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    @Chewett No, I do not have the MD toolbar.
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    You dont have the MD toolbar do you?
  5. Logging in

    Thats a commonly occuring but oddly absent lately glitch that happens on occasion. Basically, the captcha (from my experience) loads twice, and thus the first one you can see is incorrect. To fix it all you have to do is hit the refresh button on the captcha image after the whole page is done loading. Then type it in and youre good to go.
  6. Logging in

    Just to note, I was able to get in on the 7th login. I don't know what it was or if it'll continue but yeah.
  7. MP4 compass bug

    It is indeed still happening sadly. Quite annoying cause I can't see anything on my compass anymore... :T I'm mp3 going to mp4 in the near-ish future Succeed Chewett at fixing the death bringing issue Be a hero!
  8. Logging in

    Hey, I tried to log in and it said the letters I put in at the bottom were wrong. I for sure put them in correctly, I did it twice said I had to wait 14 minutes, did it again after that time and it said I was wrong again. Is there an issue? Please help. thanks. Sincerely, -TwistedDeath
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  10. MP4 compass bug

    It seems to be doing that for any cap one reaches At first I reached 100 loses and it congratulated me on that over and over until I reached 100 wins, and now it congratulates me in reaching 100 wins. Edit: Forgot to say but it's kind of obvious that I'm MP3 now, but it is the same problem like MP4s have
  11. Old question but... Why doesn't forum "activity" show activity inside hidden forums?

    1. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      I think it's a because you have to have the password ofc

    2. Jubaris


      Blackshade, if I didn't know you better, I'd say you are messing me around :P 

  12. Happy Birthday Nimrodel!

    Although I am late, I would like to add my well-wishes for thine birth-day this year, Nimrodel.
  13. Thank you guys... Like every year, this year too all your wishes remind me of all the brilliant people I have met over a period of around 10 years just because Our in house demon decided to create this brilliant platform. I love you folks for all the good, the bad and the ugly we have seen and faced... And the etches we've left in each other's memories... Thank you all for your wishes.. they make my day
  14. Happy Birthday Nimrodel!

    Happy birthday Nimleh. Here's a toast to good days now passed, ones we hope will return.
  15. Happy Birthday Nimrodel!
  16. Happy Birthday! hope you have a nice day
  17. Mega Creatures Auction

    @Ungod I doubt it.. Because my biggest buyer chose to pay in credits... but yeah.. I will have a lot of jingling when I'll be moving. I should be named Jingle Jangle Nimchan instead of Nimrodel for all the items and coins i carry 'in my pocket'
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  20. For a long time now, i have considered myself both a poison and a medicine to this world. Like a burning fire in the woods, i equally destroyed and simultaneously helped make room for regrowth. At times i did this knowingly, other times i did it against my better knowledge. I am here today to let MagicDuel as a community know, that it is time to fully and truly dedicate myself to the Path of Light. This is not to say that my prior attempts were invalid or simply an act to mislead, as i have been genuinely trying to regress myself back to what i once was in the beggining for many many moons now. I feel like a broken record, but every new realization also gets me closer to my goal of getting back to what i once was without losing what i have learned. It has not been easy, matter of fact most times i almost gave up from the sheer stress and shame i felt in most of my waking moments. It is in this newest phase that i have realized something, and i believe it is important enough to share publically. MagicDuel has made me the man i am today, for better or for worse. It is up to me and my limitations or lack thereof to decide which category i fall into, Poison vs Medicine. So today i place my foot down and wholly dedicate myself to being the Medicine that i believe MagicDuel deserves. MD has made me everything i am and am not, thus it has earned my full and undying respect for the 7th and final time. I will not stray from this path, so i say let the games begin. Beggining as of April 1st 2018 and every month thereafter, i am holding what i have come to know as the Activity Tournament. For every new hour you are logged into MD (using server time) you will be able to gain 1 point towards the Monthly Activity Limit. Anyone could simply stay lazily logged in all day and gain 24 points (1 point for every hour) for said day, but that is not the daily cap. Anyone that is actually doing something (resource gathering, fighting, holding a conversation of non generic structure, etc) during that time frame will be able to gain double the points, for a true daily point cap of 48 points. All point attempts are to be sent to me in the form of a set of screenshots over forum, 1 for every seperate hour window of game time and as a batch file at the end of each month. I say window because a SS taken @ 12:01 server time will be worth the same point chance as one taken at 12:59 server time and they can not be counted twice for the same hour window. Unless sponsorship of some sort is obtained, i can only reward the first place winner of this Activity Contest but i feel the rewards are worth fighting for. First place gets 20 credits, and remember this will reoccur every month for the top ranking dedicated MD player. A side note: If work or school hinders your chance at winning, i might suggest using the Google Chrome mobile browser to at least attempt to (if planned appropriately) log in, harvest a resource on scene, and take a SS for maximum points. To the extent of my knowledge the Google Chrome mobile browser doesnt mark anyone as alts since it does not use a proxy (for the record, dont use proxies) but i would appreciate it greatly if @Chewett could either verify or correct that statement. If any questions arise or anything i have said is unclear please do feel free to ask on this thread and i will be happy to answer to the best of my abilities. If you do not have anything progressive or positive to state about this action then i kindly ask you not post at all but failing that realize that from this very moment on i will be ignoring all negative commentary so do not be surprised if someone makes that type of statement and it goes unacknowledged by me. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.
  21. Mega Creatures Auction

    Top 3 'heaviest purses of gold'
  22. Mega Creatures Auction

    Top 3?
  23. Mega Creatures Auction

    Ping me when you have the details
  24. Mega Creatures Auction

    Did you make top 3 yet? I'll be pm-ing you tomorrow or the day after
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