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  2. Mallos

    Tithes for the Gray

    Downvoted due to choice of altars... although I guess it makes sense. I sacrificed fal in golemus because by some random turn of events most of mallos' principles ended up being GG principles... not that im going to start explaining my votes the only one i picked willingly was time
  3. Happy birthday Curi

  4. Mallos


    3 to 4 being because all the other ppl have up to 2? and they never got the crown, so i try to logically guess 3 or maybe 4 is more suitable and it was your Kdoc you know >.< I wonder if Sunfire has any right to any points by now??
  5. Dhyone

    Travelling egg

    Sometimes an egg simply needs to grow and go away...
  6. Yesterday
  7. Syrian

    Creature Totem Bugs

    When creating a creature totem the naming convention appears to be '[creature family] creature totem' , i.e. 'plant creature totem' , however there is a few creatures that don't have a specified family when it comes to totem creature, and the dont inherit the [creature family] in the name, and just become "creature totem" , a few examples of this would be a santa, or anniversary creatures. previously i thought this was just a naming bug and had no other problems, but today i tried to open one to take out the santa and 8th anniversary aramor that i had stored in them, and instead of bringing up the usual UI to continue with the totem opening, and how many fenths it will cost, nothing happened, the UI that should have been there instead was a blank page, and the totem that i tried to open just disappeared. unfortunatly i have no way to tell if this was the aramor or the santa that went poof. i dont know if this is related to the previous mentioned bug or not.
  8. If truth is painful, stop lying to yourself

    1. Mallos


      not to bother you, but you've made it obvious to me you don't see my characters or me as separate, much to my dismay


    2. Pipstickz


      I don't trust any of them, so sure you're correct.

    3. Dhyone


      Twist of the truth to create a version of something that happened.

  9. boredom not a reason to torment... tactfulness is something I've been trying to learn maybe you should too

    1. Pipstickz


      Maybe you should apologize.

    2. Mallos


      I'm sorry Pipstickz

  10. Fang Archbane

    Buying Coins

    I'm looking for anyone willing to trade coins for credits. You can find me via forum pms. Thank you.
  11. Mallos

    Travelling egg

    So uh hey guys and gals and goats I got a joke for you all today: A little old dwarf, 18 angiens and a tutorial shade walk into a dome... How many exit is up to you TKs.
  12. There are people waiting.  There are strands vibrating.

    You need only believe in your potential.

    1. Mallos


      my own saga, stop waiting on me, what are you expecting, I have a very short wishlist, both something I'd need to earn... something I'd learned and forgot or something not available to me from my knowledge, should I write it? is that the goal/ cant you tell us?

  13. Last week
  14. Just because you reflect something, that doesn't mean you have it.

    1. Mallos


      put the concepts together and watch them become vivid, almost blindingly so.. Almost melts your heart

    2. Pipstickz


      I asked the question to this answer of Mur once: "Is there a difference between having all the pieces for a concept separately and having the whole thing put together?"

      He was right, of course

    3. Nava


      There is no separation.

  15. Ungod

    Hello hello!

    'I'm watching a guy's bobbin' ass! Go away!!' Does anyone know where this is from?
  16. MaGoHi


    Could i please be unalted from BFH the WHITE?
  17. Aethon

    Farewell MD!

    I didn't know you particularly well, but I knew plenty about what you did for MD. Hopefully you'll return sometime in the not so distant future! Until then, I wish you well (And I'll make sure I keep your body active by dragging it around with the summoner still ;D) Take care of yourself!
  18. (Zl-eye-f)-nea

    Farewell MD!

    Biffy...I dont know if you will read this now but...you are a huge loss. You will be missed. Come visit when your memories give you a nudge and remind you. Z
  19. Fang Archbane

    Death Bug

    Being killed via the system (Chewy knows what I mean) does not add you to the land of the Dead. This means you keep a broken version of the living regen timer while "dead", one that randomly resets itself to max whenever it feels like it.
  20. Mallos

    brain dump

    Inner sun anyone? *coughs* 🌻 I prefer this one but I'm not sure if it solves the problem Aelis was asking about recently
  21. lashtal

    Necrovion demands blood!

    Due to recent events (check Adventure Log, page 551 and following), the 3 methods mentioned in this thread are on hold. In particular, it seems Shades had enough fenths and the Eternal Toiler doesn't work anymore (see picture). Until further notice, entering Necrovion will require real blood. A single drop of yours will work, but you can always bring a friend who accepts to die for you.
  22. You have waited.  And now, you will find the completion that has always been.

    Soon, you can let go of that identity, its purpose served. And finally become one, just as you deserve.

    Scattered you were, and gathered you have been. Let the webbing mend the separation that limits.you.

    Know the flow and do not fear.  All's been planned, the time is near.

  23. Ungod

    Sky scouters

    Bump (Still some time left)
  24. Ungod

    Hello hello!

    Congrats. md is like an old wagon that keeps going..but i shouldnt say old- maybe timeless? U missed a few spins of the wheel, dat's all
  25. Sashimi

    The Voice in the Dark

    It is ok, please take a rest and good care of yourself! I like your quest and enjoyed it very much too, thx Nim!
  26. Pipstickz

    Hello hello!

    Welcome back Aethon, I was worried your brightest candle had burnt out the fastest, glad to see we remained in the back of your mind
  27. Nimrodel

    The Voice in the Dark

    OK.. This again an apology post of sorts. Something bad happened. And i am not in a place to even judge this quest. The concerned life event sort of drained all the positive energy from me.. BUT Since i need to end this quest and there needs to be a reward, even though it might taint my reputation as a quest maker, Ima go ahead and award you both Sushi and MRF with 3g coins each, which was the promised reward for the first place. Apologies again. I'll try to be a better questmaker next time. This time... I am just too down to deal with anything. Idle at the temple of nothingness in the east, My usual place. I will give away your gold when i log on. Sorry for all the inconvenience. I truely am.
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