. Mainly on Twitter and Facebook. Right now the other managers we had have been highly inactive with this job. We also now have a new social media app we have been expiermenting with right now. So things are busy. We need 1 maybe 2 people that are active on social media said above. Please know how to use these sites before applying. (Note.. discord may not be an option but can be discussed with chew) If interested Submit your reply here and state a reason you are a good choice. Please know this is not a role tag job. No tag will be given to you. I also can not promise you will be rewarded for this job either. This job is to help with our advertising on social media and posting things such as new features that effect every one in md to new land releases and more. This is to help encourage new players to come and even old players to come back. Thank you to all who apply , if picked you will be given a message with more details.
  17. I want to participate, please just PM me here or in-game for scheduling
  18. Yesterday
  19. WTB Bag of Nails

    I'm looking to buy a Bag of Nails. Here are the items I can currently offer in exchange: 7 Aromatic herbs 28 Bones Branches Clay Crystal Fenths Flowers Fossil Gravel 3 Large Rock 2 Memory stone 2 Pebble 2 Rainwater 5 Reality Shards Syntropic Dust 6 Tea leaves 9 Toxic plants 8 Unidentified plants 30 Water 9 Resin 2 Lumber
  20. To Clarify To All Of MD

    You handled this beautifully. Don't worry too much about misconceptions...as long as they are rectified.
  21. To Clarify To All Of MD

    To clarify some things, it seems we have had a miscommunication somewhere Chewett. I claimed to have Gridos Blessing for the GG Lab position as its Guardian, and that role alone. I dont know how, or where, anyone thought i had his blessing for King, as i never claimed that, only my intent to GAIN his blessing for King. If that was misconstrued i am sincerely sorry, but my words were clear on Forums, so please do double check whatever Source claimed that i did anything of the sort. I provided PMd SSd proof of my only claim to you Chewett, that he had given me his acceptance on the GG Lab Guardian role. I have below SSd my previous post, and the timestamp on the last edit against the time and date that it is now (bottom right of screen) prove i have not meddled with it. So if any of this is unclear to anyone, ill say it once more. I have Gridos Blessing for the GG Lab Guardian Role and nothing more. I aim to EARN his Blessing for King in Time.
  22. That was actually an initial idea I had. There is no real reason why we couldnt do this IMO.
  23. Happy tune

    Seconded on the beauty Hedge, well done.
  24. Happy tune

    Beautiful. I wonder if I had the patience to learn it.
  25. Christmas play

    I like this idea a lot
  26. WTB Shop Crits

    Good evening, im looking to buy the following 2 colored trees 3 Colored Barrens 4 Colored MB Archers 4 Colored LR Archers 4 Colored Grasans 4 Colored Aramors 2 Colored Jokers Edit: I want them as fresh as possible. Tokens are a no go. Thank you.
  27. GG Training Grounds

    The Mt. Kelle'tha Training Grounds are officially open. If you want to train please do so and be respectful. Ask everyone present what they want on defense. And enjoy training while we greet newbies that enter in this way.
  28. Happy tune

    Rendition of Antonio Lauro's "Registro." Thanks for listening!
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