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  2. Yes, it's as you say, and of course the idea of a user-driven system is very good, especially since with A25 Tools, there will be content there that will bring other aspects into the game. I was thinking, though, that some of the original MD must be put into words before all that. (I don't really care about how you would advance - whether it's 10 lvl1 clues to advance to lvl2 clues and then 20 lvl2 clues to get to lvl3 or just from 10 to 10 and so on. I bought 20 research clues with 2 WPs, but they were kind of a waste)
  3. Afaik, there is no shop item that even comes close in terms of loyalty cost to 1000. Map identities is a special item that makes locate spell even less important, but if it's too ''nice'', then it shouldn't be in the shop in the first place. Now, farming 1000 loyalty is not that hard, probably, but it's kind of a jump.
  4. Yes but the submission has to be approved by Mur or someone if I figured it out right. And before the approval the researcher couldn’t submit anymore. It limits the overall output.
  5. Thanks Azull. My purpose is to make it a self driven user generated system. The suggestions are just some form base on my limited understanding on the game. I myself even doubt if they are right.
  6. In theory, there is a system in place that works, with submitting research ideas and all. I think that for starters, much of the ancient lore behind MD should be put into these clues. Much of it has been forgotten, with players who discovered it leaving, so perhaps now not even Mur remembers it all. The idea was that players who discover things become mentors for players to come, but what happens when the new players don't come or are less interested? So for starters, research clues must be written up to 7 or 10 or whatever is max now.
  7. I may not agree with all you suggest here. But I applaud the initiative. R&C definitely needs some work.
  8. an idea. there was once a secret feature, I don't think it's secret anymore. (if it's still considered secret, please hide this post to minimize the damage, and accept my apology) The Permanent Balance feature. Lately I've learned that the feature itself is bugged and it gets permanently inactive when a wishpoint is used to reset the balance. That made me wonder. Could there be a Shop/Wish to activate or deactivate it after it's achieved? I like stats and having win count locked was never my fav. Not to mention that being balanced is really hard for honor gain. anyway, just thinking out loud.
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  10. I like the posts here. I know talk is easy, but action and development are tough and hard. Everyone loved or is loving the game. We want it to be better with more people engaged.
  11. IMHO it should be an important part of the game. But it hides too deep (at least for me). Even in the forum my search returned just a few topics on it. Considering the population of the realm, we don't see other players very often. So the clues in some scenes actually could play a role of ... ( I don't know how to describe it precisely, hope you could tell from my below thoughts) But all the thoughts are rough , many details have to be polished. 1. fist thing first, I think it's better to be more obvious. (some kind of hint or appear something on the screen when there is a clue). I know this might conflict with the original idea. But frankly speaking, this wonderful game is not that user friendly. Research should be the first thing we want every players learn at the very beginning. But some time, we couldn't find the right people, the right place, we were stuck some place, some point. It decrease one's willing to continue. but the clues could help give them hope little by little. 2. the research is better to be a user generated system. otherwise the administrators won't have enough energy to maintain it. And as we encourage that everyone should have his/her own view of the world, the clue may not be unique. Currently players could submit their own clues. But it's too strict and not that convenient. So, here are my scattered ideas about it. players have to pay 1 research point to submit a clue. (to prevent clues not that confirmative or valuable) the clue has a price of research point (decimal value accepted). other players also have to pay that price for the clue, and it becomes the income of the submitter. the clue is open (or half open to some group of people) for a period (depending on the population of the realm) after the submission. But the secret part should be hidden before other players buy it. Every purchase would increase the price until it reach the upper limit. (to encourage players explore more often to find the cheaper clues. and encourage them pay for the clue as early as possible. stimulating the trading could stimulate the circulation of the research point to make it like an ecosystem. ) the buyers of the clue have to vote it after reveal the whole part. it decides whether a user submitted clue could go into the formal higher level. And positive vote will give the submitter some kind of reputation. negative vote will prevent the player's further submission or lower the price of his submission. based on the reputation, there is a rank decides which level of clues the player could submit. (it's not carefully thought just a remind) some valuable rewords for high research points. I may not explain it very well in details. But I was very excited when I unlocked the research level and expecting to see some clues. But it's...limited.
  12. "The true horror of religion is that it allows perfectly sane, intelligent people to believe by the billions what only lunatics or imbeciles could believe in their own. If you wake up tomorrow morning thinking that saying a few Latin words over your pancakes is going to turn them into the body of Elvis Presley, you have lost your mind. But if you think more or less the same thing about a cracker and the body of Jesus, you're just a Catholic." - Sam Harris
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  14. "A man who is doing his true Will has the inertia of the Universe to assist him." (I'm pretty sure it goes for women too, but Aleyster Crowley phrased it as above)
  15. is there an altar on Gateway Island? alternatively you can gift a creature to someone else via CTC code. perhaps someone who has access to a sacrificial altar.
  16. No way to delete. You could only sacrifice the creatures to be part of you.
  17. Hello, I am new to the game and made the mistake of taking too many creature because I was unaware of an important point, to refresh my browser window after clicking. Is there a way to delete some of the creatures that are not needed?
  18. Last week
  19. It appears that up to ten wishpoints do appear within the interface as intended, but despite the appearance of empty spaces for a further five, any further wishpoints do not appear to fill them. Edit: Mur has resolved of this issue.
  20. I think one problem is that the cube is white. But the main problem is there was a flash showing a page with a continue button then disappeared, which made me think it malfunctioned. It might be a small bug but I don't have the chance to test again.
  21. Whenever attempting to play on Android (chrome) or iOS(safari) there are several issues that seem to stem from one larger, more basic issue. When starting a fight, or any dialogue box appears over the main page, the size of that box cannot be altered or scrolled within, unless a scroll bar has been programmed within it. This is normally not an issue, as the player can zoom out of the entire page to make the text unreadable but able to click outside of the box thereby making it go away. this is true for any knowledge page, item page, creature page, fight page, mood page, Or active player page. It is reproducible several times(at least by me). I have not left gateway island on either my main or alt, so I’m unaware of that impacts the issue. However, I noticed that even on the desktop versions you can’t change the size of the in-game pop-up, which seems to be the issue. If you try to scroll, or change the size it only impacts the main page( now the background). Though this only works to an extent. i have tried using the desktop mode of both safari and chrome on mobile and this seems to resolve the issue for 95% of the occurrences. However larger pop-ups, such as fights create such a large dialogue box that you cannot click out of them to change pages because it requires you to click the “x” button at the top. perhaps telling players that telling their mobile browser to open the game in desktop mode, or adding the game script that when you click outside of the combat box it disappears, especially considering you can always view the fight information again later. Thanks, sorry it’s long. Just wanted to be as detailed as possible.
  22. maybe we just add (Click the cube) at the bottom of the story text just incase nomeone eles has the same problem
  23. I have an outstanding request that would improve this. As is there is a msg to click the cube on key removal. But it may not always be in view long enough.
  24. Is it worth customising it so that its slightly clearer you should "take" the cube?
  25. It happened on my laptop. Then I logged in with my mobile to find the same issue.
  26. After getting out of the island. I clicked the continue button at the beginning of story mode section 2. Just saw the content of page 2 flashed and it redirected back to page 1, but the continue button disappeared. I couldn't continue without the continue button.😵
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