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  2. Nosos

    Interesting. That was an item, and a curse, what i was thinking about was a creature, and a disease. However, i wasn't proposing a loss of stats for the sake of it, but rather a transfer of stats into the - let's call it - nosos. That creature would ultimately manifest into the realm and could be fought/killed. (I got the idea from a show)
  3. Nosos

    Interesting. That was an item, and a curse, what i was thinking about was a creature, and a disease. However, i wasn't proposing a loss of stats for the sake of it, but rather a transfer of stats into the - let's call it - nosos. That creature would ultimately manifest into the realm and could be fought/killed. (I got the idea from a show)
  4. Nosos

    This is interesting. Not as a creature but in the past someone proposed a shadow puppet with similar features (basically, a cursed item that causes permanent stat-damage and can be given away / hidden in someone's pocket).
  5. Mystery tournament III

    I can try it as well: dst 17096
  6. Nosos

    Permanently. But this wouldnt be a creature you can use in combat. It would be a disease, draining your stats daily and gaining those for itself. Similar to cancer tissue...but it would be a disease of the mind, not of the body, hence in the creature page. And, ultimately, you could make your disease apparent.
  7. Nosos

    I would think that it were not possible to satisfy both roles at once, Pipstickz - if the creature doth remove negative statistic, it cannot also add it. I can think of some who do have negative statistic, and seek to make it greater, and do use this to their benefit in combat. Such a creature would allow them to strengthen, in that area, with little effort.
  8. Nosos

    Permanently or temporarily? If Temporarily, it's a Dendrite that targets oneself, which is kind of interesting. If Permanent, there's nothing else like that out there to my knowledge. This could help people who want negative stats and could possibly provide a way for people with no creatures and tons of negative stats to return to balance. Maybe...he could have an influence that causes gained stats from a battle he's involved in to be multiplied by -1. So you get -0.08 attack for winning, for example. Personally I can't see myself using it, but I'd collect it if keeping it didn't mess my stats up! Sorry to burst your bubble, I know you wanted criticism/bashing...
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  10. Nosos

    Been thinking of a creature of sorts that drains your stats every day (has this been talked about before? I don't know, link pls if so). I would enjoy hearing why something like this is a very bad idea and doesn't fit MD. Does it sound useless, untimely, boring etc? (the end goal would be for the mononoke to manifest in the realm)
  11. I can try to be online on Saturday after 7 PM.
  12. Design a warrior hat

    Here you go: freshly baked (better said overbacked cause it's been a while since I've done this), glazed and delivered:
  13. Scene Decoration Quest!

    here you go
  14. Scene Decoration Quest!

    You are the best
  15. Scene Decoration Quest!

    OK.. THe Quest is extended to 24th April 11.59 pm ST
  16. Scene Decoration Quest!

    Could you extend it a bit so I could have some time to do it over the weekend?
  17. Unlucky essays

    ah.. sorry. i missed that. Thank you.
  18. Unlucky essays

    Is this what you meant, Nim?
  19. Forgot to add: Please decide your dates and times and put them up here so that I can be there while you compete.
  20. Round List: So after randomisation and stuff I came to this : A. Bayek Vs Aia B. Mallos vs Jubaris C. Ledah vs New Player D. Ivorak vs Pipstickz E. dst vs Lintara F. A vs B G. D vs E H. C vs F I. H vs G. (Finale) So we need to finish this by 24th of this month. So that I can host the grand finale on 25th or 26th.. Whichever is more convenient. P.S. I understand That F has to face an extra round of combat than G. But that was also randomised coz I cannot find an alternative and it has to be like that :| Also updated this in the Original post for convenience.
  21. OK.. Updated the final list of participants. Ima randomise the players and set a list of who is competing against who by tomorrow. No more registrations from now on.
  22. Scene Decoration Quest!

    only 2 more days before the quest gets over. If there are no more entries... Ungod will win the 5g by default
  23. Unlucky essays

    any last date?
  24. Unlucky essays

    I say 'unlucky', but i hope otherwise. This is a writing contest, in which you shall answer 5 questions with 1-2 paragraphs for each, something like a mini-essay. where to post? Easier to do it here, since i shall publish them here at the end even if you send them to me any requirements? Yes, I want two things: clarity (as opposed to 'mystical') and feeling (inser the 'i' in there, feeling is as important as reason) Rewards? An anniv creature for the best overall submission, teleport to pc, earfocus, mirtorit, sendtogazebo, voice etc spellstones, whatever else of interest i have and you want judge- this is important; you might not want to enter this knowing that i will be the only judge. I have a reason for this time for completion? A week from tomorrow Now, for the questions: *The idea of 'living your life' ( having great fun - a hedonistic view) occurs naturally - and it seems obviously correct. But i found a definition of happiness which says 'happiness is a good flow of life'. To me, these two are in opposition - which one am I to adhere to? * greed brings misfortune - all warn against it, few resist it. Taking two steps back, greed appears to be a stimulating, animating, natural mechanism that moves things (killing in the process). Are we supposed to run from it, fight it or love it? * it seems to me that the more you lie to others, the more you start lying to yourself. And the more you are sincere with yourself, you can't help but being so with those around you. Is that so? If it is, instead of demanding 'the truth and nothing but the truth', we'd ask for honesty with the self. The result - an onest society in general, with a few exceptional liars. * ibelieve we all know the truth. We can't spell it, but we know it. The motionless sea of knowledge, the infinite wisdom at a fingertip, from which we extract small incomplete truths..but if we know, deep down, the truth, what is the value of this: amicus plato, sed magis amica veritas. * there's a book that claims god (mkay) made man rule over the earth (or the creatures of the earth). I don't know...the more you live, the more you notice how all species figth eachother, how ours is just another, strong against certain, weak against others. But, when a (barely alive) little virus can wipe out easily thousands...what am I supposed to think of people who insist 'we are superior'?
  25. Mystery tournament III

    aww MP3 not allowed
  26. Last week
  27. Mystery tournament III

    Duskwish wonders "Can I join?"
  28. Mystery tournament III

    after discussing we have decided not to allow MP3s in this contest
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