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  3. And thanks for the suggestion, it was really helpful!
  4. this is it for now: the menu thing ges too complicated, and the heat orbs i dont want to, maybe later if i find something better but for now no. The layout is available under the second layout option, i will teak it some more probably
  5. A further mockup, with some further elements moved. Note that the erolins would be larger, static and easier to activate; to store them, one would merely click on an empty slot. The space on the left were for the presence of the icons representing of the menu items (although I should certainly like for there to be many more quests in the realm!)
  6. Arrow from Willow´s shop Interior is not working, impossible to leave. Refreshing does not help. If you try to leave, this message pops up: :
  7. I feel that the portal as it doth exist for most doth contain of much horizontal space, but find it rather odd that despite this, one needst scroll to access of chat-features. Furthermore, it seems that the scene artwork could be enlarged to take advantage of this for greater immersion within the scene, and also to allow for smaller, and therefore a greater number, of clickies within each scene. Attached were a mock-up of how I believe this may be improved; note that the scene artwork is scaled to 150% of its initial value, and the resolution were 1920x1080.
  8. My avi looks really sad in this...funny, I never would've imagined it being like that. Awesome. Dhyone, can you confirm the scene, please? Tomorrow I'll end the quest.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I havent had as much time on it as I wanted but I spent a load of time setting up my Wacom again, happy days. Its pretty terrible but I enjoyed making it so I am very happy with the result I coloured the flowers in red as I liked the idea that poppies were flowering and there was a late snow. If I had more time I would embellish the snow on the ground with more flourishes and probably colour in the road a different colour.
  11. A simple mathematical method of scaling would be to make the WInertia required simply scale with the power of the number of creatures of that species already possessed. If one should set the modifier such that WInertia required = 1.2^x, where X were the pre-existing number already possessed by that player, this should allow for very significant scaling, and diminishing returns on larger values of WInertia. For example, if a creature were to cost 2000 base points, the second would cost 2400 - a slight increase; but the tenth would cost almost 12400 points, and the twentieth a little over 76000 points. Thus, increasing of these points were still of benefit, and more were always desirable, but one thinkst that she must vary of her ensemble.
  12. Last week
  13. my first thought was NO, my second thought was if you want to restrict creature recruiting you need to make it very complex, shems idea seems the most reasonable, but i still think it needs more detail and that it has to be thought through VERY well, chew raised a very valid point as well. i dont want to see any half assed solutions.
  14. Perhaps rather than total crits count the scaling would be set to count of a specific crit type. For example if I have 40 Walking Trees and just 1 Chaos Archer the cost of recruiting another tree would be significantly affected while archers still remained low cost. Ofc, the % scaling could be higher in such case. That way collecting different types of creatures wouldn't be affecting recruiting, while farming would indeed be lot harder to do. Especially if the scaling referred to % of player's max Wi. Even to a point where binding another creature of a specific type could cost over 100% of one's max Wi.
  15. add a scaling percentage recruitment modifier to the current recruit cost based on how many creatures that player already owns. so for eg, 0-14 creatures = 100% 15-29 creatures = 120 30-49 creatures = 140 50-79 creatures = 160, 80-139 creatures = 180% 140+ creatures = 200% so have each "bracket" of creature cost, have more creatures allowed than the previous, and eventually cap it out. when you consider how much the rarer creatures cos,t having a ton of creatures is going to be very punishing and promote more planning. the numbers i suggested arn't really something i would think to suggest, just an example to show the kind of scaling i had in mind. each "type" of creature can also have a different modifier, so shades maybe don't get much more expensive, but an aramor would get much more expensive very quickly, up to maybe, say, 500%. creatures targetting at early new players or new accounts would have a much moer punishing modifier, whereas the creatures intended to be "late game" would have a much less of a modifier
  16. the arrow for Fortune's Well is missing
  17. You could add an exploring point cost to recruiting all creatures. I get maybe 100 points to spend in a day, so if recruiting took 5 or 10 points each time I could get 2-4 creatures immediately or 10-20 creatures across the day. This will be much more limiting than creature recruitment currently, VE and VP values can be gained easily through fighting in good circumstances, this will not change with percentage value costs as multiple fights can get you back to 100%. Yes an issue is that people can stack up 30+ trees a day and train them/sacrifice, get 60 more for the next two days and be able to get wins for all of them if there is enough people around.
  18. You have some very valid points, i might change my mind about the change. However i would still like to fix the original issue that made me want this change, maybe you have ideas how to. The creature prices for old players are meaningless, this allows absurdly easy farming of crits. Filling your creature slots should be increasingly difficult, not easier. The advantage given by Wi and more creature slots should mean you can grow more crits, but not faster or at basically zero cost. The way it is now, it takes away the challenge, and creates exponentially faster growing creature farms, so to speak.
  19. The fix you mentioned earlier (unpin and refresh) worked wonderfully, thank you mur
  20. If you want to do a % value, which I think is a bad idea, add a hard cap like some of the shop items give. So either 1000 + 50% or 25,000 total. I don't think it is a good idea though, balancing on percentages is impossible, check out any looter shooter....
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