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  3. Honor points at MP3

    I'd like to see your opinion on this, so here it goes... Currently, a new player finds it hard to deal with the honor system and get points. If he/she starts on the new island, it takes some days to get to the mainland, during which theres no way to get honor (theres little chance of fighting someone there). Some beginner shop items require honor and there's no way to get it. But then you reach the mainland and in theory you can get it, only that it depends much on the mp3s you fight. You must make it so you dont lose honor when attacking, so first you need to have the same win/loss ratio and then train crits and sacrifice them for honor points. This can be a bit frustrating because you cant really experiment with your rituals as much as you like, and furthermore you become quite dependant on your partner. Now, MD is not meant to be easy, but at the same time it doesnt have to frustrate you. True, at mp3 its not like you can experiment much, but at the very begining you are being forced to do things one way only (match your partner, sacc crits for honor). True, one must advance, this frustration can lead up to ....determination, maybe. All in all, its about perception - and this is why i want to ask you whether you think a small change is in order or not. I dont think the overall experience is so bad, but it could be improved a little. What i thought about is a shop item (lets call it The Aramor's sacrifice), in quantity of 2 (or4) that gives one a (maybe variable) number of honor points. This, ti boost/ speed up things a little for the new player, who could use the boost for some shop items or to not worry when attacking an opponent that gives a little negative honor. It's not like it makes a major difference - its not a "cheat". All players, regardless the mindpower, have to watch their honor, so there's no need to 'spare' new players - its simply a little boost. Is it necessary/useful ? What do you think?
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  5. Happy birthday dst

    many belated returns!
  6. Thank you all for the wishes!
  7. Complete description

    This is not a bug, but I don't know where to place this one, sorry. I just grabbed an Appretince's Lumber Saw, thinking I can use it. The other tools have in their description that they can only be used if you are a member of the land where the Woodcutter guild is from, this one doesn't. Can we add that bit of information as well to this tool (id 9376) ?
  8. Happy birthday dst

    a day late, but HBD!
  9. Happy birthday dst

    Happy birthday Miss dst!
  10. Happy birthday dst

    Happy birthday
  11. Happy birthday dst

    happy birthday !
  12. Wish you a very happy birthday
  13. code guardian day

    Thanks for coding (among other things) for this awesome game.
  14. code guardian day

    daaamn, that's a long time
  15. Happy third anniversary of a thousand days as Code Guardian to the Wookinator! I suppose that means it was two thousand days in June...sorry for missing that one xD
  16. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    Worked. Thanks
  17. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    Not at home right now but I will check to see if that works. Thanks
  18. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    You have no flash enabled. Press the "Secure" button at the top of the page in the URL page. Go down into "Flash" and select allow. And reload the page. That should enable it?
  19. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    is happen to me too sometimes , sometimes the circle with Magic Duel in middle appear and stay 10 - 15 seconds after that everything go fine. also i just tried , even if everything is fine from start but i start refresh page 2 or 3 times , my page go like Blackshade without Loading screenloader....

    Ok. I do hope so.

    I still have wish points. And will have gold coins.. will conduct quests whenever I have time
  22. Chrome screen loader doesnt not work............

    chat and everything else works fine. no matter the account i use it does this. Also yes i cleared my cache and still did not work. It doesnt seem to matter what scene as each of my accounts do this so i cant move with them or anything. Items are working fine just this appears to be the only problem i am getting. Also doesnt show my stats http://imgur.com/a/3MRjw

    I said similar when Nim talked to me about it and its saddens me too

    Cause you will have even less reaaons to come back to MD.


    Instead of making me jump for joy (for the opportunity as I know what goodies you have), this really saddens me . A LOT.

    So I am planning to empty majority of my Creature and Item inventory as I dont have much time to devote to MD. I feel the creatures and items i own would do better in the hands of people who are going to be more actively involved. So I plan to put up a credits/coins auction soon... in about a month or so... Maybe like a halloween event? Start saving guys... Because this is big. Almost all the contents in my inventory are going to be sold. So once again, START SAVING!
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