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  1. Last week
  2. Any single judge could agree with Mur or I and we would let them perform their action.
  3. I have mailed out winners CTC's
  4. Iv fixed that up now
  5. Earlier
  6. Sorry all, this was the result of a slightly too early push, I will see if I can fix it up now
  7. noticed the same, got a message about it as well
  8. it's not funny anymore, stop with the codename pleaz  >_<

  9. Bump
  10. Tomorrow is a myth
  11. He cut his ear and sent it to his love He never got a good-enough reply It is the way our hearts are making pace It is the way our dreams wither and die It is the way the core begins to rot The outer shell looks good, but you do not. She followed him until her feet were sore He always promised this would be his last It is the way the hope begins to crumble It is the way the treachery arrives It is the way the core begins to rot The outer shell looks good, but you do not.
  12. tomorrow never truly exists
  13. congratulations to the victor! and this concludes this tournament, I hope you all had as much fun fighting as i had coming up with tormenting rules to flip the tables in every round. I want to thank everyone that participated and i hope to see you all again on the next mystery tournament coming "soon"! 1) Jubaris: SHMSH fenth+ att lock+ movelock + anniv 12 2) Lintara: 2 gc + attlock + def lock + anniv 12 3) Mralyon: 1gc +attlock + movelock + anniv 12 the victors can contact me for their rewards (except for the annivs, those are rewarded by the wookie)
  14. After two rounds of intense battles... Jubaris wins!
  15. Looking for some ideas regarding visuals for circles of spells...a small circle of 3 Life spells and another one of 3 Death spells...or even the artwork, wth i plan to play a little with the idea of casting spells as a priest...
  16. The traveller (you) was on his/her way to the Gazebo when he approached the fenth's press. There, an unknown player was sacrificing creatures. Unlike other times, you managed to see clearly how the creatures were devoided of their shapes and turned into fenths...but it all happened very fast. In a few seconds, nine creatures were sacrificed and the player dissapeared, with no trace whatsoever. You strain to recall what creatures were sacrificed... Rules: you have until thursday (00:00) to send me by forum pm the name of the nine creatures (level and name doesn't matter, type suffices), fastest answers occupy the three places. Rewards: 1g3sc for first place, 1 tele to PC stone for second and 6sc+1 mirrorit stone for third (hope i won't have to edit the post, happy guessing)
  17. Tomorrow is tomorrow right? i haven't forgotten there just have been other more important things to do recently sorry all
  18. longest tomorrow ever
  19. im awaiting the battle of Lin and Juba, then we'll have our winner but the anni's are for MRA, Lin and Juba
  20. Who needs what rewards from me?
  21. won last battle
  22. Mosquito At first I wasn't sure if the rumors were true. Then the first swelling appeared, like spots of dew demanding to be tasted, on in this case, scratched and bled. I started to pay attention. Then one day, the first mosquito showed its silent head. in the shower, round it flew Too high for me, it instinctively knew. I didn't know what to do. For weeks and weeks it pestered me (at first it was only one) For weeks, it joined me for coffee and I let it be, if it left me alone. But then, it turned a bit lusty and wanted my blood, still warm and so (oh, the depravity) it landed on my arm. That was it. That was the end. I knew it right away. I poised to make my move but when I moved, it flew away. But then I got a bit smarter started moving all around and waved my arms much harder till they made a windy sound. Sure enough, it assumed I had opened the window and didn't expect my swat its blood that day, not mine did flow and that was the end of that.
  23. Happy broth-day!
  24. Sorry all, It will be tomorrow, I got caught up with some other stuff
  25. Happy Birthday Pumpkin' Butt:P
  26. alright, i've received all your lists so now we can go to the final round (with some delay, sorry for that). we have witnessed how good you can master your creatures in forming an ultimate ritual. but now comes the real challenge... how well can you fight with creatures that are not your own! for this round you will need to fight with creatures that are not in your possesion. you can use any (legal) means to fulfill that condition. Start bribing, buying, hiring, recruiting, casting, or any other alternative. (to clarify, you can use any creature , i'll check the IDs from the log with the list you sent me, and these numbers are not allowed to match) you have 7 days to prepare for this round, come the 28th each contestant must have his "new" collection ready and be able to beat his opponent. (so until the 28th 23:59:59) the rules for these fights: everything is allowed: stats, tokens, spells, items, ... (as long as your opponent can fight) good luck, and may the best fighter win!
  27. Thanks guys
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