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  2. Chapter 17 - Stormaera Here 'y go. Somewhat longer chapter. - I have to stop making up words. ! Last paragraph or two need to be rewritten but the frame is there. Still learning new stuff on the process which is good albeit slowly which is bad . Too lazy, forever .. xD
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  4. Thanks. Aha, so they are in special scenes... I was thinking of relaxing nature sounds that I sometimes listen to and that yes, I could record...but there are also sounds and tracks in the public domain (although they are under creative commons license, so attribution is usually a must)
  5. MP3 Music tracks are in special scenes, mostly embedded youtube videos. No plans for adding more currently. Might be, do you have any ideas of free sounds we could use? Or are you planning to record some?
  6. (not sure this is the right place, but it can be moved to the appropriate section, without my approval) What is the extension music is hosted on MD? mp3? Was it some kind of plan to have music (tracks) in all scenes? Would it sound good for a couple of scenes to have nature sounds, like a river trickling or birds chirping?
  7. Chapter 16 - Preparations I hate this story, oftentimes.
  8. I don't think the list of winners was made public. I don't remember seeing it here or in any of MD's Facebook posts. I might have missed it though...
  9. @Aelis since I'm getting more helpful responses from you, I dont suppose you know if anyone was picked as first/second/third?
  10. So you dont want me to reward this? I believe you were quite rude towards me because I cannot find a PM you sent me months ago? I apologise but as you know I get a large large large amount of messages. If you wish to stop being so rude, bump it and we can sort it out. But if you are going to be a dick towards someone who freely gives larges portions of their time to MD because of personal problems for which (as you know as we have conversed as length about them) I am truly worried about you for, then go ahead if it makes you feel better. I can handle it Talking to people about problems and concerns helps a lot of people, maybe insulting others works too? lol Now im confused, wasnt this a Facebook Quest? I havent deleted anything off Discord so I have no clue what you mean here.
  11. Pretty rude. Thanks for the clarification however
  12. And since you want to take over..... You find all the participants that you or who ever deleted off discord. Have fun. Good day to you. I promise i wont ever EVER ask for your sponsorship again.
  13. Do whatever you want. You'll do it anyways.
  14. As per: The winners 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will get the following rewards; 1st -1 gold coin and a Santa, or snowman. (Wishpoint could be a possibility if we get enough participants) 2nd - Santa or the snowman (1st place picks of the two first) and 1 lock in chaos stone 3rd - 7 silver and 1 lock in chaos stone All other participants will receive 5 silver coins. (Thanks to the mighty wookie )
  15. Im assuming this is me, but iv had a good look and cant find any message, so maybe not? Im going to assume the vitriol is aimed at me so no one else can take offence, Thanks!
  16. I will deal with all rewarding and sponsorship as BR doesnt appear to be in a good place to do so. Please PM me your quests. If someone can tell me what it was sponsored, I will find the items. Thanks.
  17. My golems love to spin & dance! 💃 Spinning Golem #1 [Water energy] I reused the plastic bottles & straws at my first attempt. Water is life. Spinning Golem #2 [Electromagnetic energy] After that I got another idea, I made a simple motor with neodymium magnets, battery & copper wire, and sculpted the form with tin foil paper. Now the golem can dance so much better. Thank you for watching ! 😊
  18. Sorry for the late reply, I fully understand your situation BSR, here is the link to my gallery~~~
  19. [Updated] Project suspended due to lack of participants.
  20. Sushi and nimrodel both get a wp. Please message me on forum pm's to set a day and time to recive your wp. Good job guys. Lovely work.
  21. We all need a break from MD sometimes. The other participants might be going through some busy/rough days too, so it's understandable if they don't reply immediately. That's what I was trying to say in my previous post. As for the sponsorship thing, I wouldn't mind waiting more so you can work the whole thing out. This way you wouldn't need to sell your stuff. That would also give more time for people to post their entries here.
  22. I Blackshade hearby leave my post as social media manager. I no longer wish to be apart of it. I never was good at it anyways it seemed. Who ever wishes to take up this job please message chewett Good day to you all.
  23. This has been posted over 48 hours now yet no response no nothing notta?Your right. Go ahead. Take all the time you need. And yes it ended a year ago, but it is non or your business as to why I had went inactive in the first place and it never got done properly. So go a head. Take a year. Take a day. Take an hour. I dont care anymore. I know there were 9 participants, so when this post gets all 9 participants then I'll finish it once and for all. Again I apologize and apologized several times to the public and participants of this. Please trust it wont happen again. Other than my hell hound quest this will be the last quest I ever do. I'm done with it. I mean hell I cant even get a simple message back from the sponsorship it had. So i dont even know if its still sponsored. So let me put it very clear that since I have been back I have been selling my own items and creatures to make sure YOU ALL get your rewards as earned and it all comes out my pocket. But let me ask, do you care? No you don't. You care you get your reward, not where it came from. Only that you get it. I will not be making any more posts unless someone has won a wp from my hell hound quest. Dont expect me to comment on this again. Players will receive their rewards when all 9 participants post their submissions here. UNTIL all 9 participants can repost their submissions NOTHING will be rewarded. You all can hate me for it, I do not care. I'm no longer going to be nice or act like anyones friend here as 95% of MD were never my friends. Only people that played the game too. The other 5% of players know who they are. Theyve truly tried helping and can seem to actually UNDERSTAND that I went away for serious reasons. But let me stop ranting cause I'm sure chew or a mod will lilely delete this or make a comment. As i said i dont care. And Aelis dont think this is directed purposely towards you. This is directed to all MD. Including the jerk that cant ever message me back about sponsorship. But thats what I get for relying on someone else. Good day to you all.
  24. I think it's not fair to give people less than a week to resubmit stuff and "assume they don't want a reward" if they don't do so. The contest ended roughly a year ago, I believe you could wait a little bit too.
  25. The deadline for this is Sunday. If I still receive no messages or posts concerning this, I will shut it down completely and assume the players who participated do not want a reward. If you participated in this want your reward then please let it be known.
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